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Avatar n tn After shaving my pubic area I noticed a few days later that I had 2 pimple like sores high up on my pubic hair line . I tried to pluck the hairs from the 2 areas and didn't think anything of it as I've had ingrown hairs before. Then a couple days later they became itchy and have become larger (my pants often rub against them). They no longer have pus but they are red and have a sort of white scabby skin that surrounds them. I also had protected sex the night after having shaved.
Avatar m tn Im scared that I may have gotten HIV from this. 1.) Is this possible route for infection? 2.) What if there was fresh blood on the weights? 3.) What if someone placed an HIV needle or syringe on the weight? And 4.) What if I got some kind of metal splinter into my finger with fresh blood on it? Please help me.
Avatar n tn From past 3 to 4 days i have a problem in my pennis like itching,redness,skin rash on the bulb & inner layer. Now spreading to tip of foreskin. I started with dettol Soap solution when before spreading to all over,suddenly i stopped & started washing with warm water. Still persisting. Alease Advise makum This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/241643'>Penile redness and itching, white peeling</a>.
Avatar m tn Hi, so a boy in my gym class has cold sores and I was forced to play a game of badminton with him. he touched the birdie with his hand which he had probably also touched his cold sore with and then a few seconds later I also had to pick up the birdie am I at risk for herpes? thank you so much for your time.
Avatar m tn Avoid using the gym equipment or at least keep your skin well covered when in the gym. Also, do not allow your wet gym clothes to dry on the skin. Take a shower after gym.
Avatar n tn m wondering do I have a yeast infection combined with having irritated my rectal/anal area with the baby wipes on a shaved area? I've also been having some mild cramping in my uterus/bladder area like I've had before with a UTI but it doesn't hurt at all to pee. I don't wear cotton underwear a lot except at night and I do work out a lot and work in a gym so I'm constantly sweating but I've not had this before.
Avatar f tn It was just a tone darker than my skin tone, and I thought it was a hormonal pigmentation change. Today, after coming from the gym, I saw that it became dark pink, red. At night it became a bit lighter again, but still more color than before. Can someone help me if they know what this might be. I am planning to see dermatologyst, but it's going to take some time before I get an appointment and I worry so much about it. Thank you.
Avatar f tn Ok, you guys have been insanely helpful and supportive so far...thank you for that, it's really been a lifesaver...even when I'm not posting I'm constantly typing in sides in the search box and getting wonderful advice on how to deal with them. With that being said I have a new issue that I typed into the box and couldn't find much on...
Avatar m tn It would be a good idea to see your doctor about your groin and back problem to find out if these are due to a urinary infection or from some form of arthritis. Your doctor may send you for xrays to see if there is joint degeneration or take a blood test to see if you have an autoimmune disorder like Rheumatoid Arthritis. You can take pain relief like paracetamol as directed on the packet or whatever your doctor recommends for you.
Avatar n tn It takes more than just contact with the skin to transmit herpes whitlow - normally the skin on your body is too thick for the virus to penetrate anyways. You don't even know if this was herpes - you are just panicking about it from the sounds of it. If you have concerns though by all means call the gym and ask to talk to someone in charge and discuss your concerns that one of their employees has obvious rashes on their hands and they don't have them covered.
Avatar n tn I've been taking Ciprofloxacin for about a week. On tuesday I went to the gym for the first time in a while, and for the past few days my shoulder muscles have been sore. I saw on the instructions with my medicine that there's a risk of tendonitis while taking Ciprofloxacin, is this something I should be worried about? I wouldn't have exercised that much if I had known. The soreness has been getting steadily better.
Avatar m tn But i was working out in gym 2 to 3 hours everyday before this infection.
Avatar m tn I would go and see a doctor asap since there is a clear skin damage and possible infection at the soft tissue level. Stitches are important but infection it is likely if it goes untreated.
Avatar m tn Do you think the events I went through triggered it? I was drinking about 1-2 tall cans of cherry pepsi the past week or so, went to the gym regularly and would sometimes get wet on my bottoms, as well as an unprotected blowjob the past weekend. The most I can is that my thighs are scaly as hell, and my penis is shiny red. I have cortisone at home that I've been putting underneath my armpits due to having a rash there.
Avatar m tn I already posted a question on community forum but would really do with a specific answer from an expert. 4 weeks ago on saturday almost 28 days ago I made a foolish thing and had a unprotected vaginal and oral intercourse with a black female. Might I add I live in UK. After 3-4 days I had diarrhea for about 1-2 days. A day later my right gland in groin strated aching a bit but it was not swollen.
Avatar n tn Hi, F/38/Hispanic I contracted a nasty case of Athlete's foot from my gym. It spread to my hands. I have been treating it with all forms of medicated/over the counter creams and powders plus doing vinegar and sea salt soaks every day for half and hour (both hands and feet). My hands appear to be clearing out but the infected part of my left foot (where the original infection was) appears to be still red and although new skin has grown, it is still red. It looks like a burn scar.
Avatar m tn A few days ago my scrotum began to itch but I dismissed it as something to not worry about, but a day later I began to notice bumps on my inner thigh and scrotum, another day passed and then the affected area began to look completely different from the rest of the skin my scrotum, like it looked kind of leathery. I have tried using things like Dettol and antibiotics, and I want to know if this will help in anyway. If anyone knows a solution to this problem please help.
Avatar m tn After 1 week dead skin appeared again with little itchiness too, so I repeated the procedure and cleared the dead skin. After that itching reached to my skin fold of groin. It is centered to the left side. The base of scrotum is also red and shiny. I dont know if this is jock itch or what. However I don't go to gym or regular in any physical activities. Also I don't wear undergarments at home. Please help!!
Avatar n tn She needs to see her Vet for a skin culture.....From what you describe, it sounds like a yeast infection of the skin......The smell is pretty classic! The Vet will treat with medicated shampoos & possibly oral mediction...... A grain free diet is a must for Yeast, as Carbohydrates make it worse.....If she's not eating a High quality, (Not purchased at a grocery store or discount center) grain free diet, she would benefit from one....
Avatar f tn I work.out at gym and I was doing shoulder press the.ropes skin and cause wounds I then got santizer n rub it into skin where wouds were this a risk.for hiv?
Avatar f tn It isn't necessarily an STD, even though it's often transmitted by skin-to-skin contact. But you also can get it from sharing or handling infected towels, clothes, or other items. If you are part of a gym, it's possible that could be your culprit. There are multiple options for removing the bumps. Only a doctor can help you decide what the best approach is. But there are medicines as well as surgical treatments.
Avatar f tn This scene happened on 28september 2015. From that instance till now I am very tensed and nervous regarding hiv infection from her. Today I felt slight pain underarm. I also go gym. I feel very sleepy during the day. There are no other symptoms till now. Can gym be d reason for slight pain underarm.? Do I need to take test as I have no symptoms swelling underarm nothing. I get night sweats may be because of stress.and I get sweaty underarms don't know the reason.
Avatar m tn t notice any elevated patches and round pieces of skin on his hand. Nothing was elevated except for the large patch of skin on his hand that was like breaking off with a lot of lines that felt very hard. Do you think it was warts? I'm really having doubts// If it was, do you think I may have contracted and got the infection on my hand also?
Avatar m tn Hi i am new to this forum and i am just looking for some quick answers on hep c transmission. i work in a gym as a personal trainer and recently we have had new audio units fitted to each piece of cardio machines. The guys who fit the machines have used plastic ties and where they have been cut they are very sharp on the ends. loads of people have been complaining that they have scratched themselves on these ties. i have also scratched myself a few times breaking the skin.
Avatar m tn started gyming regularly only to discover today that my penis is swollen with no pains at all. i just want to know if it is caused by the gym or an infection. the sit-up is very regular with my gym routine because of the size of my belly.
Avatar n tn Contact dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to something applied to the skin. Herpes infection, either a cold sore (Herpes simplex) or shingles. Most of the time shingles occupies a larger area than a cold sore, but that is not a hard and fast rule. Both of these should be treated with an antiviral medication. This is particularly true if the tip of the nose also has blisters.