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Avatar f tn Also dry skin can cause itching as wellas aggravate an allergic skin reaction.So keep skin well moisturized.
Avatar f tn For a milk bath try 1/2 cup liquid honey 3 cups powdered milk or if you have dry skin on top of itching take 1 tsp honey 1 tsp vegetable oil ΒΌ tsp of lemon juice. pat on to dry or severe spots and leave for 10 mins and rinse with water.
Avatar n tn I have had constant itching for many years but it has worsened over the past 2yrs. I have omitted fish, all dairy products and wheat from my diet but I still have a dog. When the itching started years ago, I did not have a dog/cat but was in a stressful business. I assumed itching was caused by this stress. I itch from head to the soles of my feet. I have been on Clarityn for 5 years (daily) and suffer particularily during the summer months, although in the winters, I itch when I am warm.
Avatar n tn first it becomes red and swells up and then it starts itching...i don't no if it is the reaction of alcohol or something else... it would be really nice of u to provide me with an advice or suggest something i can do about it.
Avatar n tn Hives (medically known as urticaria) are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in other places, often in a matter of hours. Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications.
Avatar n tn When such food is consumed in large quantities can elicit allergic reaction in the form of hives, redness of skin, itching etc. You need to note down such food also in your diary and avoid the intake in future. I suggest you to consult pediatrician/ immunologist for further line of management. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn (not literally my face , but it feels like my face is itching under my skin if that makes sense.) i have started to get bloody noses , and this strange clear liquid floods out of my nose. i have tried to see what could possibly be the cause, and am stumped. i feel super tired on those days and feel very dizzy. It happens about one every 2 weeks, sometimes once a week. could this be an allergic reaction to food?
Avatar f tn What allergies are the shots for? Because of all the skin issues now, does it mean that the allergy injections are not working? Or, do they feel she has become allergic to new items? Has she always been like this or is it a seasonal thing? What do you feed as a primary food? Have you tried Benedryl to help her rest? Let me know.....
Avatar n tn sorry but it does sound like an allergic reaction, some people don't know this but allergic reactions don't just mean swelling with rashes and itching but an allergic reaction can cause GI problems as well such as Vomiting and Diarrhea it just depends on how your body reacts to the allergen.
Avatar f tn I've never had bad allergies before. In fact I would only sneeze once in a blue moon. But for a few weeks now my eyes have been itching so bad and I would itch them to the point that I've already had two infections of my eyelid on the left side.It would swell my eyelid almost till my eye was shut. I have a pretty bad history of staph infections. Also the roof of my mouth has been itching and when it starts to itch it will get these hard lumps on one side at a time.
Avatar f tn Hives (medically known as urticaria) are red, itchy, raised areas of skin that appear in varying shapes and sizes. They have a tendency to change size rapidly and to move around, disappearing in one place and reappearing in other places, often in a matter of hours. Many cases of hives are "idiopathic," meaning no cause is known. Others may be triggered by viral infections or medications.
Avatar f tn My vet says my golden retriever has allergies - food and grass. Have tried various pet food for sensitive skin, some very expensive, and also using Malaseb shampoo weekly. Don't see fleas - ever. She's inside alot but takes lots of walk and plays in the back yard. She chews her paws, scratches everywhere. Have used Benadryl but I hate to think she will have to live on that. Nothing really seems to help. What to do? Have heard fish oil, Vit 3, Omega 3's, help. What do you think.
Avatar n tn I don't take allergy meds anymore. I have no more itching, burning skin, no hives or Angeodema. I am not saying this is your problem or that this is a cure for you, but I do think it may be worth a shot for you. Check the labels on all your food and discard anything with that word for 30 days and see if you feel better. The worst that will happen to you is you miss out on some junk food, bu the results may suprise you.
Avatar n tn I have had RAST and skin test for food allergies and all are consistently neg. yet when I eat I get sore throats and stomach aches and chest symptoms. I am afraid to eat. My diet is very limited. Could it be allergies and they just not show up on test? I have never had hives or itching just upper respiratory symptoms or stomach symptoms.
Avatar n tn Common causes of itching in dogs include skin parasites (fleas, scabies), skin allergies (food allergy or pollen/dust allergies) and skin infections with bacteria or yeast. Frontline is good for flea control, but does not kills scabies, so scabies or skin allergies/infections are certainly possible. Scabies mites can bite humans, but cannot reproduce on our skin.
Avatar m tn Hy I am a 39 year old male I have seasonal allergies I get very dry skin in the winter at times I get a pain in my side in the past I've had very bad acidreflux and erritable bowl problims and for about four years now my billyrubins have been elivated about three years ago I had kind of a nervous brake down very toxic time a week later my hole body began to itch from head to toe if I do nottake a antihistimine every day it turns into a burning itching feeling I've been tested for cialiacs and i
Avatar m tn Hello, From your symptoms of skin itching without any rash and dryness in the eyes, one possibility is of allergies or atopic dermatitis. Oral antihistamine, such as Benadryl can be used to relieve itching. You should take a comfortably cool bath and wear smooth-textured cotton clothing. You should choose mild soaps without dyes or perfumes and use a mild, unscented laundry detergent when washing clothes, towels and bedding.
Avatar n tn When my allergies are bad, my skin itches everywhere. I believe this happens as a result of your body pushing out the toxins.
Avatar f tn The veterinarian had probably suggested frequent bathing as a treatment for the dog's skin problem, as Bulldogs are unfortunately prone to many skin diseases, and I typically recommend bathing with a mild oatmeal shampoo 1-2 times weekly in dogs with itchy skin. The most common reasons for itchy skin in dogs include skin infections, microscopic skin parasites such as fleas, scabies or demodex mites, food allergy, or pollen/dust allergies.
1408641 tn?1281409843 If the dog is proven to have no fleas or ticks, then he should be evaluated for mange, fungal disease and various allergies. Allergies to environmental substances, or far less commonly to substances in foods, are very common generally. Your doctor will know how to take you through the process of clarifying and treating the proper condition. Expect a number of tests, perhaps a treatment trial and several visits over a number of months to sort it out.
Avatar f tn Diagnosis of skin allergies includes Skin ***** tests (pricking the skin with a needle or pin containing a small amount of the allergen ('***** Testing' or 'Scratch Testing'), Patch tests (by applying a patch to the skin, where the patch contains the allergen.)and RAST. Other conditions cause itchy skin as well.
Avatar m tn itchy scrotum that wont go away even after trying anti-fungal creams or anti-itching cream,,there's no rash.
Avatar m tn Twice a week, use a loofah sponge on your dry skin to using warm water to boost circulation and remove dead skin cells. 7. Always moisturize your skin after cleaning. Do not use very hot water while taking a shower - this dries your skin out! 8. Do not use harsh soaps, cold cream, or cleansing creams on your skin. Alcohol-based soaps and shampoos/conditioners also dry your skin out. 9. If you have cracked, dry skin, increase your consumption of water and essential fatty acids. 10.
Avatar n tn My Shi-tzu has hot skin and is constantly itching. She is fed Wellness dog food. How can I help her?
Avatar f tn Much, much, much more common than food related allergies are environmental allergies. In dogs such allergies are expressed as skin disease, unlike us with upper respiratory signs. These are never cured only managed, and you will have to accept that eventuality, if that is the final diagnosis. Just as with people some dogs need yearly courses or antihistamines or other drugs to maintain control.
Avatar n tn Nerve damage caused by uncontrolled diabetes is associated with itchy skin but so are allergies to fragrances [bath and/or laundry soap], skin conditions such as pruritus [dry skin in seniors], eczema and psoriasis, and so on. Other causes are internal organ disease/failure - kidney and/or liver. Take him to a doctor asap for a thorough evaluation. Hopefully it's something as simple as pruritus not the onset of renal failure.