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Avatar f tn Started w/ Flexeril (liked it, but couldn't take during the day,as I have small kids and it made me VERY sleepy!) Then I was put on Skelaxin and I feel like that does nothing( 800mg. 3x day) I could take 2 at one time and still...nothing? I think I'm going to ask to go back on Flexeril(for bed time) to reduce my pain and spasms) Thanks!
Avatar n tn The only muscle relaxers prescribed for me are Skelaxin(which is bad for the liver-but doesn't make you drowsy) and Valium. In my opinion, Valium is the safest & works well for short term use.
467797 tn?1216214857 Right now I am on a combination of Skelaxin (muscle relaxer) and Neurontin (nerve pain reliever) as well as I just had my 3rd epidural injection. I have 2 bulging discs in my neck (C5/C6 & C6/C7). The injections helped my neck pain but didn't help the rib pain. Skelaxin and Neurontin help the rib pain but I can only take those doses before I go to bed because they make me super groggy during the day as well as spaced out.
Avatar m tn Especially after the research I did early on with Cymbalta...! ugh. I was also given Skelaxin, but the problem with that is I take it for pain today, then what about tomorow, then next day? when does it stop? So I have not been using it even though I think once in a while I will to get a break. This is risky. I do have moments when I almost loose control because the pain and lack of sleep really wears me down, but all in all I seem to be moving forward, though slowly.
210982 tn?1280987495 There are many other muscle relaxers such as skelaxin and robaxin that are non addictive. Try those instead. Soma is merely a barbiturate in sheep's clothing.
Avatar m tn there is Flexeril, Robaxin, Skelaxin, or Baclofen. But telling a Dr. that you only want a specific medication and nothing else will work is not going to go over well. Again, just like in your previous thread...I was suggesting finding another Dr. which it sounds like you have found and are seeing in three weeks? The main issue is to not accept any new prescriptions until you terminate your relationship with this one if you signed a contract.
Avatar f tn I have a pinch nerve on my left shoulder (going to get it Xray to see what it really is), which only gets aggravated when I'm stress or overwork it in the gym. My Dr has tried Flexeril, Skelaxin, 500 mg of naproxen and it hasn't work. Now she prescribe tramadol. I have read bad things about it and its side effects. Everything is dated from a few years ago, so I would like update from anyone that is taking it. I was prescribed 50mg/4 times a day as needed.
Avatar n tn The following is from my surgical notes: I recently had a shoulder surgery (2 months ago), in which I had Impingement Syndrome with limited space for the rotator cuff beneath the anterolateral acromial margin and Labral Detachment. Shoulder Capsule was repaired and two sutures were placed in my shoulder towards the superior apex. I was told that the decompression was successful.
Avatar m tn 5 mg only at night so I can sleep - I hate the effects of it because it makes me so drowsy, so I don't take it during the day. The normal dose of 0.5mg will not stop the myoclonus, I have to increase it to 1.0 mg and sometime take another 0.5 mg to get them to stop over a 2 hour period. Does ANYBODY have ANY idea what might be causing this?
314532 tn?1206418709 (taken at night as it makes one drowsy). Although all the sleep aides have some effects on the liver. sometimes, if the Ambien does not work, I'll take half a benydrl rather than the stronger more additive things, but this tends to waer off in 4 or 5 hrs, so not a whole night sleep. you kind of have to experiment until you find what works for you, that doesn't make headaches appear, which while of the SOC can be more pronounced.
517902 tn?1314719029 Ive tried Ultram, Darvocet, Fiorect (have chronic painful headaches) Flexeril, Skelaxin and tons of other non-narcotics but never given anything stronger. Anyway, my neck pain is killing me. Its the worse pain out of everything I have. I dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn I'm currently taking 1.5 mg Klonopin, Ambien CR 12.5 mg, Skelaxin 800 mg and 3 mg. of melatonin. I've read that they are starting to look at low doses of Lyrica, Neurontin and the SSRI's taken an hour before bedtime too help with sleep. I'm trying 50 mg of Lyrica, but that's as high as I will go. I've taken it twice and I gained 30 lbs. both times and lost it right back after stopping it, plus it wasn't helping. I have some chronic pain that is addressed with 50 mcg Fentanyl patch.
Avatar n tn I have been taken neprelan, lodine and skelaxin but nothing helps, Not even liquid aleve. I don't know what to do and lately I have been getting muscle spasms in my left chest but they are like flutters and do not hurt. During the summer I walk 1-2 miles a day, play tennis and have no problem.Whay is recommended for the pain, medicine and icy hot? I also take a multi-vitamin and glucomine.
Avatar m tn Flexeril works for me, but I'm a zomby for 2 days after I take even a half of one. So... I don't take them . I am taking skelaxin, now. Not really convinced that it works. Knowing what's likely to bring a spasm on and a hot tub are my best bets. Although sometimes I will have spasms come on for no apparent reason! So... on it goes. I currently take Norco for pain...but it doesn't do anything for spasms.
Avatar f tn How do you suggest that I deal with my chronic pain? I've been prescribed Skelaxin 100mg/4x (as needed) and I haven't taken more than 50mg (breaking one in half) at a time...and not daily....I'm wondering if taking one here and there will help with my weaning process and there after. I refuse to take them daily because I'm not trying to trade one addiction for another.. Any suggestions would be appreciated....If more info is needed, please let me know.... Thanks, -A Day 7 continued....
182493 tn?1348056515 I have taken the following in the past.. Flexiril- helps some.. not all the time.. makes me sleepy Skelaxin- didn't work at all Soma- doesn't do anything for me.. I wonder how people get high from it.. I dont feel anything from it.. Robaxin- (do they even make this anymore?) I took this one along time ago.. I remember it helping some.. I am just looking got info on whats out there I maybe haven't tried that would work for me..
230948 tn?1235847929 I am not sure if my symptoms got worse or the meds just get less effective but I switched. I do recommend trying it. I feel drowsy a bit all the time so I am not sure if that is from the meds. My Neuro says it is froim the heat.
Avatar f tn How do you suggest that I deal with my chronic pain? I've been prescribed Skelaxin 100mg/4x (as needed) and I haven't taken more than 50mg (breaking one in half) at a time...and not daily....I'm wondering if taking one here and there will help with my weaning process and there after. I refuse to take them daily because I'm not trying to trade one addiction for another.. Any suggestions would be appreciated....If more info is needed, please let me know....
Avatar n tn I've had steriod and epidural injections (6 in last year), radio-frequency, and disectomy, and nameless other procedures. P/M put me in chiro after p/t ended. Currently on skelaxin and desiprimine for spasms and nerve damage however nothing for breakthrough pain. I'm fed up, i feel like they just want to keep putting needles in me that ultimately do not work. any suggestions for better medications considering my age, or if this will get better?? any advice thank you!!
2197472 tn?1338512682 am under uncontrollable pain, wth narcotic pain medications that are only making me drowsy, not effectively takign away the pain. week or so ago the physical therapist that i have been going to used chiropractic i believe and popped my neck. which has made pain worse. i went to regular doctor yesterday and was prescribed more narcotic pain pills and muscle relaxers(vicodin and skelaxin), and only on my asking i have an xray for my neck.
Avatar n tn I'm a 32 yr old female with no known medical conditions.About 7 weeks ago I experience numbness/tingling in my left hand.After 1 week I went to my PCP and he did the traditional neuro exam which was normal, CBC, Magnesium Panel which were normal as well but did diagnose me with high blood pressure and put me on meds- gave me a referral to a Neurologist.I went to the Neuro(Private Practice)he did the same Neuro exam,scheduled an MRI.
Avatar f tn If it's in your internal organs (kidneys, digestive tract), you can try a smooth muscle relaxant like Nulev to relieve the pain. You can take it during the day. It won't make you drowsy. If you think it may be muscular, or stress related, you could try regular muscle relaxants like Flexoril or Skelaxin at night. Suggest this to your Dr. and see where it gets you. Also, do you do a lot of bending or lifting kids at work? You could be straining musces without realizing it.
Avatar n tn don't know if this is any use, but have you looked into the possiblity that it may be panic attacks, try this forum, you can check out your symptons on it:
Avatar n tn you only take this at night to help you sleep) Needless to say, with the clonidine, phenobarb and zanaflex you will be very drowsy. But it really does work. You won't feel normal, you'll be doped up, but the WD symptoms are greatly muted. Most people need these for at least three days and up to one week. Good luck and I hope you're feeling better. Let me know what you do please.
Avatar n tn have you ever taken skelaxin (muscle relaxer)? i've been prescribed that for my back. is it addictive or anything like that?
Avatar n tn I don't wake up as much with tingling arms and hands and severe pain. However, it does make you very drowsy and very sleepy. Sometimes for a long period of time. I took 2 ONE time because it seemed like taking the one pill had started to not work as well. Doctor told me to take 2 if needed. I tried it and I kid you not I slept for 16 hours! So I will never take 2 of them again. Also, the doctor finally told me that I may only be able to find relief in long term pain management.