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Avatar n tn Also you can try other meds. I used to take Norgesic Forte and Skelaxin . Hang in there..........your back will heal..........
Avatar n tn I do not have cravings for the stuff, but physicaly and mentaly, I am not nearly OK. Muscle problems and heart is particularly bothersome. Please share if you or someone you know had these. Thanks a lot for your help. Michael.
Avatar f tn We have been with the pain management doctor for just over a year now, but we are constantly fighting my husband's tolerance. My husband is a big guy and he has always been able to drink and take the strongest medication with no effect on his body what so ever.
Avatar m tn I got sick of it so I went to the doctor who checked my ears and said that it did look sore in there and perhaps I had an infection so they prescribed a low dose of amoxicillin. I took about 1/3 of the dose and stopped because the symptoms went away. I didnt like the side effects (bad stomach) so I stopped taking it since the vibrating had stopped. The vibrating came back though after a few days, and it became a constant sense of vibrating.
Avatar n tn The pain became the worst ever to the point of tears. The doctor prescribed skelaxin 800mg, it didn't help, then I added 400mg Advil.. The pain somehow got better, but still there. So Went for Motrin 800mg with Skelaxin, didn't help. So finally she gave a prescription of Tramadol 50mg.. it doesn't work. I don't what to do, I can sleep, I can't move my head, it's hard to drive. I had tried ice therapy and about to start heat theraphy, but I'm still waiting for the swelling to go down.
225213 tn?1213738290 lol I hope it is better soon and that the muscle relaxer helps. That just reminded me that I have two skelaxin sitting on the shelf. I've felt weird about taking them this week since I've quit so I haven't. It seems like I'm worried about EVERY drug now! But I've never really abused muscle relaxers (unless I took Soma with a huge dose of vicodin to "add to it") so I guess taking one skelaxin just to help with the pain would be different if I had to do that.
Avatar f tn I was at my follow up at my rhuemy and asked her about it. She felt around and said that was my kidney area and did a urine test (which was normal) and gave me an order for a kidney ultrasound. I had to wait over a week for the test and by that time, the pain stopped, so I cancelled the appt. Last week, I was very sick to my stomach with pain, a lot of grumbling/movement and nausea. I also had constant belching and couldn't stay awake. That lasted for 2 days..
Avatar n tn I've had steriod and epidural injections (6 in last year), radio-frequency, and disectomy, and nameless other procedures. P/M put me in chiro after p/t ended. On skelaxin, and desiprimine for nerve damage and spasms. Should i go back on ultram? I feel like i'm at the end of the rope here because the doctor's keep telling me I'm "too young" for "opiates" and further surgery. etc. however im in chronic pain! ANY ADVICE PLEASE!!!! desiprimine is terrible!
Avatar f tn The neurologist was not willing to prescribe me pain killers or muscle relaxers so I went back to my primary care physician who prescribed my Skelaxin and Fioricet. Neither drug really helps me feel any better. Tylenol/Advil/Excedrin, etc. Nothing is working. This headache is just about every day...I do not always wake up with one or go to sleep with one, but sometime during the day I feel it there.
Avatar n tn We keep alternating ice packs with heating pad. He is nearly out of Vicadin, but has plenty of Skelaxin, and using Advil. He's also upped his Vit C, water, glucosamin condroitin, and I keep a constant supply of bananas, yogurt and fresh pineapple, and he regularly takes his vitamins. The more natural he can go, the happier we are. He has started back to work. He is a Mad Scientist and does 1 hour classes, and is not picking anything up.
Avatar m tn there is Flexeril, Robaxin, Skelaxin, or Baclofen. But telling a Dr. that you only want a specific medication and nothing else will work is not going to go over well. Again, just like in your previous thread...I was suggesting finding another Dr. which it sounds like you have found and are seeing in three weeks? The main issue is to not accept any new prescriptions until you terminate your relationship with this one if you signed a contract.
Avatar n tn As a paramedic, I see my share of patients dependent on narcotics, and it scares me to death to be like that! I use Advil on a daily basis, with Norco or Skelaxin for breakthru. I don't like taking the Advil everyday, but at least it takes the edge off so I can do my job. The surgeon's PA told me nerve damage "may go away in a year or so", or it may be here forever. Even they don't seem to know a lot about it. It is frustrating.
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Avatar n tn I have been taken neprelan, lodine and skelaxin but nothing helps, Not even liquid aleve. I don't know what to do and lately I have been getting muscle spasms in my left chest but they are like flutters and do not hurt. During the summer I walk 1-2 miles a day, play tennis and have no problem.Whay is recommended for the pain, medicine and icy hot? I also take a multi-vitamin and glucomine.
Avatar n tn For over-the-counter medication he needs an anti-inflammatory and for myself (200lb man) extra-strength Advil always works the best (gel caps). Couple this with bed-rest and attempt to keep his neck/back stable and supine.
Avatar f tn Sometimes it makes me so nauseous i want to vomit, but i know it will hurt if i do. The only think that helps is skelaxin and a high dose of advil. After the episode it's hard for me to even believe I experienced such pain, its almost like I can't remember it. I'm going to set up an appt with my neurologist soon. (I haven't been in a few years and it's getting worse again) And I wanted to get as much CF info as I could to present to him, if you guys think it sounds worth mentioning.
Avatar n tn Medicine such as ibuprophen (Advil, Motrin) and naproxen (Advil) can be quite useful to reduce swelling and local pain. Good luck.
467797 tn?1216214857 Even though that was better, I still felt like ****. So then she prescribed me Skelaxin and that is the best one I found so far. It doesn't make me sleepy at all and it does a great job of relaxing my muscles. But, I don't have anymore of them. I have also used Neurontin on occasion.
Avatar n tn I called the office and they told me to take Naproxen sodium or advil...I did and to my luck the doctors office closed down. This happened Aug. 08. I just took advil every day 3 in the morning 3 at night. I had pain in my arms, back and legs. Numbness in my left arm and fingers different fingers at time. I actually thought I was having a heart attack..but no not me I am only 29 and athletic. So I did not know where these new pains were coming from.
Avatar m tn I was taking them as prescribed and honestly they hardly help with pain, but they are a lot more effective than just advil and tylenol. I am not sure if my back has fused yet. I see my surgeon every three months. Wondering if anyone can share some of there thoughts on this? Should i not be in pain still? Has anyone else experienced this? I'm wondering if i should be taking something stronger than what i am on, or if their is something wrong and i just don't know it.
Avatar f tn I am currently not taking any medications other than occasional Advil for pain in my lower back and neck stiffness. Additionally, I tried acupuncture for 8 appointments. While on the table, relaxing, the tremor went away, then, after getting up, the tremor came back. my newest mri report says: c2-c3: unremarkable c4-c5: posterior disc bulge. Mild left uncovertebral hypertrophy. No significant central or foraminal narrowing. c5-c6: Mild posterior disc bulge.
Avatar f tn Im new to seeing a Pain Management doctor and I just got my MRI results back which were really bad. They said my c5-c6 and c6-c7 are non existant and want to give me a cervical epidural. Im scared as hell of needles and definately dont want surgery. I too had to sign a contract and they have me on 5mg percs take 2 every 4 to 6 hrs as need but only give me 30. Im in ALOT of pain and the doctor even said herself that my disks are in really horrible condition etc.
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Avatar m tn Wondering what there is for muscle spasms. I tried flexeril and zanaflex and they dont do anything. Is there something stronger out there and if so do you still stay awake. I'm on Vicoprofen right now but it's not to effective. I was going to ask my Doc about Norco to see what he thinks of that.
Avatar f tn I've tried others meds, Flexeril made me sleepy and didn't help much and I didn't like feeling like that around my family, Skelaxin was tried and that did nothing for the muscle spasms but made me feel incredibly anxious and I stopped that after 3 weeks.
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Avatar n tn The reason for going with xanax as opposed to the other was simply a matter of what I could get my hands on (street stuff). Anyways, one final note. I have found skelaxin and advil to work VERY well for leg cramps, but not so much the RLS. I have also had success in stopping leg cramps by doing deep peneatrating massages in a hot water enviroment.
1415174 tn?1453246703 I was on Tramadol for a month. then tried Neurontin and Skelaxin for two months (Skelaxin worked a little but Neurontin not at all). Then I was on Flexeril and you have that story. I tried lidocaine pathces (didn't work at all). I have tried TENS, accupunture (once in a while relief for a day or two), biofeedback helped with anxiety, and I use Voltaren gel (helps very short term). I also tried Ketamine topical but it gave me some systemic side effects and I had to get off. It worked a little.
9721443 tn?1405483694 I have pain in the bones of my mouth and gums. Took Celebrex with a Skelaxin today and experienced some significant relief. I am, however glad to be successful thus far. I don't want to have to go back on opiates so I am going to give this all I have. I just don't know if I can keep up with all this horrible pain. Take care and contact someone you know near you if you feel like hurting yourself.