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Avatar f tn Hello, I had a laparotomy almost 6 months ago and am trying to get my abdominals back into shape. Does anyone have any advice on which exercises are the best ones to get your abs solid and working properly again? I am amazed at how little muscle I have now. I know this isn't problem to really be worried about - I'm just curious and a bit disheartened by how difficult it is to sustain any type of abdominal control.
Avatar n tn I self medicate with Ibuprofen, and sleep on an ice pack every night. In addition, I lay on a baseball and roll over the rhomboid muscle while stretching to break up the spasms for some relief, the ball hits an area that feels like a rope that is in a horizontal position across the rhomboid. Pain radiates from the rhomboid up the right side of my neck, and down my right arm which includes the right shoulder. Headaches are almost constant.
Avatar n tn Mine was right there shortly after I woke up and showed me pictures on the endometriosis before she took it out and asked me a lot of questions on how I was feeling. I have a follow up one week later, and then a few weeks after that. I have also seen my Dr. every 2 months since the surgery to check up on my Lupron and progress.
Avatar n tn Meanwhile, I was put on preventative penicillin to keep strep away. Could it be the ABs reduced natural throat bacteria to such low levels that now, one is dominating (maybe because it grew back quickest) the tongue? Since it can be scraped off, and comes back daily, we have to assume it's a growing culture of SOMETHING... And does anyone else notice that some things taste differently with the orange tongue?
Avatar f tn Dear Athleet, You eat ONE single little yogurt cup per day. I'm sorry, I was not clear before. If you eat the whole six-pack, I suspect you'll vomit it up forthwith! Ha! The usage information is on the packaging itself. You say in your most recent post you are having a regular bowel movement in the mornings! This is fantastic! So, I suspect your evening indigestion is not a big deal, and is on account of gas. You can get gas from many things, including the constipation and H.
Avatar n tn The docs said it will take time to get my system back in-balance and I have anxiety medicine (Serax/Oxazepam) for sleeping, breathing exercises to do, and instructions for mild exercise like walking or gentle yoga. I actually had 9 hours sleep last night for the first time in 6 weeks and I feel so much better! I'm still going to the naturopathic doctor weekly for B12 and other vitamin infusions to help equalize my system too.
Avatar n tn I was on for 2 years and gained 15 pounds (but of course, I didn't care since I was on a drug) Now, I've been off for SIX MONTHS and I can not lose the weight. I know I ate more and drank (like a fish) more on Lexapro, but I also kept going to the gym. I am hoping that it re-calibrates, but I'm 48 years old, so I'm worried. I feel like a dumpy old lady. Right now, I'm taking 5HTP for depression, and it's not as powerful as a drug but it does work. And it helps with food cravings.
Avatar n tn Ihad a disc replaced and spinal fusion six months ago. The pain started shooting down my left leg two months after. My dr. told me to expect some nerve damage since this was the fourth spine surgery in two years. Just had an MRI and they told me that there is scar tissue surrounding the nerve root. They have offered Lyrica to help with the nerve. But I am going to start physical therapy next week, and I have found that the less movement the less pain.
Avatar n tn Excessive porn does mess with your ability to get turned on in real, intimate situations. I went six months without looking at it, and noticed that my mind did "clear up" substantially. It is not immediate, but it will get better. Just cut back on the self-love as much as possible and try your hardest to stop looking at the porn.
Avatar n tn its no use, its not gonna help at all.. all you would be able to do is **** long that it, but not 6 pack abs or awesome shaped body. the best method and never-failing method of stopping masturbation is doing YOGA.
961574 tn?1520651703 I think what your describing is PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain) or SPD(Symphysis Pubic Dysfunction) from what I read, sounds like stretching, kegel exercises, and pelvic tilts may be of some help. It’s usually more common in when who are in the second or third trimester. You are having twins so this may very well be a factor. Also, Google pelvic support belt or baby hugger pregnancy support and you will find several options Hun :) TONES- Happy to hear you are feeling better my friend!!
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing the same symptoms for about six months now. I seem to have sometimes dull sometimes sharp pains under my breast bone. I get bloated very easily after eating. I burp a lot of stomach gas. Lots of belching ensues. Sometimes I feel like my esophagus swells up and then I can feel my heart beating in my chest, the fluttering and butterfly feeling. Then, this irregular beating in my chest scares me and causes anxiety, then the viscous cycle repeats.
Avatar n tn You pack on the pounds all of a suddon??? I just don't FEEL like ME anymore physically? I would LOVE to know if anyone out there finds an answer!!! My doc even tested me to see if my body was making "antibodies" to my thyriod..but nope...normal agian! I tried to low carb diet...last time I did just MELTED off..within months I lost like 40lbs...THIS time I tried..I CONTINUED to GAIN weight!!! I feel like this is hopeless!!!! HELP!!!!!
503727 tn?1210442710 All my test have come back normal and so I am accepting that I have anxiety and breathing exercises, keeping busy and talking about it along with lots of prayer because I believe in GOD and his power helps me. Not everyone is the same but I know what you all are going through. feeling sweat, cold, dizzy, naussea, lightheaded, like u cant breath, hart speeding, aches in weird areas.... I can go on forever. The best is to keep calm and breath in and out and SELF TALK.
Avatar n tn I know someone asked about calorie consumption. I think I'm consuming somewhere between 600-800 calories per day. I eat six times a day, but I am also on a diet my doctor formulated for me which is high in protein and low in carbs. I have yet to feel hungry. Matter of fact, when it's time to eat, I find myself staring at the food as if mentally preparing myself to eat it. I just have no desire to eat and I'm not tempted by anything. I eat because I have to.