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Avatar n tn A sinus infection is a symptom of HIV? I have a sinus infection... From what the doctors said, HIV doesn't cause sinus infections.
1729448 tn?1342094737 I've had a sinus infection for at least 2 months. I'm on my 3rd round of antibiotics (my primary care put me on amoxicillin..the one I was on first that a doctor at urgent care prescribed.) And it won't go away. The post nasal drip..I wake up a couple mornings with it really bad then it stops and I just cough up a lot of gross stuff then a couple weeks later I have post nasal drip again. My ears hurt and my eyes hurt...only now, my vision is getting blurry.
Avatar n tn Does this sound like allergies/sinus related (sinus pressure)? Could allergy/sinus issues cause problems with vision, or focusing? I haven't felt like myself in almost 2 weeks!!! I need recommendations on what to do next!!! Thanks, advance.
Avatar f tn , I did find out I am anemic (iron deficience) a month ago and am on iron supplements now for a over a month. Was treated for sinus infection, ear infection and still have symptoms. Any ideas? The weight gain is really concerning as I have not changed my diet.
Avatar f tn The fact that you are experiencing pain behind your left eye, blurry vision, and right-sided foot symptoms suggest that if you do in fact have a dissection, the left carotid artery is the one of concern. Indeed, your symptoms all seem to fit this picture.
Avatar f tn You don't mention if you have been to an ENT (ear, nose throat specialist), to find out more about your symptoms. Take a look at the postings under 'Horrible sinus pressure, etc. sent in by 'Spoonybard' in this allergy section. You'll notice everything you have mentioned points to what so many of us are suffering with. Have you checked to see if it's a sinus infection?
Avatar f tn It sounds like you have a really bad sinus infection which may be affecting your Inner Ear. You do need to see your doctor. Antibiotics may very well clear it, Give them a try. It's no fun. I know. I had this about 20 years ago, never forgotten it! Sometimes an antihistamine can relieve the symptoms a bit. But I do think an antibiotic (prescribed) will clear it. Good luck.
Avatar f tn I did have a sinus infection 2 weeks ago and continue with the sinus pressure. I saw my eye doctor who completed a dilated eye exam and said all was normal. Has anyone else had these symptoms with optic neuritis? These symptoms are very concerning to me- didn't feel the eye doctor took me very serious.
Avatar m tn Headache, ringing in the ears, double vision, blurring of vision, loss of peripheral vision, sudden vision loss, dimming and blackouts are some of the symptoms. Your symptom could be due to pseudotumor cerebri but can also be due to migraine without infacrtion which is also known as persistent migraine aura. I would suggest you to consult a neuro-opthalmologist and take all the reports that you have with you. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn Is it possible to still have a sinus infection with a normal CT scan? I get Green mucus coming down the back of my throat, and green and yellow mucus at times out of my nose. Thanks!
Avatar f tn An inner ear infection can cause vertigo (fainting), which may have started from a sinus infection. Might want to talk to a Ear/ Nose and Throat specialist that your doctor can refer you to.
Avatar m tn First off, constant sinus pressure in my forehead and behind my eyes, which causes blurry vision from time to time...pretty intermittent. I have what feels like BOTH ears clogged. Sometimes when I talk or sing i feel like I am in a tunnel. In the mornings they have some fluid that comes out of them. I am also dizzy when i walk thru a store such as walmart. Being under the bright retail lights just throws off my sense of balance.
Avatar n tn About three months ago I started having intermittent pain in my left sinuses, but had no congestion and could breath fine. I went to a GP, she said it could be a sinus infection, prescribed antibiotics, but it didn't help. The pain randomly moved to different places in my sinuses -- beside my eye, under it, all the way over to my temple.
Avatar n tn How long have you had the sinus infection? Do you frequently have problems with your sinuses? Did you mention the vision concern to your doctor when you went on the antibiotics, or is this a new concern? Old wives tales speak of vinegar helping infections. I'm not sure any one person is going to be able to tell you whether or not it actually works. It's similar to individuals' remedies to hiccups.
Avatar f tn I did have an ear infection 4 months ago which I had anitbiotics for and it cleared up along with all my other sinus symptoms, no headaches for a good month, and now everything is back full force. I just cannot understand why my nose is never ever congested if I have allergies. The headaches are a daily occurance, and I am getting to the point of depression over this, I just want it to go away....
Avatar m tn t attribute it to anything specific; I did have a fairly significant sinus infection that may have played a role in the issue, but it was never diagnosed as the cause. At this point the symptoms have stopped all together and my sinus infection has also dissapated; I correlate the two conditions, but to answer your question, I'm sorry no concrete answers were given to explain the issue.
Avatar m tn ihave sever sinus pressure behind my eyes and dizzeness.what can i do about it?
1452978 tn?1285110262 I just had the surgery a week ago im still dizzy and have blurry vision my orignal symptoms i don't know if you had surgery yet... but if you did how long till your dizzy, and lightheartedness went away..
Avatar m tn , 4) if not the drops, what is causing my vision to decline in a matter of 1 week? I am an allergy sufferer, and have very bad sinus/allergy symptoms, but seem to get that every year. Any thoughts? I am very concerned about my vision continuing to get worse.
Avatar f tn Saw a neurologist, had some sort of ear test yesterday - nothing so far - tried medication for myasthenia gravis - no help, if anything, made it a bit worse. Also have a sinus infection going on that is not responding to augmentin, if not for netti pot would be in a lot of pain, putting pressure on right eye. Even after using the netti pot, with the pressure gone, no difference to vision. Normal CT and MRI except for mild sinus disease (mild because have been using netti?