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Avatar f tn My doctor gave me anti hestamine and nose spray but my nose become dry after taking the anti histamine, and this few weeks i started to have a foul odor in my nose and still my nose bleed coming back from time to time. My nose dripp with bad smell also. Can you advice me how to cure my nose bleed and the foul smell.
Avatar m tn t find a speculathingy (my words). He said it was probably an infection and gave me some steroid based nose drops , betna something or other. After the two weeks of these which is what i was told i went onto an allergy spray, Flixonase, as advised. The bleed seems worse now, with the blockage staying the same. I have had two bleeds today, one yesterday and two last week. The bleeds are more like drips than streams and last for about 10 minutes.
Avatar n tn She needs to see a Vet.....There are a number of things that cause a nose bleed....Nasal Polyps, Sinus Infection, Nasal Tumors, & some Tick Borne Diseases. Inparticularly, Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever..... Most of these can be treated w/ antihistamines and Antibiotics......Please take her soon & find out what's bothering her.....Please come back and let us know.....
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Avatar f tn I have no,symptoms of a sinus infection or a crusty nose. Should I be concerned?
Avatar n tn If there was only a tiny bit of blood not a nose bleed I wouldn't worry about it. Dry weather can cause this and blowing the nose too hard too. You could potentially have a sinus infection. Usually, it would be colored green or yellow often very dry not mucusy. If it continues you can see a doctor to check for a sinus infection.
Avatar m tn If you are having a lot of nasal congestion, it is not uncommon to have some bleeding when blowing your nose. The nasal passages become irritated and can bleed. Frequenly blowing your nose and/or using medicated nasal sprays can also cause bleeding. I don't think that this has anything to do with a bleed in your brain, so try not to worry about that. You might want to try a saline nasal spray. This can moisten the nostrils.
5591989 tn?1370506886 I went to dhe emerqency room because my left side of my face was in pain my left part of my nose was makinq my left eye watery and red found out i have allerqys the meds they qave still qives me the same nose pain and makes my left eye watery but b4 all that happened i could taste the mucus and smell it it smells really bad and i been nose bleed can someone tell me what really is qoinq on i don't think it's allerqys ?
Avatar f tn During pregnancy its normal n ive had it throughout my first pregnancy n it would start n stop on it own cuz idk what stops it.
1511220 tn?1340029297 Normally inner layer of the nose nostrils have blood vessels at the extreme outer layer of the skin in the nose. When we sleep, mucus gets solidified, and in the morning when we try to remove the solidified mucus, this also damages the blood vessels and hence the blood in the mucus. But this lasts only for a moment as the blood vessels are very thin and they get closed either by the clotted blood or by the skin itself.
Avatar f tn If you are experiencing a lot of nose bleeds, make sure that you do not blow your nose too hard. If the nose bleeds continue, get your doctor to examine your nose and refer you to an ENT specialist. For the sinus problem do steam inhalations. Get a fairly large bowl and pour in a kettleful of boiling water into it (taking care not to get scalded). Add some Vick, Olbas Oil or menthol drops into the water. Bend your head over the bowl and cover your head and bowl with a towel.
10592317 tn?1416534566 ive had a sinus infection since Monday. Well I'm just about over it. I still blow my nose a lot but it doesn't feel dry. My nose bled one night for a while and I've never had a nose bleed before. Well tonight I blew my nose and it just started pouring. And then this huge snot clot thing came out covered in blood. I got a few more small ones. I know nose bleeds are normal for pregnancy, but is this normal? Or could this be my sinus infection?
Avatar f tn I have the worst sinus infection! Im 30 weeks and 3 days, its been with me for like a week now. Is there anything other than tylenol i can take?
Avatar f tn Your symptoms could be due to a post nasal drip, which can cause a chronic irritation in the throat. This could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. It could be sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and facial pain or pressure. Post nasal drip could also be due to allergens. These are substances like pollen, dust, animal dander, certain foods, insect venoms and certain medications.
Avatar f tn m no doctor but your combination of symptoms sounds like a sinus infection with the possibility of an ear infection as well. Allergies could lead you to these same afflictions. The best action for you to take is to see a dr. and let them determine what you have and treat you accortdingly. I sure hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn I have been feeling somewhat dizzy and having headaches underneath my eyes and across the middle of my forehead, I also have had a very stuffy nose. Are these symptoms of a sinus infection or allergies?
Avatar m tn I do suffer with seasonal allergies from pollen etc... but I dont have any other allergy type symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, running nose, congestion, etc...My question is, can one have sinus problems due to say pet dander and allergies without all the other typical allergy symptoms? Usually I experience much more than headaches or pressure.
385161 tn?1270081218 Thanks for your responses. I am just wondering how to tell the difference between sinus infection and pregnancy rhinitis...where do you draw the line? I've got all the symptoms of rhinits stuffy sometimes runny nose, clogged sinus feeling etc. but i've also got some rather colorful secretions coming from the nose, to avoid the gross factor i will leave out the colors lol. I have also had on and off headaches. I am currently taking an antibiotic for a uti...
519035 tn?1348275773 I started with a bloody nose maybe in middle of Feburary. I felt a little congested but not bad. By the end of Feb I broke out with the worst sinus infection in my life! I was draining everywhere. Heres how it started the day before I got sick I was eating dinner and felt as tho I got something caught in my throat. I went to the doc the following day and she said ooh its something viral. The following day I had nothing but drainage from head to ears to nose.
792848 tn?1237098953 How bad is the nose bleed? Is it just a small amount? If so the dry nose can cause this and it will go away. If it is a whole lot of bleeding and won't stop then he needs to get into a doctor. It sounds like a virus and/or allergy. Usually with a nose bleed you put your head back for a while until it stops. Dry weather, high blood pressure can cause this, sinus problems.
Avatar f tn Have any of u had a sinus infection during pregnancy? What over the counter meds did the doc tell u that was safe?
6452840 tn?1381776492 I have horrible stuffy nose and now sinus infection. My cheeks hurt because of the infection. So annoying.