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Avatar m tn 5mg Pulmicort respules via a nebulizer, also bid (am). Can I use the Pulmicort only? He has been on the Singulair for 6 months now, and his eczema is getting progrssively worse. I use pure, raw Shea butter as needed and Atopiclair (which contains butyrospermum parkii anyway) or Triamcinolone for three days, three times a day, as needed. I am concerned the Singulair is worsening his eczema.
Avatar f tn If your son is allergic, you should know that cats are a major factor for allergic/asthmatic children. Hope this response helps.
Avatar n tn I am glad to know that though because his B-day is in 2 weeks and he is begging for a pet snake since he cant have dogs or cats. Now I guess that is out of the question too, not going to take ANY chances. Thanks again.
Avatar n tn He had her on anitibiotics for over a week and we went for the follow up yesterday 10/11 with no change. She was also on a cough suppresant and a nasal decongestant, but no change in the cough. I have an appointment now with a ENT doctor on Friday 10/13 so hopefully they can help. The allergist told me to use Afrin on her 2 times a day to see if her nasal passage way is clogged, but I dont feel to comfortable about this.
108861 tn?1227249648 with success. I am 31, living in Paris with my loving husband and two very fat cats. I have been in Paris for a little over a year and a half. My husband and I came to Paris for our jobs, he is a chemist and I am in IT. I orginally went to the gyn because we want to start a family. I just wanted to make sure everything was okay, but it turns out I have a cyst. I have surgery on 2/27 then I am out for a minimum of 2 weeks to recover.
Avatar m tn Hi, for the last couple of weeks, I suffered from flu symtoms and regarless of what I take it does not seem to get better. Today I realised that it might actually be an allergy. Now we do have cats at home, but here is the confusing part, When I get up in the morning I generally feel fine, nose clear, no headache, etc.
Avatar n tn I wish someone would have told me earlier about the hope in halotherapy, or salt therapy for respiratory patients. For those who consider it a gimmick, they should consider the myriads of cystic fibrosis patients who are now finding relief and help through their hypertonic saline treatments. The power of pure, crystal salt to bring respiratory relief and remedy has been overlooked in our society because we know only the dangers of table salt.
Avatar f tn So we will see how that goes. She was tested earlier in the year for the basic allergies like to cats, dogs, eggs etc and they all came back negative. Maybe I will have her tested again.
Avatar m tn First get the spirometry and then discuss options for dealing with the cats before going to far along a path of multiple tests and medicines when the cause may in your home.
Avatar m tn Thanks For the reply In fact my inlaws will be taking the cats for 6 months to see if there is any relief. I will check into the Singulair. I dont think it is Fromeldahyde because we have moved twice and no change in condition. Just a skin test was preformed, but I will look into blood testing.
Avatar n tn My son is 13.5 yo.and was diagnosed with asthma several years ago; and allergic to cats, dust, mold and pollen, . In the summer of 2008 he was on daily doses of Singulair, Claritin, Qvar, and Rhinocort. Concerned over this amount of medication for someone this young I sought a second opinion. That doctor took him off all the medications and he was fine with no adverse reactions but occasionly felt he need an albuterol inhaler.
365714 tn?1292202708 ZG just said exactly what I was going to. You've been around cats a long time and I don't believe an allergy to cats would pop up overnight. You could also be suffering from rebound pain from stopping the otc meds, meaning your headache may get worse before it gets better.
Avatar f tn Ck with the dr for use of Zyrtec instead maybe? At what age will they allow Singulair for treatment of allergies. Environmental i assume? C~!
Avatar n tn She is now on singulair, Flonase, Advair 250/50, Foradil, Patanol (eye drops) and albuterol as needed. But she still is not cough free. She has shown allergies to dust mites and cats in the allergy test. She complains of itchy eyes, and is almost always having a runny nose and sometimes stuffy nose. Her cough is usually productive and she is always clearing her throat. Her symptoms seem to get worse when she gets excited or is physical.
Avatar n tn He wants me to saty on flovent twice a day and combivent as needed and each time before I run check back in with him in 6 months. Additionally, I did respond, acutely so, to the allergen for cats. The allergist doc in looking at my numbers opined that he thought the thing would eventually resolve itself. Don't have any cats but tons in my neighborhood and all over my yard, etc.
1756384 tn?1312565754 on my legs, makes me itch on my face and also seems to cause my itching uinder my breast area, around where my underwear where it is tight around the creases of my skin( inside thigh area for example). It also makes my mood suck! I have been on Singulair for one week. daily saline nose rinses, veramist nose spray. It seemed to help a little bit but now not much. Do you think that this will ever get better? I am so disgustedl.
Avatar n tn Hi! I'm hoping to find some help here. My baby, he's 20months old (still a baby to me, at least, lol!) he's had severe eczema since he was about 6mths old. It's bad in the creases, and gets infected easily, but gets just as bad on the tops of his feet (our worse battle) and all over his arms, legs, and torso. It's been infected a few times, and he's also gotten a staph infection in some dry skin patches. He's been on alot of steroid creams..
Avatar n tn Good MOrning, When i lay down my nose gets extreemly stuffed up been going on for years (i am 25 years old) lately when i lay on my back and take a deep breath i hear and feel a sort of grinding sound in my airway. This will only happen once normally as soon as i lay down, it also happens if i get up and and inhale deeply again only once. my fiance does sleep with a fan on and we have a cat i know that i am allergic to those things.
Avatar n tn I have been sick with colds, coughs, bronchitis, and other upper respiratory symptoms for at least 8 of the past 12 months. My primary care doctor and my allergist say that this is because, 20 months ago, my husband and I adopted two children, ages 5 and 7. They say that my immune system should stabilize two years from the time of the adoption, or four months from now. Meanwhile, this is really messing up my life, and affecting my ability to work and parent.
377493 tn?1356505749 Ryder is 18 months old now. For quite some time he has had a runny nose - sometimes clear and sometimes green and clotty. It definately got worse during spring and summer, and really got bad when we visited my parents in Ontario - heat and humidity there have made for terrible air quality, and they were recommending people with asthma and bad allergies stay in. He has never struggled with breathing or changed color. He does, from time to time, make sort of a wheezy sound.
Avatar m tn Visited Allergist who did allergy test(skin *****) and chest xray(normal). Allergic to cats, and mites, and ragweed. No food allergies. Family history: mother has asthma. 26 yrs in USA with no issues, other than seasonal runny nose, etc Pulmonary study baseline showed FVC, FEV1, FEF25-75% of 87%, 92%, and 110%. Following bronchodilation corresponding values changed by -4%, 4% and 17% which are not diagnostic.
Avatar n tn I'm 35. As a child, I would wheez from being around cats, dust, and from extertion in cold weather. I never saw anyone until 2.5 years ago in IL. Dr gave me Advair 250/50 and Singulair. I moved to CO 2 years ago. I have always had Xopenex but have never used it up until this winter. This winter/spring I have been sick 4-5 times with sinus infections, lung mucous, flu, cough. I have had a short dry cough for 9 months now. I never have seemed to get over one cold before I got the next.
Avatar f tn ), xyzal(5mg), zantac(300mg!), singulair(10mg) and give you an epi-pen...for one day before and 2 days your regular allegy/asthma meds. She said Rush day might be think? But the success rate is almost 80%. Very encouraging.
Avatar n tn I have always had moderate atopic asthma, allergies to cats and grasses. I smoked about 5 pack years, and quit completely six years ago. Last November 2008, my asthma was poorly controlled I used Albuterol almost every day), and I developed acute bronchitis, which, exacerbated by extremely poor air quality from wildfires, resulted in a 2-week acute asthma attack. I was not hospitalized, but my FEV1 got down to 71%.
1398713 tn?1282050285 My allergy test revealed many allergies to environmentals such as grass, dust, mold, cats, trees, pollens, flowers, chemicals, perfumes, latex and some foods. I tried the Singulair in April and that's when all Heck broke loose. Three days after taking Singulair, I developed a fever, sore throat, system wide swollen lymph nodes, sore and aching joints, night sweats and extreme fatigue.
Avatar m tn It has helped immersely for my allergies and greatly reduces the time it takes for me to get through a sinus cold. I use the neli-med system that is available in co-op and walmart. It also has convientate packs for the saline rinse so you don't have to measure out the proper concentrations. Also have you tried any nasal steroid sprays? They are suppose to have less side effects.
Avatar f tn These problems started when I inherited 2 cats, but blood test revealed no allergy to cats. One doctor feels this may be related to being on Tapozole for 4 years now due to hyperthyroidism (Graves disease). Unfortunatley, I cannot stop my meds for that. When I use a peak flow meter my measurments vary but I think they are normal(PEF 424, FEV 1 3.14). I am 48 Y.O. 5'1" and 120lbs. Is there anything I can take for this chronic cough/inflammation that will cure it? My doc.
198419 tn?1360245956 I was very mildly allergic to cats and white oak, but not enough to cause a reaction like full-body hives and angioedema. Especially since I've been around cats and trees for my entire life. So, anyway my immunologist, neurologist and I reached a consensus that it was the Rebif. Needless to say, my neurologist didn't want me to stop taking it because I haven't had a single relapse since starting it, and I didn't want to quit taking it for the same reason.
Avatar n tn This inflammation can cause coughing. After the flu is gone, it is possible for the inflammation to linger. This inflammation can last for several weeks. Sometimes this inflammation may linger for 3 to 6 months. Eventually the inflammation will go away, and then the coughing will stop. This is called reactive airways disease (RAD) and behaves a lot like asthma. On a simple breathing test, called spirometry, this may not show up.