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Avatar f tn He was prescribed neurotin by his neurologist and my immunlogist told me to get him off of the singulair before we gave him the neruotin. He said that the side effect was kind of rare, but possible. Of course we took him off of the singulair, but it hasn't taken the pins and needles away. I hope that he will have some relief at some point. We are planning of giving him the neruontin before the beginning of the school year to take away some of the discomfort. How are you doing now?
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with fungal sinusitis and underwent CT Sinus ENTRAK surgery 12/08. Afterward b/c 30 day fungal culture neg.,and pseudomonas found in left maxillary sinus, ENT changed diagnosis. treated w/Cipro, no other f/u for fungal. I told them 3 wks postop that green thick exudate had returned w/smell, but they declared me "cured". ID refused to do another culture b/c ENT said in notes that I looked great. I got 2nd opinion from another ENT week ago.
Avatar m tn After 3/4 trips to doctors and blood test and brain scan i was told i had chronic sinusitis. Can this cause balance problems? The feeling of off balance increases when in bright shops.
Avatar n tn Singulair works, but causes my muscles and nerves to twitch, even months after stopping the drug!! Is this reversable; is anyone studying this? Has permanent nuero damage been done already? This happen to anyone else?
Avatar f tn The same thing happened to me, Also have an allergy to Ibuprofen All of the Coxibs like celecoxib and even to ketarolac - as Dr_Veena said they do belong to NSAID group, however currently I'm very cautious in taking any drugs for headaches, different antipyretics like acetominophen and salicylates like aspirin.
Avatar f tn My nose is now constantly slightly stuffy and produces mostly clear mucus, and my ears are always blocked and wet inside, especially when lying down. I have gotten very dry eyes. The dizziness has been SO intense at times I've been worried about stroke or csf leak, but a recent follow-up contrast head MRI for a pineal cyst saw nothing out of the ordinary. I have very poor appetite and nausea, as usual when I have vertigo.
Avatar n tn neither has treatment with inhaled steroids (Flonase), inhaled antihistamine (Astelin), a leukotriene modulator (Singulair) and a proton inhibitor. A recent sinus scan showed a return of disease (ethmoids completely opaque), which I expect to worsen once the winter viruses set in. Surgery is no longer considered an option; if it gets to that point again, the only treatment will be a course of oral steroids, which provide only temporary relief.
Avatar n tn In and out of hospital it was so bad. Always having a sinus infection. Put on Singulair when it came out and asthma has been controlled. Still gets severe sinus infections. About 5 yrs ago he started having headaches. Some so bad we go to the hospital. He has had 4 sinus surgerys to remove polyps but still having headaches. On one surgery the infection was so deep they had to scrape the lining of his sinus cavity. The headaches are a daily never ending pain.
Avatar n tn I started off at Thanksgiving with a cough and went to the Dr and was on antibiotics off and on for a month and finally went for a chest xray and they said I had walking pneumonia and asthma ( never had any trouble with this or sinusis before in my life) took cough syrups and nothing helped. Then it all went to my nose about March and my Dr. got me in to see an ENT. He done CT scans of my sinus and said I was a mess. Had trouble breathing and severe coughing and drainage.
Avatar m tn This doc says to go to my internal med for the asthma, but I know it is connected to the sinusitis! Have been on prednisone- that helps until I go off and a few weeks later it all starts up again. Is there hope of ever getting rid of this nasty infection?
Avatar m tn catarrhalis is the third most common cause of sinusitis in adults and children after nontypeable H. influenzae and S. pneumoniae. It is also a common cause of otitis media (middle ear infection) in children and children may indeed be carriers of this organism. Many infections caused by M. catarrhalis can be treated with oral antibiotics. The following is a description of antibiotic therapy for this bacterium.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with fungal sinusitis and underwent CT Sinus ENTRAK surgery 12/08. Afterward b/c 30 day fungal culture neg.,and pseudomonas found in left maxillary sinus, ENT changed diagnosis. treated w/Cipro, no other f/u for fungal. I told them 3 wks postop that green thick exudate had returned w/smell, but they declared me "cured". ID refused to do another culture b/c ENT said in notes that I looked great. I got 2nd opinion from another ENT week ago.
Avatar m tn ) Since I’ve been on a myriad of allergy treatments, the runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing are mostly gone but the other symptoms remain. I’m now taking Omnaris, Astepro, generic Zyrtec, and Singulair along with a multivitamin, fish oil, and HCTZ plus bi-weekly allergy shots. I can track the sinus swelling by irrigating with a sinus rinse bottle. This recent flare-up started with a sore throat at the beginning of pollen season.
Avatar n tn Today, when I was doing standing side twists, (you basically stand, hips stationary and you twist your upper torso from left to right, I felt air moving in and out of my lungs, and actually hear the whooshing sound, however no air actually expels from my mouth. It sounds like a bellows is in my chest and I feel the air pressure. It's scary because I"ve never had this happen before, and I've done this exercise numerous times. Is this normal or is it a sign of something more serious?
Avatar f tn I've had 3 courses of antibiotics (1 alongside a course of prednisolone) along with my 2 nasal sprays, singulair and antihistamines and although it eases slightly after each course on antibiotics it comes back strong. The mucus is thick, coming from my nose and down my throat and has changed from green to dirty green and smelly and has now turned orange. My hearing is affected too, with everything being dull and I sometimes struggle to hear with ears that feel like they're full of cotton wool.
Avatar n tn of 2002, I had some neurological problems, tingling and stuff, and then I started noticing this too. I`ve had MRI`s, and even had an opthamologist look in my eyes after it began. Both tests were normal. I also noticed though that I have nasal congestion around my cheekbones during this, and Tavist-D sinus medicine seems to help. Has anyone else experienced anything like this or have any information? Could this be allergies? Thanks.....
Avatar n tn I am taking Mucinex, Advair, Singulair, Xyzal, and Combivent (when necessary). My family doctor has diagnosed this as a sinus infection, but I have had no headaches or tooth pain. He has put me on antibiotics, which don't seem to be helping. What do you think I have and what can I do to get my voice back?
Avatar m tn My concern is that despite my workout regimen, I continue to suffer from what I feel is unreasonable shortness of breath (esp given my activity levels) and seem to be losing lung capacity (~18% as measured via PFT over the last 15 years) and my VO2Max is declining (based on two different VO2Max test over the last couple of years - one was upper 30's and newest was lower 30's using ml/min/kg of bodyweight).
Avatar n tn At the direction of the ENT I went back on Allegra D, Singulair, and Flonase.We moved back in the house in July. In September this year I had allergy testing and am now on my second vial of allergy shots.The lightheadedness has persisted, is now daily, and has progressed to dizziness.I've been on additional courses of anibiotics and am missing work due to the dizziness.I had a physical and bloodwork all good. What should I do now?
377493 tn?1356505749 For quite some time he has had a runny nose - sometimes clear and sometimes green and clotty. It definately got worse during spring and summer, and really got bad when we visited my parents in Ontario - heat and humidity there have made for terrible air quality, and they were recommending people with asthma and bad allergies stay in. He has never struggled with breathing or changed color. He does, from time to time, make sort of a wheezy sound.
Avatar n tn I had sore throats and ear aches in May, and after the colds went away a nasty dizziness stayed. At first tests showed nothing but in September I was diagnosed with sinusitis. One round of antibiotics I felt great for a few weeks. In October symptoms returned. Since then I've been on two rounds of antibiotics which helped the dizziness immensely, but didn't completely get rid of my symptoms A few days ago I went to an ENT. After more tests he's determined I do NOT have sinusitis.
Avatar n tn I have chronic sinusitis and I am taking Nasorel and Singulair to relieve congestion but the sinusitis remains. I wonder if there can be any connection between the sinusitis and the e-tube pressure/pain or is something else going on. Examination of my e-tubes by my ENT have shown nothing wrong with the e-tubes.
Avatar n tn I take Zyrtec, Flonase and anything else to help, also have been on COUNTLESS antibiotics. I also have asthma and it is making it flare up. I use my inhalers and Singulair for that regularly. I have gotten very wheezy and short of breath at night. My sinus CT didnt really show any structural abnormalities. I honestly dont know what else to do. I feel tired all of the time, constantly have a headache, and am miserable. My doctor wants to send me to an allergist. What will they do?
Avatar n tn when I find out what I'm allergic to. And then I'm supposed to start the Singulair and Nasalcrom. I'm thinking I may go back to the chiropractor, too. And since the Dr. said the B-complex and Niacin wouldn't affect my thyroid levels, may go back on those. Have to recheck my thyroid the 1st of Dec. Makes you feel like an old person complaining all the time. You can't help but have it on your mind when you feel bad most of the time - as the Dr. said don't obsess or get paranoid with it.
Avatar n tn I think I have a vocal cord problem that is irritated by sinusitis. I sincerely have to clear my throat 25 times a day and I have a lot of coughing. The asthma meds are useless for my ailment. Hopefully, I can find a pulmonologist that I can see quickly because I am going back to Sanibel on Wednesday. I have an appt. to see the ENT but am not sure how well they treat my problem. We will see. Did you have hoarseness and loose your voice when you had these respiratory ailments?
6579347 tn?1388505968 Hi, there - I live in DFW and we're iced in right now. Can't get to my dr or to a pharmacy. I suffer from chronic allergies that I take shots for. I'm currently taking Mucinex maximum strength, D-Allergy, singulair, levocitirizine, flonase, & patanase. I'm taking hot showers with tea tree oil, drinking lots of hot tea, and sitting with a heating pad on my head to try to loosen things up but no luck. It looks like I'm going to be stuck in my house for at least another 1-2 days.
Avatar n tn I do have chronic sinusitis for which I am taking Nasorel and Singulair. Is it still possible even with the medication the sinusitis is affecting my e-tubes? Would getting sinus surgery be worth it? Sorry for so many questions.
Avatar n tn Asthma was ruled out by two negative Methacholine Challenge Tests and the use of Singulair, Albuterol, and Maxair, all of my allergy testing has been negative and I have been on Zyrtec for over 15 years, it was said I had non-allergic Rhinitis but I have tried all of the nasal sprays and decongestiants with no releif, Reflux has been ruled out from Ph Probe testing, an Upper GI and barium swallow, and the use of many medications inculding Protonix, I have a history of chronic siuns infections a
Avatar m tn Despite my workouts, I continue to suffer from what I feel is unreasonable dypsnea and seem to be losing lung capacity and VO2Max. I have been extensively tested by a cardiologist and pulmonologist, both of whom say I am in good shape. I take asthma meds (singulair, advair) although no tests have conclusively proven I have asthma.
Avatar f tn The ENT did find from the CT sinus she had sinusitis which was treated with antibiotics, singulair, and a nasal spray. But also said for her to have such a severe case at 5 years old there is definatley something she has to be allergic to, which wouldn't agree with the allergist's results. This cough comes and goes but it is that cough that makes your head spin, I get these looks from other people like what is wrong with her and I am going to lose it soon.