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Avatar m tn The use of simvastatin in the prevention of a malignant liver tumor according to the present invention contemplates the daily administration of an effective amount of simvastatin orally. An effective amount of simvastatin is that amount which provides a decrease in the level of alphafetoprotein to a normal level and which maintains alphafetoprotein at the normal level.
Avatar m tn atorvastatin, fluvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin and simvastatin. When the statins were tested alone, all except pravastatin inhibited HCV replication. Fluvastatin had the strongest effect. Atorvastatin and simvastatin had moderate effects while lovastatin had a weak effect. While pravastatin exhibited no anti-HCV activity, it did work as an inhibitor for HMG-CoA reductase, suggesting that the anti-HCV activities of the other stains are not due to the direct inhibition of HMG-CoA.
238668 tn?1232735930 Aortic Valve Replacement posted by Christopher Dail on January 25, 1999 at 13:27:46: I am a 37 year old male in good health. I have Aortic Valve Replacement at Fairfax hospital by Dr. Edward Lefrak on January 23, 1996. I had a St. Jude Mechanical valve placed. I am Warfarin resistant. I take 23.5 mg of Coumadin per day to maintain an INR of between 2.5 and 3.5. I had to be hospitalized twice in the first 6 months post surgery.
Avatar n tn 49:26: I am a 37 year old male in good health. I have Aortic Valve Replacement at Fairfax hospital by Dr. Edward Lefrak on January 23, 1996. I had a St. Jude Mechanical valve placed. I am Warfarin resistant. I take 23.5 mg of Coumadin per day to maintain an INR of between 2.5 and 3.5. I had to be hospitalized twice in the first 6 months post surgery. Once for a Basal Ganglion Infarction, from which I recovered completely and once simply to be placed on Heparin due to a low INR.
Avatar n tn Coumadin therapy after valve replacement surgry posted by dl on March 24, 1999 at 21:58:44: : : : : : My Husband is needing aortic valve replacment surgery and is very concerned about taking coumadin afterwards. We have a couple of questions. I have read some information about coumadin already and it has promtped these concerns. 1- How restrictive do you have to be with your activity? Is it mostly contact sports that must avoided?
514494 tn?1376514748 html * Warfarin and Simvastatin (Zocor) * Niacin and either Atorvastatin (Lipitor) or Simvastatin (Zocor) * Lisinopril (Zestril, Prinivil) and Potassium * Ginkgo and Aspirin * Garlic pills and Warfarin
Avatar n tn Recently, I have flushing on my face, neck, and ears--sometimes just on one side of my face--embarrassing. I had breast cancer after 23 years on estrogen replacement therapy, so can't take estrogen any more. Hot flashes out the wazoo! Is there anything I can do to decrease the flushing? I take Fosomax, Allegra D, and a simvastatin.
Avatar m tn In September I had a full hip replacement, which appears good, but finding now both legs and feet, calves downwards, aching badly particularly at night. Also, unusually, after sitting or being in bed, I get regularly,involuntary muscle spasms mostly affecting the stomach and eqivalent area in the back. There is no pain, just annoying sensation and the wanting to stretch all the limbs.
Avatar m tn I had a aortic valve replacement and two cardicac bypasses in July of 2010. I am taking Spironolactone 25mg, Metropolol 50mg, and Simvastin 40mg for my heart. Also Oxycodone 240mg per day for back pain and Paxil 20mg for depression. These medications are causing a very dry mouth and resulting in extensive dental carries and associated expense. What is my risk of heart failure or death if I stop taking the heart medications?
Avatar n tn Pre-assessment (in Spring/06) for a hip-replacement operation revealed that my 86-year-old father has a left Bundle Branch Blockage (electrical current to heart.) The hip operation was done in July/06. In December/06, he suffered a large left-sided pleural effusion - 3 litres were drained off. The fluid analysis was exudative with some blood, but no cause was revealed. He continues to have periodic undiognosed nipping/jabbing twinges under his left breast and towards his side.
Avatar f tn ) My husband has had cirrhosis for at least 3 years, and he has simultaneously been taking a moderate dose of simvastatin (20mg/day) because of elevated cholesterol previously complicated by a near heart attack. He maintained that dose until just recently when treatment knocked his cholesterol down to unusually low levels (70s), so they cut his dose in half to keep in the the 100 ranges. There was an older post about statin use in hcv patients you might find interesting: http://www.
907968 tn?1292625804 Two were by-passed and the third wasn't because there was too much damage where it would have been reattached. Currently taking Carvedilol, Lisinopril, and Simvastatin. and Iron pills Friday, My GP was on vacation so I seen the assistant for an unrelated ear problem. She seen my blood test results from over two months ago (GP never told me a thing about the test results).
Avatar n tn This question is for my mother, 78 years of age, has had aortic valve replacement and triple bypass (3 yrs ago), has had history of hbp, currently has 50% blockage of each carotid artery and 70% blockage of vertebral artery. Currently on Plavix and baby aspirin, Toprol XL, Foltex, and Lipitor. She was hospitalized recently for possible stroke. Her gait and stability while walking is not normal. Her head at times feels heavy. She has brain fog and thinks slower than normal.
474189 tn?1211188060 No have not been given any meds (only ones for kidney condition - Simvastatin and Lisinopril). My GP will not confirm anything he just keeps telling me that my thyroid results are borderline but I don't know enough about thyroid disorders to know what is borderline, high or low. So going off what youhave said I could have Hashi and Hypo runnign together ?? I am guessing that this is easily treated with thyroid replacement meds? Are there any long term effects I should be aware of?
Avatar m tn The recommended treatment for DES implants is dual therapy of aspirin and plavix up to a year. Combining plavix and aspirin increases the risk of bleeding vs. aspirin alone in patients treated for more than a brief period of time. That is the regimen followed for my DES implant. f you are in this category a prior MI and unstable angina:" In the CAPRIE trial, clopidogrel (plavix) was equivalent to aspirin for patients with a recent (but not acute) MI.
Avatar n tn I would very much appreciate your opinion: As of October 2008: Levels: TSH 2.33 (0.34-4.8) FT4 .82 (0.77-1.61) sonogram: Findings: The right lobe is 4.6 X 2.2 X 1.9cm. The left lobe is 4.4 X 1.4 X 1.1 c.m Multinodular thyroid appearance is seen with 4 mm nodule in the upper pole on the right and 2.8 cm nodule in the mid aspect of the right lobe noted. 7 mm nodule in the right side of the isthumus is seen. Impressions: Multinodular thyroid disease with a 2.
Avatar n tn Drug Class (Therapeutic Uses) Medication Brand Names Antidepressant (depression) Sertraline Zoloft® Antihypertensive (high blood pressure) Felodipine Plendil® Nisoldipine Sular® Pranidipine Not available in the United States Antilipemic (lowers cholesterol) Atorvastatin Lipitor® Lovastatin Mevacor® Simvastatin Zocor® Antimalarial (malaria infection) Artemether Paluther® Antiretroviral (HIV infection) Saquinavir Fortovase®, Invirase® Anxiolytic (anxiety); Sedative (sleep) Diazepam Val
Avatar n tn Current doctor indicated the Lab levels are within range and wants to treat Cholesterol with Simvastatin. I prefer to run additioanl tests to determine if I have a Thyroid or related problem. Any suggestions?
1322157 tn?1279660281 The juice could also affect the effectiveness of a woman’s hormone-replacement-therapy medication. The most severe effects are likely with some cholesterol-lowering medications, Karch says. While the liver devotes its resources to grapefruit juice, the medication could build up to dangerous levels, causing a breakdown of the body’s muscles and even kidney failure. " Please be aware!
Avatar f tn I am a 57 year old male, with heart disease on both sides of my family. Naturally, I'm expecting the same. My job is hi stress, and am on Simvastatin, and some type of waterpill for my blood pressure. I started to develop chest pains now, and "running out of gas" even walking! Passed my stress, eko, ekg, and chest xrays w/o a problem...just had a pulmonary today, and did well with that too. Don't know what to do next, and neither do the docs! I'm frustrated, and getting depressed...
Avatar f tn 2004/2005 Developed chf, dilated cardiomyopathy, mitral and tricuspid valve sev/mod leak treated with implantable pacemacker and defibrillator 1/2010 Replacement implanted pacemaker and defibrillator 6/2010 Yearly Echo, possible blood clot treated with coumadin 7/2010 Heart CT, confirmed daignosis of myxoma 9/2010 Open-Heart Surgery treatment, remove heart tumor(myxoma) repair mitral valve, annuloplasty 10/2010 Repeat echo, mitral and tricuspid valve moderat
Avatar m tn I guess it would have it's benefits before or after TX... but certainly NOT a replacement for TX... I was also told NOT to take Milk Thistle while on TX... & the reason might be because of interactions with the other treatment drugs.. See Below..
Avatar n tn He then went into private practice and I no longer have access to him. I did see his replacement, who was a GI physician , once before being released. The hematologist had told me that I was in stage 2 and if there was no reversal, the disease would progress to non-alcholic chirosis and death. I average 2 alcholic drinks per year. Thankfully, through diet and exercise the disease did reverse.
1167058 tn?1263131281 They recommended immediate replacement of the value and that the two blocked arteries be bypassed. This was done on June 22, 2009. The surgeon reported to my wife that the valve was "shot" and would not have "lasted another six months." The day after the surgery I developed atrial fibrilation which, after two weeks in the hospital, they finally reverted with paddles.
Avatar f tn i have benign essential tremor and myoclonic jerk I take propananol levetiracetam and simvastatin for cholesterol,i have read that levetiracetam can cause viruses and consequently chills at times sometimes feel feverish but with body temp at 97.
Avatar m tn The increases in HDL were 41 mg/dl to 101 mg/dl. So you do have to ask why so much is being spent on finding a replacement for statins if they are so good. People aren't silly, they know that the figures don't match the claims. I've been on statins for years, yet I still got 2 more blockages this year. Everyone I have ever met in hospital has been on statins, yet still it's necessary for further intervention.
Avatar n tn I'm told that because I'm asymptomatic we are holding off on the valve replacement and the cardiologist will monitor me every 3 months for changes in the dopplar echochardiogram baseline, etc. Based on this I have some time to decide a valve option. I have read the many postings on this forum regarding the options and I have some questions: - If I chose the prosthetic valve option with the requisite coumadin use, is it true that alchohol consumption is prohibited?
Avatar m tn combination birth control pills or patches, such as Lo Loestrin® FE, Norinyl®, Ortho Tri-Cyclen Lo®, Ortho Evra® hormonal vaginal rings such as NuvaRing® the hormone replacement therapy medicine, Fem HRT® • gemfibrozil (Lopid®) • lovastatin (Advicor®, Altoprev®, Mevacor®) • midazolam, when taken by mouth • phenytoin, (Dilantin®, Phenytek®) • phenobarbital (Luminal®) • pimozide (Orap®) • rifampin (Rifadin®, Rifamate®, Rifater® Rimactane®) • sildenafil citrate (Revatio®), when taken for pul