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Avatar m tn Last May, I was diagnosed of Fatty Liver, so I was prescribed to take Godex and Simvastatin. After a month, my blood test rose from 81 U/L to 271 U/L and my SGOT which was previously normal rose to 75 U/L. My intake of simvastatin was immediately stopped due to suspected sensitivity which caused a dramatic liver enzyme elevation. I'm hoping for a decrease in the level of my liver enzymes following the LCD. What bothers me is the Godex. Please advice!
Avatar m tn So, if these drugs are potentially dangerous, why are they being fed to us? Do these drugs actually need all the ingredients? Are these ingredients put there so that we will have to buy even more medicines to combat the side effects of each and every drug. I am at the moment taking a drug to combat the side effect of Simvastatin, a cholesterol drug because I was told I needed I it due to a possibly dangerous side effect. The drug I am taking, an over the counter drug, also has side effects.
29837 tn?1414538248 atorvastatin, fluvastatin, lovastatin, pravastatin and simvastatin. When the statins were tested alone, all except pravastatin inhibited HCV replication. Fluvastatin had the strongest effect. Atorvastatin and simvastatin had moderate effects while lovastatin had a weak effect. While pravastatin exhibited no anti-HCV activity, it did work as an inhibitor for HMG-CoA reductase, suggesting that the anti-HCV activities of the other stains are not due to the direct inhibition of HMG-CoA.
744427 tn?1239382763 I read on one of the other posts last night that someone has had great success with L Carnitine Fumerate. Has anyone else tried it ? I take sotalol, simvastatin and aspirin at the moment, I am in non-stop bigeminy/trigeminy which has been recorded as PAC runs, absolutely no respite from them. Would L Carnitine interact with anything, does anyone know ? I have my cardio appt next Wednesday and just praying I can last that long.
Avatar f tn The OP's situation is indeed very alarming, however I don't read anything that says the Zocor was responsible, just conjecture that it may be based on some Internet research. Zocor which is merely simvastatin is very safe and the incidence of side effects very low, but some will be affected differently than others.
Avatar f tn i have benign essential tremor and myoclonic jerk I take propananol levetiracetam and simvastatin for cholesterol,i have read that levetiracetam can cause viruses and consequently chills at times sometimes feel feverish but with body temp at 97.
Avatar n tn I'm blaming too much sleep and relaxation these days for my current slight lapses--nothing too unusual, really. I've been on simvastatin for two weeks now and no problems.
Avatar f tn I don't have fatty liver though...thanks good you dont have fatty liver but add simvastatin to your treatment, it has 505 reducton on hcc risk, the highest hcc risk reduction Yes will try to find ways to have hbsAg quantity tested. When you said "etv+intf combo", do you refer to sequential combo (etv first, then intf add-on at later time)? you can try both sequential or combo directly, the point is getting rid of hbsag or lower it.
Avatar n tn I think maybe you intended to post your question to a doctor(?) there are no doctors here, this is a patient to patient forum. For a doctor, you could post your question on the Gastroentrology forum, there is a doctor over there. I do know pancreatitis can be dangerous to the baby, I think the pancreatitis caused the problems in the pregnancy, as to if the pancreatitis was caused by the vicodin?
Avatar m tn ***@**** Extracts of Chinese red yeast rice (RYR, a traditional dietary seasoning of Monascus purpureus) contains several active ingredients including lovastatin, and several trials of its possible lipid-lowering effects have been conducted. This meta-analysis assesses the effectiveness and safety of RYR preparations on lipid modification in primary hyperlipidemia.
Avatar f tn So, back to the statins and the side effects for the 3rd time. I asked to be tried on a different statin, Simvastatin. Started it on a Thursday and by Friday evening I felt like my lower back was broken. It continued to get worse to the point of me hardly being able to move off the couch for a week. Everything in my body hurt. Of course I quit taking it. My sister went through the same thing with statins and just can not take them. I'm wondering what I can take that's natural.
Avatar m tn 27 mmol/L I am currently taking TDF 1x245mg tablet/day (since September 2011) Simvastatin 1x20mg tablet per day Vitamin D3 1x5000IU tablet per day Blueberry extract 3x60mg tablets per day Selenium tablet (1) per day I met with my consultant today and I am so depressed now and disappointed. He will not put me on peginf.
Avatar m tn 50ng/ml by supplements nitazoxanide simvastatin 40mg try this 6 months and see if hbsag goes down, while on this check alt/ast, creatinine and serum calcium
Avatar m tn Not too long ago I got rid of most (mostly pain killers I never needed in the first place) and ended up with... Coreg x2/day Lisinopril x1/day Simvastatin x1/day Now I'm back up a few for related problems, they wont be around all the time but the three listed I'm told will be.
Avatar n tn It is always wise to make sure none of the recipe ingredients or procedures conflict with medications you may be taking. Likewise, if you have any medical condition, disease, allergy or any other health issue, consult your doctor before using the recipe. Thanks, Thomas This recipe is designed for cold turkey opiate detox. It assumes that you can get about 5 to 7 days away from your job or household responsibilities during which you can sleep, veg and act as miserable as you feel.
Avatar f tn How many sufferers are taking statins (Simvastatin)? How many sufferers are taking Atenolol (Tenormin)? How many sufferers also get regular kidney infections?
Avatar n tn The two current soaps do not specify palm oil in the ingredients so it must be something else in the mix that I become sensitized to over time. Looking for a new bath soap. Laundry soap seems to be okay (sent free, HE All, machine set to second rinse).
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Avatar n tn by putting together the information in the posts I read this morning on Lipo-Flavonid and info about what the product does, why the specific ingredients are in the product, and the product success rate, together with a post on this thread in 2007, by a female neurology teacher(I think that's what she said she's a long post so it will be easy to find if you'd like to read it). Also, her husband is a Dr. and he aided her in trying to find a cure.