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Avatar n tn It is actually very helpful for persons who have gone through these procedures to tell their experiences so that others can learn of and from them. The major risks of brain surgery include infection, bleeding (stroke), and seizures. You should be wary of symptoms that may be suggestive of any of these, including severe vomiting, sudden change in sensorium, sudden loss of consciousness, and severe convulsions.
532476 tn?1214520784 Hi, The FAST test is an easy way to recognise and remember the signs of stroke or a TIA. Using the FAST test involves asking three simple questions. If you have a problem with any of these functions, dial triple zero (000) for an ambulance immediately. FAST stands for: Facial weakness – can the person smile; have their mouth or eyes drooped? Arm weakness – can the person raise both arms? Speech difficulty – can the person speak clearly and understand what you say?
Avatar n tn My dad is 76 and had a massive stroke to the left side of his brain, after the stroke he was in the hospital for 5 days and sent to acute rehab. He was there for 4 days and developed severe aspiration pnemonia and was put in ICU for 3 or 4 days and then in a regular room for about another 8 days, then Humana woud not approve him for acute rehab and sent him to a su acute rehab/nursing home where he was for 6 days.
Avatar n tn Special precautions will be taken to minimize the risk of stroke during and after surgery, though the risk cannot be eliminated entirely. 3. It makes the surgery higher risk. However, if the valve is deteriorating and the ventricle is decompensating, surgery may still be the right option. 4. Yes. 5. No, it should not, unless there is also a lot of scar tissue in there. 6. No. 7.
Avatar n tn But congratulations on your pregnancy. That's exciting but also a little scary after your stroke. Are you on medication now because of the clot issue to prevent stroke? Make sure to talk to your doctor immediately if you are to make sure it is compatible with pregnancy! We have a pregnancy forum and I'd love to chat with you there. I hope the person who you are asking how it went comes back and updates you.
518031 tn?1295578974 I look around, and all I see are signs of the times coming. I see in my own family the attacks that we are under by the enemy. Cancer,eveil spirits, what ever the enemy can throw at this family he has. Praise GOD there are many prayers warriors in our family. I am going to give some examples, and i would like your honest opinions, if you think it is attack by the enemy or just everyday life,.In May my cousin and her huswband were ordained, and they are planting a church in Ithaca MI.
Avatar n tn I went to the PCP and Neurologist two days later and had an MRI 5 days later and they saw a stroke in the cerebellum and signs of a mini stroke that they classified as 'old'. I fortunately did not have ongoing loss of speech, or weakness in limbs etc...but have suffered from weird dizziness and electric shock feelings in my head. They seem to get better - but then get wrose again....Dr's are saying it is maybe anxiety --but is not. I have had anxiety before and these are different.
Avatar f tn I am curious after reading alot of posts about similar problems after gallbladder surgery, if anyone has has similar problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated. She has now been reffered to a neurologist.
Avatar m tn It was the one thing that had helped my grandfather after a stroke. I appreciate your comments and the great flow of information.
Avatar f tn I agree with the doctors as the time taken for recovery may be in months or even years. But preventing malnutrition and removal of the cause of stroke helps in quick recovery. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar f tn Can someone tell me what kind of meds works best for the pain in the head. I tried Vicodin but got tired of being nausea, Then I was on Butalbital and that was worse-didnt help the pain. Now I have pain on the right side (tumor was left frontal). I had to start the Vicodin again to ease the pain but have to tolerate the nausea. How do you know if your brain is swelling? So many questions and no answers....
Avatar n tn 5 years after her biopsy today. The surgery took place about a week ago. After her surgery, she was as normal as one would think until she started throwing up brown liquid and refused to eat. The vet had to force feed her and she was in the hospital for three days until this morning. I saw her early morning and later that morning, she had passed. The doctor feels that the surgery was a success but it was neurological. I disagree. I think the surgery was the biggest mistake I've ever made.
Avatar m tn the docotr said it looks like the stroke was when he had his open heart surgery. my question if anyone can help is why did he have the signs of a stroke last year (has had no signs since then) and has now had the effects since that one day in June. mom talked to the people with TBI associatin and they said that it sounds like in May and part of June he was having TIAs that led up to his stroke and if taht was the case it would show as if he did have an old stroke is this true can anyone help?
Avatar f tn He is being treated medically for this clot and it is not showing signs of breaking up. They now want to put stents into his natural vein and one in the other side which is 60-70% blocked. They will just leave the clot there. The doctor only prescribed a small dose of aspirin and he was not given a prescription blood thinner. My question is: What type of blood thinner should he have been on? and, Is there any other alternative to stenting the veins other than another surgery?
Avatar n tn 6 hours later I had the stroke with my 7 year old finding me on the bathroom floor at home. After weeks of investigating, they determined neck injuries from 2 car accidents 15 years ago and the weight component of my personal training, caused the stroke. I was in the hospital for 12 weeks - 3 weeks in a regular hospital and 9 weeks in a rehab hospital. I was on coumadin for 4 months and have been on a baby aspirin ever since.
Avatar n tn The neuro surgeon said it was a large deep bleed in the left side of her brain, apparently she is lucky to have survived it and without surgery. The latest CT scan 3.5 weeks after the stroke the blood has started to re-absorb and swelling is going down. She is currently in a rehab hospital (March 18) with paralysis on the right side (arm and leg) and has aphasyia - she understands us but has a hard time getting her words out (she does put small phases together at times).
1344197 tn?1392822771 The majority of hysterectomies are preformed in women before menopause and the removal of ovaries after the age of 40 is common. The removal of ovaries is often recommended as a measure to reduce the risk of developing ovarian cancer. A number of studies have suggested that hysterectomy with the removal of ovaries prior to age 50 may increase the risk for heart attack and stroke.
Avatar f tn they set the machine for what they r looking for IE- use the machine with the right strength /magnification and then do certain slices and angles to look for damage or signs of stroke....and it is not that have no idea what to look for , they know or r considering it a possibility. I know this must be very difficult for u as well...
Avatar n tn that after a stroke, the brain needs a lot of healing, this healing takes place while the patient is asleep and they need lots of sleep and are very tired after a stroke..her sleeping is probably what her body is telling her to do. My mother also slept 24/7 after her stroke. We only got her up for food, bathroom, sitting up for a couple hours and back to bed. She slept while sitting up also.
Avatar m tn My situation was not as dire as yours but sort of similar. I had a career and then lost my job and benefits after I did not recover from a surgery. I cried for days. My husband was not sure what to do with me but I kind of just needed to get it out of my system. I still am not exactly the same as I was, but I fought to get SSDI and got some benefits from my company for LTDI.
Avatar n tn The same day an opthamologist took one look into his eye and bluntly said he'll never see out of that eye again. A CAT scan of his head and neck showed no signs of a blockage or hemorrhaging. Blood work showed inflammation. They didn't say where. His doctor put him on prednisone for that. I have heard that clots are not uncommon after by-pass surgery. Is it possible that a clot blocked blood flow to his eye causing lose off vision, and then went away before the CAT scan was done?
661823 tn?1293879553 and he is answering yes and no questions) when speech therapy is in with him he gets mad when he cant talk) he is able to stand with assistance of two therapist) are these good signs? It seems so slow. AND it is hard to watch. He is only 54.
Avatar n tn I'am a 43 year old tripple bypass patient i'am presently showing signs that i might of had a stroke i've had a tia in the past and iam so nervous right now because iam waiting to have a cat scan done and a ulrta sound done in the mean time iam experecing numbness and tingling on my left side i'am also a diabetic ...........
Avatar n tn As ptadvoc8 said, coughing and chest pain after that type of surgery are a strong sign of clots/embolism. However, it's very hard to say that coughing and chest pain aren't "normal" after such a procedure, or even in "healthy" people of your mother's age.
Avatar n tn I greatly appreciate your stories of recovery after hemorrhagic stroke. My 81-year-old husband had this type of stroke on 7/3. It was a rather large bleed in the back right portion of his brain. Many of your experiences sound exactly like mine. He is on a ventilator and feeding tube, although he has been breathing for up to 10 hours without the vent. He has just begun opening his eyes and blinking them, and also lifting his right arm a bit.
Avatar f tn Also the constipation and gut pain, frequent urination, heartburn, headaches, etc. Well, I can just say I had all of the signs except a stroke. Before surgery my PTH was 165 and my calcium was 12.1. Two hours after surgery, my calcium had already dropped to 9.0 and my PTH to 35. Pretty dramatic, huh? and I did feel so much better. The low calcium buzzing will go away once you've gotten enough calcium into you system.
Avatar m tn If you would be so kind, please pass it along. Most of the literature out there for exercise after heart surgery, involves the period immediately after surgery, i.e. don't lift over 10 lbs over your head, etc. Thanks for helping me.
Avatar n tn Doctors don't seem concerned. Wondering if these events are b/c of my surgery or after affects of the TIA. I keep pushing to get going and trying to hit the gym 6 days a week. I hear that sometimes it takes up to a year to recover. YIKES.
Avatar f tn My MRIs/Scans this week did not show any signs that I had a stroke or bleed, so the neurologists are assuming I had a partial stroke. Can low potassium cause a stroke? I had a tooth pulled the day before my "seizuere" (only with novacain) and also had dental surgery the day before my stroke. Could dental (bone graft) surgery have caused my stroke?
Avatar n tn We have asked the doctor(s) if she has suffered a stroke, they say the MRI or CT (not sure which they performed) showed no stroke and because she shows no signs of paralysis, they feel she simply is taking longer to recover than they thought it would. They also say the self-extubation is not the cause of her current symptoms, just added to them.