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Avatar m tn Hi, If you have more information about signs-symptoms of pregnancy visit http://mydreambaby.
Avatar f tn After having sex,probably how many days you can feel the symptoms of pregnancy? Thanks!
208686 tn?1293034103 And when were they confirmed, as in how far along were you when you found out you were indeed pregnant? Some of the signs/symptoms I am at the moment experiencing are in the order of degree.. extremely tired, have had a temp of above 89 for the last week, weak stomach but no morning sickness, my sense of smell is overwhelming, sort of tender nipples, may be some dark veins around the nipple, bathroom time..clear mucus when wiping, and some cramps in lower part of stomach.
Avatar f tn If you have missed your periods than these symptoms can be suggestive of pregnancy. Take up urine pregnancy test. If you are still doubtful then get blood HCG levels done. That is a more sensitive test. If pregnancy tests are negative other possibilities are weight gain, thyroid disorders and urinary tract infection. Do keep us posted. Take care and regards!
Avatar f tn My breasts don't hurt my nipple aren't any darker and I'm not getting a brown line on my stomach... is this weird? All of the symptoms I'm supposed to be having aren't happening...
Avatar f tn yes, im not sure anbout watery discharge ive never had that but iv ehad egg white and creamy milky looking discharge when i was pregnant
Avatar f tn What r the signs of a multiple pregnancy.
Avatar n tn it is also common to have or not have pregnancy symptoms very early on, symptoms tend to increase as HCG rises in the days/weeks to come. i would be a hypocrite if i told you not to worry, but remember as long as you take care of yourself and don't do silly things to risk your pregnancy then you know you've done your best no matter what the outcome. good luck and God Bless! I pray you have a healty pregnancy with a beautiful baby in your arms next summer!
Avatar f tn I crave spicy foods lol and then I have normal pregnancy symptoms
Avatar f tn I'm having a boy, my first sign of pregnancy was swollen breast and they were itchy painful too There is no way of knowing what you're having based on symptoms
Avatar f tn Symptoms run anywhere from back aches, recurring headaches, breast tenderness, nipple soreness, even accelerated heartbeat!!! There are plenty of signs. I also think it would be a good idea to let your mother know so she may direct you to the right dr or midwife. The earlier you get in touch with reality about the pain of bearing a child the easier it will be when the day comes. I wish you the best of luck!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever the entire time I was pregnant. My sense of smell was a bit hightened, thats it. I didn't start to show at all until almost 6 months. I'm not sure why, I was eating more than usual, wasn't overweight when I started my pregnancy, and was in good health throughout. Your body goes through huge changes durring labor, it is extreme. I'm not sure if you are planning to keep this baby, but if you are I seriously recommend some parenting classes as well.
Avatar f tn Can someone please tell me are any of those signs of being pregnant being nausea, a increase in appetite, pain in your lower abdomen and on both sides, having headaches, lower back pain, its uncomfortable for me to sleep on my sides, having alot of gas i just need some answers
285149 tn?1217050067 I had cramping from 4 days past ovulation...sore breasts started about first day of missed period.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm 25yrs old I have 2 daughters I had 2 miscarriages one last yr and one the beginning of this yr. I had taken a few pregnancy tests the beginning of last month n this month. Im getting pregnancy symptoms (dizzyness, cravings, my breats hurt they feels kinda hard,mood swings and a few cramp moments) so any who the first 3 hpt came back negative and the other 3 after came back with a faint positive line... I went to the doctor about 12 days ago.
Avatar f tn Is it possible to feel signs of pregnancy just one day after conception? ? The day after i was feeling horrible, cramping, dizziness.. i dont start my period for another Week in a half is there a chance i could be pregnant?? Help please!!!
1396867 tn?1520813858 Otherwise no AF symptoms, but being I suffer from endometriosis. My symptoms arent normal, Mine is lower back back(not like the back pain I felt over the weekend), and I havent had that. Which I dont know if I would since it only happens when AF is "brewing". My boobs dont really hurt except at night when I take my bra off they feel like they weigh 100 pds each, the other morning some tenderness. I just dont know what to think. I havent had any mucus but I have been wet down there.
Avatar f tn So I guess I don't know what to tell you since I thought most of my symptoms were from the meds but I guess I don't know for sure since I am pg! See.....don't know if I'm coming or going either! Good luck to you!!
Avatar f tn HI and thanks for using the forum. Pregnancy symptoms can vary from woman to woman and some can be experienced as early as a week after conception. Some common pregnancy symptoms include implantation bleeding (around 6-12 days after conception), sore breasts (as early as 1 week after conception), fatigue, missed period, nausea, headaches, among others. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a test. It is best to wait until you are late for your period to test.
Avatar f tn I'm preg with #4 and was absolutely convinced it was a girl bc my symptoms were SO much like my pregnancy with my daughter. Identical. Only difference was my nausea lasted well into my 17th week. Turns out...BOY. I'm still shocked. So, don't count on your symptoms as a gender compass!
Avatar f tn this month i missed my periods with signs of morning sickness and bad backache.its just 4 days since i missed my date. i started having lower stomach pains like in periods and had spotting also. I got scared and checked at home but the test is negative.Is it right to have severe back ache during the very early stages?pain like periods is normal? is there anything which is preventing me to get pregnant?related to my back? i m worried because i am already 31 and not able to conceive.
Avatar f tn On 17 September I did 5day transfer of 3 blastocysts.THis is my fourth IVF. today I am on day 22,No symptoms of pregnancy. The only sign is frequent urination.Is this normal?
Avatar n tn When you're try though sometimes your body and mind plays tricks on you giving you symptoms. They could be symptoms of anything or things you just never payed any attention to before. But in any case, you can still test. Good luck.
1038742 tn?1321205684 There are no good signs that are indications of pregnancy. PMS and pre-preg symptoms are too similar. You can have all of the symptoms in the world and not be pregnant and no symptoms at all and be pregnant.
Avatar f tn You have to wait at least two weeks since you last had sex. But keep in mind symptoms don't mean pregnancy. Symptoms can start once the egg has implanted and started to release hormones. This is usually 7-14 days after ovulation.
633123 tn?1231535432 When is it too early to have symptoms? I started feeling signs of early pregnancy the week after I ovulated and had sex with my hubby. My symptoms were and still are: nausea with dry heaves, mild on and off cramping, higher body temperature, swelling of my ankles,breast (there is water retention almost everywhere), mood swings(crying and anger for no apparent reason) and recently light pinkish,brown,& red light spotting on the day I was suppose to get my AF.
571415 tn?1217043562 I think I may be pregnant and I was wondering what your signs or symptoms of pregnancy were.