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505857 tn?1329685117 Can anyone tell me how sore do your breasts have to be as a sign of pregnancy. I am due my period on the 7th of July and hoping it doesn't come. I usually have cramp 1 or 2 days before my period with slight breast pain which i can cope with. But the pain i have in my breasts at the moment is unbelievable especially around the nipples i can hardly touch them its unbearable.
Avatar n tn I had an ovarian cyst around 8 years ago that had to be removed..and one of the signs of it that brought me to the doctor was that I missed my period for two months, so I am keeping an eye on it. Will keep you posted and please do the same for me!
1097577 tn?1262723347 I normally don't have the breast pain issue with my cycle. I also have none of my normal signs of my period starting. My breasts hurt very intensely when I wake, and even worse as I sit in my home enjoying the evening. I have been starting to just not wear a bra as it is more comfortable for me. I was just wondering if this could mean that I'm pregnant and the tests just wont show it yet. Any idea's??
Avatar n tn Could my breasts be growing? My breasts (not nipples) had been really sore a few weeks ago and I chalked it up to a new sign before my period. But now they are sore again, and it gets worse when I take my bra off, and I'm only an A cup. But I am now two weeks away from having my next period and they are really sore again. And I know that I am not pregnant, tested earlier today because my ankles were also swelling. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I have had a history of IBS, my adomen is hard, bloated, and sore in my ovaries. I also have small ovarian cysts as well in the past. My breasts feel like they getting bigger, but I tend to obcess about things and maybe my brain is playing tricks on me. Maybe my boobs are getting bigger and it's completely natural... When I had sex, the guy came outside of me and then we had intercourse after he ejaculated out side of me.
465737 tn?1315758522 What signs of pregnancy (other than a BFP) could I be looking for? And, how soon after conception? I am not testing until around the 8th, but I am wondering what I should/could be looking for as other possible signs.
285149 tn?1217050067 I had cramping from 4 days past ovulation...sore breasts started about first day of missed period.
Avatar f tn I have been havkmg lower back pains, cramps off and on, and sore breasts! Plus more n more watery white discharge are the symptoms of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I didn't crave anything with either pregnancy and only symptoms is sore breasts. If it wasnt for the kicking inside I wouldn't believe I was pregnant either time...both boys.
Avatar f tn At 7-8 weeks you should have missed your period to start with, you may or may not start to experience morning sickness, lower abdominal cramping/aching, sore/tender/fuller breasts. Keep in mind that not every woman experieneces all all or any of these symptoms and those who do get them to varying degrees.
Avatar f tn I haven't had my period yet and have been experiencing some mild cramps. I read on a web site that sore breasts are an early sign of pregnancy even during a period and have toook pregnancy tests, but they all come up neagative. So my question is, could I really be experiencing early signs of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Some common pregnancy symptoms include implantation bleeding (around 6-12 days after conception), sore breasts (as early as 1 week after conception), fatigue, missed period, nausea, headaches, among others. The only way to know for sure if you are pregnant is to take a test. It is best to wait until you are late for your period to test. I hope this helps. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Yes...thanks! My boobs are beginning to hurt on the sides.... like a 'to the touch' pain.... i thibk this is an early sign. I am on birth control but missed a day and was also taking it at different hours of the day...its very possible i am pregnant.
Avatar f tn Im currently having right side cramping (under rib area), VERY sore breasts, headache (dull throb 24/7... worse at night), a constant feeling of nausea and a very light colored discharge all along with runny nose (suddenly). Ive taken pregnancy tests and gotten BFN but my body just feels "weird" has anyone experienced the same during any pregnancys before it was confirmed? I thought my mind was playing tricks on me but its starting to get frustrating!! :) THANKS!!
515251 tn?1254446801 they could be a sign of pregnancy they could also be a sign of something else
438877 tn?1224361089 I have been having weird symptoms lately (7DPO) like nighttime nausea, bloating and gas, sore breasts and some kind of milky disharge from the nipples. I have also had a lot of white sticky discharge that look like a mild yeast infection but does not itch or burn or cause any discomfort. My husband and I have been TTC, and I wanted to know how early can I test, and if so what is the most accurate one on the market??
Avatar n tn I knew I was pregnant (first pregnancy) because my breasts were so sore, I couldn't wear a bra. I had never experienced sore breasts before, not even when my AF was gonna start.. So I knew something was up..
571415 tn?1217043562 Tender, swollen breasts Your breasts may provide one of the first symptoms of pregnancy. As early as two weeks after conception, hormonal changes may make your breasts tender, tingly or sore. Or your breasts may feel fuller and heavier. Fatigue Fatigue also ranks high among early symptoms of pregnancy. During early pregnancy, levels of the hormone progesterone soar. In high enough doses, progesterone can put you to sleep.
Avatar f tn Your body goes through many changes when you become pregnant. Possible early signs of pregnancy can include the following: A) Amenorrhea B) Morning Sickness C) The need to urinate more often D) Tender breasts E) Cravings All of the above are signs that may say you are carrying a child, however, proceed with caution. These signs are not proof positive. The first step on your mission of truth is a home pregnancy test. These are available in any drug store.
Avatar f tn I applaud your strength for having the faith to try again after your loss. But as far as the sore breasts, mine get sore the day of or after O for a couple of days and then get sore again right before and during AF. However, when I was having a hormonal imbalance recently they were sore almost every day of the cycle. I know that caffeine can make them sore also. I hope this helps. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I am usually very regular, only going a day or 2 early or late. I have been tired, and my breasts are sore, and leaking white fluid. There is no sign of my period starting, no cramping of any sort. I have tried a few tests, and they all come back negative. My sense of smell seems heightened, and my sleeping is very different from normal. I have had only a few queasy feelings, nothing overwhelming. Also, I don't really like the taste of coffee anymore.
Avatar f tn I am waiting to see if I am going to be pregnant with my thrid as well. It's funny because with my first I had signs of pregnancy. Bigger breast, Cramping, Very hungry and Very very sleepy. With my second I had not one sign until after I found out. Now this is my third time around if I am pregnant and I have fuller breasts and slightly sore, CRAMPS for 3 weeks, eating more and emotional today is the first day I am pretty sleepy. I hope you get a BFP. how do you feel.... Pregnant??