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Avatar f tn I had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever the entire time I was pregnant. My sense of smell was a bit hightened, thats it. I didn't start to show at all until almost 6 months. I'm not sure why, I was eating more than usual, wasn't overweight when I started my pregnancy, and was in good health throughout. Your body goes through huge changes durring labor, it is extreme. I'm not sure if you are planning to keep this baby, but if you are I seriously recommend some parenting classes as well.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know any of the multitude of early pregnancy signs. Obviously, missed AF, but anything that might be construed as a sign very early on. I am 12 dpo and have been feeling a little strange. I was actually pregnant back in March, but had a m/c at 7 weeks. As I was giving myself a break the one month I became pregnant, I wasn't aware of any signs until after it was confirmed.
1663460 tn?1327507411 Since it's been more than 2 weeks since the intercourse you can take a pregnancy test with first morning urine and be able to get an accurate enough answer. Of course, symptoms aren't a reliable source to go on being pregnant from, and they can be symptoms of many of things....pms, illness etc so it could just be nothing.
Avatar f tn hi one of the first signs that i remembered after embryo transfer is the feeling of very bloated. also towards the end 2ww my appetite was very flat although i was hungry. when i found out that i was pregnant i couldnt believe it coz i didn't feel pregnant (no morning sickness, craving etc). i am now a proud mother of a 13 month old daugther. so always remember that everyone experience different symptoms. i recently had transferred the frozen embryos and it failed.
5611769 tn?1392096975 How short is you're cervix??? Don't have sex try to stay in bed for the most part with you're legs up.. and no bending down or lifting anything.. trust me you don't want to mess with that.. it can go from 2 mom to 0 in days if you have incompetent cervix.. and that's what it sounds like to me if you're cervix is short and you're in you're second trimester. If you have any more questions please ask..
1431596 tn?1307629783 every since i got off the shot in july and got on the pill me periods are brown, stringy and short. And i have signs of pregnancy, but a hpt can back neg. whats wrong with me?
Avatar n tn i am new to all of this. myself and my partner of 8 years are trying to conceive another child. my period is 7 days away i have been feeling sick a little and i have also had sum twingy pains in my right side of the overy. could this be implantation? im confused it was 5 year ago since i had my last child.
Avatar n tn discharge, missed my period (my last started on dec 16th), and i took a hpt but it came back negative. ive shown some signs of pregnancy such as headaches, backaches, extremely moody, loss of appetite, but havent thrown up yet...should i take another test?? can anyone help me out??
Avatar n tn The stress of wanting to be pregnant so badly can almost make your body go into defense mode as if you are, that would be the reason for the signs of pregnancy. I desperately want to have a child, but its just not happening for me, so im not discouraging you who are actually pregnant but for those that have just gotten negative after negative results, try this out. It really works.
1410665 tn?1315540731 can any one tell me if it is possible that i could be pregnant?! because of my short 3 day period?! or just any advice at all?! p.s iam healthy, the drs said my blood count is good, my uterus and all my other lady goodies are working just fine.
Avatar n tn heh =) I was just curious what some of your early early symptoms of pregnancy were. Like early as in 2-3 dpo and on! For some of us waiting I know this would be great to obssess over! Thanks!
3189297 tn?1345143515 this is my second month on the metformin, ive already had a period but it was very light and short from what im used to, i have also been getting random spotting which is a little worrying, i thought about the ovulating kits but i always get scared of the results stupid i know :/ ive got an appointment with the doctor next month so will prob get my partner to get his sperm checked or mention it then, thanks for replying :)
Avatar n tn He insisted that it was not necessary with the riba for geno 2. Well, all of the short course studies have used weight based dosing, so all of a sudden, we are comparing apples and oranges, me to the studies. I upped my riba, which made a huge difference in feeling like crud, and eventually came to the conclusion on my own, that I would try to stick it out for 20 weeks.
Avatar f tn lol not gonna happen for a while now (preggers about 8 wks along) also, with you just trying so short of a time ago a negative test may show up, because there might not be enough of the hormone present yet. I wish you the best of luck!
Avatar n tn Reading all of these posts made me dizzy. I cannot believe the amount of young girls out there having unprotected sex with multiple partners. Don't you have any respect for yourselves? GET ON BIRTH CONTROL AND USE A CONDOM. Better yet, stop having sex at the age of 15. Do you girls really think you are ready to have babies???
Avatar n tn With my last m/c even after my levels went down, a month later was having a lot of signs and symptoms of pregnancy. I think more of it is mental. I got my first period 6 weeks to the day after completing my m/c and got pregnant that cycle. Take some time to heal emotionally before trying again.
Avatar f tn I took a test on may 29th and it came out positive. I have had no signs of a period still to this day. But im constantly tired and have really bad nausea. so I went to the doctor yesterday and found out I was 7/8 Weeks pregnant (: im only 19 so its kind of scary for me but yet so exciting. Especially when you get an ultrasound. I would just take the test, good luck!
Avatar n tn It is now a week after the positive pregnancy test, and I have yet to feel any symptoms of pregnancy and no period. I do, however, have some cramping as though I'm going to start my period any day now. Can someone please explain this to me? I have no idea what's going on. I'm guessing I may have miscarried previously (which would explain the positive pregnancy test) or had anovulatory bleeding (which I've experienced once before - which would explain the late period).
Avatar n tn I was expecting my period by April 24th (at the latest), which is exactly 4 weeks after my last period. Almost always, however, it's a 2-3 days short of 4 weeks. So, on the 25th, I took a home pregnancy test and it was positive. A little background info: my last period began on February 27th, which exactly 3 weeks after the previous period (that one began on February 6th). That's definitely early for me.
Avatar f tn I'm 17 & I have unprotected sex & yes I should use condoms but I don't & I had sex a couple times while ovulating in July. My boyfriend never actually cums in me but I do know there's a slight chance of being pregnant with pre-***. Anyways I got my period early by a week or two in July & it was light with hardly any cramps now I've been having white creamy discharge.
Avatar f tn So today I realized I'd missed and I seemed to be having signs of pregnancy I went and bought 3 more tests. I took about around 4 or 5pm and then another at 10pm. Both were negative. I have one more I'm saving for the morning. But I'm sure if these others have been negative it will be too. Even if I am getting ALL negative tests, could I still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn A nurse took my blood pressure and asked me the date of my last period she worked out how far along I was. She told me to go back to the waiting room and after another long wait , I was called into a room by a doctor, he asked me a few questions about how I was feeling etc and what symptoms I wad having. He told me I wasn't having an ectopic pregnancy because people he's seen in the hospital who are having an ectopic pregnancy cannot walk they are in that much pain.
Avatar n tn I also have no other signs of pregnancy, such as tender breasts, mood changes, various types of discharge, fatigue or nausea. I don't feel pregnant either. I am however extremely bloated, more gassy bloated than water retention bloated. I was on spironolactone along with the pill and was on 100mg but have cut it down to 50mg as I wean off of it.
Avatar n tn I was due 25th november and I am now only two days late but I did a test and it came back negative again. No signs of period and I'm not sure if I have signs of pregnancy either?! I hate the waiting!!! Hope some good news comes your way, I'll keep waiting but trying very hard not to think about it!
Avatar f tn November 30 to December 1 Spotting (had intercourse in these days) December 2 to 4 had my period, December 5 no blood even spots, Vagina wet and moist. Can this be a sign of pregnancy? Thank you!
Avatar n tn My last period was July 26th. Its now Sept 2nd and NO PERIOD. Took 4 pregnancy test and all of them were NEGATIVE.. Went to dr's and had blood work done and that was NEGATIVE? Could I still be pregnant and its just to early to tell? I am getting scared! I had a DNE done this past June, and if i am pregnant I need to go see the dr ASAP due to problems in my last pregnancy? WHAT DO I DO?
Avatar n tn I am always 31 day cycle, never missed a period in my life, not stressed or worried about anything, I had all classis symptoms of pregnancy but strangely when all tests came back negative the symptoms dissapeard which makes me think it was in my head. Being caught up in the holiday season I really did forget about ovualtion and trying to fall pregnant so would ahve been the perfect time to actully conceive without putting much stress on it.