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Avatar f tn I had no pregnancy symptoms whatsoever the entire time I was pregnant. My sense of smell was a bit hightened, thats it. I didn't start to show at all until almost 6 months. I'm not sure why, I was eating more than usual, wasn't overweight when I started my pregnancy, and was in good health throughout. Your body goes through huge changes durring labor, it is extreme. I'm not sure if you are planning to keep this baby, but if you are I seriously recommend some parenting classes as well.
Avatar f tn Well no period today will wait till tomorrow if no period again I will go take a test
Avatar n tn i have signs of pregnancy. such as missed period,gas/bloating,moodiness,cravings,tender breasts with milky liquid sometimes,and fatigue. i was supposed to get my period by the 22nd. but today when i wiped myself after using the bathroom i noticed "period" on the tissue, which seems really wierd. i read that spotting is somewhat normal in early pregnancy. is that true? and also with the signs i've listed , could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I should have had my period on 2-15-05 and have had no signs of it. I am a mom of three, have all symptoms of being pregnant, but both blood and urine are negative. My doctor wants to wait another month before looking into this, but the breast tenderness is killing me. Is it possible to have a false reading on both test and truely be pregnant. I feel like I'm going crazy here. Any advice would be nice, it's hard not to stress when your body says yes but everything else says no.
Avatar n tn I took two different brands of pregnancy tests, including First Response and they both were negative. I have NO pregancy signs or period signs either. Everyone tells me I'm overreacting. Could stress be to blame?
Avatar m tn So, its over a week late and I have no symptoms that I am getting my period. I took a home pregnancy test 3 days ago that came back negative. I submited a urine sample yesterday and haven't gotten the result back. I am concerned because not only do I have the common signs of pregnancy: frequent urination, increased hunger, back pain and cramping. I am also experiencing extreme anxiousness, chills and hot flashes, extreme pain in my lower back. I do not have breast tenderness.
Avatar n tn I was supposed to get my period on the seventh of this month and its the 25th and i still have no signs of period! i have taken five pregnancy tests ans they all said negative! i am worried that i might just have something! any suggestions?
Avatar n tn However, during my last period my husband and i had sex and now i am having very swollen breast though my cycle is not due, so i don't think it's PMS. Can this be a sign of pregnancy??? I am also suffering with a lot of gasy nauseous feelings, especially after I eat. Also, is it possible for conception to happen even tho sex was performed during my period???
Avatar m tn Its 21 of june now and no signs of period. Took pt test 3times and all went negative. Can anyone advice me? Am I sick or possible?
Avatar f tn I had symptoms 2 weeks before I even missed my period. It was mainly nausea and like one of the other responses my normal coffee routine turned my tum tum.
Avatar f tn i dont mind getting pregnant again anyways, i was basically on BC to help control period flow. Well, of course i missed several doses of reclipsen and decided since i can't take it right anyways, why take it at all so as of two weeks ago, i have stopped the reclipsen. Here's the thing... While on reclipsen i did have sex with the hubby. the first time we started having sex and i made him put a condom on half way through. since then he wore one before ever penetrating.
Avatar f tn Had my period at the end of May though it was not as heavy as normal , missed it in June, and still have not got it yet and have no signs of getting it. I have taken 3 tests so far and all have come back negative... I keep feeling fluttery feelings in my uterus area as well... Hope the both of us can find an answer soon !! I thought i was the only one going through this.
1582126 tn?1313546624 I miscarried on Nov 2010 @ 16wks pregnant - doctor visit on Jan 21st 2011 and unexpectedly results came back Positive for pregnancy. I have no symptoms just missing my period for two months,heartburns and slight back pains. I want to be excited but scared for another disappointment after losing my baby two months ago.
1733822 tn?1310357540 All the symptoms you describe can also be symptoms of other things...including your period about to arrive. Go see your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello, Missed periods and changes in mood are the earliest symptoms of pregnancy. The area around your nipples turns dark. Tiredness, nausea and vomiting, sometimes referred to as morning sickness, ranging from queasiness to severe vomiting that can manifest just in the morning are also early symptoms. These can be the symptoms of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn but so far i have no signs or symptoms of pregnancy. i have always 32 days of period cycle. took 3 pregnancy test all were negative. really trying for baby.
Avatar f tn after the miscarriage i lasted a month(FEB-MARCH) with a regular period, then in april 11-15 i had my period normal, i suppose to get my period in may 9, 2010 and today is may 18th 2010 and no signs of my period. my 1st signs of my period would b tender breast pain. i notice for approx 2 days i had whitish mucus, bloated,i have cramps a couple of times not painful at all like a period cramp.
Avatar f tn The problem is that I have been having many of the beginning pregnancy signs. What is going on? Do I need to get an Ultrasound or should I take the pills that the doctor is going to give me?
Avatar n tn I'm now past 3 weeks late and still no signs of my period. I always started with cramping a few days before my period started, and now nothing. I can't get in to see my doc for another 2 weeks. Just wondering if anyone else has had the same problem or has some advice. I'm stumped, and want to know why I haven't gotten my period!
1663460 tn?1327507411 I'm even having a few pregnancy signs like hot flashes, headaches, mood swings....I just need some help! Please!
Avatar f tn Hi im just wondering if anyone has ever felt signs before a missed period? I ovulated 25/10 n i swear i felt different 3 post ov, even now i have bachache, lower abdomen pain left side and it almost pulls? Just a dull ache, i have had nausea on and off too, i have been moody and also cried quite alot for nothing? and constipation, could i be making it all up in my head? And also im due on saturday but i havent got sore breasts and i always have sore breasts!!
Avatar n tn what are the chances of becoming pregnant when I've been on Alesse for 4 years straight with two missed pills? Why is my period late? Also, I had a biopsy two months ago...low grade squamus cells. They removed a pollup and did a biopsy with results to come any day now to see if a leep is needed. But hasn't really been bothering me. I've had one normal period since (last month). What could be going on with me? Some bleeding on two different days...
294118 tn?1191731756 Ive been getting these really bad headaches as well. Is it possible to get pregnancy signs before a missed period? and do you think i could be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I hope this does'nt scare you but I missed peiods and all that for almost 2 years before I finally went to my General Dr. I knew I was'nt pregnant but she ran all these blood tests and based on those being funky, she sent me to a endocronolgist to figure it out..I still am fighting to find out the rest but I so far I have found out that I have a pititary tumor and a pineal gland cyst...actual brain tumors..
Avatar f tn get a pregnancy test but have made the decision to wait to see if my period arrives. I'm curious to know what signs/symptoms of early pregnancy (3/4 weeks) did other women have? Also has anyone else noticed any changes in their vagina/cervix to make them wonder if they are very early pregnant?
Avatar f tn Am four weeks and no pregnancy signs like nausea, fatigue etc anyone experiencing the same?
Avatar n tn My breasts are really sore and seem a little bigger and harder, Im really moody and emtional, I noticed myself eating more and I need to take at least 2-3 naps during the day when before I couldn't even force myself to sleep during the day.. I also get like this little cramps but I have no sign of my period coming.