Signs of pregnancy before your missed period

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Avatar f tn I knew before my missed period. Things like bread had stronger scents and i was getting full fast! By my fifth week I was nausous and tired constantly!
Avatar f tn Breast Tenderness, Fatigue, Frequent Urination, Morning Sickness, Food Cravings, or Aversions to Foods, Sensitivity to Aromas, Nausea, Heartburn and/or Constipation, Mood Swings and Irritability, Higher body temperature, Bloating, Implantation Bleeding or Cramping (i didnt get bleeding but i did get the cramping. that was my first sign of pregnancy), Most important is A Positive Pregnancy Test and Missed Period. I had them all on this list except for the missed period.
Avatar f tn However, this is an artificial process of being pregnant, the course of the pregnancy advances as the normal period of pregnancy advances. However, after much discussion on IVF pregnancy symptoms, confusions related to this topic has prevailed. Let us talk about the procedures of IVF pregnancy and the symptoms of early IVF pregnancy. What Is IVF Pregnancy? This IVF pregnancy has brought ray of hopes to many women who have not been able to become pregnant naturally.
Avatar f tn Sore breasts! A week before i was suppose to get my period it started. Missed my period and took a test after being 5 days late. All 3 pregnancy tests were positive.
Avatar f tn Yes most of them are. Most pregnancy test can tell 6 days before your missed period. Ide buy a trest and see if there is a faint line. Also you can go to the er and do a blood test which is way more accurate!
Avatar f tn Positive pregnancy test 3 days before missed period
Avatar f tn got off thyrosense and now dont know if causing delay or if prego,,,, no signs of curse and prego test says no
Avatar m tn Hello, The first missed period as the first sign of pregnancy, but a missed period can be caused by a number of factors. Some women experience spotting about two weeks after the first day of the previous period as the first sign of pregnancy. Changes in mood is caused by hormonal surges early in pregnancy can be quite severe.
726324 tn?1324074610 So as my boyfriend and i are trying for a baby ive been researching signs and symptoms of pregnancy but iwas just wondering what signs you get before you miss a period. Are there any signs or symptoms you get post ovulation if the egg gets fetillised? I mean like before your missed period can you tell? Thanks!
Avatar n tn My breasts have been feeling sore and fuller than usual in the past few days and these shouldnt be pre-menstruation symptoms this far ahead before my i right? is it possible i can be pregnant even though i havent missed my period yet? I wouldnt be asking if it wasnt VERY unusual that my breasts are feeling this way..
Avatar f tn Those are all signs of pregnancy, but they're also signs of an oncoming period, so it really could go either way, I tested positive for my son 4 days before my period was missed, but every woman is different, I would wait and see if you miss your period, if you do, then you should retest, if it's still negative from 1-7 days past your period due date, then it's unlikely you're pregnant.
Avatar f tn I had all the typical signs; tender nipples, sore and heavy breast with growth and swelling; before the period, cervical mucus was present (one day specifically was thicker, the others were milky/clear); I had signs of uterus growth; etc. The period started yesterday (thick viscosity and clots) - however after dinner on the 13th, it was really heavy and bloody (whole night-infinity pad soaked + a lot of clotting). Definitely a chem.-pregnancy loss.
Avatar f tn Sore nipples nipples darker and larger and fatigue sometimes headaches.
1634874 tn?1304530587 There has been a few signs of pregnancy but at the same time my period is very weird and works in mysterious ways i am going on a trip in a week could i e so exceited that my period was weird
Avatar f tn Most pregnancy tests claim they can detect pregnancy as early as 6 days before your missed period but I always recommend a week after a missed period.
Avatar f tn Had anyone had any signs/symptoms of early pregnancy before they missed their period? I've been having some things that coulda an pregnancy or it could mean something else. I have about a week before I can take a test and I'm just wondering if its possible. Thanks!!
2169149 tn?1360593025 I started my period 29 March then came off 3 April to start my new pill Micronor the mini pill and now it is 16 may so i don't know weather i'm late or is it just the pill adjusting to my system i did have sex within the 5 day's i was on the pill but before i started my new pill i just finished my other pill called mercilon i did have a bleed between the week i started the new pill my niples started to iratate me now and i'm always tired and i can't eat properly could there
Avatar f tn Hmm, first month I ever missed a period. Strange, although I've felt like I was going to start it. Well just came from the BR and TMI, very wet down there...looks to be clear, maybe creamy CM.All the spotting is gone since Friday it cleared up. I really thought I would have started it atleast by now since I had sex yesterday a few times (normally sex brings it on for me if I'm late)...but so fore nothing.
Avatar f tn Before having my missed period, I had super sore breasts, worse cramps than I had before starting my period, and being really tired all the time.
Avatar f tn I just wanted to know some early signs of pregnancy before you have missed your period. my period is suppose to come on in a few days but i wanted to know if there are some definate signs before then. for a couple of weeks i have been having a lot of cramps in my sides back and butt , been going to restroom a looooooott, and been really really tired, but i havent had soreness of the breast and not really been sick to my stomach.
Avatar f tn I also got symptoms a few days before my missed period. Did a hpt two days after I was due and got a very strong line .. I said I was 3 weeks+! Do a test in a couple of days if your period doesn't start then it will put your mind at rest. Good luck.
1515784 tn?1387197290 Another lady I knew said she knew within a couple days of having intercourse that she was going to be pregnant. This was without her having any of the classic symptoms and 7 days before she got a positive BFP. She told me this gut feeling just overtook her and she knew. Has anyone else had this occur before? Do you believe it is possible to intuit the fact you will be pregnant? Would love to hear your stories.
281603 tn?1229311681 That was my first sign of pregnancy. I had a couple of spots of blood two days before my period was due and nothing else. The period pains were constant. I took a test two days after my period was due and it was positive.. in seconds that little pink line popped up. I have a very regular cycle though... right on 28 days every month.
Avatar n tn all signs of pregnancy to me...but stress can cause missed periods , but you need to see a doctor, if the tests all come out negative there could be something else going on inside and you dont want to leave it wait. believe me, i did not have a period for 3-4 months due to high grade cancer cells that caused lesions ...go asap girl.
Avatar n tn that's all you have for discharge right now? it doesnt mean your pregnant. I get that before my af comes too. if you're really anxious, hold your pee for 4 hours, go buy a first response early result, and test for pregnancy. signs of pregnancy are the same as pms, sore boobs, nausia, etc etc. I doubt you are pregnant, what pill are you taking!? Make sure you let us know how you make out okay!?
Avatar n tn Hello, I have a question regarding missed birth control pills. I had intercourse on a Saturday, and missed 2 birth coontrol pills on the following Wed and Thurs. I usually ovulate on Tues/Wed. It is now just days before my period is supposed to start (approx 4-5 days) and my breasts have been extremely tender, my cervical mucus has increased, and I've been feeling very bloated - much more than usual. I'm curious to know if this is just hormone imbalance or signs of pregnancy?