Signs of heart attack in rabbits

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Avatar n tn In my case it was more a burning sensation in the center of my chest. I could also feel it radiate up to my jaw and in my arms. I was never really short of breath, but I was nauseated and sweating. The last time I was also shaking. I knew someting was wrong. At times even now I have a strange tingling in my upper back between my shoulder blades. Have you had any discomfort of this type?
Avatar f tn With your family history, I would also definitely advice you to have a Fasting Lipogram done (bloodtest to check you for signs of familial hypercholectorolemia) and to NOT smoke, eat healthy and exercise.
Avatar m tn Sounds like afib given his age and the amount of running he has done. He needs to see an electrophysiologist so that he can be monitored during his runs or whenever he has the episodes. Best wishes for getting a handle on his sudden fatigue.
Avatar m tn Next time would go to the emergency room where they can do labs and EKG. Cardiac enzymes from a heart attack do not show up till 48-72 hrs after a heart attack so they will need to redo the labs then. Many times heart attacks and strokes are caused from the same thing (clots.
Avatar m tn There would be no external signs of heart attack and the only way to establish the condition of the heart is through autopsy. When my Mother was admitted to emergency, she had no chest pains, no prior problems, and was just short of breath. They told me to return in the morning. When I arrived, they informed me that she had passed away in the night. They assured me before I went home that there was nothing wrong with her heart.
Avatar n tn It is a sign of a warning. Being overweight you have much higher standing risk factors. You should lose weight to decrease the risk for heart disease. Use a body mass indicator. Best luck to you! http://www.nhlbisupport.
Avatar n tn My question is, now I am experiencing some other things that I have read could be the early warning signs of an impending heart attack in women, they are - spasmodic dry cough (comes out of the blue, sometimes 12 x day, others 2 x day), and I am suffering from very interrupted sleep. I am waking up almost every hour on the hour every night for the past week or so. I also suffer from extreme bouts of fatigue (not always in conjuction with lack of sleep).
8016255 tn?1396293364 My mother died in middle of a big smile of either heart disease, stroke, kidney failure. My father died of what was told to us of lung cancer, but he had brain cancer, a heart attack, liver cancer, caused by prostate cancer. I'd simply center on keeping the family in comfort unless you think a crime was committed.
Avatar n tn The presence of diseased incisors act as areas of infection and the sharp edges cause soft tissue damage and oral ulcers. Extractions of these incisors often result in the best quality of life for these rabbits. Abscesses of the cheek teeth, present as lumps on the lower or upper jaw are more complicated diseases to treat. Surgical removal of the abscess as a whole is required. The abscess capsule needs to be removed as well.
Avatar f tn You don't say how long this has been going on, but some are classic signs of your having a heart attack, I would go to ER and get checked out, a fire station will check you out free. Then send you to hosp if you need it. Don't play around with heart attack signs. Good Luck to you!
Avatar f tn But it is possible to have had a mild heart attack and no symptoms. I had no symptoms or warning of having had a silent heart attack until congested heart failure and ICU for several days to stabilize oxygen levels, stent implant, etc.. It is proper protocol to follow up with further testing if the EKG is positive.
Avatar f tn Performed a ecg and told me I was having a (heart attack) and rushed me to hospital where I had two (cardiac arrest) I was informed this happend because the fat in my artrie that runs down the front of the heart had broken of from the wall and formed a blood clot to repair the wall of the artrie with formed a blockige with was also very high up the artrie and another part of the atrie had collapsed.
4043310 tn?1355912647 This is random but I was just thinking rabbits, there pregnant for two weeks or something and then they just sit there casually as there wee ones fall out of them, how lucky r rabbits lol
976897 tn?1379167602 Just had angioplasty for a heart attack and thought I would post the experiences so others can hopefully benefit in some way or other. It was last thursday morning when I walked upstairs to the bathroom. I felt very light headed, so much that it was a real effort to not pass out. I had chest pains on a scale 1-10 (8) which would not go away even when I was relaxed. Sweating was incredible, I haven't sweated so much in all my life. No palpitations and no shortness of breath.
15695260 tn?1549593113 Knowing the signs of having a heart attack can literally save your life. There are the classic signs such as chest pain or pressure which is the number one signs as well as jaw pain, sweating, heartburn, shortness of breath, jaw pain, toothache, headache, and nausea and vomiting. Women also often have the signs of lightheadedness, nausea, extreme fatigue, fainting, dizziness, or pressure in the upper back.
Avatar f tn The urine you describe is normal, because rabbits pass a very concentrated urine that is high in calcium. Because of the high solute composition of their urine, rabbits can get urinary tract infections. Males have testicles, unless they have been neutered. They are elongated tubular structures that lie along the sides of the hind-end of the belly. You may not be able to see or feel the testicles because male rabbit's can pull the testicles up into the body cavity.
Avatar n tn I was trying to stay calm, but nothing I could tell myself would help and I just kept getting even more panic and hotness, rapid heart-rate, and uncomfortable tingling, and dizziness. Are these typical of panic attack symptoms?
Avatar n tn If I was having warning signs of a heart attack would it keep coming and going all day long?? Severe shortness of breath a little nausea cannot take a deep breath then it goes away. Sometimes it lasts all day sometimes only a few minutes. I keep thinking i need to go to emergency then it goes away.
Avatar m tn There are different intensities to myocardial infarction. A very strong case of angina can feel just the same as a heart attack. If you are showing low levels of troponin in your blood and your ecg doesn't look bad, then you will not be classed as an emergency. The medication you will have received virtually on arrival will have thinned the blood enough to seriously lower the risk of another attack and with no exertion you would have been much safer.
Avatar f tn It depends what is causing the red spots. Is it mites? Is there conjunctivitis in your rabbits eyes that is causing your rabbit to scratch and thus causing self inflicted scabbing around the eyes? It really would be best to have your vet decide.
Avatar m tn Any jaw pain? Left arm pain ? Neck pain? Those are other signs for a heart attack... I know this sounds funny but it sounds like gastritis/indigestion:) He could try to take a prilosec ... or other heartburn indigestion medication :) good luck!
Avatar m tn I literally have every symptom of a heart attack, pain in my left arm..... bad chest pain....sometimes numbness in arms legs... neck pain... jaw pain... I do have some anxiety...but even when I am feeling ok.. I still have pain...... I have med I take for panic attacks...after I take it... I still have this pain...... I have had a few different ekgs.....that turned out to be fine..... Had a exersise stress test... that was okay too.... Then I had a echo test.... and that was ok....