Side effects of vicodin in men

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4753943 tn?1359934569 Does anybody else get (or know anything about) Effexor making you feel like a zombie? Every day I get up, get ready, go to work, come home and get back in bed. I'm living so small...even on my days off i'm in bed the entire day. I don't feel anything except...bad. That's the only way I could describe it. Just constantly physically ill or in some sort of pain.
600857 tn?1230057770 OK, here's the "strange one" of the group. I have taken Vicodin for 4 years. It only makes me "grumpy" at the end of a day when I have over done my limitations and I am hurting and absolutely nothing works to ease my pain. My family knows when it's one of those evenings and they are kind enough to leave me alone and let me be a "B" all by myself. I don't even want to be around anyone. But those days are not often.
Avatar f tn Long term pain management with opiates cause sexual dysfunction of 50% of all patients, both men and women. It causes testosterone deficiencies in both men and women, which is called hypogonadism. Docs are supposed to monitor testosterone levels, but seldom do because the topic just doesn't come up in the Doctors office. It's not just men that need to worry either, in fact it's of critical importance to women. Check it out, there's a lot more to read: pain-topics.
1359882 tn?1277497464 Yeah Paxil can have loads of side effects.... even right down to producing milk from your breasts in both men and women. Yeah lovely hey! Er NOT!
Avatar f tn are these the side effects of someone on methadone????cause i dont understand how i can be so talkative in the past and have such a strong personilty.. then turn into a zombie with no emotions, is this what happens after taking the pill for a while.. as i said im a 26 beautiful women.( i dont feel that way but i have men talking to me constantly,) get compliments daily.
486867 tn?1307139011 Hi my DH has been on Clomid for almost 2 months. He just started having vision problems. For the last couple of weeks he's been seeing floaters in the right side of vision. I called my RE office a few days ago and they said for him to start taking every other day instead of everyday and well see if that helps. Does anyone know if this side effect is really bad or if it can cause long term damage?
6792460 tn?1385368411 so why i am feeling weak or such type of things like i don't have energy ,no power in body , after discharging of thick amount of sperms i always feel like this condition . why my color looks dull even i saw those guy who are quite far from masturbation they have pinkish color on their face they looks more handsome then me ,,, i guess,i got a backbone pain cause of masturbation .i feel like i am loosing my weight if i do.
Avatar n tn e once a week on an average then as years passed ,it went up to twice a week till today,for the past few years the alternate medicine doctors in media around my environment started penalizing masturbation act as a sin and it will ruin men health they say the side include,memory loss,suspecting things like wondering about where we place the key chain,e.t.
Avatar n tn My husband developed squamous cell carcinoma 5 years ago. After 8 weeks of intensive radiation treatments, along with chemo, his behavior also changed. He doesn't remember things!! He also lost the use of his arms, his shoulder fell out of it's socket, he can not speak and can only eat thru a feeding tube. In the summer of 2009, after two years on home hospice, his tumors disappeared!!
Avatar f tn Thanks, everyone. I was on oxycontin 40 mg. 3 x day before the patch. The breakthrough med was the same. I don't seem to feel the hot flash unless I take the BT med. (Of course, I keep thinking maybe it's just hot flashes from perimenopause; I'm at that age. Though I hadn't had them before.) I am really unfamiliar with a lot of the BT meds. I sort of thought the options were Percocet/oxycodone, Vicodin/hydrocodone, or morphine.
Avatar m tn Now I am 26 unmarried, Please let me know do mastarbuation have done any side effects to my is my sexual stamina.
Avatar f tn Hopefully some other members here can suggest an AD with little to no sexual side effects. I think Wellbutrin may be one of them. If you have anxiety along with your depression you might not want to take this med as it can make it worse because it is more stimulating. Or you may need to add an antianxiety med with it. Take care.
Avatar n tn Waringblender - I know you had said that there are no long-term side effects of this drug in terms of permanent damage but was just curious as this drug notes that it works for up to 4 hours however after having sex every day over the weekend, I'm still able to get my guy goin relatively easily even after 4 days. Thanks all!
Avatar f tn Does anybody know what the effects are, on the body, from long term use of Anti-inflammatory pills, and could it cause cold sweats & increased urine output?
Avatar f tn Yes-- and you are asking for trouble! Doses of tramadol in excess of 400 mg per day place the person at significant risk of grand mal seizures, which are incredibly inconvenient if they occur suddenly during a drive down the highway! Tramadol is not a benign medication, and neither is the acetominophen in 'tramacet'. You are playing with fire.
Avatar m tn t imagine the meloxicam having negative side effects so quickly whether you are on the 7.5 mg dose or the 15 mg dose. Of course, you could be one that has a rare side effect, but generally speaking you wouldn't have enough in your plasma to cause sweating and high fever as you described. That's why I'd attribute those things to the benzo/klonopin reduction. If the drop in a benzo is too definitely can sweat and be feverish.
Avatar m tn In most cases withdrawal symptom feels like a flu. Muscle ache, diarrhea, nausea, sweat and etc.. How sever they will be or how lengthy is really different from one patients to the other. Maybe your will not be so bad. Some patients have minimum side effects. Good Luck.
Avatar m tn I recently read that one of the side effects of circumcision is meatal stenosis and that uncircumcised men don't suffer from it. Is that correct? Also, would this side effect occur if a male had a frenoplasty? Do any of the other side effects of circumcision apply to a frenoplasty?
Avatar f tn I have been having sharp stabbing pains in the right side of my head that wont seem to go away. I have been on topomax 100 in the am and 200 in the pm for my migraines. this has had no affect. the dr has given me vicidon it does nothing they have given me dilaudid it does not even touch the pain . I dont want to cover the pain I want to get rid of it. now I am on predizone , Whats up? What else can I do? I'm using am ice pack on my head too! is that wise? Please give me advise.