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Avatar f tn So after staying overnight and at the vet the next day he came home and has been on Keppra and phenobarbital. 500mg 2x a day Keppra and 60mg 2x a day pheno. He has the side effects which are lessening but hasn't been as bad as I read could be. He is very responsive and is pretty much himself besides the side effects(weak legs, tired). It's been 6 days and no seizures so far. Will be going to vet in a week for check up and blood test again. I am so on edge..
Avatar n tn Are the possible psychological side effects of Keppra (psychosis is worst case senario) totally reversible if the drug is stopped?? Any insight would be appreciated!
Avatar m tn Zonisamide is totally unrelated to any of the other anticonvulsants, but, like Keppra, the full extent of its side effects is not yet known so to some vets, it is somewhat controversial to prescribe it. Dilantin, Valium, potassium bromide and felbamate, along with phenobarbital, are all tried and true when it comes to treating idiopathic epilepsy.
Avatar f tn Rining in ears, dry mouth, depression, and many other not good side effects. Did you notice and change in time (that you took keppra) with the side effects. Did it get better or worse? They want to add lamitcal to the keppra and I am thinking I should just ride the keppra out and see if I can get use to the sides I am experiencing now. Anybody with any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
1165078 tn?1338655745 problems, other than the normal irritability issues, what have you noticed in way of side effects of being on this drug for so long? I also noticed weight gain, even though I exercise daily..
502693 tn?1249151446 I was wondering if anyone is using keppra and the side effects, or any knowledge of keppra would be usefull, as my doctor is adding keppra to my epilm medication. Thanks for all your help....
564491 tn?1320360393 I was prescribed Keppra for my chronic headaches. I also suffer from generalized anxiety disorder and depression, secondarily. While taking Keppra, my mood was very erratic, irritable, depressed (very), and a lot of other unpleasant psychological side effects. I'm wondering how often this happens with Keppra. I have since stopped taking it. Thank you.
641243 tn?1235752084 What it DID do was send him out into the ozone and turn him into a drooling idiot, and he still had daily multiple seizures. I have no idea what kind of side effects, if any, occur in dogs with this medication. Have you posted this over on the Ask a Vet board here at Med Help yet? Aside of giving you more informed answers than I can, Dr. Cheng in particular can probably offer some holistic herbal things to try as well. Keep us posted and thanks for being such a great dog Mom!
Avatar n tn dizziness, nausea, headaches and drowsiness. i never got over the headaches and drowsiness but the others went away when my body got used to it.
Avatar f tn Even safe drugs can have potential side effects. You must weigh these side effects against the benefit of controlling seizures. In short, this is a common practice to combine all of these drugs and they are not "unsafe" combinations in theory. Hope this helps!
Avatar m tn side effects of Keppra seem to contradict what our goals for mom are....memory loss, mood changes, mental changes and vision changes among others. Is Keppra safe to use for this (it is not being used with any other seizure medication....just by itself)? We want to wean her off, but the doctor is wanting to keep her on it.
Avatar m tn its been 8 months since my mothers TBI- she had a seizure yesterday-she has been off keppra for 1 1/2 months-the side effects of keppra are aweful-they ask her questions and wonder why she is out of it and doesn't know her last name-(after they gave her keppra in the hospital) what can she take that is less evasive to her health and recovery??
Avatar n tn Some of the side effects reported vary due to different breeds & several other factors. We have 1 Rottweiler mix male & 2 rescued dogs (German Rottweiler female & American Rottweiler female). German Rotty was approx 2 y/o when rescued. She had her first seizure approx 2 months ago. Scared me to death. A month later she had another so I knew some of the signs before hand. My mixed male & American Rotty female were going crazy when the seizures occurred.
Avatar f tn She is in treatment for almost 2 years now. But not much improvement. Earlier she was on Keppra 500 and now she is in Oxetol150 and for the last 2 months Oxetol 300 twice in a day. She is having headache every day and always sleepy. She got a rash on neck also after some 10 days taking Oxetol (not sure is it due to Oxetol). So may I know Oxetol 300 is a good and recommended medicine to treat partial-seizure and these side affects are common. She is getting fear like symptoms sometimes.
Avatar f tn People said I was practically a zombie on my last combination of meds. There have been a few side effects and irritability is one of them. My way of dealing with it is to do sports, judo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I feel less irritable, grumpy and generally more pleasant to be around. My wife can definitely see the difference in me.
559697 tn?1243286385 Hello there, A complete history about his seizures and medical examination are very important in determining the accurate cause of your son’s problems. The common side effects of Keppra XR are sleepiness, dizziness, weakness etc.Very rarely few people may experience aggression, agitation, anxiety on this drug. There may be problems with muscle coordination while on this drug. Your son seems to be in a very difficult situation. I will advise you to consult his neurologist.
Avatar f tn 1000mlg's of Keppra a day is actually not very much, but in your case the side effects are putting you down. Adderall can help with you being tired all the time, but it also has side effects that can be troubling. It can be habit forming and lead to dependence, also in some cases cause seizures. I personally would ask your doctor if you could be put on different type of seizure med that will not make you as tired, but that is just my two cents.
Avatar m tn i have been seeing a dermitologist for about a year and the first med he put me on worked great for from like feb thru july but that wore off and the doc now has me on acutaine with come witha lot of side effects itself and ive only been on it for about 3 weeks and its not supposed to realy work til after the first month but im worried that it wont do anythging agianst the keppra and at the end of the 4 months that the acne will just come back.
398501 tn?1334702273 I have been placed on 1000mg of keppra(?), does anyone know the side effect of these that I should expect?
Avatar n tn He has been on Keppra for about 2 years now. He's tolerating it well with no problems. I'm not sure for how long since he has other medical issues and this is just for maintenance to prevent seizures.
1596950 tn?1297352500 aggresion is a side effect of keppra, doctors sometime call it the "keppra rage". i didn't have the aggression, but i had the learning problems. bad memory and lack of concentration was the worst of it. it was so bad because i'm at varsity and you're basically just a number so they don't really care.
Avatar f tn Hello I have been taking Keppra for migraines. It doesn't seem to be helping much and I don't want to put up with the side effects. In my research I see that people take it mainly for seizures and taper off of it very slowly due to the risk of their seizures returning. My question is since I don't have seizures and was taking it for migraines is there any need to taper? Thanks for any info!
640548 tn?1340553355 She has had a very hard case of epilepsy she has been on all the drugs and has now been on Keppra for about 6mnths. Out of all the drugs Keppra at the top the trileptal the others all have really bad side affects for children. Keppra has been used for years and the only side affects that they show is drowsiness and moodiness. If and when you have to use the drug I would definetly recomend Keppra. It is the best anti convulsant out there. I understand the stress and heartache you feel.
5700140 tn?1372651764 my left side of face feels very hot.. I am sweaty,shanking i see a Blue light on my left side of face I called doc office in morning n he didn't get back..
Avatar n tn I am so scared of him taking a seizure, does anyone know if the side effects will get better with a smaller dose? that is what my plan is rite now for him to lower the dose and see if his mental health gets better, ANY SUGGESTIONS would greatly help me as i can relate with the doctor. this is all so new to me and my son and i am so very lost, not to mention my son...…...I do not want to add medicine to a medicine that is making his mind mush.