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Avatar n tn There is a lot of good info here including side effects of antidepressants etc. I know way too many people dependent on these drugs causing many relationship issues etc. http://****.
909257 tn?1242668182 Pain medications have numerous side effects and those who do take pain meds on a regular basis do usually have some kind of depression due to the fact that they do have chronic pain but as far as the meds causing depression or bipolar no I do not believe so.
Avatar f tn I just started on Zohydro ER because the idea of not taking acetaminophen with hydrocodone was tempting. (There's a Black Box warning about the acetaminophen in Vicodin). The first day I started the Z. (about 5 days ago) I got less pain relief and much more pain than I had with 5/375 Vicodin! That's seems totally wrong but it happened. The dose of the Z is the same as I got for the number of 5/375s I took per day. Anyone else on Z. and how do you like it? Any side effects?
Avatar f tn Thanks, everyone. I was on oxycontin 40 mg. 3 x day before the patch. The breakthrough med was the same. I don't seem to feel the hot flash unless I take the BT med. (Of course, I keep thinking maybe it's just hot flashes from perimenopause; I'm at that age. Though I hadn't had them before.) I am really unfamiliar with a lot of the BT meds. I sort of thought the options were Percocet/oxycodone, Vicodin/hydrocodone, or morphine.
1160764 tn?1267113859 I think that just being a mom (caretaker, housekeeper, cook, nurse, choffer, teacher, advisor, woman, lover) and the many roles and responsibilities of just being a mom at times leaves little time and just plain ol tired for the romance department and I also feel that the Ativa, Celexa and any other combinations of medication might have side effects. I recommend that you contact your gyne with your concerns.
Avatar n tn His teacher and myself (my son too) have noticed a postitive change in his work output at school and during homework sessions. Two of the side effects are of great concern to me. My son can't sleep until well after 10:30 pm. (we are trying Melatonin, but haven't found the right dosage). The other side effect that is most troubling is the loss of appetite. When we went to see his specialist, 6 days ago, he'd lost 4.5 lbs (in 40 days).
Avatar f tn oD They showed NO negative side effects from the medication I was on, and believe me, I was on a lot of it for an extended period of time :o( Just praying that the same holds true for this little one, I am now 23 weeks along and have just had a MISERABLE week of pain and medication. My doc even upped me to the 10/500 MG, so as worried as you are, try to relax, your baby should be fine :o) Hope you are better now!
Avatar n tn true what cattalina says...the naloxone in suboxone has some side effects with number one being headaches....try subutex..make a plan...what was ur DOC and how much daily did u take? too much of these drugs/sub or subutes carry lots of side effects..and doctors seem to oer prescribe sub..too much causes drowsiness, fogginess etc..
Avatar f tn Hi. I am currently 38 weeks pregnant & have taken hydrocodone & oxycodone on and off up until 21 weeks. I suffer from sciatica & severe migraines and decided to stop at 5 months for fear of my baby becoming addicted. I suffered no withdrawals as I didnt take them consistently the first 5 months ( I'd take 4-5 a day for a few days, then try tylenol for a week or so and go back) just on and off. My concern is that it might be in my childs meconium at birth if tested.
Avatar f tn It could be a side effect of the methadone or even an allergic type reaction to it. I remember when I took Macrobid (antibiotic) for a urinary infection, I had a high fever (102.3) every time I would take it, so I called my doctor's office and they told me to stop it immediately because I was having an allergic reaction to it. As it turned out, my father had had this same type of reaction to it a couple years before.
Avatar f tn i am sorry that any of us who is suffering from this drugs effects i hope there is something that can be done an reverse what this has done to us...if anyone has had simaler side effects as me plz let me know i am a nervous wreck.... This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/200405'>Levaquin Long term Side effects</a>.
Avatar f tn they also drastically slow down the GI tract. You stand the risk of long-term constipation which can result in a perforated bowel. I know because this happened to my husband after only 3 months of a much slower dose of hydrocodone. Do you want to quit?
Avatar n tn I belong to a support group for teachers and parents of children suffering from anxiety. Many of the children take medication - including Celexa. About four children in our group are on this medication (all in conjuction with intervention and/or therapy). For these children, this "drug" seems to work the best with the fewest side effects. Our child takes Celexa - before that Prozac and Effexor. Celexa is the best one for her - so far.
Avatar f tn One good thing I can tell you from experience, the mouth issues will leave IMMEDIATELY once your body detoxes from the interferon (which is what causes them) - at about two weeks post treatment they were gone for good and never came back.
Avatar m tn Psychotropic drugs have many side effects and can be more dangerous for some people than the very low dose of hydrocodone that you are on. I am not a doctor, much less your doctor. BUT, based on what you've said, I think you are wise to continue on the path that you're on. It's working to control your current symptoms and would be predicted to do little long term harm. Blessings, and best wishes to you.
Avatar m tn Hi Augy, I am sorry that you are experiencing this side effect. Your right that it needs to be addressed. One of the side effects of Lyrica is decrease in libido. Hydrocodone lists the side effect as altered sex drive. Everyone responds differently but I take hydrocodone and have not experienced that side effect. I do not take lyrica. Unfortunately you are taking two medications that can mess with your libido. It may be the combination of the two for you.
Avatar m tn her surgery was fine and her biopsy showed grade 5 ,whatever that means but the doctors said that all traces are destroyed and we are very lucky to have such a good result,and we started on radition to complete the final step,3 days into it she started to get breatless while sleeping ,and was very disturbed ,the full night the next morning we went to battery of test x ray ecg elecctolites serum ,protiens ect,,,,all were normal but still no repise ,at last the doctor said do a echo and that s
Avatar m tn This is my 6th attempt to withdrawel from hydrocodone. I'm on day 4 and the body aches n headaches are terrible. Been taking a lot of tylenol n ibuprofen. Yesterday I was going crazy looking for one more pill, woke up this morning thankful I didn't find any (flushed pills down the toliet 4 days ago), I steal pills from family members. This addiction is messing up my school n family life. I'm 33 yrs old n I can't handle life so I take pills to help me.
Avatar f tn When I started treatment they warned me of the side effects, flu like symptoms, depression, headaches and all that good stuff, but the treatment wasn't too bad, they started me on an anti-depressant and medication for my headaches. But for the last yr or more I have been having the flu like symptoms, major body aches mostly in my upper torso, back problems and I have had every test imaginable done to figure out why I am in so much pain everyday. Some days are better than others.
Avatar m tn m not sure if Zofran is used in children but you could ask. Tetrabenzene is used but that has some serious side effects so that might not be for children either. But there are other medications as well. Clonidine in patch form (Catapres) is especially helpful for tic like motions (tardive tourreticism which is a variant of tardive dyskinesia I have as well). I am on Tenex which is helpful as well. I believe both of those are used in children.
Avatar m tn lately in the evening, i get flush face, startled real easy by ordinary sounds. sour taste in mouth, nervous. flu like symptoms (which is one side effect of the subs, according to packet). im on the net all the time checking EVERY symptom i feel.
454366 tn?1211245301 Litium did give me a hyperactive thyroid condition. The med I was given for that has a side effect of osteoporosis in the lumbar in long term use (Synthroid). I ended up with litium toxicity a few years back because diuretics will cause that. As you know caffine is a diuretic (soft drinks) - which most kiddo's I know tend to drink. I would not allow litium to be given to my child; not going through what I have with it. I have a son who is ADHD.