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Avatar f tn But as far as the trilostane no side effects so far! And she is down to drinking only 1 bowl or so of water a day and her appetite is normal - so the meds are doing their job. Good Luck to you with your dog - I know he/she will do fine - with the vet who knows about Cushings!! Keep me posted!!!
Avatar f tn This to me means that he left it open to a possible post side effect of the treatment. At this point in time all I can do is wait for the appointment with the rheumatologist and maybe find out for sure. The gastroenterologist was able to tell me that the 3rd medication I was taking (TMC435) was Telaprevir, so 18 months after I started treatment I finally know what I was on. I will have blood work done today and in a week or so I will finally find out the results of the study.
Avatar n tn Do a research online google the medication that your vet subscribed for you and see what side effects come up. You will see how the nsaids react on some dogs.. Did your vet do any blood work on your dog before he gave you any medicine? What medicine did he prescribe for your dog ?
Avatar f tn Yes, it's a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory. Under indications, it says: "for the control of pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in dogs." Good luck! I know I hate to see any of my 4 pups in pain!
Avatar f tn We have opted not to have him put on meds because of his age, the ugly side effects and the fact that they won't cure him. We did buy a homeopathic formula for $45 online and he seems better. This might be wishful thinking on our part, but we feel we are doing something to help him feel more comfortable. I've read that Cushings can involve brain tumors. I believe poodles are prone to Cushings. Is your dog drinking more than usual? Thinking of you tonight.
Avatar m tn But for what it did, and not having to take piroxicam, or rymadyl, or any of the other NSAIDS, which can have awful side effects it was so worth it. i have had several dogs get UTI's and other bad side affects from the Rymadyl and Derramax. And you certainly know how it is to lift such a big dog. After the shots he could get up on his own off the tile floors, get in the car, etc... You can google the Adequan and read up on it, it really was a miracle med for him.
1916673 tn?1420236870 I agree, it would be much better if this User Group wasn't needed, but as this dreadful disease affects one in every three dogs over the age of 12 yrs, I think it very much is needed - and people here are very supportive and kind hearted, despite their experiences and losses. Thank you for joining us.
Avatar n tn How are the average side effects for 48wks tx percentage wise you see out of 100 people? 1) no side effects 5% 2) little side effects 15% 3) moderate side effects 70% 4) severe side effects 10% 5) irreversable permanent side effects <1% basically it comes down to 2 approaches: 1) Only treat if you absolutely have to when your back is against the wall (high enzymes, VL , symptoms ect....
1951021 tn?1324584215 (this can happen to older, spayed females) There are medical options, but sometimes medication for this can cause side effects -though not always. Another safe way of coping with this problem is "doggy diapers". She wouldn't need to wear them outside, but could wear them in the house, if she "leaks" sometimes on furniture or carpets, or wets the bed. An incontinence sheet in her bed (maybe placed under a cotton sheet so she'll be comfortable) is a good option.
931217 tn?1283484935 If it is false, which I believe it is, it is at best a benign placebo, but as you shall read in the embedded link, it is at worst a harmful form of charlatanism, perpetrated on people (and animals owned by like minded people) who are at their most vulnerable and at risk. That is an immoral circumstance. The fact that all is not known in medical science, and that some disease cannot be cured, much less palliated, does not justify selling fraud infused with false hope.
Avatar n tn I know I'll never know 100%% for sure what happened, but it's just the sheer suddenness of it all, and her seeming so healthy, that still has me in a state of shock.
1358341 tn?1282213443 5 Glucose (don't need it)********* Glucose is not detectable in the urine of healthy dogs or cats. Protein (maybe)********* Thus, only a very small amount of protein is normally excreted in the urine, which is not usually clinically detectable. Proteinuria of renal disease may be due to glomerular and/or tubular lesions. Blood (important)************ If the renal threshold is exceeded, the hemoglobin can pass into the urine. Healthy animals should have negative test results.
Avatar f tn She knew you were sacrificing for her and you can have peace of mind in knowing that. Let the thought of you by her side in her last moments give you peace. I lost my border collie mix, to end stage kidney failure, his name was spots, 2 summers ago, and I still cry to this day. I have since acquired 2 more dogs, but nothing will ever take his place, nor erase the memories of what I went through trying to save his life.
Avatar n tn I have had the warm sensation in the back/side of my upper right thigh for about 5 days now. It lasts for about 3/4 sec's then goes away. The first day it happened twice and now it happens frequently throughout the day (8-12 times). I do have health insurance and plan to make an appointment tomorrow. I will let you know the outcome of my visit.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
660872 tn?1238644845 Hi, has anyone tried sharks cartilage or green lip mussels for arthritis in dogs. I recently bought some of each but have only been giving the cartilage. It's too soon to tell if it's going to work. They are both very expensive and I don't want to waste my money if other people have found they don't work.
673877 tn?1225995294 In my personal experience, I've found deramaxx to be the most effective medication for arthritis in my dogs with no side effects. However, it's more expensive than rimadyl, which worked just about as well. We used rimadyl until it no longer made a difference and then switched to deramaxx. I'm not at all familiar with novox, but hopefully another member can comment on that one.
Avatar f tn My vet is comfortable with my dogs getting the lowest dose,on a short term basis, but she has told me that it must be buffered only, and not enteric-coated aspirin (the coating can decrease the absorption of aspirin from the intestines in dogs). Ask your vet about buffered versus enteric coated. I am not familiar with Ascriptin, so, I do not know if it is enteric coated or not, or if you can purchase it with or without enteric coating.
Avatar n tn Our dogs love UBAvet and maybe are used to it. The glucosamine is liquid and it helped, especially the Akita. Other ingredients might have made your dog sick and they NEVER explain what the side-effects of all the incredients can be. Medicam can be difficult on the stomach so dogs have to eat before they take it. There are dog foods available that are easy to digest and you probably know that homemade chicken and rice are digestable easily for dogs. We've used it on ours.
Avatar n tn There is also a type of injectable glucosamine that can help quite a bit, and it is relatively expensive, but as far as I know, side effects are not an issue in most cases. The bottom line in this situation, as you are aware, is that 14 is very old for a golden retriever, and so she probably does not have a tremendous amount of time left, no matter what you do. It is a very painful, difficult situation that you are in, and I'm sorry.
Avatar m tn Tramidol is the generic form of a human medication called Ultram. Tramidol is not recommended to be given in dogs with a history of kidney disease, liver disease, seizure disorders and lung problems. Tramidol side effects may include sedation, anxiety, bloating and gas, constipation, convulsive movements, diarrhea, dizziness, drowsiness, dry mouth, hallucinations, indigestion, itching, nausea, nervousness, tremors, vomiting and weakness.
1048555 tn?1253634009 They taste sweet (are sweetened with lactose) have no side effects, are safe for dogs, often have marked results. They do not cost a fortune for a small jar packed with little tablets which do last a while. I hope someone else posts on this who may have even better suggestions. Poor fellow cannot spend winter on your porch, I agree. And don't forget....
Avatar m tn In the past, I've used topical Advantage on my dogs and cats with no side effects. Myou can also try Pythrin dips. Hope all turns out ok.
1388999 tn?1370046414 I had him on Rimadryl for a while and it really helped but I was afraid of the side effects so I switched to glucosamine. I was buying pet formulas and it did seem costly, and didn't have much of an effect. I had no idea that human grade was exactly the same thing, though less expensive!! I've just ordered human glucosamine and for good measure some MSM. I'll be sure to come back and let you know how it worked for my Bucky.
Avatar m tn On NO ACCOUNT ever use human painkillers for dogs (with the exception of Junior aspirin, they can be dangerous) Have you tried Glucosamine and Chondroitin supplement? This is not a drug, as such, but a natural substance obtained from shellfish, and often has very good results with arthritis. Another thing you could try, which I have seen have VERY marked positive effects is a Homeopathic medicine called RHUS. TOX.
460185 tn?1326081372 in fact, she's very protective of all of us but in a way that is assertive and non-threatening. If one of our cats or dogs doesn't feel too good, she protects them by guarding their food so no one can steal it. Your dog doesn't like to do her business in the garden lol Our husky doesn't like anybody to watch her but when she's finished, she scratches the grass and dirt goes all over the place. Our lhasa apso will not poop on cement. Maybe they need therapy.
Avatar n tn the back of my knees are so pain full and the bottom of my bum and in my grune there the woste pains the rest i can sort of deal with i have had to give up work as well .
2187849 tn?1338072581 My dogs had no side effects at all and they felt great until they died of other causes. In another case, my neighbor was ready to put down his lab a couple months ago for orthopedic reasons. He's always been weird about giving meds to his dogs (think it's an older generation thing) but he finally tried Deramaxx after his dog literally could not stand up anymore. The dog is doing great now and I haven't seen him this perky in years - he's even chasing his ball again.
Avatar f tn Please try our safe, non-toxic pain reliever for dogs-CanineActiv. No side effects or drug interactions. MUCH safer than Rimadyl and usually as effective. Go to the CA website and contact us for free 28ct capsule travel pack. We also have a vet only product called Rejuvenate Plus, but you would need to get through your vet.
Avatar f tn Well, so far he has tolerated with no side effects. And the quality of his life is better. It's a joy to watch him jump effortlessly onto the bed to snuggle and even his eyes shine more. This is a tough one. I think I will discuss it more with my vet. Apparently he had good reason for suggesting just a two week dose. Linda, did you give your dog the occasional pill, or give the pills until the dog felt better? And how long does the effect last?