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Avatar f tn A problem is, testosterone varies a whole lot in both men and women, by the day, hour, week, etc. and even more in women than men, so the only true way to know if you had abnormally low levels would have been to test you a lot, not just twice. You did have the same levels twice, so it might be a problem. A question would be, how's your sexual desire? How's your stamina? How's your ability to build muscle? How's your energy levels?
Avatar f tn Hi. Your husband's testosterone was low, and normally they give testosterone shots for this, or I should say "you" would be giving your husband the shots. But he can also have the nurse at his doctor's office give them to him. It's good that he saw an Endo, and he/she really can't comment until his test results come back. At this time she will have lots to discuss with you.
1139187 tn?1355706647 Hello, Androgel contains testosterone gel can be used for testosterone replacement but should be sued with caution because it has plenty of side effects. It may cause skin irritation, blisters on skin, problems with urination, nausea, stomach pain, low fever, loss of appetite, dark urine, clay-colored stools, jaundice and swelling of ankles. Hence use it only under a medical supervision. I hope it helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Hello, Gynecomastia(enlargement of male breasts) and priapism(frequent or prolonged erections) are common side effects of the androgel(testosterone gel).Pls stop using this drug and consult a urologist for the erection problems that you are having. It can be due to psychological or medical causes which need to be ruled out one by one. I hope it helps.Take care and pls do keep me posted on how you are doing or if you have any additional doubts.Kind regards.
650419 tn?1281359937 I have low testosterone from being on a pain pump implant for almost 7 years and I'm currently on Androgel but the side effect is that it keeps me up all night long like insomnia. I have been living this way for 4 months. I can't go to sleep until 4 or 5 am every morning. If I were to switch to the shots or the pellets would that rid me of the current side effects that I'm suffering from?
Avatar m tn I don't know if these are symptoms of a condition or side effects of some of my meds, so can someone help? I take Norvasc, Altace, Lexapro, Crestor, AndroGel, Doxycycline Hyclate, and Advair 250/50. I have been on the first 4 for years. The last 3 have been added within the last several months. I also have Severe Sleep Apnea, but I use my APAP religiously. AHI is usually <4, but will on ocassion sneak up to 5.
Avatar m tn Multaq is better than amiodarone in terms of shorter half-life but it is still pretty bad in terms of side effects.
689860 tn?1238718032 I've been using Androgel for 3 years and have done well with it. My guess is that the doctor who ordered your hormone tests would also write the prescription. I got my test and prescription from my regular family doctor. Androgel is expensive ($120 a month here in Canada), but my private health plan covers it, which is great. The province where I live will only pay for the injections, not the gel. The gel will be generic within a few years, so the price will go down.
Avatar n tn Hi there, Thank you for writing to us here, though I am sorry that you are struggling with side effects from the result of breast cancer medication. I am also a breast cancer survivor, however as I am triple negative, the hormonal drugs are not effective for me so unfortunately I cant speak from experience. However, that doesn't mean that I cant find out some interesting information for you in relation to libido and Arimidex.
Avatar n tn Please Help me i feel like i cannot take one more thing on type of my shoulders and i have not been able to sleep for the last 72 hrs thinking on what to do, My doc prescribed (Androgel 5 mg) is there side effects to that ..? Please Doctor tell me what to do..!?
978469 tn?1433547946 I would stop taking the androgel for a week or more and maybe try every other day, but the high blood pressure sounds really bad. Isn't 700 already in the normal range? I think HBP is one of the labeled side effects? I would definitely consult with an endocrinologist. I was taking testim sometimes up to 4 tubes a day and noticed some palpitations or uncomfortable feeling of heart racing, but it didn't cause HBP for me. I'm not sure how much is safe.
451366 tn?1211304932 Memory problems are common side effects for the same reason and the close relation between GABA and glutamate, glutamate being involved in learning and memory. Other side effects more likely to happen in women are dizziness, tiredness, balance problems.
Avatar f tn I would NOT quit Androgel. I started using Androgel because of depression, hair loss, shaving every 3 days (which is good!), atrophying of all muscles and my bone density dropped. I started Androgel 1.62% and everything improved greatly Good luck and do this only with doctors approval.
Avatar n tn Hi, I have Hashimoto's and I've been taking levothyroxine or Synthroid 75mcg for several years. My most recent lab work showed my TSH at 2.64. For several months I have had a lot of mood problems really bordering on being depressed a lot. I also have been on Androgel 1.62% for low T, 2 pumps/day for several years. I'm trying to figure out if my mood issues could be related to my Thyroid and or the androgel.
Avatar f tn Taking a baby aspirin a day is one of the new standards of care for women who might be at risk for pre-eclampsia. It does not affect your blood pressure, but instead works to prevent you from developing pre-eclampsia in the first place. It has very few side effects. It is now given to most women who are at risk or who have a past history of pre-eclampsia.
1139187 tn?1355706647 As far as side effects, I have not experienced any in any form. Everything appears all right down below. If I recall, I was on 2 actuations per day for about 6 months and then had a t-level taken which dictated increasing the dose to 3 actuations. In another 6 months, the same story, so I was increased to 4 actuations. For a short time I was on 5 actuations due to complaint of tiredness and low libido, but the blood level got too high, so I went back to 4 and everything seems fine.
Avatar f tn Most women have no lasting side effects from an epidural. Only about 2-3% of women have lasting side effects such as headaches and even less likely partial paralysis. The most common side effect of an epidural is a drop in moms BP. This can sometimes reduce fetal heart rate but usually isn't enough to cause any harm to mom or baby. If you go in and there are any concerns with baby's heart rate they may not allow an epidural at all.
Avatar m tn Temperature storage of Androgel.... Yikes, I have left the dispensor bottle of Androgel in the car for a period of 2-3 hrs under colder temperatures and on several occassions by accident. Does this affect the useful\effectiveness of the Testosterone substance ? ?
Avatar f tn There aren't side effects to masturbating, it's normal. Your body constantly remakes sperm, you won't run out, no side effects. But be careful if you watch porn or have other stimulants, you will start getting bored with it and may need more strange or extreme things to get off.
Avatar f tn Headache, mood changes, abdominal pain, loss of libido, and vaginal dryness may be seen in few women using the implant. Few women may also have weight gain as one of its side effects. Few women may also develop ovarian cysts while on nexplanon. It is best to discuss the risks and benefits of any birth control method before starting to use it. It is best to have a frank discussion with your gynecologist about these side effects.
1359882 tn?1277497464 Yeah Paxil can have loads of side effects.... even right down to producing milk from your breasts in both men and women. Yeah lovely hey! Er NOT!
Avatar f tn One of the great ironies of depression treatment is that while depression can rob you of your desire for sex, the drugs that treat it can be much worse. Common side effects for women are lessening of sexual desire and ability to orgasm. However, this isn’t true for everyone. There are, however, some actions you can take that may help restore your sexual satisfaction. You may wish to discuss these with your prescribing physician.