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Avatar n tn I know you may not want to hear this, but a c cup is an average breast size. I had a breast reduction 8 years ago as i was a f or g cup. After my breast reduction i was a c or d cup which is your size now. I am only 5ft 1in. During surgery i had a problem with my right breast which was completly black with bruising..... and was told i could lose my nipple. I was 40 and happily married i had four children and my breast feeding days were over. What would you do if you actually lost the breast..
Avatar f tn I have had back pain, shoulder pain etc because of them however now they are a 12F. And i find myself having more problems. I am wondering if medicare covers breast reduction for these types of cases, where the large size of the breasts cause spinal, neck and shoulder pain.
927882 tn?1245710782 I have constant neck (curve is gone, completely hypolordotic), shoulder, upper back pain and severe tension headaches that render me useless for days at a time. I've had physical therapy, chiropractic therapy, and am constantly icing and taking NSAIDS to relieve my pain. I am convinced that a breast reduction will help me tremendously, but am concerned about the costs and how long and arduous of a process it would be to get my medical insurance to cover it (I have Pacificare).
Avatar n tn If you are still not satisfied with the results, a simple option would be the use of liposuction, which I have successfully used as the sole method of breast reduction in a number of patients. Any appropriate scar revision could be done at the same time. This should not even be considered for at least nine to twelve months from now.
Avatar n tn I cannot afford the procedure or do not know exactly what I need if its a breast lift or reduction. I suffer from shoulder pains almost everyday am my doctor only prescribe me motrin for the pain. I really need help and cannot afford it. Is there a list or some doctors that can help me for free in nyc?
Avatar n tn I have a letter of recommendation for breast reduction from my chiropractor. He lists thoracic pain, thoracic root lesion, low back pain and rotator cuff syndrome as some of the reasons why I should have breast reduction. My body is constantly pulled forward because of the weight of my pendulous breasts. My sleep is affected, actually my overall lifestyle is affected by my heavy breasts. I cannot find a bra that fits and I cannot wear a bra all day now.
Avatar n tn Subject: Breast Reduction Pain Four Years Later! Question I had breast reduction almost four years ago. My left breast has been hurting so much .When I get cold , the nipple starts to hurt and it sends excruciating pain to the breast. In order to relieve this pain if I am at home I will warm up a heating pad and the pain will start to subside. However, it does not diminish completely. I also experience itching, sometimes the itching is excruciating .
Avatar n tn My husband of 28 yrs has been messed up for the past 12 yrs since I had my breast reduction... It has ruined my marriage. I had neck and shoulder pain and my husband WAS supportive about the surgery. We discussed it, watched a video of the surgery together etc. what came after was so unexpected . My husband cried for months, tried antidepressant mess and we did grow apart. I acknowledged his feeling,tried to reassure that surgery takes time to heal and settle down.
Avatar f tn Still having nerve pain along with BAD upper back burning and stabbing pain along with my neck, R arm and shoulder hurting. So I am wondering if all this is due to my breasts being too large..??? Breast reduction is covered by my insurance as long as it is Medicaly Necessary. But I am wondering has anyone had a BR covered by insurance with implants?????
Avatar f tn My breast size is 40H. I have constant neck, shoulder, upper back pain and severe tension headaches that render me useless for days at a time. I need help trying to find a plastic surgeon in the Nashville, TN area that will do my breast reduct ion pro bono. I do not have any type of insurance to cover it. I also suffer from paranoid schizophrenia and am unable to work. I am tying to get SSI because I am unemployable. Please help me.
Avatar n tn I am having sharp shooting pains in my right shoulder blade, pain in my shoulder, and pain down my right arm and numbness in my fingers on my right hand.Sometimes the pain feels like it 'shoots' from my breast into my shoulder blade.Could a cyst cause this much pain and this type of pain? Should I be concerned with the shadowing that the radiologist was speaking of? I am having the cyst aspirated. Should the pain go away after it is aspirated?
Avatar f tn Every month there is the lump pain and lactation (I haven't been pregnant or nursed a child since 1990), every day there is the back, neck, shoulder pain. Given the laundry lists of suffering and symptoms among so many women, surely some options warrant exploration. Is it possible, with our technology to simply remove these lumps or sources of pain in the breasts? Every month is so uncomfortable.
2056851 tn?1332205872 Very possible that all this pain comes from your breasts and it may be time to consider a reduction (if you can get a dr or two to agree that this is causing severe back pain that will only get worse insurance will usually cover a breast reduction) or trying to loose weight if your breast size comes from being overweight.
Avatar n tn I had a breast reduction about 12 days ago and yesterday there was some pain in my right arm almost like a pulled muscles feeling. Then I woke up this morning and the pain is from my shoulder, down my bicep, to the forearm and it is a dull ache but hurts nonetheless. Is this normal and how can I make it stop?
Avatar n tn My daughter-in-law wantsneeds a breast reduction. She has suffered severe back and shoulder pain for many years. Her age 38 years old, good health. Is not overweight, Bra size-54k-. It is a financial impossibility without assistance. Unfortunately, health insurance is not available to her due to finances. I am willing to help as much as I can. I am also on fixed income.
Avatar n tn My daughter-in-law wants/needs a breast reduction. She has suffered severe back and shoulder pain for many years. Her age 38 years old, good health. Is not overweight, Bra size-54k-. It is a financial impossibility without assistance. Unfortunately, health insurance is not available to her due to finances. I am willing to help as much as I can. I am also on fixed income.
Avatar n tn Noncyclical breast pain may or may not be the result of an injury to the breast. Breast pain is evaluated based on the history of the pain you would give to the health care professional, as well as a physical examination. Some recommendations for treatment of breast pain involve simple comfort measures such as a supportive or exercise bra, or application of warm or cold packs. Caffeine avoidance, limit salt intake and reduction of dietary fat may also help.
Avatar n tn Hi One year ago I started having pain on my left side, under my left breast, behind the front of my rib cage. Also under my L shoulder blade. As there is nothing of anatomical importance really there, except for maybe the esophagus, my doctor prescribed Protonix for an ulcer and said that the intercostal area (tissue between ribs) was probably inflamed. No results. It's no better. Lately, I can barely wear a bra.
Avatar f tn Swollen and painful lymph nodes under my right arm, pain and inflammation in my right breast, swollen lymph nodes in my right shoulder, and shooting pain through my right shoulder. I do not have any discoloration of my breast, bruising, or rash. It does not feel like it is hot "running temperature". It does, however, have a heavy feeling at times. As well as tenderness. No nipple discharge but I have had a reduction and it is grafted so I know that is not even going to happen.
Avatar n tn Pains that occur under the shoulder blade may signal a warning that the pain is not in the shoulder itself, but can be related to a pain from one of the organs in the body. The shoulder where the pain occurs can give the clue which of the organs are affected and causing the radiating pain into the shoulder.
211940 tn?1267884866 Hi, has shoulder bursitis been ruled out? I have copied and pasted some information on this below. If it is shoulder related (and you have "transferred" pain), the fact you put "pressure" on it at night from lying down could explain why your pain increases at night. "The Causes of Shoulder Pain Defined Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa. A bursa is a tiny fluid-filled sac that functions as a gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body.
Avatar n tn Now I have awful shoulder pain in both arms and can't sleep due to pain. post op shoulder post op neck. I DONT THINK I had a torn shoulder this pain is so bad I would have known before neck surgery...... wow what are they doing.....the doctor who did neck surgery should never sent me to a doctor to do surgery on my shoulder because this has to be from the neck surgery....... how could I have suddenly torn both shoulders????
Avatar n tn I am desperately trying to seek help in finding the best way for me to get a breast reduction. I am 17 turning 18 (D.O.B 13-03-1991) and my breast size is currently 10-12 F (Australian sizes). Due to the weight of my breasts, I have severe back, neck and shoulder pain. I have always had large breasts for my size and age. I’m also a dancer which makes things extremely difficult.
Avatar f tn I am a thirty-six yr old woman and have a history of a benign breast tumor when I was 16. The following year I had a breast reduction. For the past two years, I have reoccuring ulceration on both breast. I had a mammogram in Nov 2009 and was told then that it was normal. This past week my dr revealed to me that it actually was not normal, but it showed no difference than the previous one. (Which I also was informed was normal).
Avatar n tn Do you think BCBS would allow breast reduction surgery on me to reduce my breast size to alleviate my shoulder, neck and upper back pain? A friend told me the radiation treatment probably changed the density of my breast and that it is denser and heavier and causing the pain. I cant pay for a strictly cosmetic procedure. I have been treated for back problems by an orthopedic. I go to my oncologist every 6 months.
Avatar f tn I went in to get a CT a couple of years ago and was told that it was only excess breast tissue; thus I am not too worried. However, I do feel slight pain if I press on it (I assume it is normal because the rest of my breasts are sensitive in the same way). I also am very self conscious about the way it looks when I wear sleeveless shirts. I am considering getting it removed. For those of you who have gotten your excess tissue removed, was it done surgically? What was the price range?
Avatar n tn I had an abnormal mammogram approximately 7 months ago. They called me back for diagnostic views which showed calcifications in the right breast. I was told to come back for another mammogram in 6 months. I just had that mammogram done and they called me right away and said I needed to see a breast surgeon. He told me that the calcifications have increased in size and number and that I needed a biopsy.
10061157 tn?1407533072 I had back problems pre pregnancy too, was in the process of loosing weight for a breast reduction.
Avatar f tn Didn't bother me too much, till it got worse and spread to my shoulder blade and under my breast. My mom was diagnosed with lung cancer with the exact same symptoms, so I panicked! My gp sent me for a CT of my abdomen, pelvis and chest. Results all came back negative, except for an ovarian cyst on the other side. He told me heat and motrin. I don't want to just treat the pain, I want to know what's causing it.