Should i take percocet with food

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Avatar f tn He really wants to get off of it because he is scared it's Hurting hia health. Which I think it is. What should he do to get off of it. I'm worried sick please help.
Avatar m tn I sleep but only 2 or 3 hours at a time. I guess now is easy, I have no desire to even look at a Percocet, I blame them though I know it is my fault....thanx again I have no support at home (my wife says its my own f.....
Avatar m tn Thanks for all of the support. I have not been able to keep anything done food wise. I have eaten anything but a couple of crakers here and there. I am just exhausted. I have taken benadryl for the running nose and watery eyes that seems to really help. I am so emotion today it is unreal. I am not an emotion person and cant remember the last time I cried but for whatever reason i cant stop wanting to go cry in a corner so where. Anyone else having this problem?
1510084 tn?1291828540 It is a rough road and good for you that you have made the decision to stop. I couldnt agree with you more about telling your wife. I was so scared to tell my husband, becasue he always had the mentality of "just stop". He was so supportive and in some way, it brought us a bit closer. Our relationship suffered because of the pills. I have had a few relapses myself and I think its because I didnt seek any aftercare. We can only white knuckle it for so long.
Avatar f tn It's hard to say how long it will last but you're doing great at 9 days and so stay the course.....Also-I take Probiotics (health food store) for my gut to help the natural bacteria...really helps me and I have Crohns Disease so extra bowel issues for me. Hang in there....
Avatar n tn That when i was using, i was too busy worried about running out, or getting some, that is the reason i missed it !! looking back i should not have...SO when I was using and thinking i was "super mom" really was not doing my job well...Well thank god she is clean now... Keep us posted, and i hope things go well for you and her...
Avatar f tn After that, when I started feeling better, it was crazy empowering and had the opposite effect. I cannot believe the fog I was in. I have so much energy now, I don't know what to do with it all ha ha. You CAN do this and I look forward to congratulating you after that first week!!!!!!
890900 tn?1284580903 But I depend on percocet to reduce my pain. I hope no one thinks I am addicted..I am not. I don't understand why this nonsense is being done to cp sufferers. Those who use the drugs for a legit reason should not be made to suffer for those who abuse them. I've heard they are thinking of doing the same with avinza, which I alse take. Where will I be left. Sorry, advil and plain tylenol just don't do it for rsd pain....
Avatar f tn You did not make that clear. I would certainly advise you to wean off of the Percocet. 4-3-2-2-1-1. Take a week to do it and then stop. If you are taking Percocet for pain, take Tylenol instead, but no more than directed. Make sure that your OB/GYN is aware that you have been taking Percocet during pregnancy; baby may need extra attention after birth. But if you wean yourself early enough before delivery everything should be fine, just don't do it abruptly.
Avatar m tn Also take anything that will alleviate withdrawal. This forum should come up with a great many ideas. I don't have any advice on that score, but I was taking Perocet following surgery and cut back slowly without incident. I had been taking 8 a day for some time.
Avatar m tn If I opnly take 2 to 3 pd will I go through withdrawals when I stop taking them and will it be as bas as when i was taking 7 Hydros pd?
Avatar f tn i do feel a little better i finally got a little sleep but it was with some help from valium i normally dont take them but i could not take the lack of sleep and my doctor and i have been struggling with that for about 15 years so i guess that i the next thing but i can only do one at a time.....but after talking to my brother and sister-in-law i am really determined to kick the habit and i think that i am going to do it for all the meds that i have been taking for years......
Avatar m tn The percocets are starting to wear off sooner than they should. What would be the next step up from Percocet. I want to be able to ask my doctor about taking something a bit stronger to see if it helps. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn I have 2 kids and I feel like when I take the percocet I am a better and more fun more. I like the buzz and like to do more fun things with them. I am really afraid that when I am clean I will not feel that same way. I guess I am just looking for some reassurance with all of this. Can I get through this? Can I deal with the aftermath? Please help me!
955456 tn?1316230779 Well last night was, so today i did not take any or buy anymore to take. I have gone days with out having them. maybe one or two, but always bought more. I disconeccted with any supply i was able to get. The #1 reason i NEED to stop is my health. Second, the money... I have never been stupid enough to speed more then i was able to but still if you only knew the $$ i spent on them. So this is day one going i day two. I will not fall into temptations.
Avatar f tn My doctor didn't give me any prescription drug at all.. each day i have to deal with headache... i am happy if one day i don't have headache.. i think it's normal... If you doctor prescript the drug, then it should be safe... I wish I do have that medicine to take to get rid of headache.
Avatar n tn then I started having severe Insomina for 3 days straight and had all this energy and slight shakes. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore..felt like I was going crazy. I went to a Therapist with my husband and she told me "well, this is part of the withdrawel stage..and you must be patient"!! Finally, I called this Therapist yesterday and told her that I felt like I was literally going crazy. After pleading with her to help me she finally called my Family doc to ask for help.
Avatar n tn I just want so badly to be fixed, get off of the pain meds and go on with a NORMAL life, a life that I should enjoy. In your posting you stated that you know from experience, did you have a back injury and have to take the meds or was it something that you just took? Again, thanks so much for your reply. It is so nice to know that there are people out there that care for people that they don't even know.
Avatar m tn I have barely any strength, my heart is pounding, i panic, i can't keep food down, no appetite. I have shared my addiction with one person in my life so have some support, but he is very busy working, and is doing his best to help me through. My kids are my world, but after what we have been through with my cancer, I can't crush their world with this. They are adults and have started their new lives, just married and one starting school. Someone please help me?
Avatar f tn I don't want to take them anymore! Nobody I mean nobody but the person I get them from knows I take them and I'm tired of suffering alone! My excuse? I'm a single mom who worked full time with no family or friend support and they got me through the day to maintain my energy my focus and my clean house, but now I'm irritable confused and scared to death! Every day I say it's my last day every day I pray when I put my baby to sleep that the next day I will be able to quit but I don't!
Avatar f tn You have come to a good place for support, usually always someone here to chat with and being able to talk without holding back is great. I wish you lots of luck with your recovery, if I can help let me know I will be glad too.
Avatar n tn Some days I feel like I need something really bad and I do not know what it is and then I realize after I take the Percocet I feel better. Sometimes I have that needing feeling during the day and want to take the medicine just to make it fo away but know I have to work. I want to stop taking them but I am I pain and feel if I stop I will have that bad needing feeling I can't stand.
Avatar f tn as long as you continue to make him comfortable, give him money, food and a place to stay, why would he have to change. why should he detox? he has the best of both worlds. i know i sound harsh. i sent my son to rehab at 17 he hated me. he was clean for a few years and then used again. i kicked him out of our house and it forced him to get clean. he has now been clean for 2 yrs. has a great job. does he want to be clean or you want him to be clean?
Avatar m tn Other than that not bad. I am holding food down now also. I didnt take clonidine at 3pm like i was scheduled to and im going to probably take it for the LAST time at 10pm tonight. The doctor gave me 20 and i have probably used 6 of them. 59 HOURS!!!!! ALL I WANT IS TOMORROW MORNING!
Avatar f tn Are you alone or is someone with you to help you with food and liquids? I can't stress how important it is to stay well-hydrated. Gatorade would be a great choice for you right now. And avoid alcohol like the plague. It just makes withdrawal worse and you could get dangerously dehydrated. Can you tell us anything about yourself - how long you were using and how much? Did you plan your detox?
Avatar f tn i know that my methods of numbness are harmful....I cry out for the strength. please cry out with me. God help me!!! i went in a program last year for 2 weeks and stayed off of percs for several months. the not feeling normal feeling wore on me and i gave in to the insanity again, it's been a little over a year and i am scaring myself with my weakness and the power of percs. as I say, they do subdue you, but the penalty of powerlessness won't be worth it in the end.
1278098 tn?1297649973 It helps and I could only imagine how bad it would be if I didn;t have anything at all. I also take a multi-vitamin in addition I take 2000-4000 mcg of B-12 a day. That should help with the fatigue. The trick is to fight the cravings. even if you have to take it 30 seconds at a time. I've just joined this forum today myself, I've gotten a lot of good insight and comfort from the other members.
Avatar m tn Do you take anything else other than the narcotic? I find whatever medication I take works better with ibuprofen. I also use some topical prescription gels that help a little as well. Since I don't get great pain control on the narcotics, I use other things to help, i.e., procedures, ThermaCare patches, ice at rare times. Sometimes we have to piece together a bunch of things to get adequate relief. Hope to hear your pain doctor has some good suggestions that will help!
Avatar f tn Take them with some food to prevent any stomach problems and don't take more than the suggested amount. I can't take them due to stomach problems, but my son, who broke his back 4-5 years ago, couldn't function without them. I'm sorry for your pain and injury. I hope you are able to get yourself back to some normalcy soon. Keep us posted.
Avatar n tn I am worried he may die, but I know I cannot save him and we stayed together I would probably end up losing everything financially. I am just so scared. I feel that I should tell him mom ( who is now living with) but I know he will feel like I betrayed him.