Should i take lexapro in the morning or at night

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1676653 tn?1391039945 So it's CD29 and no signs if AF. My tempt this morning went back up. Should I take a hpt or is it too early? I don't wanna take it and get a bfn. I also don't wanna take it cause me and dh didn't even bd enough. I think we only bd twice through my fertile window. Even though I know sometimes that's all it takes but I still don't think it was enough. Not getting my hopes up because I always know the outcome. Should I take the test?
1676653 tn?1391039945 I had heartburn yesterday morning and last night. Which is weird cause u only experience it in the morning. My boobs feel tight and hurt occasionally. I was somewhat Naceous this morning. I have been having light AF like cramps off and on past few days. That's just how I been feeling. What do you ladies think I should do?
1302779 tn?1287405029 i also take klonopin 05 mg in the am and the script says 2 05 mg at night but i dont take the klonopin at night cause i dont feel i need it.
793266 tn?1275479663 I switched taking abilify at night to taking lexapro at night in hopes of taking my daytime sleepiness away. I take abilify in the morning with my other meds now. When I took that med. at night there seemed to be no effect on my daytime sleepiness.
Avatar f tn I take .50 Klonopin in the morning w/ my 40 mg of Paxil (not a fan of this ssri). I'm busy taking care of my son in the am, dropping him off at the in laws, and then heading to work so being busy does help. On occasion I take half of my Klonopin at night to help as prescribed. I stay away from Xanax because it's short acting and the Klonopin does the same thing but lasts longer. Management of medication and seeing a therapist has helped most.
Avatar f tn I started taking 20mg. of Lexapro last night. Sept. 11th. We moved my Lexapro to night time trying to see if it helps me sleep better or not. Everything else is taken in the morning.
Avatar f tn Sometimes I just take 5 mg because I feel so miserably lethargic in the morning. On a few occasions I have woke in the night a bit confused. Most of the time, I just can't remember what the next day is and what I am suppose to do when in the morning. But I have had two especially disturbing times. One was when I woke and was frightened that there was a man (my husband) in my bed. I jumped out of bed and would have run, but I realized that my thinking was wrong.
569026 tn?1216982293 when i took it in the am i got sick and when i took it at night i couldnt sleep. noon seems to be the best time for me.
Avatar n tn Stressed because of work- practice exams. Forgot to take lexapro at night. Tired all day because forgot to have coffee in morning.
969557 tn?1314370614 I'm not coping very well. My mood seems to get worse for every day that passes. I try to deal with all the expectations of society, but it's soo hard. I continue to go to work, even though I hate it. I continue to try to be a good doughter, even though all I want to do is scream in their face everything that bothers me. It feels like I'm never going to feel joy again. I can't sleep at night cause I am thinking about how I want to pack my bags and just run away.
Avatar f tn Last night I decided to try waiting until morning to take my Lexapro. I think that I'll go back to taking it at night. I didn't sleep well last night.
415356 tn?1233317276 Day 3, no lexapro or anything, tingling in arms, head feels fuzzy and dizzy.. How long will these side effects last?! I am frustrated!
Avatar n tn After reading up on it I have found that this medication may make you tired. So, I was just wondering if I should take this at night or in the morning?
Avatar f tn m unemployed and have been for a long time, and constantly trapped in my head by obessive bad thoughts. And I lack motivation and social skills. Should I take the Lexapro? I'm so scared of side effects. I take .5mg Xanax as needed but it doesn't scare me as much because I keep hearing horror stories about ssri's. I also have heart palpitations and have to take a beta blocker for those. My docs tell me to take the Lexapro. Should I? Has it helped free anyone else from anxiety?
396099 tn?1216254986 First 2 days were good non-PAWS days for me anyway and I was tip-top. Today I'm on the sleepy side wit a tiny hint of anxiety but doing OK otherwise. I don't know if my sleepy mood is from poor rest as a result of the Lexapro or just the general blah's... Still. so far so good.
Avatar f tn Want to take the night off! Told Kristine I would split the shift with her though. Sigh... I am in pain! I hope I feel better soon.
Avatar n tn Now on 1500 mg Depakote and 10 mg Elavil at night, plus 10 mg of Lexapro in the morning.
Avatar f tn i only smoke at night, i take a clonazepam in the morning. hopefully it will work. if i get lexapro added like i hope this friday then i think things will balance out.
Avatar f tn Nice way to start off. Feeling sad and or depressed this morning, can't tell the difference. :-( Perhaps it is dealing with Wellington, or work. Perhaps the best way to tell is the fact that I can't tell where it comes from. I imagine feeling sad would be specific where this is not.
Avatar f tn It did wonders for my depression but still needed to take Ativan for anxiety. I take it in the morning before I drive to work and at night before I go to bed. Both medications have helped me so much! Anxiety can be overwhelming but like Matty said practice, therapy and self motivation can help enormously! Hang in there and keep posting!!!!
Avatar f tn t feel as brain dead but the anxiety and my mood is taking its tole on me at the moment. Should I hang in another while or just take the Proxac!!!!!!
Avatar f tn P When I wake up at night I feel nauseous and feel bad, but at least I feel ok in the morning and during the day.
1503643 tn?1311518238 Last night was horrific! I tossed and turned, cried in my sleep and the night sweats were the worse they have ever been! I drenched myself! Was even sleeping without my pjs and still drenched myself. I feel so incredibly exhausted. I think because I was dancing during the pool tourny that maybe I did too much. This is soo messed up! I can't stop the tears this morning. Guess I better get it all out and move on!
Female I forgot to take my meds last night so I didn't have my Glipizide or my metformin in my system. Say hello to high blood sugar this morning!
148691 tn?1260194903 should I butt in????? should I talk to Sarah and tell her about this? I mean, you'd think that her being a nurse would know? I would feel like an idiot is she'd tell me " Vanessa, that doesn't work', or 'we've tried that'....or even worse 'stop butting in!'..... But I'd feel even worse by keeping this and not letting her at least know what my parents' experience was.... What do you guys think??? I mean, worse come to worse....
Avatar f tn 5 mg of Lorazapam at night. I used to take my Lexapro first thing in the morning, but by the middle of the day, I would have a horrible head ache, so my Dr. recommened taking it at night, with the hopes that I would sleep through any headaches or neausea. I made this switch this past Saturday and last night, I had some sleep issues and nervousness in the middle of the night. I am wondering if the Warfarin and the Lexpro together in my stomach may not be a good thing?
Avatar m tn I keep a glass of water beside my bed as this gets rid of the choking sensation when it happens (Only happens once or twice a month) and also helps with the sore throat in the morning. The dry throat continues through the day and I find it difficult to swallow. I have seen a ENT he thought it was my tonsils at first so he had them removed (worste 3 weeks of my life lots of blood even vomiting up 1.
396099 tn?1216254986 The Lexapro chapter is over. I can't take the increase in anxiety. I talked to my Doctor today and he is switching me to Zoloft. From the quick searches I've done they seem very similar and I'm not exactly sure what the differences are between them but I made him very aware of the fact that the last 4 or 5 days have been very anxious. I was actually taking my lexapro with a 0.5 xanex. It worked ok'ish but I don't want to get hooked on xanex.
1230936 tn?1384267689 so i had this weird feeling this past monday (after my Doc appointment) that my body wasn't done ovulating. We BD that tuesday morning (but honestly think we missed it this cycle..uuuuuggghh!). I had watery CM and of course another +OPK. I've been keeping track of my temps on a piece of paper and thought to wait for a 3rd day high..and this morning it's confirmed! yaaahooo:) that clomid crap actually worked, a little late..they say better late then never right?