Should i bring my breast pump to the hospital

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Avatar f tn Should I pack my breast pump when we go to the hospital to have the baby? I know they have breast pumps there but I'm not sure if I should bring my own or not!?
12476392 tn?1433689331 When I had my first son the lactation league went to my room and help me in how to breast feed, since I did not have much to give to my son, they told me to use a pump to help increase my milk so they had one for me at the hospital but after I was discharged they told me that I have to get my own one, this was 10 years ago.
355017 tn?1196980073 All my dreams for breastfeeding were put on the back burner. Introduction – the Pumpthe breast pump became my best friend and my enemy. We have a love-hate relationship. I pump because breast milk is what is best for my baby – that’s what I love about expressing my milk. What I don’t enjoy is the schedule. In order to produce a good milk supply, you must implement an every 2-4 hour pump timetable.
Avatar f tn Do I need to bring my breast pump to the hospital with me or will I use one of the hospital's during my stay?
7923170 tn?1413003104 As long as you tell them you want to pump. They have to give it to you for you to use the hospital pump because those things shouldn't be shared.
Avatar f tn I struggled with breastfeeding and my pump was a godsend for while I was trying. The hospital got me to pump between every feed in the first couple of days to help bring my milk in and build supply and then when I was running out of supply I pumped and used it in his formul so he was still getting something from me. I wont breastfeed this time but I found it really helpful with my first.
12399567 tn?1425077810 Hello, I'm A First Time Mommy I'm 20 Years Old, I'm 34 Weeks Pregnant Only 40 More Days To Go, & Its The First Time I Post On Here Too. I'm Having Trouble On What To Pack In My Hospital Bag Please Help!!
Avatar f tn Holy **** 2 hours? Excuse my language lol but that's too far girl mmmmm good luck sitting that long!!
296076 tn?1371338074 I'm not planning to breast feed once I go back to work (12wks), so I bought the AVENT manual pump. It had good reviews and a couple of the ladies up here at work use it and said they actually liked it better than their electric pump.
1755745 tn?1313370731 So I'm so glad I had my pump already and in the car so I could stay near the hospital near my daughter and pump to establish my supply and bring the milk to her. I know this isn't a normal situation. My sister in law when her milk came in she was too engorged baby couldn't latch so she had to pump off a few oz before baby could latch. So I'm glad she had her pump. It's also good to get ik the habit of pumping and storing milk in the beginning :).
Avatar f tn P if you're breastfeeding you won't need them much unless you're going to pump there.
Avatar f tn I am also planning on bringing my own pillow bc it is a comfort thing for me. I would say if you have a breast pump to bring that bc with my son it helped to pump a bit to stimulate milk supply. Chapstick, I am bringing some makeup this time so I don't look so awful in the pictures my relatives decide to post on fb!
Avatar f tn I also recommend googling a list for a hospital bag if your worried about bringing the wrong things. The hospital should provide/give some stuff for you if you ask.
15065362 tn?1438207287 If you're addicted to your phone like I am I suggest buying a 6 foot charger to reach your bed lol I had to charge mine across the room which was annoying and I couldn't really walk. I wish I brought my laptop also (since I was in the hospital 4 nights) bring a going home outfit for baby. the hospital provided everything else for me: pads, underwear, nipple cream, breast pump, diapers, wipes, baby shirts. I can't think of anything else.
148691 tn?1260198503 My doc wants to induce at 39 weeks since DD was two weeks late and that ain't good. I don't mind if I have a c/s at all. I just want my baby to get the heck out before the placenta stops working as well. Good luck to you. Let me know if you find that Utube video URL. Oh yeah, I had my membranes stripped at 40 weeks with DD to get things moving along. Hurt like hell and didn't do a thing!
Avatar f tn I only took a take home outfit for baby.. nothing else! Hospital provides everything else you need except for nail clippers but I always just bit them in the beginning bc I was nervous I would cut them. Chargers, camera, makeup or any personal essentials for being picture ready. A bunch of snacks and drinks for Daddy. The 2 MOST important things for you.. Water bottle and chapstick! They were lifesavers for me.
7977717 tn?1397374284 i know books/music, clothes for both baby and mom(and dad), but what else should i put in my hospital bag? having a strong feeling baby is going to come within the next couple weeks and i want to be ready.
Avatar f tn Those are just things to make you feel more comfortable I honestly am on my third and I work in a hospital so I know they have items to use I personally this time around will not be packing a bag since I know its just a pain in the butt to have to bring it with and back home it ends up being a lot of stuff since ppl end up bringing gifts and everything ... I plan on just having my boyfriend bring me a set of clothes and my make up later as well as an outfit for baby and blanket ....
Avatar f tn My hospital gave me a sheet on what to pack, her coming home/picture outfit her hair bow and a blanket some socks.
Avatar f tn With each baby, I bring less & less things with me to the hospital. Most of the things on all the hospital lists are provided at the hospital (diapers, pads, shampoo, nightgown, baby thermometer, nasal aspirator, etc). You just have to ask for certain things like lanolin, breast pump, pacifier, or diaper bag (they give one of those Similac or Enfamil ones filled with goodies).
991222 tn?1333994333 about how many weeks should I pack my bag for the hospital, and what do I need to bring?
3054705 tn?1348419079 Plus you should grab some of the pads they want you to sit on. They make great disposable changing pads to keep in the car for an emergency. Good luck!
Avatar f tn Really all you need to pack is going home clothes and blanket for the baby...
Avatar f tn My hospital provides everything for baby. I only take an outfit car seat to come home in. The hospital gives u the diapers they use or open n wipes. They have binkies. But you could take you own. My boys wouldn't use the hospital one. Then you just need stuff for mom. All shower stuff clothes. My hospital provides pads n things as well. I don't take a mess load of stuff bc as I said my hospital provides mostly what you need.
Avatar f tn Im so close to my due date and have no idea what to pack and take with me in the hospital bag. Its my first child and I am worried I wont be prepared. Anything helps ladies.
Avatar f tn hi ftm here, I am 35 weeks and I was wondering what should I pack in the hospital bag and the needs for the hospital. I would honestly like to have the bag packed an in the car here within the next week or so. I stay between my place and my fiances house so I just don't wanna be without if I happen too into labor.
5028514 tn?1366832056 I am a ftm so im not sure how much of a help I am going to be lol but from what I was told the hospital (all are obviously different) gives you diapers,wipes,bottles,pacifiers,formula,blanket..etc. all that stuff for baby and for you they give you breast pads,undies,pads,etc. make sure whatever they give you take it!!!!
Avatar f tn I'm going to take my breast pump so the lactation consultant can show me the most effective way to use it and to make sure i know how to optimize usage. Better than figuring it out by yourself in sleep deprivation mode.
Avatar f tn Also most insurance will cover your food thankfully my hospital had good food. I packed a bunch of stuff for my fiancé but I told him to go home to sleep for the one night we stayed..
Avatar f tn I have 9 days to go what should I bring to the hospital and what kind of snacks ?