Should i bring my breast pump to the hospital

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Avatar f tn t get use one at the hospital after I took my son home because they wanted me to try to use the electric pump.
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy. But my memory is so bad what do you take to the hospital?
Avatar f tn Yeah bring a bottle or two. Forgot to write that :P if you're breastfeeding you won't need them much unless you're going to pump there.
12476392 tn?1433685731 When I had my first son the lactation league went to my room and help me in how to breast feed, since I did not have much to give to my son, they told me to use a pump to help increase my milk so they had one for me at the hospital but after I was discharged they told me that I have to get my own one, this was 10 years ago.
Avatar f tn I have 9 days to go what should I bring to the hospital and what kind of snacks ?
10841231 tn?1427427244 I plan on breastfeeding so would bringing the pump to the hospital be necessary? What will I specifically need and what will my baby need me to bring? I'm clearly a ftm :p I don't want to over pack.
Avatar f tn Should I pack my breast pump when we go to the hospital to have the baby? I know they have breast pumps there but I'm not sure if I should bring my own or not!?
9301985 tn?1402953818 re hospital is like mine, they charge quite a bit of money each day for renting the breast pump. So if you have your own good quality, electric pump, I would bring it. As I said, I ended up with a 7 day hospital stay and am glad I didn't have the extra expense added to my already, very large hospital bill. My hospital charges for evey little thing, and food was not covered for my husband (I would check with your hospital on this one).
7381903 tn?1391464888 Try seeing if you can rent a breast pump from your hospital . The hospital im delievering at lets you use them for your stay nd gives you a chance to rent .
250155 tn?1485295939 its at my parents house for some reason so my mom is bringing it to me later today. i thought that maybe usuing the pump would help bring my milk in quicker but i'm scared that if it comes in too quick Nolan might not be able to keep up. he's having plenty of pee and poop diapers so i know that's supposed to be a good indicator of him getting enough to eat, right? but how do i keep him interested in staying at the breast longer and actually eating from both sides?
639543 tn?1297027634 LOL! I didn't even notice that. Good eyes! And very true my milk always comes in when I'm home. Ouch. Are you breast feeding. I'm going to give it a whirl with this one. I tried with my oldest and middle but they were big babies and it hurt. I kind of gave up. I want to stick with it with this baby.
12399567 tn?1425074210 I just had my baby boy 8/16 via csection (due to him being breech) and my water broke at 37+2 weeks I actually was doing last minute shopping that morning to finish packing my suitcase! Here's what I packed! A couple loose dresses to go home in, a robe and slippers, socks (wasn't a fan of the hospitals) toiletries and hygiene products, hair tie, cheap flip flops they were like 50 cents, to shower in the hospital in, I brought my baby book to start writing in that, nursing bras.
Avatar f tn I suggest bringing your pregnancy pillow it will help u sleep. If you are breast feeding bring your breast pump. You will need 2 sets a PJs and 2 sets of comfy clothes.a camera to take pictures. Your information unless you pre register.the car seat for the baby needs to be updated and strapped in.
Avatar f tn I only took a take home outfit for baby.. nothing else! Hospital provides everything else you need except for nail clippers but I always just bit them in the beginning bc I was nervous I would cut them. Chargers, camera, makeup or any personal essentials for being picture ready. A bunch of snacks and drinks for Daddy. The 2 MOST important things for you.. Water bottle and chapstick! They were lifesavers for me.
7977717 tn?1397370684 i know books/music, clothes for both baby and mom(and dad), but what else should i put in my hospital bag? having a strong feeling baby is going to come within the next couple weeks and i want to be ready.
Avatar f tn Those are just things to make you feel more comfortable I honestly am on my third and I work in a hospital so I know they have items to use I personally this time around will not be packing a bag since I know its just a pain in the butt to have to bring it with and back home it ends up being a lot of stuff since ppl end up bringing gifts and everything ... I plan on just having my boyfriend bring me a set of clothes and my make up later as well as an outfit for baby and blanket ....
Avatar f tn I want to know how soon can I start to pump before my baby is delivered? and can I bring my breast milk to the hospital as back-up incase my baby doesn't latch on??
688845 tn?1325182236 If you would like to leave your baby and go out at any point you may want to purchase a breast pump. The better the pump the easier it is. Most everyone I know who has purchases Avent or other breast pumps that were not Medela brand were very unhappy. It is absolutely worth the extra money to purchase a Medela breast pump. This is the only brand that you will find in hospitals! I have the Medela pump in style advanced and love it.
Avatar f tn I am also planning on bringing my own pillow bc it is a comfort thing for me. I would say if you have a breast pump to bring that bc with my son it helped to pump a bit to stimulate milk supply. Chapstick, I am bringing some makeup this time so I don't look so awful in the pictures my relatives decide to post on fb!
Avatar f tn I don't have a clue how to.. I'm going to try right away once he's born. But what if he doesn't latch? Or my milk doesn't come out enough and frustrates him? How many times a day and night should you breast feed? And if I'm not there to breast feed and my boyfriend or whoever has to feed him will he even take the bottle considering its not my nipple?
Avatar f tn I also have a list in my journal entries that I'm going by, if you'd like to check out the items on that!
Avatar f tn Really all you need to pack is going home clothes and blanket for the baby...
Avatar f tn For the baby just pack a few outfits and a cute going home outfit. Mittens. Socks. My hospital gave me wipes, diapers, pacifier, and blankets. If you are breastfeeding they helped me with that and pumping and gave me a handheld pump. And they give you small bottles of formula if you don't nurse. I didn't really have to use any of my supplies I packed because the hospital had the same items I did.
Avatar f tn Holy **** 2 hours? Excuse my language lol but that's too far girl mmmmm good luck sitting that long!!
7923170 tn?1412999504 As long as you tell them you want to pump. They have to give it to you for you to use the hospital pump because those things shouldn't be shared.
Avatar f tn I gave my son a pacifier while still at the hospital & fed him a bottle at 2 weeks & he did just fine going back & forth from bottle or paci to breast. I'm more wondering if I'll still have colostrum at birth if I pump it now or will it change to milk?