Should healthy people take vitamins

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12162520 tn?1426016196 U should take them as often as you remember
Avatar f tn U should be fine, back then they didn't have vitamins and people turned out to be fine. When I was 8 weeks I stopped taking my vitamins because of vomiting, now I'm 13 weeks trying to get back on it. My docotr said its okay as long as I get back on the vitamins or find away to take them.
Avatar f tn I didn't take vitamins. Prenatal vitamins made me sick. Take a prenatal vitamin if u want, and the Dr. Should have done blood tests to see how good Ur iron and everything is. I wouldn't take anything that the Dr. Doesn't tell me.
Avatar f tn I see people on this all the time talking about prenatal vitamins and im wondering should I be taking them? The only thing my doctor told me to get was folic acid and now im worried incase I should have been taking something else all along? :/ ... Should i get them? And also what kind? I dont have a clue about these things :( I dont see my doctor until the 26th..
150483 tn?1212172156 awww i'm sooo sorry. Yes i agree you should definitly take your vitamins! Your sil has heard the wrong info from someone, did u try to explain to her that they don't make u 'fat'? And that her baby really needs it?
768754 tn?1373922337 vitamins/supplements. Are there any other specific concerns about multi-vitamins for Hep C+ people, not currently under tx? Thanks.
871965 tn?1241836746 As many others have already said as long as the prenatal vitamin has 1mg of folic acid you should be good. Folic acid must be available in the body at the time of conception, that is "before is more important than after". I have found that the prenatal vitamins differ significantly on the amount of "iron" contained in the pill. I think this is because the "iron" is what can cause nausea/vomiting in some people.
Avatar f tn I take 200mcg selenium, 1000i.u. vit e, 2000mg vit c, and milk thistle every day...And i add a little whey protein Isolate for the morning breakfast which consists of papaya,pineapple,canteloupe and banana...It seems to work for me..
Avatar f tn hi i am a ftm and i am 28 weeks pregnant and i have not taken my vitamins how they should i take them like once in a blue moon but not everyday how i should is that bad ? I dont take them because they make me feel sick :( n then i forget also ?
Avatar f tn I take gummie vitamins idk if I should still be taking prenatals along with or what
428345 tn?1204214248 I take them though still just in case.
Avatar f tn My doctor said they are to help you get the vitamines most people do not get from their food.
Avatar n tn Are prenatal vitamins really important during pregnancy? And what time of the day is the best to take them?
Avatar n tn Some people go a whole pregnancy without taking prenatals and their baby come out happy and healthy. So I think you are fine.
4194487 tn?1370049744 Yes. They say u should take them a year b4, during, & at least a yr after.
Avatar f tn There's a reason they tell you take them dear. It will help with healthy development plus help you because all your nutrients are going to baby. I know some people have different opinions but in my eyes anything I can do to benefit my baby and help him be more healthy I will do it specifically something so easy as taking a pill.
Avatar n tn everyone keeps pressuring me to take them and its mad annoying bcuz so far my baby is active luke it should and healthy as far as any of tge doctors can question is: can i continue my pregnancy without having to have any prenatal vitamins? How can i stop ppl from hounding me about not taking any?
Avatar n tn although I've been failing to take my prenatal vitamins, my baby is still healthy and growing accordingly thank the Lord. my mother in law was telling me not to worry, they didn't give her prenatal vitamins when she was pregnant with her first and my sister in law is healthy, & smart. with that being said I try not to feel so guilty but I do still try to take it as often as my body can handle it. especially since I've lost 15 lbs since being pregnant.
Avatar n tn I take spring valley prenatals. I got them at wal mart for about 12 dollars. They're easy to swallow and I didn't get sick from them. :) You could try them.
455110 tn?1205967669 Not to argue ... *whispers* I'm in the medical field... But there has been no peer reviewed scientific studies that definitively link increased folic acid intake to colon cancer. There have been some studies that suggest very, very high doses of folic acid "may" increase the chance of colon cancer in people already predisposed. The studies were not entirely conclusive. That being said, another study showed people with diets LOW in folic acid led to colon cancer.
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks today & I haven't really taken any prenatal vitamins in the last 3 months. Ima get bck on my prescription vitamins on Monday & take them daily until she's born. Am I too late for something serious in her health already????
7630308 tn?1399827473 I am sure your doctor is taking good care of you and is sounds like you have tried it all however i have seen posts in the past that some women don't have to take them cause baby is healthy and great or some don't want to.
Avatar f tn hello I was just wondering what vitamins and stuff you can take so that i can become healthy again...from my drug use i am just so freal and weak alot of the time...iv relapsed 5 times since i quit taken tylenol 1's about 19 days ago...i have taken so many that i have to go to pee every 5-15...only little amounts at a time. Im so tired during the day and have to fight just to stay up. what is suboxoan...i think thats how you spell it...i heard it can fight the cravings.
Avatar f tn This may be a dumb question but is there anything I can take (vitamins, foods, ect..) that will make my uterus a better place for my embryos to stick? I already tried IVF this past April to no avail:( I will do my 2nd round in May. I've been reading up on IVF to find out more as to why my procedure didn't work. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Vitamin K supplements (K1 and K2) are dangerous to the kidneys (and liver) and should be avoided by all people, especially since many people have less than perfect kidneys, but don't realize it - if your kidneys cannot properly process high levels of vitamin K, then you get vitamin K toxicity and kidney damage. Don't trust any online doctor or anyone who recommends vitamin K2 and claims vitamin K2 (and K1) has no serious risks.
Avatar f tn Skipping the refined version and going with the whole-grain type will gain you 5 additional grams of fiber. Corn, Healthy for you when it’s whole! A good source of B vitamins, magnesium, and phosphorus, whole corn is also thought to increase healthy gut flora, which can ward off diabetes, heart disease, and chronic inflammation. Yellow corn is also high in antioxidants. The easiest way to eat whole corn? Popcorn!
Avatar n tn As an allergic person I can tell the difference between 5 people that were at 5 different locations for just a few minutes by the reactions I can feel when I detect the pollens and such on them. When I take antihistamine I can't fell it anymore. I have actually asked people to go away or change their clothes because it was too much allergy for me to handle. I can still feel the pollen on them even after they change but much less.
Avatar m tn Some of them don’t stay in your body for long or aren’t absorbed easily. Most vitamins are safe to take daily. Have you had a blood test to see if you're deficient in any vitamin? Are you eating a healthy diet like this? Eating the right amount of calories each day is an important part of a balanced diet because it is key to helping you maintain a healthy weight. Your daily calorie needs depend on your activity level.
1492421 tn?1290304115 they say to take vitamins with lots of folic acid, so would it be better for me to take just a folic acid vitamin or a prenatal vitamins