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Avatar m tn Iceboy, The way I cope with short term memory loss is lots and lots of post it notes!!! They are covering my counters and art painting table where I work. The only problem is that I have to then try to remember what notes tell me what I'm supposed to be doing on what days and then I also have a nasty habit of loosing the note I'm trying to find. I now write notes to tell me where the next days notes are!!!.....I think?
1986676 tn?1329866071 Please wait for the beep. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have short-term memory loss, press 9. If you have low self-esteem, please hang up. Our operators are too busy to talk with you. If you are menopausal, hang up, turn on the fan, lie down and cry. You won't be crazy forever. If you are pre-menstrual, shout at the phone, smash it against the wall and try again next week.
Avatar m tn i have good reasoning power but a very poor short term memory . # my ct scan of head gave normal result but MRI report showed a dark region on 1of the cerebrum on the upper side ( at the region responsible for memory and personality what i could correlate in my books ). somehow i couldnt consult with a Dr. regarding that.
154927 tn?1205246451 I hope it's not permanent too! I watched a show on memory a while back (of course I don't remember the name) and they were saying that memory loss isn't due to age. Doing mental exercises, continuing to use your brain helps. I think it was on 20/20.
992677 tn?1497486696 Hi Wolf, confusion or memory loss of that nature is truly frightening.I had problems with my short-term memory, I have problems remembering names, phone numbers and the like. My concentration is also poor as is my ability to digest information, However nothing as severe as you have experienced.
Avatar m tn Anxiety festers to a life-threatening level, and my short-term memory is now shot, but my long-term memory has actually increased sixfold over the years. My heart pounds often, but I am actually able to run mile after mile and I lift weights. I just recovered from a relapse...but every single time I binge for weeks and weeks at a time taking 16-32 at a time, about 1-3 times a day. I feel as if my mind is no longer the way a human mind should be.
Avatar n tn But I am scared to death of causing long term damage with this drug - whether it is permanent hair loss (I'm 35) or damaging my memory/brain forever. Anyone have any experience with the medicine at this low a dose? I hate to go off of it, but with all the warning signs, it is hard to keep taking it. By the way, haven't noticed hair loss yet, but maybe it does feel thinner.
Avatar f tn 8 years after I found out, I was also diagnosed with a pituitary tumor, which has since been removed. I have short-term memory loss, have extreme difficulty remembering names and faces and constantly loosing my keys and other items. I have noticed I get aggitated easy and have become less socialble. I don't like to be around people anymore. Sometimes when I talk, the words in my mind do not come out of my mouth the way I am thinking of them. My cognative abilities have decreased a lot.
1713150 tn?1314470942 I had no idea I even had MS I fell frequently and thought I was just clumsy... I have short term memory loss and cognative deficits... I thought it was menopause and stress related to work. I had to stop working in 2008 and spent my time researching MS. I won't deny it... I didn't believe it, the same reaction I had when they diagnosed me with fibromyalgia years earlier... it does get better!!!!
Avatar f tn Crystal, it may be the short term memory loss people experience with ECT during and at least, 6 months after. It was offered to me early, in my first 2 years, but I refused because I cannot deal with the short term memory loss and would be uncomfortable depending on others, even if it was for a short time. I know a few people who had it, and it is true that they don't really talk about it, but then, I don't really ask, unless they bring it up themselves. It's nothing like a lobotomy.
Avatar n tn I had similar symptoms to my PCS, but many more added to much greater depths and permanency such as lack of concentration/focus, short-term memory loss, double vision, dyslexia, occasional brief feelings of 'losing it' and a sexual orientation/attraction shift - I'm bisexual - but was born straight. I had the 'fuzzy' symptoms again for several weeks or months, especially during my college courses I never did complete after multiple attempts to finish my degree.
Avatar n tn I have a very poor short term memory but my long term memory is totally intact. LOL!!!!! I'll be 50 on Saturday, maybe that's part of it too. God bless all.
Avatar n tn I for one would certainly welcome any information on a Peg/Riba post tx people study, in particular depression and memory loss/lapse. Has your Dr. provided any information? Mkeela's right though, don't hesitate. You've been through enough already. Good luck!
284078 tn?1282620298 Fortunately, God was on her side because she was smart enough to stop the Topamax and go to the emergency room before she developed an attack of acute narrow angle glaucoma (symptoms severe eye pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, almost complete vision loss.) Her ocular pressure was actually only slightly elevated and with cessation of the Topamax, her pressure returned to normal in a day, while it took over a week for her vison to return to normal.
Avatar n tn They said if she did come out of the coma,she at best would be able to do very little.She suffered complete short term memory lose.She suffered throat damage,due to pulling her tubes out 20 + times.The nurses kept on telling my wife if you need anything just press the infamous RED button.So,everytime there was a nurses change.I had to inform the nurses,my wife has no short term memory.We had her throat operated on at another hospital later that year,but she did regain a whisper but not much.
Avatar n tn My dad age 80 had a stroke 10 months ago. He also had the vascular dementia and loss of short term memory. His confusion also varies greatly each day. One day I will talk to him and he sounds like his old self, the next day he will barely remember me.... It is very difficult to deal with because just when we think he is doing better, he has one of his days in which he is very confused and very weak. I feel the worst for my mom because she has to deal with it every day.
637356 tn?1301928422 We did complete the math homework and his english homework, which persist of reading a paragraph and then answering four questions on it. I know there is a problem with his short term memory. We can tell him something and he forgets a minute later what we just told him. It can be something simple like cat, dog, shoe and then make him repeat the words back and he can't repeat them.
Avatar m tn who would short a bio stock without some very interesting info on their hands? Option maybe, but short.
147426 tn?1317269232 But there has been no improvement ever in my other symptoms - which aren't many, thank God - fatigue, heat intolerance, short term memory and word recall problems,incontinence, R leg extensor spasticity and weakness, paresthesias in my R lower leg. Absolutely, if there was good evidence that the Avonex isn't holding, I would step up the ladder and try Rebif. I would be reluctant to try Betaseron for it's side effect and neutralizing antibody profile.
Avatar n tn My former neurologist never thought Topomax would be a fit for me with the type of job I had, but I recently relocated to a new state and was referred to a new Neurologist. This MD is not as fussy about the fit between lifestyle and drug side effects and put me on Topomax to deal with Migraines about 2 weeks ago. I am not up to full dosage yet (only at 50 mg & he is hoping to ramp me up to 200mg per day) & I am done with this junk.
4810126 tn?1503946335 Since then, I've been experiencing incredibly powerful emotions, sensory images, musical 'associations', memories and a deeply physical pain in my guts. Visceral is the term. As I said to a friend: 'It's like trying to pass a large emotional Kidney stone or something'. I'm experiencing the deaths of all those friends who've passed that I never mourned because of the Heroin & Methadone. I mean, I 'felt' it at arm's length at the time but it was more like 'going through the motions'.
649926 tn?1297661380 some days are very clear but those are fewer than they used to be now and as I've mentioned before I struggle with simple math, placing names, hearing things in a crowd, understanding the meaning of things, and short/long term memory is very bad now. This has been harder for me to accept than the fact that I can't run down the street... becuase I've just strapped myself into a wheelchair and rolled beside my friends as faster than they could walk.
Avatar n tn I also have blurred vision (left eye), dizziness, increasing difficulty walking, tingling and burning in my hands and feet, some dysarthria (R's, V's, and W's...??
Avatar f tn slow, foggy, concentrating really hard and i still can't quite follow, forgetting 'new' information, short term memory not automatic. Distracted, Spelling and visual memory off, how to do, how to start, what to say etc is all off. Does that make any sense? Pseudo's exaggerate it all and just like resting/sleeping helps recharge the physical, it does the same with the cognitive, though its never not still there to some degree.
Avatar m tn Forsee says: "and (LEST WE FORGET), we're both are on a good supplementation/diet regimen.." ------------------------------- Even with my short term memory loss, not sure that is possible. LOL. But seriously, glad you two nutrition freaks are doing so well. Speaking of which, I'll be heading to the health food store tomorrow. I want to try something called Tree Tea Oil? for my skin problems -- actually mentioned by my derm. Also, Roobios tea soaks have been used for many years in S.
Avatar f tn i am noticing though that while these meds are working it appears only for a short term. he seems to outgrow meds very fast...which then becomes an even bigger issue. stimulants like ritalin and concerta, no longer work on their still says he has focus issues, but he is on alot of meds and im not adding more for them...
Avatar n tn Sorry, I said the Thomas recipe was above this thread, it's actually below it, 1 or 2 post down.
Avatar f tn Like an an ornery chihuahua, 10 min into the rant the anemia will kick in and he'll need a nap. Soon, short-term memory loss will ensure he has no idea what you're talking about . On tx irritation may run high and self-control low, but fatigue trumps all. Ev: great math - I may need to use it in the future..
1323357 tn?1274826939 People that have experienced DP as a result of a bad drug trip or experience have NOT caused long term damage the mechanism is exactly the same, your brain is protecting itself, hiding away to get the rest it needs whether this be from the fear a bad experience causes or from the long term drain the drug use has on your body. For some people, there seems to be no trauma, no drug-inducement, no nothing that caused the DP.