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Avatar f tn One week ago (last sunday) i was in a bikini at a public pool when I noticed a weird rash of multiple red bumps on my right hip just below my waistline. It is right where my palm would be if I "put my hand on my hips". I thought it was an allergic reaction or a spider bite. But the next day it began itching and burning like crazy. The itch spreads all the way to my low back, even though there is no rash there.
Avatar f tn I went to a different doctor in the same practice. I guess the rash made it evident to be Shingles. All of the rash has been on the left side in the thigh. I can't believe I have Shingles. I am 55!
Avatar n tn Its on my lower hip ,just on one side . It starts as on ,then satellites into 3 or more .also it has occurred more than once. And for some years now. I recent ally have had mersa. My immune system has been low for several years ,and since being Ina nursing home for physical therapy ,my stress is very high. Another strange thing , my mother also gets this , in the same place ,and so did my grandmother . Is this shingles or what .
Avatar f tn I had a D test a while ago, I was fine. Seems like a lot of people need it though. I was just mentioning the mysterious "shingles" like painful sore I used to get on my upper hip - this was just prior to being dx'd as hoshi. Always and only in that one place too. After throid meds it never came back, fine now. It was weird though and really painful. Oh -If I was a 'Misses' Moose, Mary Kay would be on my list.
986422 tn?1249072565 It lasted longer than shingles normally would and then traveled to both my shoulders, then to my upper back and finally one hip. Now I have the same itchy, nerve sensitive rash on my shin. Had the same rash on my opposite shin last year. About the time the scalp was clearing up and before the shoulders broke out, I found lumps in my lymph nodes in my neck. GP thought it was from the shingles rash but since I then broke out further I realized that it wasn't shingles.
Avatar n tn I recently went to a doctor with a rash on my hip, pelvis, and back, all on my right side. Right when she looked at it, she told me that it was clearly shingles, but she took a swab of it and sent it into the lab (for a viral culture, I think?) to make sure. I received a call from the doctor four days later saying that my rash was from HSV-2, genital herpes. This is extremely bizarre to me because I've never had sexual contact with anyone.
Avatar m tn I have had shingles for a year. Never the blisters but a painful, red/purplish rash that looks like a dark center in some areas. It feels like a burn. The Dermatologist says it shingles. I went to PCP more recently but they didn't really know anything. It has changed in size and shape but it's always in the same area on my hip/butt area. I have tried lots of creams and it just won't go away.
Avatar n tn I had shingles about a couple months ago... but i had no blisters just a tiny mark on my hip. Also with a blood sample as well they could tell if you had it or not. thats how they found out mine. But i would talk to a doctor and ask them about the x-ray, i've never heard of anything like that before. hope this helped!
Avatar n tn The last rash moved from the lower spine area (the quarter sized) to a larger rash in the periformus area--moving closer to the hip. Rash starts as a lump, then breaks out into the blisters. How can I find out for sure if it's zoster, simplex, herpetiformis--do I go to a dermatologist to do a test with the tissue sample, or is there a definitive blood test? I am 58, also diagnosed with chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia/extreme hypothyroidism.
Avatar m tn The first sign is usually a tingling feeling, itchiness, or stabbing pain on the skin. After a few days, a rash appears as a band or patch of raised dots on the side of the trunk or face. The rash develops into small, fluid-filled blisters which begin to dry out and crust over within several days. When the rash is at its peak, symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme and intense pain.
Avatar f tn Yes, the rash is gone. No rash, no blisters and no scabs, just red still, so nearly gone. Please note I have been on cortisteroids for eye problems for over 3 months (this is an unusually long time), and on a chemotherapy eye drop for a week, just prior to this rash (which I stopped due to eye irritation). When I looked it up on the internet today, it said shingles can occur due to these two things, and a compromised immune system. I kept researching on the internet.
Avatar m tn with opthamology. No one has even mentioned the possibility of shingles. Is it possible? No rash. HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn Hi, i dont know much about shingles except that my neighbor had it for months and nothing they did worked. Is it painful at all? I would call the Dr right away..of course it is the weekend.. I am going to read up on shingles..
Avatar f tn Shingles only reoccurs more than 1 time in about 5% of folks. Reoccuring multiple times is even rarer. That's how I can easily confirm that it's not shingles. Coupled together with the fact that you already know you have genital herpes - it's pretty much a no brainer to be honest.
Avatar n tn Sounds to me like you have Shingles. Sometimes it takes a while for a rash to appear. The rash can be on the 'inside' of your skin which why some Doctors do not diagnose it early enough. . I have had two severe attacks of Shingles. The first one I had a nasty rash that was extremely painful. The second attack I was misdiagnosed as there was no rash to alert the Doctor what was going on. The Anti Viral meds must be taken within the first 72 hours to minimize symptoms.
Avatar m tn The skin was at first just sensitive to touch and there was so redness or rash anywhere, but now it is really red and looks very much a like a rash. I have a big one on my hip, a medium size one a little bit lower then the one on my hip, and a random spot on my lower back (I noticed that one a little bit before my skin started feeling sensitive, could be the cause?). So I have that which is very uncomftrable and sensitive, and I also have swollen lymph nodes on both ends on my pubic bone.
Avatar f tn I am in a similar situation - and three docs confirmed shingles without rash. I doubted it with the first two and then now on a third visit to a different doc finally and succumbing to the idea that I am having shingles. The pain is constant, confined to my arm, mostly my wrist and back of arm - dr said the latent virus is settled in my radial nerve Very painful not only when moving but trying to lie still as well.
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago I broke out in a rash right above my crotch on the right hand side near my hip bone. The rash was bumpy and red, I assumed it was a heat rash as it started while I was on vacation in the Caribbean. 3 weeks after the rash appeared I started getting concerned that it wasn't going away. I went to the dermatologist who diagnosed it as shingles, as it was only on one side of the body and had starting crusting over in some areas, also that it had started spreading left.
Avatar f tn Yea she said that the main rash on my stomach looked like either poison ivy or shingles and ruled out shingles bc of the itching and that I had more rash on my sides and back saying that shingles can't occur on that many areas. I guess I just had questions about the whole thing bc I'm really worried. My questions are 1) how long does it take for all of the herpes sores that are going to appear to show up?
187666 tn?1331173345 groin, up over hip and to the back. No rash yet, just that needle pricking sensation non-stop. It's been 2 days, will wait and see if a rash shows up. What are the odds of getting shingles twice? I'm still not sure the first time was shingles since I didn't have the "pain" that is often mentioned.
Avatar n tn How long has this been going on? Do you have any kind of rash? Shingles can start out with that before the rash presents. Since you're so uncomfortable with this, you really need to see your doctor. It could be a lot of things. I have that same feeling due to both fibromyalgia and nerve pain from RSD. My son loves to rub my wrist really lightly before he goes to sleep and it is true agony and I usually have to tell him to stop.
1770925 tn?1365618522 I have an older friend that did get the Shingles vaccine and it made her ill along with a light Shingles like rash - but nothing compared to the actual Shingles. Her husband had no ill effects. I do have a question - if I may - how much was your Shingles vaccine? Was it covered by insurance. I don't know if you are a senior - but if you are was it covered by Medicare? Thanks for joining us. I'll look forward to your participation in our forum.
Avatar f tn Hello I am a 21 year old girl and just recently i found an ex boyfriend had herpes. I haven't hung out with this ex boyfriend for almost a whole year.. and i just recently heard he had herpes, I even asked his cousin to confirm it and it's true. So being a hypochondriac that i am I freaked out for a day or two and just convinced myself like "Nah I don't have herpes, I never had an outbreak.
551343 tn?1506830518 I had it on my left leg. The rash came out on my foot up to my knee but the PAIN was in my hip and butt. If it is shingles the sooner you get an antiviral the better. You can also take L-lysine and cut down on arginine foods like nuts and chocolate. It takes awhile to run its course. I hope you will get it checked out and start to feel better soon.
Avatar n tn About three months ago I developed what has been diagnosed by a urologist as a bacterial bladder infection in the left side of my bladder. Around the same time my left hip began itching, but there is absolutely no rash, visible swelling, bumps, or redness. Now I cannot lay on my left side or it highly irritates it. I visited another doctor who took xrays and says that is is likely bursitis in the hip, but does not understand the itching.
Avatar m tn I had sex with my girlfriend a few days ago, and woke up this morning with a very severe rash beginning at the top of my pubic region and going all the way up to my left hip. its only painful when i apply pressure to it, and its a rather blotchy rash. one or two of the 'blotch's' have what look likes a pimple right in the middle of them but the rest dont. it is pretty itchy but not overly itchy. in terms of the sex it was pretty normal but it was hot and therefore we were sweaty.
Avatar m tn There is a patch on her lower back, one on the inner part of her thigh and a large patch on the outer most point of her hip, along with multiple small patches. The larger patch is about the size of a tennis ball in diameter. Two of the patches are about the size of a quarter and then multiple the size of a dime. The lesions of the rash are blistering and the surrounding area is red and inflamed.
893721 tn?1241560424 The doc looked at the rash on my scalp and the swollen node beneath it and said I had shingles. I have had a recurrent scalp rash every month and Acyclovir never worked. Now I use a special shampoo and the rash has gone. Now I get a rash on the left side of my waist up to my armpit. I am wondering if I've ever had shingles or maybe just a cause of the thyroid hormones out of wack. I should have my Hashi's results this Monday.