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Avatar m tn with opthamology. No one has even mentioned the possibility of shingles. Is it possible? No rash. HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn Hi, i dont know much about shingles except that my neighbor had it for months and nothing they did worked. Is it painful at all? I would call the Dr right away..of course it is the weekend.. I am going to read up on shingles..
Avatar f tn I have a small rash that goes along my right hip bone. There is another small spot on my hip. It is below my belt line. It doesn't really itch but it is blistering and I'm experiencing a small amount of pain. I have no clue what it could be because it isn't anywhere near my genital area and it isn't spreading or anything. It is only on one side. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar n tn You could be one of those people who don't get the rash. Usually the shingles rash wraps around on side of the torso (back to stomach or back to chest), or appears in places like the neck or face. If you haven't had the rash, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. I wonder if you could talk with your doctor about taking antiviral meds. to speed up the healing process regarding any pain?
Avatar f tn I went to a different doctor in the same practice. I guess the rash made it evident to be Shingles. All of the rash has been on the left side in the thigh. I can't believe I have Shingles. I am 55!
Avatar f tn I am a 39 year old woman who has had shingles off and on now for 6 years. I have never had the rash. For me it always starts with a headache then chills and flu like symptoms of nausea and whole body aching. Then the burning, itching, scorpion stinging, tingling, numbness in my back starts and I also get Vertigo. I get it in my shoulder blade on right side that goes down to my ribs. I also have had it in my right hip and in my left ear.
Avatar f tn My joints were becoming more tender and I was just about to go back on mtx and start prednisone when I got shingles. I was put on savella for muscle pain, mostly in my neck, upper backl and lower back and into my upper arms and it helped. There are days when I have flares and I think it's not working but it's improved in a couple of days.
Avatar n tn However, a week after the neck rash went away a rash popped up on my right hand. Then a day later another rash showed up on my left arm and left leg. This is too weird! I am clearing up the rashes quickly with my comfrey gel but am concerned about the recurrence of this so quickly and in several areas. I was told by the doctor to get a shingles shot as soon as this clears up. Hopefully it will without another outbreak somewhere else on my person!
Avatar f tn Two days ago I noticed a mole on my lower back with a raised red area around it and currently there are several areas going From there down my left hip. It itches but is also very sore underneath the areas when pressed on. Right now they just look like a hive. I am waiting to see if they start looking like psoriasis.
Avatar n tn I had very , very good luck with lidocaine patches when I first had the shingles on my torso . I added lyrica on the days they were breaking out and it helped but I literly am so advanced in deterioration from years of pain I sit all day . When the shingles get bad I take the lyrica and am basically comotose in the chair but its better then seeming stark raving mad begging God to take me right then I am in such pain . I developed something called dermagraphia after years on opiates .
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago I broke out in a rash right above my crotch on the right hand side near my hip bone. The rash was bumpy and red, I assumed it was a heat rash as it started while I was on vacation in the Caribbean. 3 weeks after the rash appeared I started getting concerned that it wasn't going away. I went to the dermatologist who diagnosed it as shingles, as it was only on one side of the body and had starting crusting over in some areas, also that it had started spreading left.
Avatar n tn Another day or so, and a couple more itchy bumps later I went to a local clinic, and the doctor there told me the large rashes on my hip and thigh were Shingles, and the small bumps on various other parts of my body were caused by scratching and spreading the virus. He prescribed me an anti-viral medication, which he told me "may or may not help" but the prescription was so expensive and my insurance apparently doesn't cover any of it, or something, so I was unable to pick it up.
Avatar f tn II've had a blistered rash on my hip since Sunday. For a week before that my thigh has and is super sensitive, tingling, pins and needles feeling. I've felt crappy all over and my hip and knee joints were sore. This is all on the right side of the body. the only thing I can come to this being after hours of internet research is shingles. Today I went to expresscare and the dr said that it's not shingles because it doesn't "hurt" enough.
Avatar f tn I have been dignosed with Herpes 2 I have never had a genital outbreak, However just before these reoccurrign breakouts on my right buttocks/hip I had a spider bite on my neck. I went to the doctor and it was not shingles adn indeed a spider bite according to the doctor Another firend of mine has also had a spider bite in his face. His doctor says that it can cause Herpes as he does get outbreaks now t.The spider bite I had on my neck is just like the breakouts that are on my butt.
Avatar f tn II've had a blistered rash on my hip since Sunday. For a week before that my thigh has and is super sensitive, tingling, pins and needles feeling. I've felt crappy all over and my hip and knee joints were sore. This is all on the right side of the body. the only thing I can come to this being after hours of internet research is shingles. Today I went to expresscare and the dr said that it's not shingles because it doesn't "hurt" enough.
Avatar n tn A week later they have called me to tell me that it is not shingles it is Herpes 2 and that I will need to make another Appt with my Dr to have it treated. I don't understand how I could possible have herpes on my Thigh, my knee and on my hip. And how they could mis-diagnose this as Shingles. Can you please help me understand what it is?
Avatar f tn I kept researching on the internet. Regarding the two dermatome(s), several people had shingles on their neck and belly. It's never been on my private areas. Is it true that shingles usually only happen once in a person's lifetime? I agree with you that I will need to get herpes specific test, but is that a waste of time, if it doesn't it's a one time thing? Should I wait until another outbreak or do it when I'm not breaking out?
187666 tn?1331176945 groin, up over hip and to the back. No rash yet, just that needle pricking sensation non-stop. It's been 2 days, will wait and see if a rash shows up. What are the odds of getting shingles twice? I'm still not sure the first time was shingles since I didn't have the "pain" that is often mentioned.
Avatar m tn My mom is 83 and has had shingles before on her back, with no rash. She started having pain in her leg above the knee and in the past two days is traveling up her leg an yesterday started feeling really lousy. She went to her doctor today and the doctor said she isn't really sure what it is,but thinks it's her hip that's causing the pain. Prescribed her a medication for the pain in her leg and said if she's not better by Friday to call her and sent her on her way.
Avatar n tn I have had recurring shingles for about 2 years now. The area is always on the left hip/upper leftt buttocks area. I have been treated with valtrex twice. The last time being about 2 months ago, went to dermatologist, dr did a biopsy since it has gone on for so long and confirmed shingles, treated with valtrex for 7 days. The dr.
Avatar n tn I had shingles about a couple months ago... but i had no blisters just a tiny mark on my hip. Also with a blood sample as well they could tell if you had it or not. thats how they found out mine. But i would talk to a doctor and ask them about the x-ray, i've never heard of anything like that before. hope this helped!
Avatar n tn ) for the back pain (the pain isn't exactly where the rash is, its more on the side of my back and upper hip) which after 5 days has gotten better, but is not gone. I went to the doctor today who took a blood test for herpes... this totally freaked me out - does genital herpes cause pain? Also, its not on my genitals at all -- there is a spot that is along the edge of my panty line but the rest is patches of rash down the back of my thigh and its only on the left leg, nothing on the right.
Avatar m tn also uncomfortable sitting, sleeping since gluteal area is sensitive, including lateral hip area. this pain does not seem to be going away. i do have a history of shingles post pneumothorax i developed following a trigger point ingection that punctured the plural lining. the shingles outbreak was on my nose and cleared up with zovarax. i have placed myself on Lyrica to see if pain improves. i am thinking it could be shingles or post neuroherpatic pain.
Avatar m tn From what I've read, shingles involves small blisters, normally located on the back or hip area. My rash is located on the scalp near my forehead, and I don't have any blisters. It's basically a very sensitive area with rough, raised portions that are beet-red. Shingles are supposed to itch, but I was never itchy in the first two days of treatment, and I'm not itchy on the 4th day.
Avatar f tn I'm no expert, but my boyfriend did have shingles a few years ago, and based on that experience, I'm inclined to say that if you had shingles, you'd KNOW. His started out itching like crazy, and then blistered up and were extremely painful. Even a t-shirt brushing against the bumps would make him wince. The bumps were close together, like yours, but they formed in a sort of chain along the right side of the lower portion of his rib cage.
551343 tn?1506834118 Most get it on the torso or face. I had it on my left leg. The rash came out on my foot up to my knee but the PAIN was in my hip and butt. If it is shingles the sooner you get an antiviral the better. You can also take L-lysine and cut down on arginine foods like nuts and chocolate. It takes awhile to run its course. I hope you will get it checked out and start to feel better soon.
893721 tn?1241564024 The doc looked at the rash on my scalp and the swollen node beneath it and said I had shingles. I have had a recurrent scalp rash every month and Acyclovir never worked. Now I use a special shampoo and the rash has gone. Now I get a rash on the left side of my waist up to my armpit. I am wondering if I've ever had shingles or maybe just a cause of the thyroid hormones out of wack. I should have my Hashi's results this Monday.
Avatar f tn Now a couple of weeks ago I went through the exact same thing except the rash was a small patch on my right hip/buttock. went to see the doc and I told her I had shingles again and she told me it was most likely herpes and that the first outbreak is always the absolute worst. I used the Valtrex and some cream and the rash is pretty much gone and same with the nerve pain. I wa sso upset to here that it is herpes, but I am going to get the blood test done just to make sure.
Avatar f tn One week ago (last sunday) i was in a bikini at a public pool when I noticed a weird rash of multiple red bumps on my right hip just below my waistline. It is right where my palm would be if I "put my hand on my hips". I thought it was an allergic reaction or a spider bite. But the next day it began itching and burning like crazy. The itch spreads all the way to my low back, even though there is no rash there.