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Avatar f tn just finished rash on left shoulder...was on a antiviral med, and tyleon#3 with codein, I have horrible pain in my head and left side of ear....what else can be done, and when will pain go away..
640719 tn?1277143630 Since then the rash cleared within one week on the right side of his face and now is starting on the left ear just as it did on the right ear with no blisters. Just swelling and burning smooth red skin that spreads evenly. I'm not a doctor but I've never seen shingles like this and I think he has gotten two wrong DX's. The rash moves like hives.. One hour it's there then completely shrinks leaving no marks. I didn't think it was possible to get shingles on both sides of the body?
Avatar f tn I just got over having the rash, on my left shoulder, but now I am having horrible, horrible pain in the back of my head, and on the side of the head, could this be related to the shingles. My Dr. said it would be very painful and gave me tylenol w/ codeine, and an antivral medication.... how long will i feel this bad....please feel free to email, me ***@****.....
Avatar n tn most likely T nerve..only on the left side. doc said it may be shingles.. no rash and its been a week since the burning sensation started. last night burning sensation spread to the scalp behind the ear with slight jabbing pains on left side back of head and jawline. this morning woke up and pain almost is completely gone.. but is still slightly there. could this be shingles? or is it something else?
Avatar n tn I went to an urgent care clinic and they diagnosed it a shingles based on that it was only on the left side of my body and the rash was very extensive. They did no culture the lesions. I really do not have any risk for HSV. I have been with the same women for the last 6 years and the only concern we had was HPV. She had it when we first met and I may have had a wart frozen off a few months ago with no return. Is it possible the diagnosis was incorrect?
Avatar n tn My son is 9 and had a blistered rash coming down his face from his left side of head and his eye was red from infection so i took him doctors and he was diagnosed with shingles and we were given aciclovir to stop viral infection along with panadol for pain its the second day hes crying with pain his eye snd forehead is swallon ive been putting listerine on it cause ibhear the eucolyptus helps but now he feels sick like vomoting and is not eating well should i be concern or is it just taking its
Avatar n tn I thought I had hurt my neck as I had serious pain in the back of my head and neck and swelling. I never got the rash though and now I have had the same symptoms 2 more times. Does anyone know if I am having reoccurances or just nerve pain. Please if there is anyone else who might have the same issues I'd like to know what your doctor thinks.
Avatar n tn Before shingles broke out the doctor could not figure out what I had only that my white blood cell count was high. We had done many blood tests and I had given up. Then a little rash appeared... then came on the low grade fever,headaches,and panic attacks from the pain. It was so dreadfull. Anywho it's been a while and I need some advice on who I should consult and how. My parents can not afford the doc right now.
Avatar m tn Overall, at this point it seems very mild, whatever it is - there is not that much pain or itching and the lesions haven't presented themselves as blisters -except for a very minuscule white head on one. So, is there any risk that the rash/lesions were misdiagnosed as Shingles but it is really HSV?
Avatar m tn It was attacking the back of the eye causing chorioretinitis, and I also presented with a rash on both sides of my body and essentially from head to toe, but there was never any clear indication that it was related. Fluid from my right eye was removed and much blood as well, and sent to the lab for various tests. The tests concluded that I had shingles and that I had no underlying condition to cause it.
Avatar f tn Hello, From the symptoms it can be a shingles bump or boil. The first sign of shingles is usually a tingling feeling, itchiness, or stabbing pain on the skin. After a few days, a rash appears as a band or patch of raised dots on the side of the trunk or face. The rash develops into small, fluid-filled blisters which begin to dry out and crust over within several days. When the rash is at its peak, symptoms can range from mild itching to extreme and intense pain.
Avatar f tn I am a 39 year old woman who has had shingles off and on now for 6 years. I have never had the rash. For me it always starts with a headache then chills and flu like symptoms of nausea and whole body aching. Then the burning, itching, scorpion stinging, tingling, numbness in my back starts and I also get Vertigo. I get it in my shoulder blade on right side that goes down to my ribs. I also have had it in my right hip and in my left ear.
Avatar f tn She had a rash on her back under her left arm and under/on her right breast. I had already made an appt with her doctor for tomorrow to talk about her on going back pain and wanted them to do some blood work. I bumped the appt up to today because the rash was gettting worse and she was in so much pain. At first the doctor didn't think it was shingles but then looked it up on the website to double check before treating it for something worse. It was defintately shingles.
Avatar m tn about three to five days later, I noticed tingling on the back of my head on the left side of my scalp only. the tingling and itchy area turned into hard bumps, and started to become very painful. I went to urgent care, and after three seconds of examining, the doctor instantly Declared that I had Shingles. It is very very painful. I have been taking tylonol and a little benedril, but it still is painfull, mostly in my sleep. any tips? at all? I would be very greatful!
Avatar n tn Hello, Mostly shingles is accompanied by a very painful rash, but sometimes shingles pain occurs without a rash. This condition is known as zoster sine herpete. In the absence of a rash, pain in the chest or the back may be so severe as to occasionally be mistaken for a heart attack, a lung infection or spinal problem. You can discuss this possibility with your dermatologist and get yourself prescribed for the treatment of shingles.
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Avatar f tn I have been suffering from Shingles for over 3 months and have moved into the Post Herpatic Neuropathy stage. Pain is a constant and nothing really helps other than pain meds to help with the pain. What is strange is that I have now broken out with blisters again on my back. This is by far and away the worst thing I have ever had.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! In rashless shingles, it is often the only treatment that can be tried. Talk to your doctor about the possibility of improvement with acyclovir and steroids. If this does not help then nerve block is the only option as this pain will not respond to conventional therapy. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Maybe you can seek another opinion. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn My rash doesn't hurt or itch at all (I can touch it, rub it, pour water on it and it doesn't hurt) 2) Are shingles pain located in the rash only? My pain occurs mostly on the back, the chest (near the rash, but not in the rash itself), my legs, my arms and sometimes, my hands and feet. Whenever I touch the painful areas, they don't hurt....It's just a tingling, pounding pain that comes and goes....There are no wounds, rashes or anything visible in those areas that hurt.......
Avatar m tn Today i was diagnosed with what the doctor thought was 'maybe' shingles. A rash on my ack that is not painful, has not blistered, but the pattern reminded her of the manifestation of shingles. Anyhow, I have been married for 2 1/2 years and have only had sex with my wife in the last 4 years. I only recently became concerned with HIV and paranoia, so i've taken a few oraquick tests at home (mouth swab). I have taken 4 including today. October, November, January and now today.
Avatar f tn I have a weird rash on my entire body. They're aggravated, anywhere from slightly red, to looks-like-I'm-about-to-bleed red, They're all slightly raised bumps, and range in size between the tip of a pencil to the tip of a used crayon. I thought at first it was an allergic reaction, but it's been over a week, and the rash is spreading. My doctor says it may be a form of Rosacea, but I've never been diagnosed.
Avatar f tn this isn't the shingles forum but i didn't move your question to that forum because it's not likely this is shingles going on for you. shingles would've healed on its own long before this and you wouldn't still have rashes, same as it wouldn't be bilateral and present in the way you are describing. your herpes testing was type specific herpes igg blood testing? don't wear tucks pads all day long again either. they aren't meant to be used like that.
Avatar n tn I had very , very good luck with lidocaine patches when I first had the shingles on my torso . I added lyrica on the days they were breaking out and it helped but I literly am so advanced in deterioration from years of pain I sit all day . When the shingles get bad I take the lyrica and am basically comotose in the chair but its better then seeming stark raving mad begging God to take me right then I am in such pain . I developed something called dermagraphia after years on opiates .
Avatar f tn Pityriasis rosea is a temporary skin condition which presents as numerous patches of pink or red oval rash. The rash usually starts with one patch on the chest, abdomen, thighs, or back. After a couple of weeks, it often spreads to other areas. The rash may or may not itch. Initially, a primary plaque, called a herald patch, is seen. Then it is followed by a distinctive, generalized rash 1-2 weeks later.
Avatar m tn They are on the right side of my scalp, in the lower head area, above my neck at the back. I also have a small rash on the front of my neck, at my throat. that rash has like little blister. there is also a small area of rash on my ear. My doctor looked at it and doesn't think it's shingles, due to the areas it covers. I would agree with her, however, looking at the rash on my neck, it does resemble shingles a lot! She think's that it is either hives, or an egg allergy.
Avatar f tn After my shower today I noticed a rash on the right side of my face that had papules of different sizes. One sort of looked like it had a blister but I do have very mild rosacea that shows up only once a year or so. The rash is almost in a horseshoe line that starts by the earlobe. No pain (slight tingle but probably 'in my head' since I saw it), no burning, fever, nothing. The rash is not as red as in the picture and the photo is greatly enlarged so they look huge.
Avatar m tn it is the second form of chicken pox that you have once you have had chickenpox and you always carry it it is brought on by stress i do not have the shingles rash but dr said the pain comes first then the rash is the rash comes at all what do you think any one else know if this ir the right diagnoses or is it something else
Avatar f tn The walkin gave me cephlexin for the folliculitis and valacyclovir incase it was shingles. And bactroban to rub on the rash. Been taking both for 4 days now and the rash is drying up and going away. Im wondering if shingles always forms a line or if it can occur on the center of your chest? Its funny before i went fishing i was reminded of the last time i got sun burnt amd got shingles and was hoping it didnt happen this time.
Avatar n tn Hi, During the car accident was there any associated head or scalp injury? Was there any open wound in the scalp? Shingles may occur in the scalp. It may be managed with pain relievers as antivirals like acyclovir are only effective once initiated early on. These medications also have some side effects. Shingles may resolve spontaneously after 3 weeks and they usually present with crusts and tingling pain. Another differential for your friend is folliculitis.