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Avatar f tn Hi - 2-3 days ago I developed a red, somewhat itchy, irritated rash on my neck in a v pattern - distribution starts under both ears, drops down to a point at the top of my upper chest. Yesterday, the rash moved to my face, around my nose and mouth. Now I have small, red raised nodules on my torso. They're not especially painful, but I take a lot of pain meds for my neck issues. I am immune suppressed - I take azathioprine for Crohn's Disease. Never had anything like this before.
Avatar f tn Or does the placement (front side of body, rt shoulder and neck) sound more in line with shingles? Also if the rash has dried up but not fully healed can it still be biopsied or cultured? And if she doesn't take anti virals can it spread even though it appears to be going away.
Avatar m tn a steange neck rash developed at base at front left hand side. rectangular almost in shape. very dry but not really itchy. began to spread around neck before disappearing. at same time as rash began to go, acute pain in left hand side of torso, roughly kidney area around to front. associated with ice pick type headaches. symptoms abated after 3-4 days with no treatment but pain has returned twice more for short periods all bloods fine.
Avatar n tn Thank you for responding. My gut says it's not an ordinary rash. Is it possible to get any other symptoms on the skin from Herpes? I'm still having a very tough time dealing with the idea that I have Herpes and I feel even more depressed now. At least when I had an outbreak on my bum, no body knew but me. I don't even want to show my husband what's on my neck. It's bad enough I feel disgusting when I have a recurrence on my bum but what could this be on my neck?
Avatar f tn I started having a sore throat and ear ache on Sunday. On Monday, I had a rash that itched on my neck. Yesterday I went to the Urgent Care and was told it's Shingles caused by having chickenpox when I was a child. They gave me a steriod shot yesterday in the office and then gave me scripts for prednisone and Acyclovir. I started taking the Acyclovir yesterday and took the prednisone this morning. Here's my concern.
Avatar f tn Two weeks ago a rash began on my neck and 4 days later another area near my bellybutton. I started putting a steroidal cream, Triamcinolone Acetonide on my neck immediately and it helped. When the rash developed on my bellybutton I scheduled an appointment with my allergy/immunologist doctor. It was a Friday, so I had to wait until Monday. Over the weekend, the belly area got worse and blistered badly.
Avatar m tn Can I ask you- what was your source for labelling a sunburn type rash (I have it in the same place, but just on one side of neck) as ARS? Wikipedia says that it's a maculoupoular rash, that it DOES have raised bumps similar to what you would get with measles. Here is a picture: if this is the HIV rash, its a lot more than a red area/sunburn this is what shingles looks like: http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn Hello, Most cases of shingles last for 3-5 weeks and after the rash goes away, some people may be left with long lasting pain called post-herpetic neuralgia or PHN. This may last even after 1 month when the shingles rash may persist. I would suggest you to consult your doctor immediately as pain killers and antiviral drugs are needed and they should be started within 72 hours of the diagnosis. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn m a regular athlete who just came down with the shingles for the second time in 15 years, this time I got the rash on my left arm, from the wrist up to my shoulder, rash following the nerve path, I sort of knew what it was and started taking 800 mg of Acyclovir four times a day (it was the weekend and wouldn't see a doctor until Monday) I had read about this, My brother in-law M.D.
Avatar n tn I am training for a half marathon. I have, just this week been diagnosed with a mild case of Shingles. A friend told me I was in Adrenal Fatigue? My question is, is there any connection between adrenal fatigue and shingles. I would love a response.
Avatar f tn I did what you said and I went back to the doctor today he said to finish my medication like you said he also checked my head and the back of my neck which has a slight rash on the right side and prescribed an anti-inflammatory medicine he thinks I either have an anti-inflammatory infection or could be shingles as I am 50 and have had the chickenpox when I was little so he's not quite sure, and I looked up shingles and I have some of those things but I don't have a rash like that but tod
Avatar n tn My mother has had shingles before I am concerned cause i woke up one morning with a rash on my right side of my neck and the pain started midday and continued to get worse until i was in tears and no noticeable bumps were present at all just pain in my neck
Avatar n tn are you sure its shingles , shingles are very painful my daughter had eczema all her life but when she hit 17 she broke out in a rash all over her body it turned out to be seriacose sorry not sure how to spell it
Avatar m tn Firstly it can be due to contact dermatitis like poison ivy and second possibility is of shingles. Although shingles typically presents as painful blisters but if there is a rash, but it does not resemble a typical shingles outbreak, skin scrapings from the sores can also be used. I suggest you to consult a dermatologist and get a biopsy done because until the diagnosis is confirmed treatment cannot be started.
Avatar m tn Shingles can pop up when the immune system is weakend. Stress weakens your immune system and obviously the chicken pox did too! Shingles does cause a rash that is painful as well as flu like symptoms. However shingles normally only appear on your face or trunk. You should probably let your doctor know what's going on!
Avatar f tn Shingles are exxxxxxxtremly painful--. Take a photo of your face, lips when it breaks out. Then take it to an infectious disease doctor vs. dermatologist--he/she will know either way what's going on with you. You could be highly allergic to s/thing in the salon. Photo will show dr.a good view of your problem.
Avatar m tn I have something similar - been having swollen eyelids and watery sacs under eyes and now a bumpy (not defined like shingles) rash from the back of my left ear down my neck about halfway. The swollen eyes seemed like sinus issues as i just had a sinus infection and did a z-pack two weeks ago (although I have continued to have swelling), but the rash is bothersome and kind of mysterious.
Avatar f tn Hi, firstly I've had both chicken pox and shingles and know its rare to get it a third time but following months of hellish symptoms and little clear test results I turned to a friend of the family who's a retired Dr & he seems to think it could be another flare up or post shingles complications.
986422 tn?1249072565 About the time the scalp was clearing up and before the shoulders broke out, I found lumps in my lymph nodes in my neck. GP thought it was from the shingles rash but since I then broke out further I realized that it wasn't shingles. I still have very painful swollen lymph nodes and they swell and go down (although not completely) every day. They are getting worse and I am extremely fatigued. Could the pots syndrome be progressing into something more?
Avatar f tn A blistering or burning skin rash can be shingles or herpes infection. This causes blister like red thing, white dots on the rash, pain and itch or burning can be diagnostic of shingles. This can be treated with antivirals, anti allergic and anti inflammatory tablets. Please discuss this with your doctor. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Have breakout rash that is red , itchy, and kind of like blisters that open and have red sores that then scab over on my back neck chest, and breast area. Have had two kenalog shots. Got better after the first one and then came back and just had another kenaog shot.Have any ideas what this may be or how to treat it.
Avatar f tn It is hard to say if this is shingles or not. My advice is to make an appointment and see your doctor so that he can examine your arm and give you a correct diagnosis, or refer you for further investigation if required. The stabbing pain could be referred pain from the spine or neck area. If you used your arm to do any heavy physical task that could have done some damage, but that would not make it itch.
Avatar m tn Here is a picture of a rash on my neck. I also have a rash on my left arm thats bigger. They have lasted a few weeks. I have had recurring rashes for the last few years that come and go on my arms, upper legs and inner thighs, my neck and upper chest. They don't appear directly on my genitals or my back, or at the bottom of my feet. They itch and have a slight discoloration of red. They are slightly raised non-blister bumps, and have been lasting longer the last few months.
Avatar f tn Shingles only occurs in a dermatomal pattern. If it is on your face and arms it is probably not shingles. Most of the time with shingles you would have a burning sensation for a one to three days prior to any eruptions. An allergic reaction could last this long if you are still in contact with the allergen. Sometimes things that we were not allergic to before over time you can become allergic to.
Avatar m tn high risk exposure contracted hsv2 twelve days after got shingles, 17 days later rash on forearms for couple hours 4 weeks later mouth ulcer headache lasted about a week home access negative 11 13 17 weeks oraquick negative 20 weeks immune system was shot with stress anxiety obviously with shingles developing still worried about late antibodies slept with friend after 4 month negative they developed sore throat 18 days later rash on neck for couple hours in need of ad
Avatar n tn Without treatment, the symptoms of shingles (eg, rash, blisters, and pain) usually go away in about 3 to 5 weeks. Although shingles can make you very uncomfortable while you have it, it usually is not dangerous to healthy people. However, some people may develop complications from shingles, such as continued severe pain after the blisters are gone. This condition is called postherpetic neuralgia (PHN), and can be extremely painful and very hard to cope with.
Avatar n tn Help... I was dignosed with shingles about 1 year ago. I thought I had hurt my neck as I had serious pain in the back of my head and neck and swelling. I never got the rash though and now I have had the same symptoms 2 more times. Does anyone know if I am having reoccurances or just nerve pain. Please if there is anyone else who might have the same issues I'd like to know what your doctor thinks.