Sharp stomach pains that come and go diarrhea

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Avatar n tn I have had a problem that would come and go for many years. I have been to the doctor and E-Room serval times, all the treatment they give works for a short time, and comes back. The problem was first thought to be GERD, with axcid as a 3-week treatment and change of diet. It worked at first then no change. After that I had turned 21 and began drinking with my friends on a regular schedule (2-3 nights a week), and during that time I can only recall one "attack" in about a year.
Avatar n tn Hi! Wow, that's a lot of questions. The pains come and go - every so often I'll get a sharp kicking pain in my left side - just underneath my ribs, which is why the doctors thought it was my spleen - plus one thought she could feel the upper edge of my spleen. I had a virus, so maybe it was temporarily enlarged, but the pains persist. I also get pains just below my chest on both sides sometimes. My digestive system is screwed!
Avatar f tn I have no idea what is going on with my body. It went from sharp knife like pains in my stomach to awful headaches that last almost all day long. BTW I have been pretty bloated ever since all this started to happen.
Avatar m tn I then began experiencing random chest pains, pains in my left arm, muscle contractions, and tingling of my arms and feet which scared me. I believe I was making them worse with anxiety and may have been having attacks. One day it got so bad that I decided I better go to the hospital just to make sure it wasn't something serious. I went, and they did all the usual tests. EKG, Chest X-ray's, Heart Monitor, and said that everything looked OK.
Avatar f tn I couldn't sit still and my stomach had severe pains and nausea. I was advised not to go to the hospital unless in dire need (we didn't know what exactly dire need meant- but our nurse told us to never go to the hospital because I have an autoimmune disease) (now looking back I realized that I should have gone to the ER). For 6 days I was doubled over in pain, everything I ate was quickly thrown back up and I couldn't get comfortable, not even to sleep when I was exhausted.
Avatar m tn The pain was sometimes sharp and somewhat ignorable, while at other times extremely painful sharp stabs that seemed like I was being eaten from the inside out. Sometimes the pain would subside after peeing, but would mostly go away if I evacuated my bowels. The problem with that is that I don't necessarily need or can use the restroom when i have those pains. This happened about 10 times in the span of 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn Now that school started again in September the pains are starting to come back again and I have had 2 panic attacks due to the sharp pains, especially the sharp pains in my heart. Iam not sure weather to start up the anxiety medicine again or not. my anxiety has increased over the years and I have become scared to take pills..Iam thinking about going to get accupuncture...or going to see a natural healer. ....does anyone know anything about this??
Avatar f tn I went to the emergency room for extreme nausea and sharp lower abdominal pains and they diagnosed me with gastritis and gave me medicine for nausea. (I have to take 16-24 mg of odnesteron (zofran) before I see any change in my nausea.) I do no have diarrhea but have had constipation my whole life. This past week I had eaten a salad with acidic dressing and somewhat spicy chicken. I had diarrhea for 60 minutes about 7-8 different times I had to use the restroom.
Avatar n tn I usually get the stomach pains,diarrhea and cold sweats around once a month or once every two months about. My mom has the same thing but hers happen less often than mine do but probably 8 years ago hers were just has bad as mine are if not worse because she fainted more. I haven't had a chance to see the gastroenterologist yet and if anyone can help me that would be great. I just want some idea about what might be wrong me my mom and i.
Avatar f tn At about 6 months after having my bypass I started having severe stomach pain. The surgery was oct 2005. I did go to a gastroenterologist and found out that I had acid reflux. The pain was pretty bad. I also have a very tiny hiatus hernia. The doctor showed me the pictures. He said i'd had it a very long time. I told him I never had a problem with it until after the surgery. It was not caught with all the pre surgery testing either. The only pill that would work is nexium. Nothing else worked.
Avatar n tn I do have a problem with unusual diarrhea. I can feel when I am starting to go. There is rumbling in my soon as I stand up to go to the comes out. I cannot control it what-so-ever. I have searched and read things about this problem in children. I have no bleeding or unusual sharp pains (unless I am in a position to have to try and wait to use the bathroom) then I get terrible cramps and actually I never end up making it to the bathroom.
Avatar n tn For the past 5-6 months i have had diarrhea 3-5 times a day, Severe Abdominal pains that come and go right under the right rib cage, sometimes the left. In my throat it feels like its gonna swell shut, i have problems swallowing foods, pills, etc. I Urinate alot and sometimes it feels like someone has kicked me in the groin area.(this just started about a week ago). My stools are always loose, sometimes almost like coffee grinds, and other times mucusy and dark.
Avatar f tn I went to the washroom for a BM (wasnt diarrhea about 30 min later I had diarrhea. After that I just couldnt stand it. I layed down and every so often these pains would come and go (not on a regular basis). I did not have to have any other BM's. I called my doctor and they told me to go in. Once I arrived they monitored the babys heart, all was well. They had me on a machine for about 20 min and during that 20 min I only had one contraction (normal they said)..
Avatar n tn The pain begins severe stomach cramps which come and then go come again and then go ever incraesing in pain until i am literally rolling around on the floor. The pain then reaches boiling point when i have to make a run for the bathroom (not ideal considering i am a teacher and this means having to grab someone to cover me IMMEDIATELY) once in the bathroom i have the most outrageous sweats i normally have to strip off as i get soaking wet again not great when in your place of work.
Avatar n tn I have that too, but I don't know what it is and my period is going for too long like I started before last tuesday and its now the next tuesday, and its not read its brown. It's not cramps but that sharp pain and I was on Trinessa birthcontrol pills but I missed a few. Could that be it??? I'm 17 and not pregnant.
Avatar n tn Years passed, and I started having Gallbladder pains 12/2006, and then had my Gallbladder removed 02/2007. Initially, I weighed 256lbs, and currently am 219lbs. I try to hit the gym 4-6 times a week, and eat as healthy of a diet as I can, though I often skip meals due to work. I don't eat fast food, fried foods, many milk products, ice creams, deserts, and I try to cut out all other “fatty” foods. Ever since surgery I've had yellowish runny diarrhea.
Avatar f tn Then I have a buzzing sound in my ears and I have to go to the bathroom for a severe pain/diarrhea attack. Sometimes it starts with regular stool, then diarrhea and sometimes extreme diarrhea to start with. I am extremely thirsty and after several minutes (the longest was 45 minutes) I am very weak and start to chill. I am then helped back to bed where I turn on my electric blanket because my teeth are chattering. The next day I'm washed out. ANY SUGGESTIONS???
Avatar m tn Give yourself a Fleet enema to get things moving. Sitting for long periods of time can cause constipation and trapped gas. If you get no relief go to your ER to ensure you aren't partially blocked. Take care and good luck.
Avatar n tn Yes I've been experiencing massive stomach pains their sharp and leads all the way to my middle and lower back what's wrong. I can barely move.
427564 tn?1210291522 Talked with Scared718 last night, said she was going to go to the doc. today and as of last night she was still having pains that wouldn't go away. Said she would update after her appointment.
Avatar n tn So we removed the gallbladder and I am still having the same pains and diarrhea. If you get a diagnosis please send me a message. I have had an EDG,colonoscopy, ultrasound, bloodwork,MRI and Ct Scan and all test come back pretty normal, so now my doctor wants to call it IBS which I know is not it since my diarrhea is random and it does not relieve the constant pain in upper abdomen. If I come up with anything I will let you know also.
Avatar n tn As well as this, I sometimes get extremely severe stomach pains and have fainted as a result. Whenever I am worried or stressed, I get diarrhea and get very weak as a result. I have tried cutting out certain foods but this didn't help. I also seem to be getting very weak and often faint, or get extremely nauseous for apprently no reason. Also, after every meal I feel physically sick and have vomitted after meals.
935242 tn?1244759045 Ten months ago I was put on LoEstrin 24 because I had been having some painful breast cysts that came and went, I constantly get them checked out, and my doctor said that that birth control would help. So as soon as I started this pill, I stopped having periods. As an athlete my periods were never regular, and i constantly felt nervous, but I didn't start worrying until 7 months went by without a spot or anything.
Avatar m tn i can feel it moving around in my stomach. and when i push on my stomach, it moves arounnd and i feel sharp pains. the pain shoots up through my neck, then to my shoulders and down to my arms.if anyone has any idea of what this might be, please give me your opinion. thanks!
192918 tn?1199454779 With my 1st pregnancy, I had that happen. I woke up with bad stomach cramps and had to go to the bathroom. It was like that all night. Then early that morning I was having cramps and contractions. I also was nausea the night before, couldn't finish eating. I went to the hospital the next day and was already dilated 6 cm.
484897 tn?1210312774 ribs like a golf ball, pressure across bra line in middle and right side of chest, burning in upper chest and rt. side, sharp stabbing pains that come and go quickly, and occasional burning/pain under rt. arm and in upper rt. back - no "rolling around on the floor pain for hours, though. My Dr. said that she still suspects my gall bladder. She told me about another patient who just had my symptoms, EF from HIDA scan= 50%.
2085202 tn?1373203340 My whole torso also is feeling sore like in the muscles in the front to the ones in the back as well as stomach pain in the center that keeps coming and going. This is embarrassing but i'm noticing a lot of loose BM's that float and look like a reddish brown, to a lighter yellowish color, to even pale on top of it they smell alot stronger then they ever have as well as when I fart it smells alot stronger then it ever has.
Avatar n tn I agreed and assured him that within hours I would be bedridden, unable to walk, and peuking up stomach acid, and there was nothing that would stop it. It was destined. He immediately put me on 20mg of ACIPHEX (rabeprazole sodium) and had me take a dose then and there. I shook my head and said: "It's not gonna work! Nothing stops this!" But I'll be damned if it didn't work perfectly!
Avatar n tn post. And if you go through the past 10 days worth of posts you will see that you aren't the only one so don't feel like you have to bear all of this on your own either. Take care and feel better!
Avatar n tn I've really found no foods that cause me to have those kinds of reactions in particular. they just seem to come and go whenever they want. If you haven't already I would recommend going to the dr. again. I hope that everything improves for you. Best wishes!