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Avatar m tn I having been having a sharp stabbing pain on the side of my head mid up just above my ear and below my ear a sharp pain in my neck. so my question is i was wondering can it be from blood pressure.sinus or stress, i am a little worry it can cause a stroke or artery to burst in my head. please let me know because i was told sinusitis but this is all on the side .
Avatar n tn Hi, The most common cause of throbbing neck pain on one side is Carotidynia . Carotidynia is a common neck pain syndrome characterised by dull, throbbing, localized pain over the carotid artery bifurcation, but may radiate to the mandible (jaw), cheek, eye, or ear on one side .The causes are Carotid artery aneurysm ,Cranial arteritis , Infection , Carotid artery occlusion . Please go for an MRI or arteriography to rule out the condition .
Avatar m tn lately, for about the past two weeks, I have had a pain that is sharp in nature on the left side of my neck. Its not surface pain, but rather inside of the neck, closer to my esophagus than anything, but it feels very sharp. I have seen a chiro before about back/posture issues, but just wondering if anyone else has had this or not. Im 32 and in relatively good health.
Avatar f tn I have sharp pain in my heart and back with numbness on my left side feel pains like needle on my arm and leg. Also feel nausea, slight headache and diziness. I also hqve stiffy neck and i am coughing what can it be.
Avatar n tn I have seen my GP doctor once a week, and have mentioned to them that I have been having headaches and the I am now experiencing pain on the right side of my neck, in what i believe to be my carotid artery. The pain is a very sharp pain that only last a couple of seconds, and is sporadic. The pain can last about a minute or two, I'm scared as to what this could be and am not getting any answers. Any answers or place you can direct me would be helpful.
Avatar m tn Dull ache develops into constriction-like sharp pain when temporal artery is touched or pressed on. This sharp pain lingers after touching artery and worsens when tilting head to affected side. 3. Scalp tenderness (typical symptom I know). 4. Head pain worsens when lying down. 5. Pressure in forehead and in upper front and back teeth 6. Pressure behind nose near top and bottom of septum that worsens when bending over. 7.
1549643 tn?1495759353 Yesterday, I was getting these crazy sharp pains in my neck but only when I felt my pulse beating there, it would stop, start back in, stop, start back in, etc etc. My face got numb, tinging went crazy in my neck and face, my neck definitely went into a spasm, no question, had some painful spasmic sensations running into my jaw and chest area. The tingling got pretty strong all over.
Avatar n tn my wife gets pain in her neck and describes it as someone pushing a golf ball up her artery towards her brain. the pain is so intense it drops her to her knees. she then gets a sharp constant pain just below her ear and in her temporal lobe, with immediate loss of sight. her pupils dialate to light normally, and sometimes she has a bad headache with it.
Avatar m tn hi this is gowtham sir / mam i am suffering with severe neck pain and even i am not able to turn my head especially after sleeping i am not able to wake up from my bed my head was not able to move up i have tried a lot of new pillows also even the problem is not reduced please suggest me for a reduce of this pain please i am suffering from a month..
1782018 tn?1314706406 Whenever I move about or run my artery in my neck starts throbbing and I go really light headed, i'm only 14 should I get this problem??
Avatar f tn 47pm right now i feel a sharp pain in my theoat that doesnt go away, it hurts to swallow im extremely dizzy sometime it feels like i have to vomit and I have a bad headache; what is going on and what should I do?
Avatar n tn The thing I can not understand is I have little to no pain in my neck. I do however have tremendous pain in my right shoulder blade and down my right arm into my hand. This has been going on for about 3 months and when I cough I have sharp pain in my shouder blade. Is this a normal sensation for a compressed nerve?
Avatar f tn Have pain in the side of my neck that gets more intense as I exercise or as the day goes along. It runs along my artery and my pilar seems to be faster. It really hurts and at times the pain radiates down my shoulder. It is on both sides of neck. Should I be concerned about this? I am a heavy smoker.
Avatar f tn the right side of my neck hurts where my carotid artery is and i've had headaches for about 3 days now...should i be worried?
Avatar m tn It is thr right artery. It's not same pain i had before stent.It's a sharp pain exactly where heart is located. Started having this same time got stent. Tests showed nothing=stress test, cardio cat scan,ultrasound,chest xray. Pain comes and goes throught day. Worried if i actually having heart attack,i wouldn't do anything. Can't go to emergency room every day.
Avatar f tn I been felling pain in the left side of my neck for 10 days, it also goes to my left ear like a palpitation that hurt. and when I move my head to the righ I feel like my head is goig to fall of my neck. sometimes I feel that my heart beat rapidily for a minute or so and then come back to normal. Can someone help me because I really want to know. my family has history of heart problems, but It could also means just stress. thanks.!
282936 tn?1587874198 I have been getting this intermittent sharp pain on the right side of my neck , about 1-2 inches directly below my ear, for several months now. It's a sharp, stabbing pain in a very tiny area, lasting 5-10 seconds at a time. It doesn't feel like a muscle cramp. It can happen at any time, whether I'm lying in bed or sitting at my desk at work. I mentioned it to my doctor several months ago, but she seemed to dismiss it as nothing, never asking any questions about it or anything.
Avatar n tn precipitation of head pain by neck movement or awkward neck positions, head pain when external pressure is applied to the neck or occipital region, restricted range of motion of the neck, and neck, shoulder and arm pain. Treatment for cervicogenic headache includes physical therapy, medications, behavioral therapy, and other modalities. Occipital neuralgia is caused by irritation or injury to two nerves that run from the upper neck to the back of the head.
Avatar m tn Another type is cluster headaches, which are sharp pains that occur around and behind the eye often at night and are associated with tearing of the eye and running of the nose. In primary stabbing headache, sharp or jabbing pain in the head occur, either as a single stab or a series of brief repeated volleys of pain. Primary stabbing headache often occurs in people with migraine. The pain itself generally lasts a fraction of a second but can last for up to one minute in some people.
Avatar n tn I had a stent put in 8 days ago and I am getting a sharp pain on the left side under my heart. I also get a sharp pain in my back sort of behind my heart just under my shoulder blade. I have genetic cholesterol problems and the artery expanded rather than contracted causing a windmill effect in my blood stream.
Avatar n tn Dr said it was my cartid artery and gave me an injection directly in my neck (artery). Now pain is back. What is this and could it be a sign of a serious problem? I dont want another shot in the neck-i'm scared.
1385138 tn?1279928966 Clinical manifestation includes sore throat, difficult in eating, ringing in ear, unilateral facial and neck pain, and ear pain. Sometimes the elongated styloid process comes in contact with the extra-cranial internal carotid artery and leads to compression (while turning the head) leading stroke or neurological symptoms. Treatment is only surgical called partial styloidectomy.
Avatar m tn Current symptoms The dull pain in my neck is basically everywhere there is a main artery especially my occipital artery (which is where the pressure headaches seem to radiate from). The front of my neck feels tender as well and sometimes can feel it throbbing with my pulse. I have nauseu when I do anything that raises my heart rate and sometime even without. I have frequent pressure behind my eyes and a dull headache (back of head).
Avatar m tn Spontaneous Pneumothorax is when air bubbles escape out of your lung and cause pain. You may need surgery to relieve that pain. I felt a sharp pain on my left side of my chest and stuff. I don't know how to describe spontaneous pneumo, but look it up or google it. I just know that's how you call it. Hope this helped.
Avatar f tn To me it feels like i have a blockage or something being pinched off in my neck. Before i start getting the pain in my head my main artarie in my neck starts to swell and is very sore, my eye sight goes blurry and my face hands and arms go numb. Ive had migraine headaches and its nothing like it.
Avatar m tn Feeling dizzy on standing up could be due to fall in blood pressure (called postural hypotension), ear problems, cervical spondylitis and inflamed muscles in the neck (sternocleidomastoid). The latter two can also cause pain in the area between your neck and shoulder. Severe acidity with gastric reflux too can cause dizziness. Please discuss with your doctor. You will need some tests for a confirmed diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar m tn The pain in the right side of my neck has moved up the carotid artery to just under my chin