Severe depression symptoms in women

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3250415 tn?1347310615 While both men and women suffer from depression, women are twice as likely to experience it and, according to the Mayo Clinic, approximately one in every five women will develop depression at some point in their life. Some of the most common symptoms of depression include: loss of interest in normal activities, reduced sex drive, insomnia or excessive sleeping, changes in appetite, fatigue, feelings of worthlessness and thoughts of suicide.
Avatar f tn I have a long history of depression, but over the last couple of years, since the above symptoms appeared, the depression has mostly disappeared. When I was younger I was prescribed birth control pills to decrease incidence of ovarian cysts, this treatment caused severe depression, to the extent of suicidal behavior. After getting my test results back with the low thyroid and testosterone levels my healthcare provider prescribed synthroid and a compounded testosterone cream.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms. so weak i barely walk. very severe depression and anxiety.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms. could barely walk around house. severe nausea in pm.
568140 tn?1249356613 Started out really rough -- high anxiety, crying, suicidal urges and plans. Called in sick to work but only after lying on couch until about an hour after I was supposed to be at work. Called Dan. In afternoon called Dr. Conti who told me to increase meds to Lamotrigine 150 mg bid, Lexapro 30 mg for next week, and, if needed, to 40 mg the following week. He will meet with me next Tuesday. Called Suzie who talked me through some soul collage imagery. Called Wendy for my daily check-in.
994239 tn?1321203620 *the depression was severe all day. did not have planned activityies, but could not hardly even enjoy the guitar. Tried DM 75mg, then added 30mg, and went for a walk, not helping. I turned to alcohol, in PM drank excessively, did not help. I think the DEX the day before might have woped out my "fell good" chemicals, OR MAYBE the alcohol did.....???
619439 tn?1282094079 flu like symptoms less severe than they have been in days
Avatar m tn I feel like poo just as it says in the title, I have severe dizzy spells and anxiety and severe headaches along with body aches and weakness, fatigue and all that nonsense. Oh and I cant stay hydrated.
619439 tn?1282094079 feel very drugged. exhaustion is so severe I can barely walk from room to room, flu like symptoms, hot cold chills, body aches and hurts all over, crying a lot, severe depression and anxiety.
619439 tn?1282094079 very severe fatigue, anxiety, and depression. feel very drugged and dazed. barely able to function.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms again today. depression has been it's worst over the last several days.
Avatar n tn Worst cramps ever. Four days ago swollen red bumps in both armpits. Two days ago rash on left breast. Started very lightly yesterday, 2am severe cramps, diarrhea, nauseus, vomiting mulitmule times. Pain all over mostly on right side.
Avatar m tn severe bout of depression this evening, terrible crying.
619439 tn?1282094079 in late afternoon began having severe flu like symptoms. achy all over, head hurting, feeling very drugged.
215461 tn?1331862765 I guess it was only a matter of time before depression grabbed me with its nasty claws. The constant anxiety has finally won over. I want to live life. I look out the window longing for some normalcy. I feel lonely and vulnerable. It's as if I am the only one in my world, physically. I'm tired. It's so tiring to constantly be fighting a battle you can't win.
Business woman2 Severe Depression on Friday 3/29/2013 Feeling a little better on Saturday 3/30/2013
Avatar f tn it took everything out of me to even get up off the couch and go to the grocery store
Avatar f tn could not even get off of the couch binge eating has replaced smoking and drinking. No etoh since Nov 12 and no smoking since NOV18.
Avatar f tn I have had severe headaches for the last few days. pain in my right hand like arthritis. feel cold in the summer.
619439 tn?1282094079 another nightmare day. severe anxiety and restlessness. almost in a panic. nausea and stomach pain. mind constantly racing and constant worrry.
480331 tn?1310403529 Have any of you heard, that now part of your regular OB appts, Drs will be screening for signs of depression? SO SMART. So many women suffer from mild to severe cases of depression, and once they become pregnant, mixed with hormones, isn't a happy cocktail. Also, post partum is so easily fixed, yet so hidden from many new Moms...please talk to someone if you have the baby blues, or feel is only minutes away!
619439 tn?1282094079 sever flu like symptoms. whole body aches, constant migraine, hot and cold chills, very severe depression and anxiety. very sensitive to noise.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms began around 3pm. body hurt everywhere, felt warm then cold, head hurt, could barley walk around. eased up in evening, ended up taking 3 ibuprofen in all.
Avatar n tn But just recently in the last few days(4) my partner has developed flu symtoms, severe fatigue,abnormalvaginal bleeding ranging from bright red to dark brown clots also clots in urine and one night of severe night sweating.I am now paranoid that pre *** might have entered my body on a toy or somehow,as the symptoms are disturbing and we are both racked with fear.could someone please help with some well recieved advice please,Worried and waiting.
199177 tn?1490498534 Effects of Domestic Violence Health Consequences For Victims of Domestic Violence Psychological consequences: • Stress-related disorders • Sleep disturbances • Depression • Suicidal ideation/actions • Post-traumatic stress disorder • Alcohol and other substance abuse • Eating disorders Physiologic consequences: • Chronic pain of all kinds (migranes/headaches, pelvic pain) • Chest pain/heart palpitations • Irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal problems • Pelvic inflammatory disease
Avatar f tn I have pasted 2 below. One looks at quality of life issues of women with breast cancer ; depression is most severe at the fourth cycle. The other study reports one man's experience with doxil. He lost his taste (ageusia) and became very depressed. His symptoms reversed when he stopped the doxil. best wishes . CASE SUMMARY: A 67-year-old man was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. The disease recurred 18 months later, and renal failure developed.
619439 tn?1282094079 severe flu like symptoms again, like yesterday