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Avatar f tn I am begging for help. I am a 30 year old female who has been having severe scalp pain for the past 9 months. It feels like someone is pulling out my hair or acid was poured on it. A few days ago, I went to get my hair cut to lessen the weight on my head and the barber caught her comb in a snarl and pulled a section of my hair very hard. It feels like I was cut with a razor right where she pulled. I can feel EXACTLY where she pulled out the few hairs.
Avatar n tn Over the past few months I have had severe itching on my legs literally from top to bottom. I have tried Benadryl with no luck and I am constantly putting Calamine lotion on my legs. The Calamine lotion usually helps for about 15 minutes but then the itching returns. I am at my breaking point with this. The itching causes pain and it feels like needles on my legs. I scratch them so much that I have fingernail marks all over my legs and sometimes even brusies.
Avatar f tn we need to cut his hair off bald because the scabs become visible like flakes when ever his hair grow…I don’t think he itches that much cause I hardly see him scratching but when he does its gets like flakes/dandruff. In an earlier age I have taken him to the doc they gave then anti/dandruff shampoo but that didn’t help. Anyone who is familiar with this who maybe knows any anything that could help even if its any home remedies…your advice is needed!!
Avatar n tn So he gave me CLOBEX to use for the dandruff. It made my hair loss even more SEVERE and made the dandruff worse. After finishing the Clobex treatment (which did not help) I went off all prescription shampoos and started using all natural Neem shampoo which got rid of the dandruff. But the hair continued to fall. I went back to my regular doctor to get hormones, thyroid, allergies, vitamins and everything else tested and it all came back fine, except a copper and zinc deficiency.
Avatar f tn I am also suffering from severe acne problem and dandruff, hair fall also. My one tooth is also getting black. I suffer from constipation also. My eyesight is also weak . because of so many problems , I feel more depressed. Currently I am taking medicine from a local homopathethic doctor but still no betterment is there. Please suggest me what I should do .I read about you while surfing internet .
Avatar m tn The reason for my post isn't because of this, although my severe trauma, long hospital stay, and antibiotics treament(s) may have contributed. I have had recurrent fungal skin infections and conditions for over a year.
687194 tn?1244814782 I have a very very itchy and flaky scalp. I have tried all the OTC remedies, Sea Breeze and Tea Tree Oil. It is driving me crazy. I wake up in the middle of the night sratching my head. I do not have this problem anywhere else on my body except the scalp. I have to constantly wipe my clothing off. I color my hair but have for years. I have not changed my shampoo or hair products at all. Can someone tell me about a remedy that will help...I will try just about anything!
Avatar m tn Can Neurologist help here to identify the problem as it is related to head surgery? Can there be a possibility that stitching after taking the string at back of head was not done properly causing issues? Would I be needing CT Scan to get some details and thereafter prescribed remedies? Since, I'm a Software professional so it is bothering me a lot as I'm not able to concentrate properly in my work.
Avatar n tn My dermitoligist said it was probably inherited any sugestions? I also have high liver enzymes and chronic muscle weakness so severe i can't lift my arms over my head without them feeling weak or hold a phone to my ear for long periods of time!
Avatar n tn I eat healthy, exercise, and am not allergic to anything I am aware of. I do get dandruff sometimes but it’s controlled with a dandruff shampoo. My eyelids are constantly red and puffy. There is no itching but my eyes do seem to become dry very easily. I’ve been told by every opth. I’ve visited that I need to cleanse my lid margins with baby shampoo or a store bought lid cleanser (I’ve been using OcuSoft pads).
977806 tn?1249070946 Thanks to you both. I am going out to buy the T-Gel today. and glad to hear it may not be related to hair lost, thanks for that YuK.
Avatar n tn when i went to dermatologist he told me that i have these rashes due to dandruff and he showed me some white layers on my are these rashes due to dandruff problem or something else.?I took his treatment for nearly two monthes and then i stopped it.So now my skin condition is worse and i am so scared if i would get marks on my face because of this.And due to this, i have also lost texture of my please suggest me how to get rid of this as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn According to my research, it is my dandruff causing my face itch. I have itch scalp which I used anti dandruff shampoo but still itch. My face is red, itch with little red veins appear. I went to 3 doctors. The last one seems to be working for me. She is a dermatogist. she prescripted this cream called :Hydrocortisone Valerate cream 15gm which works for me, now I could go to sleep. Regular over the counter hydrocortisone would not work.
Avatar n tn • Uncomfortable in each and every situation. • Hair loss and dandruff infection on my head. • Severe body heat. • Pimples on my face. • Changes in sizes of my thighs and leg. • Sexual weakness.not able to watch TV also. • Strong urine smell(as though like concentrated acid) during urination. • Cannot retain urine for few minutes.if retained,mind becomes mild,tensed,depressed etc. I consulted many doctors.but there was no use from them..
Avatar n tn Just curious as mine showed up nothing at all, not even dandruff. I'm looking at Mattson's answer and thinking maybe this is the issue here. I do have a lot of anxiety right now, over the last 3 years. Hmmm, wonder if that can really do all this???
Avatar n tn When I rub my scalp I can smell the odor on my fingertips. Just a few months ago I started to use dandruff shampoo because my flakes were getting out of hand. I recently started using selson blue approximately 3 times a weeks while using a regular shampoo/conditioner the remaining 4 days of the week. Any ideas???
363110 tn?1340924019 Hi, I'd encourage both of you to post in the public forum, as well as taking a look at our "Ask an Expert" forum.
Avatar f tn Many women who want to look and feel their best are turning to all-natural remedies to treat low serum ferritin hair loss. All-natural products will begin acting immediately, and do not carry many of the risks or side effects associated with most medications. An additional advantage is that many all-natural ingredients have added health benefits as they provide important building blocks to the body. An all-natural hair loss treatment that we have seen a lot of success with is Provillus.
Avatar n tn in nature and is RESISTANT to ALL traditional remedies such as shampoo and soap...... are we all crazy?!? Dr. Bhupinder Kaur.... you should research this and maybe become the poineer in diagnosing this condition! Leo... I have a theory on why this happens and what this is.... I believe it is a fungal infection of the scalp. The reason I think this is that the waxy sebum has a sort of "fruity" smell or "sweet and sour" smell.
Avatar n tn The side affects, were not so bothersome, however the results make me wish I had never touched the stuff. I have severe scars all along by back and shoulders. I have gone to plastic surgeons and there is nothing they can do, so imagine how bad it really is. Now I am not suggesting you refuse to take it, but just so you are aware that there is a possibility that your results won't be up to par.
Avatar n tn Tinea Versicolor is a skin fungus and it doesnt sound like you have that so dont bother with the dandruff shampoo or any of the other antifungal remedies. Speaking from years of research you have sun damage, whether you use tanning beds or not. There is no known treatment for the condition you have. The small white spots will continue to spread.
764939 tn?1234589366 I then started to have severe diarrhea. On one occasion a passed large blood clots without stool. The blood and the blood clots never returned after this event, I continued to have diarrhea however. I went into my Family practice doctor after two weeks of diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. At this appointment a CT scan of my abdomen was down and stool samples, and blood test were ordered. Everything came back within normal ranges.
Avatar n tn I am 28 years old and have picked scabs on my scalp since I was about 12 years old. Normally I find little imperfections, possibly dandruff or dry scalp, and I pick at it until it becomes a scab. Once a scab develops, I find myself uncontrollably picking at it, so it usually never heals or takes an extremely long time or another scab to develop to stop. Right now, I have a total of six scabs that I have created on my scalp.
Avatar n tn I did so, felt a little better but the crawling feeling is still there and then I read about such is caused by dandruff - bought heads and shoulders and also nizoral 1 anti-dandruff shampoo along with the ointment to rub of my scalp every night - per my doctor's advise. No change.. Also, after I got this feelings, it seems my memory is declining. I am not sure 100% this is caused by that..but I am afraid there could be a relationship. My mind gets tired over the simplest puzzle.
Avatar f tn If they are not interested in the health of your hair, you may want to ask others to recommend someone to you that does. The price you pay for experimenting with various remedies without success can cost more than an experienced hairstylist. I cannot use products with cocconut oil or sulfates because these cause open lesions on my scalp, yes we have allergies too. I also see an allergist and dermotologist.