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Avatar m tn whenever i ended taking medicine the acne again appeared on my after the treatment i'hv left with deep scars due to doc failed to cure it...can u kindly suggest me how to get rid of this acne,black spots,scars permanently....
Avatar n tn Id'e like to see diddy try n jessica try dealing with 76% of their back n upper chest fulla scars, black heads n deep embeded acne that has no exit n when it can finally barely be popped only thing that comes out is blood. Proactive makes me sick to my stomach. Best stuff i did was going away to my home islands in the Azores. I took 2 minocin capsules (100mgs) a day after meals n used Dalacin liquid bottle on those areas at night for about 2 months.
Avatar n tn I had laser treatment 6 months after finishing Roaccutane therapy to remove my acne scars. Please see pictures in my profile. Eloise.
Avatar n tn Hi, this is Eloise from the acne forum. Take a look at my pictures to see how effective microdermabrasion and laser treatment can be at treating post-acne scars. You must wait 6 months after finishing Accutane treatment before having such procedures done because of the increased risk of scarring already fragilised skin. Oral retinoids can cause facial redness and it has only been 3 months since you finished Accutane.
Avatar n tn My mom and I researched it and were convinced it was rosacea, but I went to a dermatologist and she said it was acne scars and put me on all of this treatment. But I'm still stuck on the rosacea thing, because I just can't understand how all of these "acne scars" would have popped up overnight and spread around.And I have ZERO pimples on my face, it's just redness and spots. So isn't it pointless to put me on acne medication? I can post pictures if needed.
Avatar n tn I was left with pits and scars on my face and neck from the years of severe acne caused by the Effexor. I changed nothing else in terms of medications, diet or skin care. I stopped taking the Effexor and my skin cleared. If I had known this was a side effect, I would never have taken Effexor. My face is scarred forever.
Avatar m tn HAd a history of acne as a teenager and was on doxycyline for years and minocycline, even septrin, but ended up on accutane which cleared the acne. Nowadays I don't have facial acne anymore just the folliculutis on scalp only. It's really itchy, uncomfortable and sore when it's bad but I know how to control it.
Avatar n tn I have never had a problem with acne at all in my face. Now when I put those pictures all I get is ingrown hairs Carine mass pimples. I'm 28 years old now And now dealing with acne it's horrible. I try to avoid parking but I'm so like complected that the dark thick hair Is way too noticeable. Not to mention in August My daughter started kindergarten... So I decided to try to lose some weight and run her to and from school with my two sons in a double jogging stroller.
948349 tn?1294383837 How long before you saw results? Was your acne mild/moderate/severe? Are you male or female? Is your natural skin color fair/medium/dark? The reason I'm asking is just to get an idea of how well it will work for me. I have tan/medium skin and don't make much Vitamin D in the sun unfortunately. Also I'm wondering if this works for women with hormonal/cyclic acne.
Avatar n tn My youngest child is a year and I was looking at the pictures of me having her and the scars do appear to have faded a little. I am looking for a product (I don't care what it cost) that will STOP my break outs and fade my scars. I am now doing micro dermabrasion hoping that I will see results with this, I am on my 3rd session. I am new to the area so if anyone can recommend an excellent dermatologist in the area please let me know.
Avatar n tn Six months after finishing Roaccutane I had microdermabrasion for the acne scars on my face with good results. Please see my pictures in my profile. Eloise.
Avatar n tn You must wait 6 moths after Accutane therapy before having microdermabrasion due to the increased risk of scarring. Please see my pictures in my profile. I am 32 and had acne for twenty years, but there can be a happy ending to the story. Eloise.
Avatar n tn -EXACTLY WHAT I HAVE I've been on every single hit on google for Folliculitis decalvans and acne kelodilis- teh pictures and descriptions fit 100%, I KNOW I have both...i have keloid scars on the left crown and all over the top. The scars are smooth (no signs of any hair on 'em) with samll enlarged pores/follicules in which 4-7 shafts of hair try to grow from.
Avatar m tn Im a junior in high school, i've tried for years on cures and remedies and methods to stop. doctors have recommended advanced treatments to subdue my acne as well. But nothing even reduces it by 2 %. my skin just absorbs the medication and gets used to it very quickly. But the ones that come new and if i see the pimple....i just get the urdge and i know its there i'll pick and pick and then pop it. my face now looks like it has red paint splattered all over it.
Avatar n tn ) I'm going to my doctor again to see if acutane is the right one to cure my that I've heard the side effects and possibly having my acne come back is making me have doubts about it. My acne is worse than it's ever been and I want to get rid of it right away. i just don't know what I should do..go ahead or not.
Avatar m tn pictures- your case may be less severe and not look like others so it is not always a sure way of identification . everyone is so different and pics are usually of the most common presentation. And if you have herpes type 1 virus, it comes from the strain that causes cold sores; not always sexually transmitted. Stress has been linked to lowering immune system functioning that can lead to a flare up of infections/illness etc. My advice is definitely to see a healthcare practicioner .
664970 tn?1227221991 Prior to HSV2 my complexion has always been clear except for some few remaining scars from having chickenpox when I was a child. It's the rashes, and coughing that concerns me the most. The coughing and clearing of my throat is constant. I've taken up exercising on the regular which has helped with the back pain to some degree. My question is does HSV2 impact the immune system as well? My doctor just prescribed me with Valtrex to be taken daily not just when I have an outbreak.
Avatar n tn Some of the scars I received after mandatory vaccination injections and others began growing after acne infections. My keloids are temperamental. Some days they are peaceful, and others they stab, itch or burn with vengence. I have spent many nights tossing the turning unable to get a good nights sleep and more than enough days unable to focus because of the pain. Like everyone who lives with keloids, I've learned to adapt.
Avatar n tn However, because this problem is all along your back and shoulders, I don't think it is shingles. I think you have severe acne, which is hard to treat, but there is always help and hope. I agree that you probably have celiac disease or are at least very sensitive to gluten. Try a gluten free diet for a month to see if it helps. Allergies and food sensitivities CAN affect your skin. As you know, the alcohol is not doing your stomach any good. It could have caused an ulcer.
Avatar f tn I am concerned about cyclical cushings, and now secondary addisons, because the specific symptoms when all of this began back in 2005 seemed to consistently point towards early menopause. i am 32 now.
Avatar n tn Ive seen the show extreme makeover where they have done wonders with acne and horrible skin tone and scars.. what in the world do they do and what does it cost?
Avatar f tn I'll give you a diagnosis right now. It's RINGWORM. I had the same exact thing for 8-9 months before I realized what it was. Cleared up after just 4 days of over the counter clotrimazole 1% cream.Turns out I also have tinea corporis with the typical rings that were really really faint in color so i didn't recognize it. I'd been really itchy all over my torso since about the time these painful boils started popping up over my face. The funny thing is that the boils didn't really itch.
Avatar f tn The doctors told me when I was little that it was herpes(or cold sores). It leaves really bad scars for years. It takes about two weeks to go away. I've tried to use cold sore medicine and it doesn't make it any better. I just wonder if it's something else. It ususally comes when I've been sick or I'm stressed out. Please if anyone could help, I would love to know more about this.
Avatar f tn I'll take these notes with me, along with the pictures I've taken since the hands aren't as bad as they can get right now. They get pretty bad but not absolute severe as I've seen in some pictures. My hands have been covered in blisters but not so bad there's crust or anything. Just blisters that absorb back into the hands and then the hands dry out.
203342 tn?1328740807 About 6 weeks ago my 15 year old daughter was put on Zoloft for severe depression. When we recently saw the child psychiatrist my daughter told him that she felt tired a lot so he suggested trying Welbutrin along with the Zoloft to give her a little more energy. He said it would work well with the Zoloft for depression. She agreed to try it. I gave her the first dosage Sunday morning (100mg) along with the Zoloft (also 100mg).
Avatar n tn I've had the merina for about a year and a half and I complained about the terrible, painful cystic acne on my back and shoulders and my doctor dismissed it and said that the merina won't cause cystic acne. However, I've never had acne of any kind on my body before the merina was inserted. Other than that I'm very happy with it. But the cysts are getting worse and worse and I'm almost ready to give up on the merina for that alone.
Avatar n tn I've started to develop small/sm-med size bumps in the pubic area of the pelvic area. I don't know why. It seems as if it's some type of acne, because they do hurt and a few times pus seeps when ripen. It can't be herpes because i've never had any sexual contact before. Please help me!!!
Avatar n tn Since the storm, I have had this same type of rash repeatedly. I have gone to the emergency room numerous times because the rash would be so severe that after taking a bath, they would ooze this sappy looking stuff that was sticky, I would have a rash on my body after the blisters went away that resembled measles and would have severe asthmatic flare ups-allergic reaction I was informed. But the question was From What though? No answer This only happened after the bath.
Avatar n tn Even if you get all the junk out of it it will then be an open sore and you dont want the scars -def not THERE- trust me.And the scars go away very slowly eventually gone but it really takes a while ! LISTEN UP - DONOT squeeze em dont pop em with a needle DONOT touch except to wash ! DO use neosporin etc DO wear something silky/satiny if can! I like a slip with legs or I'll wear stretchy cotton shorts under my skirts espeically in hot weather!