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Avatar f tn I'm wondering if anyone can help me with dosage times for Seroquel XR. I'm currently breastfeeding my 9 week old baby while taking this medication for anxiety and am trying to manage the sedating effects. I have started on 50mg but am to increase to 100mg this week. My GP was not confident in saying whether I would be better to take 50mg twice daily, or 100mg once. Does anyone have any recommendations on this?
358304 tn?1409713092 He said that he wants to give me Seroquel XR 50mg, and wants me to stay on it for 6 months to 1 year while continuing to see him. I called my brother who has tried many drugs, and he said "50MG!!?? I think that's going to be WAY too high of a dose for you. I can take just a small piece and sleep hard. You will feel like a ZOMBIE on 50mg." My brother suggested that I take a quarter of a pill tonight and see how I do on that 1st. What do you think?
Avatar f tn * feeling sleepy * falling, feeling dizzy or faint on standing up * weight gain, increased appetite * feeling weak * constipation * dry mouth * runny or stuffy nose * indigestion * upset stomach * swelling of your hands, feet or ankles * blurred vision * difficulty swallowing * abnormal dreams, nightmares * irritability Sexual dysfunction isnt on there but one of the serious side effects is long lasting and painful erections and it can cause diabetes and even breast growth in some extreme cas
809366 tn?1238753181 I had problems sleeping and my pdoc put me on ambien, then lunesta then to valium which none worked so now he put me on 50mg of seroquel this made me sleep and then some. I am feeling like I am drugged and scared to take the next dose and scared not to as well. My pdoc is new to me and never gave an emergency number, he will not be back in his office till tuesday and also this coupled with my lexapro put me in a mixed state and feeling slighty suicidal this happens when I cycle rapidly.
736475 tn?1281262927 The long term risks are as with any atypical antipsychotic which is the potential of long term movement disorders and diabetes. Both can be monitored for and the second prevented through regulated diets. 50 mg. is a very low dose of it though and shouldn't really that much of a problem and for its main use (which is psychosis) would be considered subclinical. One thing for sure is that if you stop taking Seroquel (or any other medication) whatever its treating will return.
Avatar f tn Of course I'm not sleeping so he put me on 50mg Seroquel. Can anybody give me any info on this. He told me somethings but would like to hear from ya'll. I don't like pills that make me drowsy. I get that RLS feeling. Even with benodryl. Thanks for all your suport.
Avatar m tn im on 50mg of seroquel, i was on a higher dose but im phasing it out now. i didnt think it made a difference to my sleeping pattern but a few nights i forgot to take it and i couldnt sleep a wink! my muscles were tight and i was wide awake. i dont like taking medication and it scares me a little how such a small dose can effect my body.
999828 tn?1250126526 I got my script for suboxone today but won't be filling it until Friday. Dr. gave me sample Seroquel XR 150mg to help me sleep the next few days. My question, I have taken REGULAR Seroquel before, 50mg, and it knocked my arse out!!! I see everywhere it says to NOT crush, cut, chew the XR. I don't want to take the entire 150mg. That is too much. Will it hurt anything if I take the 150mg pill and cut it into 4 pieces and only take one of the 1/4 pieces?
Avatar n tn Is Seroquel XR 50mg 2tabs 2x a day the equivalent of Seroquel 100mg 2x a day?
607502 tn?1288251140 I think my pdoc is trying to cover all bases as she has me on cymbalta, seroquel xr, lamictal and lithium. I just don't sleep on a normal basis and seroquel didn't change that, but seroquel xr at first was great! helped my mood and let me sleep. Now...I'm getting depressed again with hallucinations, am gaining alot of weight and can't wake up for many hours in the morning. I was at the upper limit of Cymbalta before and it wasn't bad at all cutting over from cymbalta to seroquel.
Avatar f tn I find that sometimes my body adjusts to the 150mg of seroquel and it doesnt have the effect it used to, so when that happens I will up my trazodone to 250 and lower my seroquel to 100... some days if I am feeling particularly sleepy I will only take 50mg of seroquel without the trazodone. It really depends on how I feel that day, and by changing around my prescription I consistently feel the effects of the medication and I have not had any problems with the meds or sleep for over 2 years.
Avatar n tn 1MG, two of them (Total 1.5MG) Pristiq XR: 50MG (switched from Lexapro 5mg to 10mg in July 2009) -The next process is to begin the taper and being in VT and that I suffer from SAD I am scared out of my mind. Dr E. would like to eliminate the Klonopin first, which I am doing by now only taking 1.5mgs of Klonopin at night.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm in treatment for anorexia and trying Seroquel XR 50mg to help with mood and anxiety. Really scared of the weight gain I've researched associated with it and have a strong history of hypothyroidism and diabetes in the family. Can anyone help?
Avatar f tn My Doctor just switch my medication from 150 mg of Effexor XR to 400 mg of Seroquel XR. I dropped my dosage of Effexor gradually but I still experienced terrible withdrawl. Now I am experiencing bad side effects, " I'm guessing ths", from the Seroquel. I have gained weight in my stomach area very rapidly, I have pain and stiffness in my legs, 24 hour dry mouth and sinuses and I feel like I could cry at the drop of a hat.
603015 tn?1329866573 I was on Seroquel for a year and I did not experience any weight gain, just extreme sleep. I took one and went to sleep for 12 hours; but at the time I was not sleeping at all so it regulated my sleeping pattern. The medicine I am on now is Trileptal; and have been on it for 6 years. It works well and only makes me drowsy when I take all at bed time. I feel that it has maintained me well. I am up to 1200mgs. As for feeling fine, you know that comes and goes.
561706 tn?1333950874 I am on Seroquel XR 600mg and the doctor never told me of cataract nor sent me for eye examination. I was told I had cataract in a community health check and asked to go for operation. I went to a specialist eye hospital where the doctor told me I don't have cataract. A second examination in a university hospital, the doctor I have very slight cataract. I think I will go for a third opinion. I am thinking of stopping my medication.
358304 tn?1409713092 I was on and off Remeron for the past 2 years, helped, but then pooped out and no longer works. I saw a psychiatrist today who prescribed me 50mg seroquel XR. It's not supposed to be as potent as straight/regular Seroquel. Anyone with anxiety benefit? Thanks!
Avatar n tn 00 pm. I have been through hell, but finally notice some differance. I was also on clonazepam 1mg. I was taking that only at nite, but had to start taking up to 3 a day. He wants me off that, but it does help with the blues,depression,head zaps, foggy head and all the other side effects I've been going through! He would like me to just take the serguel, but I can't get through very many days with just taking that.
Avatar m tn I went off of my seroquel xr 300 mg for two days , I think I went into withdrawal , flu like symptoms , cold then hot then so cold like bone chilling cold ..Is this possible?
Avatar f tn Then I discontinue it. He is hoping my other antipsychotic, seroquel xr will be enough. He raised that from 150 to 200 Mgs. Anyone have experience coming off antipsychotics?
Avatar m tn Seroquel had that effect on me in small doses when I first started & eventually @ a higher dose was well tolerated. I take a 50mg in the daytime & 200mg @ bedtime. Maybe her pdoc can make some adjustments.
574118 tn?1305138884 Whether it's the usual release or the XR only i don't know. In egypt we have the usual one only. my dose before the mania was 50mg to prevent me from getting manic along with 1mg risperidone (it helps too) and 2mg stelazine (a typical AP). I wanted to stop the last one for its side effects so like a baloon throwing sand i went up immediately and took 3 weeks to go down. While up i was on 200mg of seroquel but now i began to be lethargic.
Avatar f tn Hi, do you mean he wants you to completely stop the Seroquel and substitute it with Trazadone? I take Seroquel XR and the first thing that happens if I miss a dose is that I will be awake all night! So I understand your concern! I think it would be a better idea for you to reduce to 100mg of Seroquel Xr and take trazadone if needed, do this for a week and then go to 50mg of Seroquel etc. I think that would be enough to wean off at one time, it does seem as though this doctor is rushing things.
1985196 tn?1402193698 Hi , i'm on seroquel xr 600mg at night and sertraline 50mg in morning time , but the dr may put me on a mood stablizer when they get results back from my eeg test
2010625 tn?1329375656 Hi, you could ask about Largactil it helps you sleep and it's an anti psychotic i take it along with Seroquel xr 600mg at night and also Sertraline in morning 50mg , my only problem lately is the sertraline makes me hypo manic and i can't sleep that's why i'm taking the largactil 400mg at night . good luck with it hope you are well again soon .
10013100 tn?1418043129 Also, I have weaned of Effexor XR 225mg (under dr supervision) and have been on Abilify 5mg and Seroquel 50mg for about a week now. What I have been hearing has been going on for years, it's getting more frequent.
9266905 tn?1402812481 Hello, I am prescribed with Zoloft and Xanax xr due to my anxiety and panic attacks. I am taking Zoloft 50mg in the mornings for 9 days and yesterday I took extra 50mg afternoon (as my doctor prescribed) and after 2-3 hours I felt my regular symptoms (heartbeat increases and my left arm and left feels like there are ants walking on it) and I took 0,5mg Xanax immediately. Now, I am very scared to increase the dosage.
Avatar m tn Hi Teresa1717, Am I going to be able to sleep again? My original prescription was Seroquel XR 50mg tablet per night which I STILL TAKE. I've been taking 10mg of Valium AND 30mg of Temazepam per night ALSO for a couple years also and all I do is lay in bed all day TIRED. My life is wasting away. I asked my psychiatrist for the Valium and Temazepam. I've been using a taper chart I found on a medical website to get off the Valium AND Temazepam but I don't sleep more than 2 hours and wake up.
Avatar f tn How long should an individual take Seroquel XR for sleep quality...what is the time period thought to be safe. I realize even taking it for sleep is an off-label use and am trying to define whether or not my right lower eyelid tic is being caused by the SeroquelXR 50mg or if this is just coincidental. ANY feedback you give is highly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I know they can handle themselves, but I feel as if I am the protector. The medication I take is Trileptal 150mg and Seroquel 50mg. I have no problems with the Trileptal its the seroquel I dont want to take because of the groggy, zombie rush me into sleep feeling.