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919239 tn?1269394658 They were of little benefit. Recently my MD. gave me some samples of 50 mg. of Seroquel XR. After reading the info with the medication, it says Seroquel is prescribed for bi-polar disorder. In my case I don't get the up or manic phase. I was hoping that this medication may be helpful for depression alone. Anyone who takes Seroquel that can give me some insight will be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn s the imediet release so not sure how its even saposed to help all day and he wants me to take seroquel xr 50 mg at the same time all in the morning took it once felt to tierd so not taking it does this make sence to anyone I don't feel any better should I give up its 4 and a half weks on bupropion and just don't what to do I don't know why he did not give me the xr version this is my first time being on a antidepressant for this long I know people say to give it 6 weks bit I don'
Avatar n tn I am taking 50 mg of Seroquel will I gain weight from it it was describe for depressed and to help me sleep
Avatar f tn How many of you on the above drug have gained weight. I've just started Seroquel XR 50 mg. and have noticed an increase in appetite and have gained approximately three pounds during the past two weeks. Other than weight gain I have had absolutely no side effects. Please tell me of your experiences. I'm afraid of ballooning out as I'm already overweight and can't afford to put on more weight.
Avatar f tn -one in morning, 50 mg.-one at noon, and 400 mg. at night before bed. I have been on 2- 60 mg. a day cymbalta for years. My new doctor has put me on Pristiq because I STILL deal with deep depression: crying, insomnia, chronic pain, fibromyalgia, heart disease, just found out I definitely have liver disease...on and on it goes. I would be sure that I have a physician that you can truly speak with and that can SEE the symptoms when you are in the room with him/her. My new family dr.
Avatar f tn hi, my pdoc is trying to help me with a complicated mood situation that's *real* stubborn. he wants me to take some seroquel xr and i agreed because i am trying to please everyone, inc. me. when your anxiety and depression are too high-octane for ADs and benzos, as you may know, sometimes they add seroquel XR to help, esp. if extreme anxiety and depression are dis-integrating your thoughts a bit as well. happens to the best of us!
Avatar f tn m also on 200 mg Seroquel, one in the morning and three at bedtime. This is a total of 800 mg of Seroquel. One would think this would knock you flat on your ***. Additionally, I take 20mg RItalin three times a day, and 50 mg Pristiq once in the morning. I'm noticing for one thing that when I am PMS, nothing seems to work, unless I resort to drinking a little alcohol.
Avatar n tn Ahh Pristiq, The new SSNRI. Actualy just a slight tweek on Effexor XR. Interesting fact about Pristiq..... Wyeth's newest Antidepressant medication Pristiq, is actually kind of a sister drug of Effexor XR. In fact in terms of the active ingrediants molecular structure they are about 98% the same. You know why the Drug Company Wyeth would produce a drug so much like Effexor XR?
Avatar m tn My son takes 300 mg at bedtime It seems to only make him sleepy at the time he takes it. It has definitely helped regulate his sleep.
Avatar f tn Then I discontinue it. He is hoping my other antipsychotic, seroquel xr will be enough. He raised that from 150 to 200 Mgs. Anyone have experience coming off antipsychotics?
Avatar f tn I take Seroquel xr and Lithium. The Seroquel xr for about two and a half months. The Lithium for over ten years. The Lithium, I do not believe it causes weight gain. Seroquel xr, yes. It, so far is the best antipsychotic I have ever taken, we'll see as the time goes on. I gained about fifteen pounds at first on Seroquel xr! I cut out most colas, I never have been a snacker. It does not make me crave food or sugar, it just adds weight.
505903 tn?1211295098 She is currently taking 400 mg Seroquel XR, and 27 mg Concerta. Of course they say she just has bi-polar tendencies, but I was wondering on how effective these meds have been for other children as its hard to find any good information on such for children. She still has issues with concentrating and controling her anger in the evenings, she is very normal socially and excels verbally, so much so people have a hard time understanding how it is she is still in Kindgrden.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your help. I really appreciate you responding. Well the Dr. thought of going with the Seroquel xr first. I am on 150 mg at night and he wants me to switch to Trazadone 75-150 mg. I know I can't split the seroquel xr since it's extended. He also wanted me to taper my Xanax 1 mg 4 x's a day to Kolonopin 1 mg 3 x's a day. Any suggestions.. I appreciate it again. Thanks.
Avatar f tn My dosage was increased until currently I am taking just shy of 2000 milligrams of Seroquel XR every night. I have found that I am almost incapable of functioning at all. I am exhausted all the time and will often sleep up to 20 hours a day. I am only 24 years old and want to go to college or at least get a job, but I don't see that happening while I am on this medication. What is the safest way to take myself off of it?
574118 tn?1305135284 When treated for the depression the pdoc changed my seroquel from quick release to XR. Immediately I found it difficult to sleep and it triggered a mild hypomania, but nothing serious. However it lifted me out (if a bit too quickly) of the depression. If you are finding the sedative effects of seroquel beneficial for sleep you may lose this with the XR.
Avatar f tn asked me to take trazadone one night at 75mg and the next night take the seroquel xr and so on for about 5 days and then just drop the seroquel xr. I am quite confused by this and would like to know if anyone else has made this type of switch? I don't trust the withdrawl method at all. This is a new Dr. for me and has been practicing for over 40 years. I would think he knows it all. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Avatar m tn I take 400 mg XR of Seroquel every night before I go to bed. My question is, is it safe to take Percocets as while on this medication? I'd greatly appreciate an answer as soon as possible, I need to take my Seroquel to stay mentally stable but I already took the Percocet and am leery of taking my other medication now.
Avatar f tn and At the present time I am on Effexor xr 150mg, Prozac 40 mg as the Dr. was trying to wean me from 225 of the effexor xr and add the prozac. 1 mg of xanax 4 x’s a day, seroquel 150 mg at night. So this was my new medication line up after switching psych drs. after 10 years. need a new beginning. not feeling good. So this is what she added in. I am a homembody and fear the everyday so it was hard to get to some appts. what she was aware of in the beginning and after i missed 3 appt.
Avatar f tn Hi. I've been on Seroquel and then Seroquel XR for about two years now. I was initially prescribed it for bipolar mania, and the resultant insomnia. I have had panic attacks before prior to taking Seroquel, however never constantly, and never for no reason at all. I would have a panic attack after a traumatic event, or when I smoked pot as a teenager, but otherwise I never had them.
Avatar n tn ve heard how it would put you into immediate withdrawals after taking it so, my dr prescribed me a few meds to get me by until Friday when he can give me the script for suboxone, in the mean time the Seroquel XR 150 mg was helping me very well to sleep, but now it's like I'm not even taking it at all, can anyone explain to me why it worked the first 5 days then stopped working?
736475 tn?1281259327 The long term risks are as with any atypical antipsychotic which is the potential of long term movement disorders and diabetes. Both can be monitored for and the second prevented through regulated diets. 50 mg. is a very low dose of it though and shouldn't really that much of a problem and for its main use (which is psychosis) would be considered subclinical. One thing for sure is that if you stop taking Seroquel (or any other medication) whatever its treating will return.
Avatar n tn Is 1200mg seroquel, 10 mg Prozac, lithium 300mg, zyprexa 10mg plus aitvan 1mg a too high or too much dosage for a 22 year old male.
Avatar n tn my doc wants to wean me off now, its been about a year. xanax xr doesnt come in .75 so he wants to start me on xanax xr .50. Is this to fast to come off of it? Has anyone here ever weaned off of the xr before?
1021784 tn?1306363011 I am now at 600 mg. Over long periods of time u will get immune to lower doses. I take seroquel xr which is extended release where u take it at night and the benefits last all day. Not just at night. U won't be sleepy all day, just at night when u first take it. I have taken it for long term because it helps a lot. But you will need to have blood work Avery three to six months while taking it because it can cause sugar problems. I have yet to have that problem though.
Avatar m tn 1/2 months ageo I was takeing Minipress 15mg for Night tremmers and nightmar. 125mg seroquel, 500mg seroquel XR, lexapro 20mg, 70mg Vyvanse, topamax 25mg for migrains, 20mg ambin. NOw I only take 75mg seroquel, 500mg seroquel XR, 20mg Lexapro, 70mg Vyvanse and 20mg ambin. The last few day...
Avatar n tn I take 150 mg seroquel xr along with 10 mg klonopin for what my doctor says is bipolar disorder. c Can taking these two meds together hurt me? I still get angry at times when things don't go right.
Avatar m tn it is very difficult... I tried herbs... valerian.... Melatonin (3 mg... 1.50 mg... 1 mg.. 0.50 mg..) and I have days of sleep and stressful nights of hell of no sleep.. If someone out there has a advice on my situation i would really appreciate there help!!! my Dr recommend i try Saphris 5mg at night... but im nervous... About a month ago i tried taking 50 mg of Seroquel again and i had this Horrific response!!! im to nervous to even try 25 mg..