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Avatar n tn so im trying seroquel now, day 2 and im calm for the first time in months. im also going to try prozac with the seroquel. hoepfuly a couple months of this combo will settle my unsettled brain and i can quit them both? anyone had any experience with seroquel?
563541 tn?1257881167 when he recently was released (8 months) he stopped taking everything , and had a real bad time especially with sleeping after being on seroquel so long ,had teribble hedaches. please find out all the info you can on any med before taking them,unfortuantly it isn't a perfect world and pharmesutical companys are publicly traded companys out for profit.
Avatar n tn I went to my dr and she gave me adderall and i have decided to stop taking the seroquel and only take the geodon with my morning and night lithium and lamictal, with xanax as needed. i think this will work better for me. thanks for the support, i feel like a freak because i have to take medication, but as my boyfriend says its like wearing glasses, its necessary and helps. with me luck!
584628 tn?1218601971 I have never ever been the type of person whos weight fluctuates. About 3 months ago I started taking 20mg lexapro at night with the 50mg seroquel. All I know is i used to be a size 4...ive been a size 4 for the past 8 years probably...NOW, i am a size 10 or 12...and all the weight is in my stomach(with a little in my hips/butt). Im not pregnant...I exercise...I eat pretty healthy...but im confused as hell. has ANYONE had a similar situation with this drug(s)?
Avatar f tn Now at 26 I'm working full time, going school and being a single parent. Needing help to focus and with depression I went to see a pyschologist( I have medi-cal so theres only one available) He put me on 10mg Adderall three times a day ( he said 4 but I made the decision to only do three). Been doing ok on it despite constant dry mouth and some weight loss. Well I just talked to him again and told him I liked it but felt it hard to focus again.
584628 tn?1218601971 I have never ever been the type of person whos weight fluctuates. About 3 months ago I started taking 20mg lexapro at night with the 50mg seroquel. All I know is i used to be a size 4...ive been a size 4 for the past 8 years probably...NOW, i am a size 10 or 12...and all the weight is in my stomach(with a little in my hips/butt). Im not pregnant...I exercise...I eat pretty healthy...but im confused as hell. has ANYONE had a similar situation with this drug(s)?
Avatar n tn i am bipolar and adhd(mild to moderate) I am also on a mood stabilizer (lamictal). The adderall actually helps me with my motivation, energy and focus. I do think, however, that since adderall is a stimulant, it would make someone who is experiencing a manic episode, more manic, if they were not on a mood stabilizer. It seems that maybe her doctor thought she had ADHD, so he gave her adderall.
Avatar f tn Problem is im scared she dunno whats best to switch me to or if she should switch me to something and then still provide me with a single dose of adderall? What works best for y'all if you've grown tolerant to adderall? Also ive taken the adderall XR 30 mg and didnt really benefit from that alone. Suggestions please?
Avatar f tn My brother was put on this drug when he was younger and has suffered from extreme weight gain and facial tics. The tics never go away - even with stopping the drug. Risperdal is not usually used for PTSD or ADHD as it is an anti-psychotic. What symptoms is your son having that the Risperdal is supposed to be treating?
Avatar f tn I am newly diagnosed with adult ADD (ADHD) and have a new prescription for Adderall 10mg. (generic) I have a few questions that maybe some folks have experience and can give me advice. I took my first dose yesterday. I cannot believe how calm I was, mentally calm. I was nervous that I would be speeding around and buzzing. Thank heavens this is the right med for me. Oh, my question is: I am a coffee drinker. Not really alot, I go through my phases. I enjoy maybe two cups in the A.M.
Avatar n tn Currently, she is taking 40 mg of Adderall. She began the Seroquel back in December of 2008 on a low dosage and since Easter 2009 the current Psychiatrist increased her dosage from 50 to 100 mg. She is still having hallucinations, etc. When she last visited us (joint legal custody and visitation) while she began talking and saying things that did not make sense, we lowered her dosage to 50 mg. and the next day the same not knowing what to do.
Avatar n tn My psychiatrist wanted to give me a mood stabilizer along with Seroquel but now there is no need for that ... He said depression was expected as a side effect of treating mania but it will be gone and that's what happened .....
Avatar f tn I was on birth control that didn't work due to my hypothyroidism. This is kinda my second Seroquel baby. Except with my first I was off my Seroquel during the first trimester. I have bipolar 1 with psychosis, so when I went off my medicine I went into the hospital for 6 weeks. It was an awful time being pregnant and being in the hospital for so long. I refused medication and ended up spending alot of my hospital time in the isolation room.
Avatar n tn About a month ago I added seroquel to the Cymbalta and Adderall I take. I have slowly worked up to 300mg/day. During this time I have had increasingly painful aches in my upper body. My neck is stiff and sore. My joints all crackle. My wrists are in a great deal of pain. And the worst is the shooting pains I get through out the day in my forearms, which turns into a chronic numbness, predominately on my right side.
Avatar n tn // Anyway, I had been taking 30-50mgs of Adderall daily for the previous 2 weeks (I am not ADD, I used the drug to help me work) Well, on a Monday I didn't eat any adderall but at about 11:30 I took 20 mgs of 2c-E (A Hallucinogenic Phenethylamine), so I tripped all that night and didn't go to sleep. The next day I took 60 mgs of adderall at about 3 pm because I was tired from not sleeping the night before and had to go to work.
216703 tn?1277682777 Zoloft 200mg, Adderall 20mg, Ambien 10mg. We know I prob need a mood stabilizer, but Seroquel was the only one I could tolerate. It's just no longer worth the risk of falling.
Avatar f tn Ritalin and Adderall should not be used with dopamine antagonists like Risperidone, as far as I know. They could affect heart functions. Also, SSRIs are usually not prescribed with stimulants.
Avatar f tn 00pm. After two weeks on this med and dose I found myself trying to take 2 at once to see if it would work since I felt absolutely nothing taking 1 10mg tablet twice during the day. I swear I do not abuse medication but whether my body can't absorb medication or I'm just defective I know that most people on the shear amount of different meds I take daily and then the dosages, it should be obvious that I'm highly medicated. But I'm not at all.
Avatar m tn One powerful coping mechanism is to self-medicate with stimulants like caffeine, Adderall, Ritalin or even cocaine or meta-amphetamines. These stimulants push one’s brain and body into a state of high alert, often with side effects of mild to extreme anxiety, anger or fear but, at the same time, forcing one’s brain-state into the state he or she wants at the moment. The emotional complex here is often difficult to describe. This often leads to cycles of substance abuse and addiction.
Avatar f tn As you will know Seroquel is a very calming anti psychotic, whereas Invega is quite agitating, I think by dropping the Invega you will have a lot less side effects ( fingers crossed ) You might feel quite drowsy for a few weeks because of the Seroquel but the extra 50mg he has given you isn't going to be too harsh, my doc usually increases my Seroquel by 100mg. With it being the XR version as well, you will have less drowsiness.
Avatar f tn It seemed to progress with age with me as well. Diagnosed firmly at age 38. I just went downhill like **** on a hot tin roof! One day I seemed to have it together and then the next BOOM - fallin' apart. That isn't really the case - I fell apart slowly and progressively- but still - all the books I've read talk about the disorder getting worse as we age or if it has been left untreated due to something called "kindling". Look it up - research it.
Avatar f tn I have been taking a number of medications since I turned 21 in 2008, the first being Prozac, Adderall, and Seroquel. I was only prescribed Seroquel for as long as my doctor wanted to "observe possible Bipolar symptoms".... after about 3 months he took me off Seroquel. After years of continued difficulty with bouts of depression, anger/irritability, sleep, I saw a new doctor in 2015 who prescribed Abilify 5mg along with Adderall.
1240654 tn?1268321115 Currently I'm on seroquel, lamictal, cymbalta, wellbutrin, and adderall. So, it's hard to tell which meds effect which.
Avatar m tn i have BP and also adult ADHD,befor they put me on adderall for the later condition I had a terrible time with focus, concentration and staying on task. The adderall . helped with everything including the lows of the BP. What a God send I can now function more like eveyone else. This may not be the answer for you but it worked wonders for me. Good luck and I hope you get to feeling more alive!! I'll add you to my prayers, God also can perform miracles no drug can do.
Avatar m tn I also take Adderall XR for my ADHD (which is a stimulant) and it did not help with making me less drowsy. Talk with her doctor, and give it time. I was told that it usually takes a couple of weeks for the body to adjust.
Avatar f tn He also has some sensory disorders and an occupational therapist works with him a couple hours a week at the school. He is on adderall xr and a low dose of seroquel at night. He has just started taking BM's (bowel movements) in the bathtub and also peeing just whereever he wants. There is no remorse and sometimes he laughs. Any suggestions on what i should do. We are not due back to the doctor for another four months. I was not sure if I should go ahead and make him appt or not.
Avatar m tn I am a mess and I am not sure what is going on with me. 4 months ago, I got out of rehab for taking 100 mg of adderall a day. 10 mg of klonapin a day and 60 mg of ambien a day. I was also taking 5 mg of zyprexa. I have lost it. I got out and a doctor put me on doxepin and I had really bad side effects on it. I have not been sleeping like at all. My anxiety is pretty high all the time. I got put on 100 mg of seroquel to help me sleep. Every 3 nights I sleep. the others I get 2 hours.
Avatar m tn I have such a big problem with the Opana ER, I (like you) can hardly stand to deal with ANOTHER PROBLEM! Anyway, I just want you to know, Rosehouse, that you aren't the only one dealing with such hard issues. Sometimes I am STARTLED to say it mildly or STUNNED that my issues are so great! We have to hold on--be strong- and trust that life is going to get really good for us in 2012! Just believe with me! And, I was in tx about 1 1/2 years ago, and again when I was in my mid 20s.