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Avatar m tn After my reply I looked up seroquel. I didn't recognize the brand name and assumed it was a "simple" sleeping pill, I see it is not. Still, I think a half dose is better than none. It would be better to telephone your doctor's office and tell them you are about out of the medication and need at least a minimum refill so you can make it to the appointment date on the 8th without running out of your necessary prescription.
1168718 tn?1464987135 Hi everyone, Does anyone know if there is a link between using seroquel and the onset of MS?
5082295 tn?1371254511 But my patient assistance was back ordered so for a few months ive had to get it at the pharmacy as the generic name. I just now got my Seroquel (brand name med) and I am having the same side effects I did when I 1st started years ago. Can it really make this much of a difference? It’s the same dose, but I mean im falling asleep all thru out the day! Its crazy & getting a little scary.
Avatar m tn I am looking for generic seroquel name which is not 80% cheaper cause the cheapest one didn't work. I want a generic one which is 40% cheaper than branded one. I try to find in India, but most of them are very cheap which won't work for me though i haven't tested Indian one. Has anybody tested Indian Generic seroquel? Does anybody aware of 40% cheaper generic but not the extremely cheapest one? I am tired of finding good generic in India.
Avatar f tn I read geodon is weight neutral, but I'm not sure if that has a generic. I just love the seroquel. Haven't felt this level in years. Sigh. Happy and content and starving and potentially fat, or thin and anxious and unstable and the potential of going psychotic again. Decisions. I suck at those.
Avatar n tn If by substitute you mean a generic product, then no. Both Cymbalta and Seroquel are currently only available as the brand name products. However, there are other products in the same medication classes as Cymbalta and Seroquel, some of which are available generically.
Avatar m tn Is generic quetiapine from Teva sold at Walmart as effective as name brand Seroquel?
Avatar f tn Thank you very much I will pass this information on it was very helpful.
Avatar m tn name brand product, you can request a particular generic company by name to fill your Rx. The pharmacy will not like it and tell you that it is not in stock, but the truth is that 95% of the time they can get it overnight from their suppliers. I hope this helps you on your journey to help your stepson...
Avatar f tn I've been stable for 6 years on Seroquel and I learned how to use Trazadone as a sleep aide. The name brand is Desyrel generic is Trazadone. My doctor prescribes it as 50 mg and I can take one or two for insomnia. This prevents my mania, as it usaully starts out as not sleeping. I've heard of some people going 15 years without a manic episode. The right medication will prevent it and stay away from caffeine.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I even did a little experiment bc I take pain meds too and I didn't take my gabapentin with my pain meds this morning and so I was fine until I took half the dose of my gabapentin. I also started last week taking the name brand Seroquel after taking the generic for a few months bt I only take that at night so im just trying to figure this out bc I cant keep working like this. normallyi wake up & by mid morning the meds that make me sleepy normally fade away.
Avatar f tn It´s not by chance that pharmacys industries and stores make big bucks. They have huge profit margins. Instead of the medication having some brand name, a generic it´s known by the active drug of the medication, like Prozac is fluoxetine, valum is diazepam, xanax or prazam is alprazolam, lamictal is lamotrigine, abilifly is aripiprazol. you can check this for example in
Avatar n tn Hello, I recently was prescribed both seroquel and paxil for mood stabilization, OCD, and IBS. I initially took the generic paxil 20MG and seroquel 50MG. The mix worked well and didn't really have any major side effects, Both I went to the brand name paxil with the seroquel; and noticed some strong erections the morning that lasted for 90 minutes to 2 hours. Unfortunately, the rigitiy made it difficult to go back to flaccid.
Avatar n tn Then more recently----my doc had me on Cymbalta with my current meds minus the Xanax but I made the personal decision to stop the Seroquel after reading the trememdous amount of horrific side effects out there, including massive weight gain-----with some, over 100 lbs in a year. Within 10 years, I went from 10mgs of the stuff to 600 to knock me out for sleep, as I always thought I was given it for my insomnia and not Bipolar.
Avatar n tn on the prescription pad and if there is a denial of coverage at that point appeal it and have him writing a detailed letter stating why the generic didn't work as well. Generic medications are supposed to the same but I've found for myself vary in terms of quality and quantity at times.
Avatar f tn At the time I was on Fluoextine (Generic Prozac, Seroquel and Provigil). I no longer take the Provigil and Seroquel but have kept on the Prozac. I have tried Dilantin and Tegretol which gave me Steven Johnson Syndrome as well as Gabapentin --gave me headaches, Zonegram--made me extremely suicidal and keppra--made me extremely angry.
497950 tn?1255867527 It caused me to gain some, but then again I have been so deeply depressed until recently and they started me on Wellbutrin, the generic is $50 a month. Lithium is only like $15 Hope this helps. I am getting stable too!
Avatar m tn It should work for you since you are on day 11. Good luck and I will be thinking about you! If you cant get Neurontin try some generic (or brand name) immodium. It has a mild opiate component to it and can help ease the physical symptoms. You will probably have to take more than recommended though.
735919 tn?1236448149 I did have blurred vision with the generic version and have to use the brand name. Supposedly, blurred vision is a common side effect with the generic, and also isn't as strong as the brand name.
Avatar n tn I purchased Oxetol 300 (Oxcarbazepine) today which is I guess another name for Trileptal. I am going to taper off Divalproex for the next few days and start with Oxetol 300, maybe half of the tablet once a day. My question is can I have that with the Olanzapine 5 mg?
1114425 tn?1258694566 I was on and off it twice, and I know how much it costs, there are other anti-depressants that are much less, and also ask the Dr to make the prescription generic, which is also cheaper than the name brand and has the same active ingredients.
539549 tn?1315985262 I hope they keep producing it though it's said the patent ends in 2010, most probably astra Zenica will keep producing it under a generic name. Incidentally how did your pdoc stabilize you towards the manic side, because if he could do that then he can stabilize you as normal (in between) which is better. The manic side is still horrible since it triggers along with it a mixed episode sometimes. I am optimistic that bipolarity can be understood in the near future.
Avatar m tn I wonder why you are writing the generic names of drugs. I know quetiapine the generic of seroquel appeared lately this year as Astra zeneca doesn't possess the patent anymore but the brand lamictal still exists for lamotrigine. Sometimes the brand name is more potent but usually the generics are cheaper i suppose.
Avatar m tn The problem is that my insurance company refuses to cover the medication, which is $2400 out of pocket for the generic form. I just cannot afford to pay $29,000 a year for medication. I started by calling the pharmaceutical company to inquire about assistance, but they have canceled their Provigil assistance program and also told me that depression is one of the few illnesses for which they do not provide assistance anyway.
574118 tn?1305138884 I tried to wean off stelazine a week ago but had all the distortion in my brain, rapid racing thoughts, I returned taking it. Seroquel oh dear seroquel without it I would have remained manic. So I don't see how can I taper off from them. However since my pdoc seek an MS I objected to the lithium and depakine. One hears side effects. I said tegretol he advised 400 mg. I couldn't stand more than 200mg but intermittent headache. So I cut it to 100mg and seroquel 25mg.
925572 tn?1246543631 OR a risperidone of 1mg brand name apexidone in egypt. Incidentally if you read in wikipedia about seroquel generic quetiapine, the link you will find that it's used off-label for symptoms like insomnia.
1134609 tn?1269275800 depakote is the last thing i would wish to try and what is left for me to, yet i am still resenting, weight gain and hair loss and the generic name sodium valproate is fishy at least lithium carbonate sounds more natural although i couldn't tolerate one pill of it giving me serious agitation.
Avatar n tn I feel so sorry for you. Gabapentin is the generic name for NEURONTIN. Neurontin is NOT APPROVED by the FDA as a treatment for Bi-Polar Disorder..........IN FACT, you might as well be taking a "Placebo" you are literally going "Untreated". NEURONTIN causes Uncontrollable Anger, Rage & Hostility. accompanied with NO REMORSE. NEURONTIN causes Suicidal & Homicidal Thoughts. NEURONTIN causes IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome).
599170 tn?1300977493 along w the anxiety depression which I guess is part of bi-polar why am I not on seroquel (sp?) also I have been on xanax ( prescribed by family dr) for years since I was early twentys I am 48 now) ..many people in hospital was on Klonopin is this a good med? my xanax helps but dr seems to want me off it as its addicting..I dont care if I am addicted to it...least of my problems..I know I depend on and helps me/.. Also after divorce I will have no insurance..