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Avatar m tn After my reply I looked up seroquel. I didn't recognize the brand name and assumed it was a "simple" sleeping pill, I see it is not. Still, I think a half dose is better than none. It would be better to telephone your doctor's office and tell them you are about out of the medication and need at least a minimum refill so you can make it to the appointment date on the 8th without running out of your necessary prescription.
5082295 tn?1371254511 But my patient assistance was back ordered so for a few months ive had to get it at the pharmacy as the generic name. I just now got my Seroquel (brand name med) and I am having the same side effects I did when I 1st started years ago. Can it really make this much of a difference? It’s the same dose, but I mean im falling asleep all thru out the day! Its crazy & getting a little scary.
Avatar n tn I was wondering if it is common, or even known, if doctors prescribe Seroquel or it's generic brand for help with sleep (versus the standard Ambien, etc. and other 170 different OTC and RX that are available). I did not see Seroquel on the list and see that it is mainly for manic depression/ biopolar disorder, etc. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm on 150mg of slow release Seroquel and I googled the interactions but theyre all big names lol. I have a cold and want to make some Neo-Citran (its actually a non-generic brand called Equate Hot Lemon Relief lol) and it has warning on the box not to mix with certain things but again I have no idea!
Avatar n tn If by substitute you mean a generic product, then no. Both Cymbalta and Seroquel are currently only available as the brand name products. However, there are other products in the same medication classes as Cymbalta and Seroquel, some of which are available generically.
Avatar m tn Is generic quetiapine from Teva sold at Walmart as effective as name brand Seroquel?
Avatar f tn Thank you very much I will pass this information on it was very helpful.
Avatar m tn As to your stepson's allergic reaction, that could also be from the fillers or coloring agents in the capsules or tablets. Be very careful as to the brand of generic that he takes each month. As you are probably already aware, the medication can change from month to month based on which generic company gives the pharmacy a better deal on their next stock bottle.
Avatar f tn I've been stable for 6 years on Seroquel and I learned how to use Trazadone as a sleep aide. The name brand is Desyrel generic is Trazadone. My doctor prescribes it as 50 mg and I can take one or two for insomnia. This prevents my mania, as it usaully starts out as not sleeping. I've heard of some people going 15 years without a manic episode. The right medication will prevent it and stay away from caffeine.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I even did a little experiment bc I take pain meds too and I didn't take my gabapentin with my pain meds this morning and so I was fine until I took half the dose of my gabapentin. I also started last week taking the name brand Seroquel after taking the generic for a few months bt I only take that at night so im just trying to figure this out bc I cant keep working like this. normallyi wake up & by mid morning the meds that make me sleepy normally fade away.
Avatar n tn Hello, I recently was prescribed both seroquel and paxil for mood stabilization, OCD, and IBS. I initially took the generic paxil 20MG and seroquel 50MG. The mix worked well and didn't really have any major side effects, Both I went to the brand name paxil with the seroquel; and noticed some strong erections the morning that lasted for 90 minutes to 2 hours. Unfortunately, the rigitiy made it difficult to go back to flaccid.
Avatar f tn It´s not by chance that pharmacys industries and stores make big bucks. They have huge profit margins. Instead of the medication having some brand name, a generic it´s known by the active drug of the medication, like Prozac is fluoxetine, valum is diazepam, xanax or prazam is alprazolam, lamictal is lamotrigine, abilifly is aripiprazol. you can check this for example in
Avatar n tn So it depends. Generics vary. I've had times where I took a generic version of a brand medication and it was fine and they replaced it with another generic that didn't work out. When it comes to medications there are not just the brand of the medication and the generic. There are multiple generics and they can differ. Usually not enough for a person to notice. But there can be problems. The best thing to do is try them and if there's a problem ask to be switched back to the brand.
Avatar m tn It has been two weeks now and the past three days I have had extreme anxiety for no reason at all I have taken all my medications for anxiety and its not working (which sometimes happens when its severe) I take 100 mg of lamotrigine and 25 mg of seroquel. My heart rate has been ridiculously high for four days now up to 214 resting. I feel like ****, tired, shaky, nauseated, and a constant racing heart.
Avatar n tn Then more recently----my doc had me on Cymbalta with my current meds minus the Xanax but I made the personal decision to stop the Seroquel after reading the trememdous amount of horrific side effects out there, including massive weight gain-----with some, over 100 lbs in a year. Within 10 years, I went from 10mgs of the stuff to 600 to knock me out for sleep, as I always thought I was given it for my insomnia and not Bipolar.
Avatar f tn However six months ago i surfed the web until i stumbled across a correspondence from switzerland, she said her pdoc an old veteran ascertained that the only AD which doesn't drive you manic is stablon/coaxil a french one generic tianeptine which reduces the seratonine rather than pumping it like the SSRI. I tried it and since that date i can say that my mania lessened tremendously. Sometimes i have mixed states but due to stresses not the AD i suppose.
Avatar f tn We don't have to pay anything for our pills, providing they are the generic brand. I hope you don't think i'm crazy...or lazy, I am intelligent, have a great sense of humor but I can't help that my brain is the way it is. My meds, when they work (which they do now) except that my Dad and Grandma passed away within 2 weeks of each other so I'm more ocd then I'd like lately. Also, do holidays make you more anxious??? They do for me, even though i like the holidays (f*@king ocd).
Avatar m tn It should work for you since you are on day 11. Good luck and I will be thinking about you! If you cant get Neurontin try some generic (or brand name) immodium. It has a mild opiate component to it and can help ease the physical symptoms. You will probably have to take more than recommended though.
735919 tn?1236448149 I did have blurred vision with the generic version and have to use the brand name. Supposedly, blurred vision is a common side effect with the generic, and also isn't as strong as the brand name.
Avatar m tn I wonder why you are writing the generic names of drugs. I know quetiapine the generic of seroquel appeared lately this year as Astra zeneca doesn't possess the patent anymore but the brand lamictal still exists for lamotrigine. Sometimes the brand name is more potent but usually the generics are cheaper i suppose.
1114425 tn?1258694566 I was on and off it twice, and I know how much it costs, there are other anti-depressants that are much less, and also ask the Dr to make the prescription generic, which is also cheaper than the name brand and has the same active ingredients.
980052 tn?1262970679 Hey everyone, I thought I'd add to this to clear a few things up. (1) Lamictal works to counteract & prevent the depression phase of bipolar disorder & Depakote works to counteract & prevent the mania/hypomania phase. (2) Depakote amplifies the effect/dosage of Lamictal if they're taken together. For example, if you're taking 100mg Lamictal and 500mg Depakote, it's like you're taking 200mg Lamictal.
574118 tn?1305138884 I tried to wean off stelazine a week ago but had all the distortion in my brain, rapid racing thoughts, I returned taking it. Seroquel oh dear seroquel without it I would have remained manic. So I don't see how can I taper off from them. However since my pdoc seek an MS I objected to the lithium and depakine. One hears side effects. I said tegretol he advised 400 mg. I couldn't stand more than 200mg but intermittent headache. So I cut it to 100mg and seroquel 25mg.
925572 tn?1246543631 OR a risperidone of 1mg brand name apexidone in egypt. Incidentally if you read in wikipedia about seroquel generic quetiapine, the link you will find that it's used off-label for symptoms like insomnia.
Avatar f tn During this month I became severly depressed and was put on Effexor and Seroquel. It has made me so lazy. I just don't feel like doing anything... I don't sleep I just don't want to do anything. The contract is designed to cover the Dr.. As we know their are a few that will abuse the goodness of the Pain Dr. If the Fentanyl patch is working and your not in need of the oxycodone then just tell the Dr. Tell the Dr. you don't need it daily and that you are happy to have the oxycodone when needed.
5082295 tn?1371254511 I have bipolar but never really had bad depression with it. Years ago I did suffer from depression..just like a dark cloud following me, & I cant find happiness anywhere! I know theres been a lot of changes in my life, new job (7 months ago, a break up with my fiancé, (5mths ago), etc) but I just cant seem to see any kinda of silver lining like I use too. I had an event last week that really upset me.
429209 tn?1224170189 get the generic. or go to your local mental health clinic and see if they will prescribe them for you.
Avatar m tn This thread is quite old so no one may even read this. I have been taking unisom or the generic for 10 years off and on. Lately it was 4-12 pills a night. Tonight is day 2 without it and I feel very sick. It feels very similar to an opiate withdrawal. My bones ache and I feel feverish. I haven't had an appetite at all. Someone gave me seroquel and not even 300 mgs of that makes me sleep. I wake up just about every hour feeling like I have the flu. I also gained weight since taking it.
Avatar f tn You usually figure out pretty quickly if the generic brand you have gives you adverse side effects. If you didn't have bad nausea then you should be good to go. I get the dry heaves for hours if I take the TEVA brand, even when I eat before taking it. Also, if for some reason Rite Aid decides to start ordering a brand you don't like, all you have to do is let your doc know which generic is best for you and he will write that brand prescription.
Avatar n tn I did experience a weight loss on the wellbutrin both name brand and generic form. I was alot younger then (6-7 yrs ago) and plan on trying it again to help me quit smoking, help with mood/depression, and hopefully weight loss. After many trips to my dr I would also like to add that taking many medications can also have negative side effects on your kidneys.