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Avatar m tn I have bipolar/panic disorder and every time I took seroquel I had a massive panic attack, ate a lot, then slept for 12+ hours. The longest I have ever slept on seroquel is 72 hours straight... it will knock you out. It also makes you feel sluggish and lethargic throughout the day... not even my Dexedrine helped. I've tried ambien, trazodone, and risperdal for sleep but the best medicine I've found is klonopin.
214255 tn?1205639236 My husband currently takes Seroquel. As far as I know there is no black box warning. He takes 400mg 2x's day!!! I took a 100mg seroquel ONCE and my face didn't even move, I could hardly stay awake. Now if I need to sleep I'll take a 25mg dose. Let's just say they aren't a medication to fool around with. Like the package says "Anti-Psychotic". I personally don't understand how my hubby can function on it, well I guess he does sleep alot. Hope this helps, but be carefull.
Avatar m tn It also may me very mean the next day. Be careful with that one. I take Zoloft with Buspirone for my bi polar and panic disorder and that works well.
Avatar f tn my doctor gave me seroquel for sleep also, it does tend to make me groggy the next day,so she said for me to try to lower the dose to 25 mgs, it is a common side effect of seroquel and i guess if it effects you this way then it will always effect you this way, my doc told me this side effect doesnt go away with time. but if it helps you sleep while going through withdrawals than take advantage of the times where you CAN sleep...
Avatar f tn I have had panic attacks before prior to taking Seroquel, however never constantly, and never for no reason at all. I would have a panic attack after a traumatic event, or when I smoked pot as a teenager, but otherwise I never had them. When I began taking straight Seroquel (I don't recall what the initial dosage was exactly but it was around 500-600 mg daily I think), I used to have panic attacks within a half hour of taking it.
Avatar n tn Dear Doc, 4 years ago i was hit with severe panic attacts literally overnight. For months and months all I did was scream and cry all day everyday. My only peace was sleep. I was put on ativan , lorazepam, lithium, kolonipan and zyprexa and paxill. I was a zombie, lost my emotions and was still in a panic state.I was then taken off the zyprexa which put 50 pounds on me. All i did was throw up and cry .
Avatar f tn I was on a couple mood stablelizers..depokote , seroquel & zoloft plus valium for severe cases..its really helped!
Avatar n tn He was suprised at the manic-depressive idea, he believes it's a subsequent symptom from the panic disorder (the mood swings and crashes), because its quite a bad case of panic disorder... With the seroquel, he also disagreed that the drinking caused the adverse affects - he said it was most likely related to my anxiety over medication in general - as soon as i feel 'different' from meds - it makes me anxious as i feel less 'normal/right'.
1305767 tn?1361196276 Personally, I have not heard of it being used for that as there are much more effective medications out there for anxiety. Also Seroquel can actually cause anxiety and panic attacks! I hope that your doctor asked you many more questions to determine if you had bipolar disorder than just about racing thoughts. Bipolar disorder cannot and should not be diagnosed only on the basis of that.
605458 tn?1265086851 I just started on Seroquel XR for Panic Disorder, what's the difference between XR and normal seroquel? I suppose it will help with my Borderline Personality Disorder/Chronic Depression aswell, considering it is prescribed mostly for Bipolar, and Bipolar and BPD run on par with each other. I have been on nearly every med known to man for panic disorder/depression/sleep since I was 12 and I'm only 18.
Avatar f tn If the Zoloft didn't work very well augmenting it isn't going to do the trick, you need to try a different first med. As for seroquel, I also advise people to check out this med for themselves. Yes, it has an unwanted side effect of making people sleepy, but taking it regularly for sleep probably isn't the greatest idea. It's not what the drug is for, but it was marketed for all kinds of unapproved purposes.
8641508 tn?1399120907 Hello everyone, so Im new to this. I have been diagnosed with panic disorder, ocd, and as you guys with ocd know depression coincides. I am on 20 mg lexapro, 5 mg kolonopin, and 2.5 mg of abilify. I am struggling bad lately. my depression is starting up again, not severe enough to be hospitalized but is starting up. Im believing that everyone around me thinks im crazy i dont know why. I got in a fight with my sister yesterday and I started crying because I also got into a fight with my mom.
1056235 tn?1254240485 I have heard from others that Zoloft is very well tolerated but everyone is different. I know another guy who takes zoloft for panic disorder and is doing well.
420308 tn?1203044862 I went from 130 to 180 in 6 months and was having ongoing panic attacks. Day and night for an entire year. I'll tell you what made the panic attacks and depression go away. I quit antidepressants and sloooooly tapered off the seroquel. It was remarkable. The antidepressants were making me crazy. The awful anxiety slowly got better, although not all the way. I've always had it, I'll live with it. Unfortunately, I'm still 170 pounds. My knee went out because of the extra weight.
Avatar m tn Hello, You're stating that you have sleeping issues, and I take it that you have been prescribed Seroquel specifically for this matter. If this is the case, then it is in my opinion not a bad choice, though some would argue there are better(safer) options due to the risk factors involved with the class of drugs to which Seroquel belongs.
561706 tn?1333950874 I've been diagnosed with cataracts; probably due to taking Seroquel for my BPl (I'm 41). Last year when I saw my eye doctor he told me I might be developing them and that was the first time I'd heard of that side effect. Yesterday he confirmed my diagnosis. He recommended "working around" my meds instead of going off them. Cataracts are relatively easier to treat then BP. I really llike Seroquel. I'm not in a panic, but I'd like to hear about others' experiences with this. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been on Seroquel for 5 years up to 1100 mg (yes, one thousand one hundred) and two years ago because of severe side effects (problems focusing and severe trembling) and because my moods were very stable my psychiatrist accepted to lower it progressively to find a dosage that would allow me to function well with less side-effects. It's been two years of gradually eliminating this drug. Everything went well up until Sept 2011 when I reached 125 mg.
663901 tn?1232653271 Have you thought about switching a drug so you can drop the level of seroquel, I am on trazadone for sleep. It took me 4-5 days not to be terribly sleepy, but I sleep like a rock normally. When I hit a depression all gloves are off when it comes to sleep, so I add ativan. Ativan will help with the legs at night, and I like it, I only use it when needed.
Avatar f tn but in my opinion, the Benzo meds are not acceptable for a long-term treatment for the panic disorder, they are very addictive ( I know this cause i'm addicted to Xanax and Klonopin right now) and they stop working after 1-2 months and you need to always increase the dose!!! Therapy can help also, especially if the panic disorder is milder (mean 1 panic once in a while)... but therapy is not very helpfull when you have chronic anxiety with panic symptoms all day long...
Avatar n tn Some are of them are migraines, they are debilitating. I have been on seroquel for sleep and depression. Also abilafy, and 4 ml Klonpin. I take vicadin for the pain of seroquel migrains. Doesn't help. I am now on Lamictal 50 mg, 4 mg of klopin in the morning and 1 mg during the day. 10 mg ambien. Since taking Lamictal the migraines have got worse. My nurse practitioner want me to take topamax and stop the Lamictal. Seroquel and abilafy put about 35 pounds on me.
Avatar f tn Since I found out I'm pregnant they don't want me taking seroquel for depression and anxiety and panic attacks and it help me sleep. Now that I am scared I don't know how I'm going to sleep or what am I gonna do about panic attack in my depression. is there any questions if someone can help me with.. I am scared what could happened to me...
675329 tn?1297291978 i take serequel 100 before bed for panic disorder and wellbutrin 300 for depression tramadol for fibro pain cholersterol meds.
Avatar f tn The Hospital doesn't help, it's just a place for me to stay safe and not kill myself and sometimes I'm even leery of that. For now I'm just staying high or drunk, or when I go to work I take extra seroquel just to make it thru the day, or just in case they ask why I'm so stupid I can say I'm on extra prescribed meds, without getting into trouble. I can't let myself be in my body it's just too dangerous...Thankyou for your input it helped a little to know someone read it.
445113 tn?1205212344 Has anyone tried seroquel for panic? It sounds pretty extreme and she admitted that she wasn't a Dr. and was just throwing it out there. Ok, again, thanks for all the support.
Avatar f tn I have cronic insomnia and my phychiatrist put me on seroquel for this pregnancy. I am 33 weeks and have been using seroquel during the whole pregnancy. I am extremely nervous if I am doing any harm to my little new baby girl. I am having panic attacks this week just thinking about it. I just hope for the best to all our babies.
1576249 tn?1296090802 its just special salt) 50mg Lamictal (for anxiety) 25mg (+) of Seroquel (for insomnia) everyday. Hope you get better. It takes a while to find what works best for you but once you do you will feel a lot better.
Avatar m tn I've read that it only helps with general anxiety disorder, not panic attacks... I need something for both.
1238554 tn?1339423716 I thought I was doing good no panic attacks for like two whole months. Awesome. Now randomly have sleeping panic attacks. I am on 150mg of certrlene. I do take it at night and maybe that helps not have the night attacks? I Work out every weeknight at 430-530, and eat good, Try not to eat red meat I don't know if it helps or not but when I eat red meat i think I feel more tense. I Try to get done with all eating before 700pm. I don't know what to do any more.
Avatar n tn My intial panic though is a feeling that I can't breathe, and I wake up gasping for air. Fortunately these don't happen on a regular basis, and I've never been able to get a medical explanation. I do have my own theories though, and I definitley think that my disorder is inherited from my mother. I am also a very high strung person who doesn't do stress well. I think anyone suffering from panic attacks would do well to stay away from sugar, caffeine and alcohol.