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1021784 tn?1306363011 I have taken seroquel since I was 17 and I am now 24. Usually a doctor will start you off on a lower dose from 25 mg to 100 mg. It makes you really sleepy so don't drive. But it does help with anxiety and insomnia and bad dreams. I am now at 600 mg. Over long periods of time u will get immune to lower doses. I take seroquel xr which is extended release where u take it at night and the benefits last all day. Not just at night. U won't be sleepy all day, just at night when u first take it.
Avatar m tn You sent me a note, but I guess it's about this post. You don't describe the heart problems you're having. You don't say why you were on antibiotics or how long you were on them. You don't say how long you were on Seroquel or why you were put on it. This is an anxiety forum, but those aren't anti-anxiety drugs, so are you taking other meds for anxiety? Do you suffer from anxiety?
Avatar f tn I was put on seroquel 10 yrs ago when I was 17 by a psychiatrist for anxiety and insomnia. I was on it for a few years and stopped, after college I was put back on it for insomnia. At one point I was on 300mg, it did it's job knocked me out for a good 12 to 14 hours. Then I decided I didn't want to take it and my psychiatrist just told me to stop it was not addictive.
Avatar m tn Seroquel is a serious drug for serious mental illness. It was illegally marketed by the manufacturer (who has been fined and sued successfully for this) for just about everything. So this isn't a drug I would take for sleep (taking any drug for sleep can be a problem long-term, so I hope you're looking for the solution and not just relying on medication) given the strong side effect profile of drugs intended to treat psychosis.
Avatar m tn I seen a clinical puschologists today and she got the doctor to write a script for seroquil 25 mg. Anybody ever try this? Apparently it is not an approved use, but they say it works for insomnia at reduced doses.
Avatar n tn I take paxil for depression and buspar for anxiety. Medications work differently for all people. Get to a good pyschiatrist and let him diagnosis you and give you the right medication. Good luck and keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Although i never had any problems in flying before, i am concerned about the 20 hours of total flight time on this trip. I am taking 10mg of Lexapro and 400MG of Neurontin at night for GAD and insomnia. Should I add a third medicine like Ambien to put me asleep, the neurontin seems to work well for minor anxiety but dosen't really knock me out, like something like seroquel, which worked well but gave me some breathing problems with SSRI drugs.
Avatar f tn She also takes medication for anxiety and depression, I can ask her what she takes and if it seems to have any interaction with the sleeping pill. She also sees a psychiatrist and has also had help from a psychologist (counselor) in the past. All but this last are MD doctors and of course they prescribe meds... overall she sleep much better than what I read is your situation.
Avatar f tn ive seen psychiatrists over the past year, been diagnosed generalized anxiety disorder and depression, was on numerous anti depressants for about 2 years with no relief and now i'm seeing a GP therapist but he doesnt know what meds to try so he's just trying herbal supplements. My symptoms are mind racing, heart racing, tight chest, tight throat, trouble concentrating, confusion, negative thoughts, im on 300mg of seroquel and even that cant make me fall asleep.
Avatar m tn I have been out of work for 2 months with bad anxiety, nightmares, dizziness. My physiologist prescribed zofoft 200mg. My question is about seroquel he has me taken 50mg at night. Is this drug safe and does it work for anyone . Just don't know about all the side effects. Please help if any information.
Avatar f tn I have been taking bendaryl for 10+ years for my insomnia. In the beginning 50 mg knocked me out cold. Now I require 200-300 mg. for any effect at all. I have added in doxylmanie succinate to the mix. Recently saw a psychiatrist and we tried a couple antidepressants, ambien, clonazepam for my anxiety, depression and insomnia. I still take the clonazepam for anxiety. Anti-D's didn't help me with either my insomnia or my depression. Ambien is expensive and not very effective.
Avatar n tn I take meclizine for the nausea, valium for the brain shocks, and now Seroquel for insomnia. Valium I can quit cold turkey(long half-life). Its seroquel that has me concerned because it antagonizes many parts of the brain that Remeron does creating a sedative effect possibly making it addictive. Am I robbing Peter To pay Paul???? Has anyone had experiences with Remeron(mirtazapine) or Seroquel (quetiapine). Particularly withdrawal Experiences.
198154 tn?1337787265 They are meant to be used for very specific forms of insomnia and for people without substance abuse issues. Take them at your own risk. So what are your options then, assuming that you are working closely with a doctor, ideally a psychiatrist, there are lots of ways you can go. Some require a prescription and some do not. I will list/describe them in no particular order and please, feel free to add your own: 1.Trazodone(Desyrel)-Traz is an old school antidepressant.
Avatar n tn I have been an insomniac for at least 25 yrs. I have tried everything from biofeedback to melatonin. I had a prescription for flurazapam for years but about a year ago stopped taking it and finally slept on my own. Back in July I went on a cruise, came back and the insomnia hit again worse than ever. I went to a sleep clinic where I slept for 40 minutes in 8 hours. ( I don't remember sleeping at all) They said I have sleep apnea and gave me a CPAP machine.
3145974 tn?1343086198 Hello, There's only been one time in my life when I have suffered from such debilitating anxiety and insomnia as I am now. I have only been getting 2-3 hours sleep for the past couple months and it is taking its toll. The daytime anxiety is unbearable too. At night when I wake up I feel like my body is a tympanic drum and under so much pressure that I am going to explode. That's how horrible and strong the anxiety is.
5221069 tn?1366618397 Another question... I am taking about 120mg of Quetiapine (seroquel) each night and have been for about 8 years now for anxiety and insomnia. However, now that I'm about to undergo IVF, I am worried that it might adversely affect the embryo, the foetus/both. I take no other medications. Does anybody know if it is a significant risk to take seroquel during pregnancy? Is there any other Mums o Mums to be who took it through their pregnancy? Thanks everyone.
Avatar f tn Doctors o Mehelp here have suggested Seroquel for sleeping for addicts. We are dependent on Seroquel to sleep. No big deal. You can take it long term with no bad effect. We could quit, and the only side effect would be that we couldn't sleep. Many people are not able to sleep with aid. Seroquel is the last thing i had to take on my journey of insomnia. Maybe it'll work for you too. You NEED sleep. Life is too hard without getting the REM that you need. We take one per night.
534105 tn?1226157177 Clonazepam is classified as an addictive drug and controlled substance. Seroquel isn't. I"m not sure why your doctor wants you to take seroquel -- you don't say why here. This is a drug intended for a limited purpose that was marketed illegally for all kinds of things, mostly for sleep because an unwanted side effect of it is a lot of sedation. You'd probably find quantitatively more problems quitting clonazepam, as it's one of the hardest of brain drugs to stop taking.
Avatar n tn I take elavil 10mg at night for insomnia and it has worked great. The trazodone made it impossible for me to focus at work and I felt hungover all the time.
Avatar f tn I'm on Cipralex 15mg for anxiety and depression and Seroquel 20mg at night for insomnia. I've been on remeron/mirtazapine before and had no sexual disfunction issues, however I haven't had the interest in sex/intimacy or ability to orgasm since a month prior to getting on the meds. I just started taking Wellbutrin XL 150mg because I'm told it should help with the sexual disfunction. How long until I notice a difference? Do you think I'm on too many medications?
Avatar f tn My doctor put me on amitriptyline as a medication to help me sleep after all anti depressants failed to help my anxiety which caused my insomnia. It was a gift and a curse. My bowels have been obstructed so many times from the constipation that i have one bowel moment every 3 weeks. After 5 years amitriptyle stopped helping me sleep but the severe constipation didnt go away. Tired of all the side effects 3 months ago i quit cold turkey.
Avatar n tn Can anyone tell me if Seroquel has helped with their insomnia? Is 50mg enough for a person that is 6'4" and over 220 lbs.? It is doing nothing for me. When I take it with a few glasses of wine and sit in the hot tub, then I usually fall asleep, but I wake up shaking and jittery, totally unable to relax. I don't know if that is the Seroquel or me.
1255530 tn?1269867619 anyhow any suggestions on what worked for anyone else after having bad side effects. I need something for mania, insomnia panic and anxiety attacks. Side effects of amilify where as follows Hard time breathing,hyperventilating, feeling sick in respiratory, slight swelling of tongue, fast heartbeat, restless, dizzy, speech changes, tremors and shacking, eyes feel like there rolling in back of head,seeing spots when closing eyes for bed,insomnia, Mania returned in two days, agitation.
Avatar n tn Millions and millions of families in the world, and TWENTY-EIGHT have this gene. Relax, and get some treatment for anxiety, and maybe something to help you sleep.
Avatar f tn Hello everyone. I am on my second pregnancy (33 weeks). I am on seroquel low dose for very bad insomnia. I've used it all along. My first pregnancy i did bot use it and my daughter is very smart. I was wondering if any of you have used seroquel and delivered a healthy baby.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry for all of the trouble you are having and I really hope your pain eases. I did sit in the hot tub last night and drank some wine. I took the 100mg of Seroquel, but nothing else. I still only slept about four hours and wake up feeling like my body is all knotted up inside and very unrested. I'm at the point that I don't know if the meds are causing this or if they are supposed to help it.
221913 tn?1372276661 I take 100mg Seroquel every night to help me sleep and have been for years. Recently I've had episodes of bed wetting that occer and was wondering if it's a side effect of the Seroquel. I wet the bed as a kid until I was about 13 yrs old and then stopped. But I noticed as soon as I started the Seroquel I woule periodically wet the bed.
Avatar f tn I was prescribed Seroquel at 50 mg dosage in September of 2009 for insomnia. While Seroquel helped me to fall asleep fast, I began suffering from what seemed to be sleep deprivation. In May of 2010, I began gradually weaning myself off the Seroquel in order to determine if the med was causing my sleep deprived state. When I was down to 6 mg I developed a rebound of insomnia, and due to desperation and school finals, I increased my dosage of Seroquel abruptly.