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Avatar n tn I went to the hospital due to anxity and depression and i was put on did help me and im on it now ..i just hope it helps me long term and i hope i gain some weight with it so i can get some confidence and maybe that wil help my depression....any experience or helpful things on seroquel?anyone?
Avatar m tn I have been having trouble sleeping in the last three months due to stress/anxiety/depression. I have tried OTC benadryl, valerian root, melatonin, zoplicone, lorazepam. I seen a clinical puschologists today and she got the doctor to write a script for seroquil 25 mg. Anybody ever try this? Apparently it is not an approved use, but they say it works for insomnia at reduced doses.
563541 tn?1257881167 google it is for bi-polar and manic can make you sleepy. it says not to take it with heart or blood pressure meds.
Avatar m tn I am taking Serquel for anxiety/depression. It is severe anxiety and this is the only reason I take this drug. The anxiety currently outweighs the concerns of the side effects of the Seroquel (and there are many side effects). This drug is a strong atypical anti-psychotic. It is usually used for BP1&2, and Schizophrenia symptoms. I am not a doc but I do not understand why a doc is prescribing this for a sleep aid. Also I have been on this for 1.5 weeks...
Avatar n tn You are aware that Seroquel is typically used to treat bi-polar disorder, correct? Cymbalta and Effexor are both for depression and anxiety, but I have heard of people getting sick. I got sick from Effexor, but have never tried Cymbalta. Lexapro has never made me sick, it ust magically helps...and luckly I didnt get any of the rare sexual side effects. YAHOO!
874521 tn?1424120397 he has been on and off seroquel for a couple of years, that does stop the racing however it knocks him out completely...he works 12 hr shifts and has to take soon as he gets home just so he is able to function and get back to work 12 hrs later. My question is this a temporary thing until it builds up in his system? a real tough spot either NO sleep or TO MUCH...
Avatar m tn i don't know what Seroquel is. Why don't you call your doc? And why were you on Suboxone for so long? And I thought that the Sub is supposed to help with WDs? I don't understand what is going on? But you sound like you should call an advice nurse. I'm sorry I can't help!!!
915369 tn?1355318410 I thought I was getting better so surprise surprise for me! Anyways, she prescribed me Seroquel along with my usual Lithium and Gabapentin. She told me to take one or two at or before bedtime. There are a lot of or's there for me! So I took one last night, it didn't make me sleepy at all today so I'm guessing according to what she said I should try taking two. I was wondering about the side effects and all that from anyone who's taken it or still is taking it.
736475 tn?1281262927 If he has true psychosis, there is currently no cure. If it's depression or anxiety and therapy has worked, then yes, you can stop and not just get whatever you had before. If that were true, nobody would ever be able to stop medication, and that's obviously untrue.
8520825 tn?1398515060 Some may remain bound to tissues, so it can take days to months to fully get rid of a drug, but the levels are likely to be too low to notice, and with such a short half life and only moderate lipid solubility, I don't think Seroquel will hang around for too long. Some people think that this effect can cause drug interactions, but I don't know how much evidence there is for this. Receptors will adapt over time, but I don't know how fast the process is.
766412 tn?1234896883 Personally it works really well for me anxiety, hypomanic moments and I am darned sure my depression. This med is great, there is a lot of flexibility in dosing, personally, and I'm not going to say this is for anyone else, if I feel really anxious, I call in a "Manic Panic", I can add an extra 50-100mgs a day during those periods of time.(with permission of my pdoc). He prefers this over taking ativan or other drugs in that class. I am rapid cycling and mixed states.
1021784 tn?1306366611 I'd like to know if there is anybody out there who take Seroquel for anxiety? If so, what dose are you on? What side effects do you get? Any other info you can give me about your experience with Seroquel?
Avatar n tn hi make sure the thyroid meds aren't adding to the problem as well. I am on Zoloft and the earlier i take it the better i sleep.It stimulates the sleep center in the brain and theres no way i can get a wink of sleep if i take it later than 2:00 in the afternoon. The morning is the best time to take it. My best friend is on the Wellbutrin and a small amount of the Zoloft and she is feeling ok except for headaches.
1255936 tn?1296627061 I must admit I am so tired of being on this merry go round of anxiety and depression. I get depressed because I have mental illness and it ***** me. I just want to be 'normal'.
Avatar f tn i have suffered with anxiety and depression for over 30 years. i have been on valium for 10 years. it helped the anxiety but not the depression. last week my stress was so high i felt like a nervous breakdown. my dr. prescribed seroquel 25 to 50 mg five days ago. for the first time i do not feel dpressed or anxiety. i stopped taking the valium when i started the seroquel. my valium has been a very high dose 60mg a day. will i get withdrawl symptoms from stopping the valium?
Avatar m tn loved it, they finally approved it herein Canada for ptsd, depression, anxiety. It's been hell for me, for me this has been a miracle drug. No side effects, taking 25-50mg. I have never felt better, & tried every antidepressant there is these days. I have wanted to tally throw in the towel on my life for too long, today I feel like my life is just starting, thank-you God & my late husband who passed away last year, I think he's my angel & helped make this happen.
Avatar m tn The first 5 years taking Seroquel and Effexor I slept well, think well, no more headaches/anxiety/depression. Then after that I had a very bad episode of Palpitations that landed me in the ER. It was so bad that my heart was beating irregularly every 5 seconds for 4 hours. I thought I was having a heart attack. The last 5 years or more I've been having many more episodes of Palpitations. Doctors don't have any cure. I did the EKG, and wore Holter Monitor for 30 Days.
Avatar n tn I didn't know the trials had progressed so far. I thought they were being studied for depression; is it also for anxiety? And is it just regular old glycine, the amino acid?
Avatar f tn I, 56-year-old female was on wellbutrin and seroquel for the last 2.5 years for GAD and depression, following a psychotic 5 days in an acute care hospital. i also take provigil as needed for daytime sleepiness. The wellbutrin was 100sr generic, and seroquel 75, of which I take 1/3 of seroquel as needed for anxiety.
605458 tn?1265086851 The Trazadone/ambien stopped working and I was back to not sleeping and still fighting depression. Doc took be of Cymbalta/Trazadone/Ambien and put be on Seroquel. Still could not sleep and was still having depression issues. am now on Seroquel XR at night and Cymbalta during the day and feeling much better. I have had to adjust when I take the XR to earlier in the evening or I am really drugged the next morning.
420308 tn?1203044862 I was diagnosed with depression and generalized anxiety disorder about 10 years ago. During those 10 years I was prescribed a number of different combinations of medications like Risperdal, Trazadone, Paxil, Trileptal, Klonopin, Geodon, to name a few. Some of those combinations had horrible side effects and never really relieved my anxiety or depression. Now I'm on 112.5mg of Effexor ER, 200mg of Lamictal, 60 mg of Buspar, 1200 mg of Neurontin, 600mg of Seroquel and .
Avatar f tn I've been on Seroquel for 5 months for postpartum depression. I just found out I'm pregnant and Im about four weeks along. I didnt take the Seroquel last night and it was horrible. Should I have cut myself off slowly? Would that be safer for my unborn child?
Avatar f tn I started Seroquel this week for my anxiety/depression. Ever since, I've been needing to pee like every 10/20 mins, especially during the night. I read the symptoms and this is supposed to be an uncommon one. It also said it could lead to diabetes. Is this true? I really want it to help me so I don't want to stop taking it, but I'm afraid it's going to make me gain weight or something worse.
1399124 tn?1401023604 I suffer from depression anxiety and borderline personality and aside from some humps and bumps I am okay but if I stopped them I may not have survived the birth of my baby or myself. I have read things about successful birth stories but they are few and far between as I have not found much in that area cause you can't experiment on a pregnant woman with category c drugs...Thank you so much for the kind replies and confidence and inspiration.
Avatar n tn should i stop taking the wellbutrin for depression and increase my dosage of seroquel xr to 300-400mg?
Avatar f tn but i am speaking of an SSRI say because it also kills not only depression but also anxiety and along with OCD. But in vain. If the pharm comp can come with an AD that doesn't bring mania then hurrah, but to disappoint you many research going on today suggests that AD's are not better than placebos.
Avatar f tn I've had an awful experience with a drug cocktail consisting of several medications for depression (prozac), ADHD (straterra), anxiety (buspar and neurontin), and sleep (trazodone and seroquel). Around 2 months into this chemical induced nightmare, I began to feel empty, way worse than I have ever felt. My life felt bleak, meaningless, and black.
Avatar f tn Since I found out I'm pregnant they don't want me taking seroquel for depression and anxiety and panic attacks and it help me sleep. Now that I am scared I don't know how I'm going to sleep or what am I gonna do about panic attack in my depression. is there any questions if someone can help me with.. I am scared what could happened to me...
1255936 tn?1296627061 Yes I know I need to maybe start seeing a good Psychiatrist to get to the bottom of my Anxiety and Depression. Doc suggested Seroquel and starting on a very low aid with my Effexor. My problem is that the Anxiety is bad...effecting my work and life in general. I am frustrated with taking baby steps. What is the dose for treatment of such disorders and not just a low dose for sleeping?
874521 tn?1424120397 seroquel will not worsen his depression for sure, he may only feel lethargic if he is given high dosage. But as IL said valporate is good for mania and weak for depression. There is an alternativce to give him (ask your pdoc) an AD good for anxiety too like lexapro but for a short while only because all AD's run the risk of bringing mania, and stop. Already he takes zyprexa which is strong enough to cover the AD if given.