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Avatar m tn I would want to know from the members of this forum about how many people are using Seroquel only as a sleeping aid in doses of 25 mg and 50 mg.All suggestions and answers are welcome.
1168718 tn?1464987135 hi everyone, was just wondering if you guys have had any trouble with Seroquel? I am being put on it for sleep, and I have read up on it, and the side effects are kinda scarey. Does anyone have any input? My Dr. is putting me on a very tiny dose to start, as I reacted to Nortriptyline and have been on nothing for sleep for 3 days now. Can anyone give me some help please??
2198749 tn?1338646595 Probably it is not that seroquel is causing depression but is not enough to stop your depression.
766412 tn?1234896883 Has anyone found seroquel to alleviate their depression? I am Bipolar 1 and just recently started taken this drug. Thanx for your replies.
Avatar f tn I've been taking seroquel 700mg for a little over a month now and started to get side effects like bone pain and restless leg syndrome so I stopped cold turkey it's been about 4 days since I last took it and I'm wondering how long withdrawals will last I searched everywhere on the net and can't seem to find a solid answer I've been able to manage the insomnia with some xanax ambien and temazepam and norco that I have I've been feeling a slight depression and a little panicky any help will be wel
605458 tn?1539232408 im on seroquel...reg too lazy to walk over to my dresser and check the dosage, but its low its about 100 mg at night. I have no side effects that i can see...the pills make me a little high or whatever, but im on alot of them so i cant tell anymore. But seroquel i guess has different reaction. My best friend was on it too and she told me that her legs would hold still that they were shaking all the time.. i was on respiridone (sp?
Avatar f tn Since for us driven manic by AD, if you beat depression without an AD then no more depression for start the first face of the coin, and by not taking an AD then no second face too i.e. no mania. So by not having neither depression nor mania then no BP. Simple. I also demanded from the forum to start looking for an AD that doesn't bring mania. Although nobody came to rescue me by suggesting one, i tried in the meantime lexapro/cipralex, seroxat/paxil/ some tricyclics, stablon/coaxil etc..
Avatar m tn SEROQUEL XR is not approved to treat depression; however, SEROQUEL is approved to treat bipolar depression. SEROQUEL and SEROQUEL XR are not approved for patients under the age of 18 years. The most common side effects are dry mouth, drowsiness, sedation, dizziness, high blood sugar, weakness, constipation, abdominal pain, sudden drop in blood pressure upon standing, sore throat, weight gain, abnormal liver tests, upset stomach, and sluggishness. Sounds kinda nasty to me.....
Avatar n tn My doc says he can't raise the dosage just yet. Also does seroquel xr buildup in my body and can I expect to feel better.. I appear better but internally I feel like like I am losing the battle..
1965148 tn?1354982234 No im just on seroquel at the moment, and i dont know what its meant to be acting on, whether if its the oncoming depression whenever it comes or the mania that i am in now, but i have to double the dosage next monday
1563533 tn?1345369896 its the worst feeling in the world,trust me my heart is still burning ill never drink again let alone with seroquel any dosage
Avatar n tn coincidentally ended up being referred (i'd asked for a second opinion) to two psychiatrists and i was put on seroquel. since probably mid-october 2007 have been on 800mg/seroquel/day, taken at night, though i do play around with my dosage sometimes to help w/my being able to wake up etc. there is a possibility that i'm schitzoaffective, but not really sure.
574118 tn?1305138884 Lamictin 50mg in the morning and Welbutrin XL 300MG in the morning. The reason they increase Seroquel and Lamictin is to achieve the correct dosage but mainly due to the side-effects it may have, more like an allergy thing, ex Steven Johnsons syndrome. Though it is rare, but still a possibility. My advise is to leave your meds as prescribed by your dr. You will not get addicted to it and crave more.
Avatar f tn Seroquel can cause temporary movement disorder such as akathesia and dystonia that can be treated with a side effect pill but what you are describing sounds more like withdrawal symptoms and ones of concern so you should speak to your psychiatrist as soon as possible.
574118 tn?1305138884 org/depression/Waves.htm by lowering seroquel you are upping the energy and widening the gap between the mood and the energy, thus you fall into mixed states. it also proves something else that by reducing seroquel it's the dopamine only which is up but the mood doesn't improve, otherwise the gap wouldn't have widened. And that's probably the answer to my question i was looking for, provided the wave theory is right. seroquel works on the dopamine mainly.
999828 tn?1250126526 I take seroquel in 150mg and it don't do **** at all any more i have to swallow 2 pills to knock me out I.
Avatar m tn The plan is to go back to a small dosage of Seroquel if it happens but with the severity of the withdrawal side effects I just went through I might bring your suggestions to my psychiatrist!!!!!! Tonight I had a HUGE breakthrough, I started to doze in front of the tv!!! After weeks of not being able to sleep this is good news.
663901 tn?1232653271 after that particular experience he recommended me on an increased Seroquel dosage (about 300 vs. the 200 i currently take), and I was resistant... the 200 treats the symptoms, but it goes against the feeling I have of the "less is more" mentality. I just hope the new pdoc is more understanding and willing to work with me on lowering the dose to see if it's just as effective..... sigh.....
358304 tn?1409713092 im hoping the seroquel xr will help me sleep, b/c remeron no longer makes me sleepy nor helps with anxiety or appetite. My anxiety is very bad right now and I need sleep. SOOO sleep deprived. Hopefully this seroquel xr 50mg will help with insomnia, anxiety and appetite soon.
1255936 tn?1296627061 Yes I know I need to maybe start seeing a good Psychiatrist to get to the bottom of my Anxiety and Depression. Doc suggested Seroquel and starting on a very low aid with my Effexor. My problem is that the Anxiety is bad...effecting my work and life in general. I am frustrated with taking baby steps. What is the dose for treatment of such disorders and not just a low dose for sleeping?
Avatar n tn I have taken numerous depression drugs in the past where my doc has started me on a very low dosage and worked me up to higher dosages but on prozac we went straight to 40 mg. I have been having headaches, nausua and dizziness. I thought these symptoms would fade away but I have had no luck. I'm beginning to wonder if this dosage is too high. I don't know anything about this a high dosage to start off with?
Avatar m tn I weaned off by switching to regular Effexor and breaking the pills into peices. I was ok for 1 month and the depression came back. I got back on regular effexor and began to feel positive effects but not totally. I switched to XR Effexor and it worked better. But still not full remission. I started th regular effexor 13 weeks ago and have been on the EFFEXOR XR for 2 weeks. But I still don't feel like myself. I feel better but not consistantly good. I feel best in the PM.
9266905 tn?1402812481 In the past, I used to take Lustral (Sertraline) and Seroquel (Quetiapine) but those times but it was mostly for my OCD and depression. I don't remember that I was having panic attacks those times. I wrote to you a private message and I also wish to see comments from experts about the issue I mentioned in my first post.
Avatar n tn I have never felt the need or want to take more, I feel wonderful, and frankly I was a real mess , hospitalized for 5 weeks for major depression related to unrelently panic disorder. My daughter suffers from the same disorder also, beginning in 20's. When she was first put on Klonopin, she called me ( I was at school) and said, " I'm afraid to take the pill, I'll freak out". I remember this fear.
Avatar n tn should i stop taking the wellbutrin for depression and increase my dosage of seroquel xr to 300-400mg?
Avatar m tn Before, i was on zoloft and adivan, mostly took the adivan at night for sleeping issues.. But that hasnt worked, i saw my new psych md today and she gave me seroquel, and told me to only take it before bed time. I'll still be taking zoloft but no more adivan.. Has anyone took seroquel? Again, i have panic disorder, low self esteem... and depression sometimes...
987762 tn?1331031553 Hi, I would like some guidance from anyone who has taken Seroquel. A young family member with a history of anxiety with episodes of paranoia (sp) resently returned to the psychiatrist that treated him when he was younger because of feeling his anxiety was starting to affect his sleep and rear its head to unmanageble levels again.
Avatar f tn However, in Jan of this yr I cycled into a depression and the Seroquel seems to make it worse! Does this mean I need to be off the Seroquel for now? I'm just so confused! Do bipolar patients get stabilized eventually or are we always adjusting meds? Thanks!
202665 tn?1248810333 I'm switching from 90mg Cymbalta, 50mg Trazadone, and 10mg Ambien to initially 200mg of Seroquel and increasing the Lithium to 1200mg. I'm wondering if folks have found Seroquel to be better/worse and if any withdrawal was noticed in changing.
Avatar n tn I have been on and off Seroquel for almost 4 years. Other than some serious weight gain (60 lbs. in 14 months), the effects for me were nothing short of a miracle - suffering from Cyclothymia (lower level Bipolar, mood disorder, hypomania and acute insomnia), this was a miracle drug for me. I had tried all of the regular suspects: lamictal, topamax, trileptal, trazedone, geodon, invega (which caused a pituitary mass/tumor), etc. the Seroquel was what worked.