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Avatar n tn I started to get the ocd back with the anxiety and I went back on luvox and klonopin and ive been fine since but Ive been having syptoms again and my doctor decided to start me on seroquel and in time to take me off luvox slowly... Ive been on seroquel for about a week starting with 12.5mg and now at 25mg. I sleep fine now wake up a little groggy. My ocd symptoms are reduced suddenly. I got worried last night last night when I researched seroquel and read it causes cataracts.
915369 tn?1355318410 excessive sleeping 4. weight gain what i did like about it was, the vivid dreams, and less anxiety/psychotic OCD symptoms, and I guessss, consequently, less depression since I was too busy sleeping, or in a zombie 'what's going on' mood. Also my doc wanted me to take up to 300 mg, but, i found 50mg did the "job" it's all up to the individual. but I stopped taking it because the restless legs were unbearable. Hope that helped some.
Avatar m tn Hi there. I'm sorry that I don't have an answer to your question. I am a fellow OCD sufferer and not a doctor. I guess I have to ask why your doctor would prescribe seroquel when you have used zyprexa in the past. Were you struggling with your OCD despite the medication regimen?
Avatar m tn 0 mg at night, and seroquel 450mg. After the addition of seroquel I started having classical music in my head that I could hear when I was hospitalized I asked several people if they heard what I did and they did not. However when I came home from the hospital I didn't have anymore auditory hallucinations. Seroquel helped me a lot with my ocd and gave me a lot of functioning ability. My adverse affects are sleep walking, night sweats and shaking hands until I eat something sweet.
802234 tn?1237833736 My 34 year old son with OCD has been taking 400-500 mg of seroquel for five years. One of his eyes is getting worse to the point that his eye specialist he may have to get a cornea transplant. He has been diagnosed with Kerotoconus and the doctor said he was born with it, however he never had any trouble with his eyes while growing up, didn't need glasses, and his eyes seemed to be fine until the past couple of years. He did start wearing glasses in his 20's, but he could see.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist has prescribed me 50mg of seroquel for my OCD. However, I have heard that Seroquel can shrink your brain. Is it worth it? What do you guys think of these studies? http://www.medpagetoday.
10814753 tn?1413012780 i have Bi Polar (2) and Anxiety and OCD and PTSDas anyone experienced any of the common or next level side effects from SEROQUEL? i'm on Lamictal but it's not enough on it's own.. so i'm on valium too.. which i HATE and need to get off! but i'm not keen on trialing (dicing with my life?) with any 'new' psyche meds.. especially having a possible weight gain component! anyone had this happen to them on Seroquel?
Avatar n tn i have ocd and im 20 ive had ocd for the last 10 years. i do think you have it to but i dont know how bad. when i was a kid i would ask people the same question over and over again "how old are you" and i know there ages but i never got an answer that felt right to me. so i would ask again and then they would say the same age but this time if felt right. so i moved on.
802234 tn?1237833736 I would like for him to change meds, come off the Seroquel and maybe go on another drug (antidepressant such as Luvox) for his OCD. How long would it take for him to wean off Seroquel and start another drug? I feel since he started taking Seroquel in 2004, his eye problem has gotten worse and I would like him to come off the drug. I don't know if this will help with his eyes or not. Any suggestions/comments would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn hello, i was diagnosed with ocd. ive been on zoloft for 5 months on-going. it's nice and helpful. i used to have intrusive sexual/aggressive/religious agressive thoughts. now i have shifted from these to having random songs stuck in my head and it's been horrible for my sleeping. i have only had about 4 hours of sleep for the past two days because of this. ive been reading books, and stuff but its stuck. i wake up in the morning. and the song goes back on loop what do i do?
8641508 tn?1399120907 I have been diagnosed with panic disorder, ocd, and as you guys with ocd know depression coincides. I am on 20 mg lexapro, 5 mg kolonopin, and 2.5 mg of abilify. I am struggling bad lately. my depression is starting up again, not severe enough to be hospitalized but is starting up. Im believing that everyone around me thinks im crazy i dont know why. I got in a fight with my sister yesterday and I started crying because I also got into a fight with my mom.
Avatar n tn Hello, I suffer from anxiety, depressions and OCD. I just got off seroquel because I gained over 50 pounds. I have really felt my OC thoughts increase, alot!! My doc put me on Abilify, I just started this morning. Does anyone take abilify for OCD? Does it work for them? I am also on Zoloft and Xanax, but my racing thoughts have my depression has resurfaced. Does anyone with OCD have anyother suggestions for medications for OCD? Thanks.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am new to this site and am excited that I found it. I have had OCD for quite some time and have been taking a combination of 150mg Effexor XR and 300mg Seroquel for about two years. I have been doing fairly well, and with the help of the doctor, I have been weaning myself off the Seroquel. I was doing great until my last dosage, and the anxiety and OCD all came back. My doctor suggested upping my Effexor XR dosage to 225mg.
Avatar n tn It gives info on what ocd is, how to treat (recognizing ocd thoughts, developing list ocd thoughts, level of anxiety with these thoughts and your ritual reponse to try to rleieve anxiety--defined as Courage ladder and books that were recommended by my son's ph.d doctor at ucsd to learn about this brain hiccup and how to develope techiques to get around it.
Avatar m tn I'm a 24 year old male, who drinks about three times per week, twice more so in a binge drinking fashion. I've been diagnosed with OCD and possibly Panic Disorder, strong phobias. I was told I'm 'not' an alcoholic, at outpatient therapy. AA itself seems a little far fetched. I can still function, but at a minimal rate, problems holding down jobs, and keeping busy without serious panic problems.
Avatar f tn I am a fellow OCD sufferer with a concern about HIV too. I would encourage you not to get tested and tested unless you have had an exposure such as unprotected vaginal or anal sex, sharing of needles with a drug user or mother to child via breast milk. Other than that, you can relax, you are not going to get HIV. Believe me I have had every fear about it just like you. I don't get tested.
3161914 tn?1344106218 i know there has been a lot of focus on the involvement of excess glutamate in the brain in relation to ocd and depression. So far i've tried 3 different anti depressants which have had negative results. I am not sold yet on the serotonin theory. I appreciate the reply.
Avatar f tn nope I can confirm Seroquel isn't causing Asperger or autism, it is indeed bipolar, ocd and adhd are the reasons why Seroquel was needed is what causes Asperger and autism. I am positive. if it isn't the cause then they are very similar neurological disorders that can be seen in the same gene pool. my low functioning bipolar brother has Asperger kids.
Avatar n tn This weight gain has happened very quickly and I do think the seroquel does have something to do with it. I wonder if lowering the dose and adding to it would help. What do I add though???? I go see my psych on Tuesday. Not sure what I'm going to say to him. All depends on what mood I'm in. I know that medication effects everyone differently, but does anyone have any suggestions ? I cant gain anymore weight because it will not be healthy for me.
Avatar f tn huh, wow ok so I have recently been doing the exact same thing, but im pretty, sure that you can't get tourrettes if you're over the age of 18, I have always suffered from Severe OCD but I also did the sniffing and jerking te head and throat cearing, I also have to hum, Im certain that that is Tourrettes, im only 18 now, BUT it is possible she has been able to hide it for a while, I had the tourrettes problem for years before anyone noticed I hide it very well not even my parents noticed anothe
Avatar m tn She has an insulin pump. She also has anxiety and OCD and has seen a psychiatrist for over 5 years. She is currently taking Zoloft (150mg/daily) and she started taking 50mg Seroquel at night. She began taking the full 50mg Seroquel about a week ago. For the past two days, her blood sugar levels have been through the roof. We have changed her site, changed the location of her site, opened a new bottle of insulin, etc. etc. Could this high blood sugar trend be due to the Seroquel?
Avatar n tn I went back to the psychiatrist and she told me that she suspected my problems were closer to OCD than GAD and prescribed Prozac. I am now taking 40mg of Prozac a day, and the difference is huge. I never went to a medical doctor for tests, but my fears of cancer faded away by themselves. I've been on Prozac for about 8 weeks and will soon reach 60mg a day. Therapy has been good for dealing with the emotional trauma, but the medication has really been helping the most.
574118 tn?1305138884 So here comes the dilemma, AD's don't suit BP and yet i need them to disspate my fears. If one has both OCD and BP, i read once that this is called living in "beautiful times" so said the chinese. My question is fears sign of BP, OCD or BPD.
Avatar m tn 0 mg at night, and seroquel 450mg. After the addition of seroquel I started having classical music in my head that I could hear when I was hospitalized I asked several people if they heard what I did and they did not. However when I came home from the hospital I didn't have anymore auditory hallucinations. Seroquel helped me a lot with my ocd and gave me a lot of functioning ability. My adverse affects are sleep walking, night sweats and shaking hands until I eat something sweet.
1696489 tn?1370825574 I now am up to NINE, which I keep on my person and in my purse and my car. What do I do? I am new to OCD behaviros of this type.
Avatar m tn 5 mg daily and seroquel 450mg for severe ocd and other conditions. I have gained a lot of weight and my stomach became huge. I eat a lot and I am always hungry. I don't want to stop my medications because I used to be mentally paralyzed without them. Has anyone been successful with maintaining and/or losing weight while on Seroquel.
Avatar f tn But of course like IL said anything agreed upon in medicine helps here and there most often, because the illness itself keeps changing and very much unstable and of different types and often comorbid with other symptoms, e.g OCD,....
Avatar f tn I will be seeing my psychiatrist at the end of the month to refill my Valium (as needed) and to get another refill of Seroquel. It's also 5 a.m. and I can't sleep, so I'd imagine that I'd also need some kind of sleeping pill (I've missed a pill before and I could not sleep). How long should this take, for me to get Seroquel out of my system? What kind of side effects should I expect?
Avatar f tn So, after experiencing bad symptoms the first two days on very low doses of Risperdal, I waited 24 hours and resumed the Seroquel. For the first time in a long time yesterday and the night before, I remembered to take a higher dose as has been wanted. I was taking it approx. every 3 hours with longer periods inbetween. In a 24 hour period, I took approx. 400-450mg. My doctors have wanted me to take between 600-800mg. to bring things under control and to stablize me.
574118 tn?1305138884 I never question this fact because i believe pdocs are bloody ignorant and it was rather a mistake of my pdoc after taking an AD that i was driven manic. So I used seroquel as an antimanic and since then i am mixing both To cut the story short, i take now 1mg risperidone and 125mg seroquel. I am not at ease with this mix. I read many views like not mixing AP's or extending the QT interval etc.. tacycarda, etc...