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Avatar f tn The main side effects to Seroquel are weight gain and 'metabolic syndrome', which consists of a group of conditions that make diabetes and heart disease more likely. The studies showing these effects were using doses higher that 'sleep doses', and the risks from low doses are not really known. I doubt that it did something 'permanent' to your ability to sleep; any sedating medication will cause some insomnia when it is first discontinued-- for a few days at least.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I was put on klonipin and only took it the first time which made me sleep for way too long and hubby had a hard time waking me. I took Seroquel and, everyone still thinks I'm crazy, but I swear that I laid there awake but could not move and my heart was throbbing like crazy. I thought I was going to die. I was trying to say something to my husband but couldn't. At any rate, I never took it again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
Avatar n tn I am 24 weeks pregnant, was on 125 mgs of seroquel and now down to 75. My psychiatrist who works at my maternity clinic says stay on it! My baby girl is doing just fine in there, perfect heart beat and is growing as she should. Discuss it with your dr.
Avatar m tn My psychiatrist had told me that my severe depression of 8 years ago might have affected permanently my capacity to focus and concentrate and for an avid book reader like me I had put the books aside after trying to read but getting tired of reading the same paragraph over and over again. Guess it was the Seroquel after all who did that because I just read an entire book in three days and I was so proud of myself. People say it is not addictive but I don't agree.
Avatar f tn You have already tried all the medications I generally recommed and then some. Trazadone is a good med for heart patients and sometimes going up on the dose to of 300 mg can be helpful.
1576249 tn?1296090802 About a year ago I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism caused by graves disease(which causes metabolic problems, mood, anxiousness, insomnia, fast heart rate), in the last few months my thyroid is in remission so I was taken off anti-thyroid medications. Within the last month or so my depression has become unbearable but im still having maniac episodes, which can range from panic attacks to irrational behavior. Two weeks ago my family doctor said I am bipolar.
Avatar f tn So, after experiencing bad symptoms the first two days on very low doses of Risperdal, I waited 24 hours and resumed the Seroquel. For the first time in a long time yesterday and the night before, I remembered to take a higher dose as has been wanted. I was taking it approx. every 3 hours with longer periods inbetween. In a 24 hour period, I took approx. 400-450mg. My doctors have wanted me to take between 600-800mg. to bring things under control and to stablize me.
Avatar n tn Should I be concerned about this? not overly concerned if you have no history of heart disease or symptoms of heart failure. You should see a doctor about the symptoms. 99 out of 100, this is related to panic anxiety. This can be cleared up with a monitor to capture the rhythm with observation about initiation and termination of the rhythm. If the heart rate slowly comes down, this is usually sinus tachycardia and rarely atrial tachycardia.
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346355 tn?1219858547 It is so heartbreaking to see what this Disease can do to people..both the Sufferer and Families. My Heart goes out to all of you and I wish that Graves and Hashi's (the silent destroyers) never existed. Keep your chins up...there is light at the end of the tunnel and it takes a very special partner to put up with all the Graves and hashi BS, as I myself have found out. I have Graves but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel now. I guess you could say , I am one of the Lucky Ones.
Avatar m tn Dear Doc, I'm male 29 years old, I have a sickle cell anemia, and some times I feel irregular heart beat rhythm, in 2001 I went to hospital and I was unconsciousness for more than 30 days, my heart stop working two times and my heart came back to work with electric shocks. Anyway, I started to smoke before almost 2 years, and I stoped smoking a couple of days.
Avatar f tn The finding is the latest in a succession of recent reports contradicting the long-held assumption that the new drugs, which include Risperdal, Zyprexa and Seroquel, are safer than the older and much less expensive medications that they replaced. The risk of death from the drugs is not high, on average about 3 percent in a person being treated at least 10 years, according to the study, published Thursday in The New England Journal of Medicine.
Avatar f tn So will find after tests done (more bloods (yukk) but I also have a heart murmur and 2 prolapses of heart valves so cant afford to go through this again (anaphalaxix), I am allergic to just about every antibiotic going, celery, peanuts, penicillin.
Avatar f tn I have taken those medications and I am already feel less anxious and capable of falling asleep. On other news, I was on Seroquel for 2 months when I started having anxiety attacks/episodes for about 15 minutes - 1 hour every other hour. I discontinued the Seroquel but the anxiety episodes yet continued as well as the brain zaps of anxiety than began.
Avatar n tn Hello, I havne't been on any antidepressant because I'm so afraid of the weight gain. I tried Wellbutrin, but even at 50mg, my heart was racing and I couldn't sleep. I'm reading a little about Cymbalta. Does it make you gain weight? I'd love to hear about your experiences with meds and weight gain.
Avatar n tn Yea, that sounds like me with the feelings I have while waking up. While taking Seroquel, I could sleep 8 or 9 hours and still wake up exhausted. I was reading about UARS and they talk about having a small jaw, throat, or having a big tongue ect. I had an endoscopy, and he really didn't find anything abnormal with my throat (I don't know about my mouth). So is it still possible that I could have this? How much they want there at Stanford Sleep Clinic?
Avatar f tn I am been trying to figure out what's related to what, and what started when, and so forth and am going crazy! The doctors I have consulted have thus far either dismissed my issues or not been able to find anything. In mid May of this year I developed a right eye blinking and nose twitching to the right side. Around this same time I began to experience pain behind just my right eye and pressure and fullness in my right ear. An MRI showed nothing unusual.
Avatar m tn I was thinking that my anxiety will return to the point it was before, but I was wrong, it's like I stressed too much my body and now it's seem that I get new symptoms every week and my heart act really strangely again...
Avatar f tn I read side effets of drugs like Depakote, Lamactil, Abilify and Seroquel and blanch and yet people who look at Lithium see it as scary... May be that I am biased because it works for me but its nothing to be scared of.
2107676 tn?1388977459 We have the disease of addiction and anything or anyone can trigger us if we do not keep our GOD and SUPPORT. I do pray that others will get in here and read this GREAT ADVISE from ALL Pet I am new on here but what a great subject. I HOPE IT HELPS OTHERS.
297366 tn?1215816651 I had an intuition something bad might happen on the forum, so I checked in and found your message. You have already become part of OUR heart and OUR home, so you need to stay with us and let us support you. You are not crazy, imagining things, somaticizing, or anything like that. It is so hard when a doctor that you felt so close to reveals that he basically knows nothing about your symptoms, about you or about your life. How awful! Dump him.
Avatar n tn Personally I have kind of dropped off of it because I feel it makes me MORE groggy and withdrawn than helping. But then I am disgusted with feeling so tired and down and in pain BUT I'm not depressed about it at all. It's a nuisance but expected and I try to look at it that way. I hope you find the answers that you need. when I was new I posted questions so fast and furiously it was beyond words. You've come to the right place. Nobody ever seems to mind and they are just SO helpful!
Avatar m tn It's not a weakness or a moral issue, it's a disease like any other. I had to convince myself and accept that I NEED meds. Once I did that, it was easier for me. Sadly, finding the right medication is very difficult sometimes. I have been on almost every AD known to man, tricyclics included. But in the end, it was a combo of SSRI, and a stabilizer and the Seroquel for me. It took a long time to find the right "cocktail" of drugs.
Avatar f tn I was told that I will always have the antibodies due to the fact that I probably did have Grave’s disease although it was never confirmed before they did the partial thyroidectomy and RAI. And could the low TSH be due to the medication being incorrect and could a change in medication and / or dosage make a difference to that? My TSH has been going steadily lower since I was put on the Diotroxin in 2007. Since going from .05 to <.
Avatar n tn Metformin short circuits to some degree insulin's negative role. Metformin also reduces lipids (cholesterol) and so has very positive effects to preventing heart disease and reducing blood pressure. Google any of these terms in relation to Metformin and you will see. If you are a person who has tried to lose weight though calorie control and exercise, but have failed, you should try Metformin.
Avatar n tn My contention is that I am probably forever changed by this disease...and I have no way of knowing exactly how and by how much, which is part of the problem regarding all of this. I am a biopsy grade 1, but I am having symptoms and I've had it close to 30 years. So maybe the disease isn't hitting my liver as hard as it has with other people, not yet anyway, but who knows what it's doing to other organs, glands, physiological systems?... it is a systemic disease as well as a liver disease...
Avatar n tn 2000 - husband had cancer of kidney but survived, 2001- husband's dad died and I had to go on disability due to my seizures, 2003 - my mother at a young age of 66 suddenly died of a massive heart attack and and husband had his bad semi-truck wreck where another semi-truck ran upon top of his semi-truck and did not get his disability going until 2005. Anyway, the government stopped paying for my medicine due to both of us drawing too much and I could not afford the Depakote ($400.
284078 tn?1282620298 This time about a woman on Topamax for 7 days who seemed to have lost almost all her vision 12 hours after increasing her dose per her doctor's instructions. Some quick thinking sparked me to ask if she could see up close and lo and behold while she was blind as a bat in the distance, she could see the tiniest print about 6 inches in front of her nose. She had developed an acute myopic shift from a choroidal effusion which pushed the lens/iris diaphram forward.
Avatar m tn i just copied this info from the doctor forum on addiction See if your doctor can write you a prescription for some Requip for restlessness, Neurontin for anxiety and malaise, some Flexeril or Soma for a few weeks for muscle spasms and maybe some Seroquel low dose, for sleep. and Clonidine for the creepy-crawly feeling and control of blood pressure variations. It will make your withdrawals easier. Valerian and Magnesium is sometimes helpful remedies over the counter.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Opioid-induced hyperalgesia is a condition where the increased use of opiates, like Oxycontin and hydrocodone, heightens one's sensitivity to discomfort and reduces their tolerance for pain. Essentially, people will increase the amount of painkillers they are taking as their discomfort continues to escalate, but the added medication can actually make their pain worse.