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Avatar n tn Are these things related, the b-12 count and the sensitive teeth? My teeth feel COLD all the time, but they do not ache like a cavity or tooth ache.
Avatar f tn Well i just watched a video that stated sensitive teeth and gums are common in your second trimester.
Avatar f tn Hi ladies I have a question had anyone of you have sensitive teeth? I am 28w4d today this last week i have had very very sensitive teeth. and alot of the time i cant sleep they hurt so much.i wake up about 10 times threw the night and its just to painful to sleep. i brush and floss daily adn everything amd i use the sensitive tooth paste. if anyone has this happeneding any idea why or how did u deal with it Thank you ladies.
Avatar f tn But the tooth was going to need pulling soon anyway.
Avatar f tn Try using sensitive toothpaste it is very normal to have sensitive teeth during pregnancy just make sure your taking really good care of your teeth while your pregnant because your baby is taking a lot of the calcium to help with that, so try the sensitive toothpaste if that doesn't seem to help contact your dentist they may have something stronger to help :)
Avatar m tn its best to get your dentist to check it out. it could be a cavity or gum recession or from your braces but only a dentist can tell for sure. it seems like you are having regular dental care so i wouldnt worry about it being anything serious. it might be something as simple as switching to a sensitive toothpaste.
Avatar n tn Hello, I went to the dentist about four months ago and I was told that I needed a cavity filling between teeth #'s 19 and 20 I believe. It was a very small cavity from what the dentist told me. He filled the cavity, and everything seemed fine for a few weeks.
Avatar f tn ) The dentist said i need a filling after x-rays and not in the teeth that was feeling sensitive but in one of my molars way in the back of my upper right jaw. They said the cavity started from the inside of the teeth. I didn't believe this but i am not a certified dentist so i let them do their job and allowed them to drill a hole in my teeth and do the feeling. After that my tooth started feeling funny and my tongue would always end up feeling the area where they put the cavity.
Avatar n tn Pain still, go back a week later or so, and we figured out it was a cavity causing the pain, cuz I had a cavity that needed to be fixed, on the bottom, and when ever I drank anything cold it hurt like nothing else. So cavity fixed, bite changed. Now before this about for about a year, I had a filling done on the other side of my mouth.
467126 tn?1283144858 ive never had a cavity in 36 yrs , and lately , it doesnt matter what i eat , my tooth hurts like crazy, its sensitive and hurts when i chew?? im worried that its a cavity...if it is, can i go to a dentist ? how does the xray , or drugs to the gums or treatment of a cavity , how does it affect my baby and my pregnancy? im worried,,,any of you have found out that you had a cavity while preggo...?
Avatar f tn The most common causes of toothache are dental cavity and gum disease .Bruxism can cause jaw tenderness and abnormalities in teeth. If you are not satisfied with your dentist’s opinion seeking a second opinion may be helpful. It is important to rule out any cavity or dental decay. Treatment will be specific based on the cause. Do write to me again on how you are doing. Best luck and regards!
Avatar f tn The dentist said we needed to put in a space maintainer and pull out her 4 canine teeth. So that when her other teeth start to fall out there will be space for them to come in. Since we put in the maint-fixed bilateral spacer the space where to canine teeth are suppose to be has almost closed. I have went and seen the dentist because the wire pushes on the bottom four front teeth which are all adult teeth. The bilateral spacer in on her first molars (not premolar).
7813138 tn?1394942258 I'm 12 weeks today & yes, my gums became sensitive around week 10 too, and they still are.. a little! it was actually my top teeth that would bleed.. usually in between my two front teeth especially.. they recommend going to the dentist & letting them know you're pregnant b/c some women actually get gingivitis during pregnancy, but sensitive/bleeding gums are normal.. I usually use mouthwash last, it usually stops the bleeding & gets rid of that taste in my mouth!
Avatar m tn Conventional gums hurt my sensitive teeth and gums, anyone know of a gum that is ok for sensitive teeth? Thank you kindly.
Avatar f tn So my dentist told me I have all my wisdom teeth and one has a bad cavity. They wouldn't do Anything for it. Noticed tonight that the tooth is actually decaying and now the root seems to be exposed and I'm in pain. Can the infection spread to my daughter? I have an appointment Wednesday and I'm planning to call my doc in the morning.
7649778 tn?1401294601 My gums got really swollen and sensitive during my last pregnanct. its normal to have gum and teeth problems during pregnancy but still see your dentist. My dentist says some woman have even had teeth fall out during pregnancy. So I would suggest having normal dental check ups during pregnancy.
Avatar m tn For about a month, I've been having a pain on only one part of my gums. The part in between two teeth hurts really bad, but that's the only area. It's really sensitive so I tried brushing my teeth gently but that hasn't changed anything. I floss regurarly and brush my teeth 3 times a day. Everytime I floss or brush though that part of my gums bleed. Anyone know what it is and what I can do for it?
Avatar n tn i had 4 wisdom teeth removed a week ago and now get no pain from 3 but am still finding my bottom left painful, not unbearable. when i look inside my moth down th outside of my teeth to the right is all pink with gum but when i look down to the left i can see white and not sure what it is. i find it sensitive to cold drinks and gives me shooting pain down my jaw and also up into my ear a little??
Avatar m tn They may be small craze lines that we don't treat but they may be starting to stain. Frequently dental checkups would help. Bleaching could be an option. But doing veneers or fillings would be excessive I would think.
Avatar n tn My dentist filled a cavity on my bottom right tooth, #32, at the begining of January. Whenever I eat something hard that tooth hurts. I went back to my dentist, he said the bite was fine, and I need an Inlay. The cavity was large he said, and he was trying to save me money by trying the filling first, but since its still hurting I should get the Inlay. Well I've looked up what an Inlay is, and I understand that it binds to my tooth and is stronger than a filling, but what is an onlay?
Avatar f tn I had a cleaning at 10w and it felt normal. Also had a cavity filled, normal. My teeth are more sensitive now that I'm prego. I use that sensitive toothpaste and it's great. Don't be worried if your gums hurt or bleed some, that's normal.
Avatar f tn My 8 year old son has an extensive cavity in tooth #14 and it has to be removed. He also has an extensive cavity in tooth # 19 which doesn't include the root, like the cavity in #14 does. The dentist wants to do a root canal and filling in tooth #19 and then a crown when the tooth finishes breaking through the gum. He also has EXTREME crowding in his lower jaw with his front 4 teeth almost sideways.
Avatar n tn I told my dentist and he suggested that we finish the rest of my cavity filling after I give birth. Me and the dentist think im alil more sensitive because of my pregnancy. ... especially since my lil bean is sucking all the nutrients out of me. Any1 else experienced mouth pains and got better after giving birth?
Avatar f tn lilbit - Actually, yes, teeth problems are common during pregnancy, if you have any cavities, etc, pregnancy can cause them to worsen, or hurt more. They recommend regular dentist check ups while pregnant for this reason. I had a cavity with my son, and in my early pregnancy it hurt SO bad I had to get an antibiotic for it, also sore or sensitive gums, and bleeding gums are common during pregnancy.
Avatar n tn They looked at my mouth, took an Xray, and could find no reason. They filled another cavity two teeth back, but I could not understand why a cavity would give me this much pain, and not at the spot of the cavity. May 26th, as I type this email. My tooth throbs. I take Tylenol every 4 hours. Help?
Avatar f tn I have two lower wisdom teeth that either need filling or extracting. (Food collects in them and the dentist has mentioned that it would have been good to have had them out at the same time as I had my upper wisdom teeth removed.) What would be the preferable option? I think there may be a mercury filling in one. Should that affect my decision one way or the other? My teeth are very important to me and I am very sensitive about them. I am very confused and overwhelmed by this decision.
Avatar m tn Apparently none of the were that deep according to my dentist, however my teeth are still extremely sensitive and the sensitivity causes my mouth to ache resulting in migrains and jaw pain. I know that my fillings are not too high because my bite is not interupted. Is this just my mouth recovering from multiple fillings and somthing that will go away on its own or is this some kind of infection developing?
Avatar n tn I am ftm 9 weeks 1 day & have developed a cavity on my bottom tooth. It's painful, but I can handle it. I'm just wondering if I call my dentist if he will do anything. Will he tell me to wait until my 2nd trimester, or will he go ahead and fill it?