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Avatar f tn can any 1 give me any ideas how to control sensitive teeth ITS DRIVING ME BONKERS! i use sensodyne toothpaste and mouth wash nothing helps. i can't stand anything hot or cold touching them. iv been to my dentist several times now and she applyed a gel to my gums which eases it 4 a while but theres not much more she can do. any advice appreciated.
232921 tn?1224471661 Hello, Has anyone experienced having sore, tender, sensitive teeth after starting treatment with Peginron and rebetol. My teeth started to hurt after my first shot. I stopped treating 3 weeks ago . My teeth are sill sensitive.. Feels like I've been chewing aluminum foil. Anyone else?
Avatar f tn I use Sensodyne but will check out brand ingredients in others in case there are sensitive teeth alternatives that don't have SLS. https://askthedentist.
Avatar m tn Conventional gums hurt my sensitive teeth and gums, anyone know of a gum that is ok for sensitive teeth? Thank you kindly.
1211949 tn?1271716170 At a minimum, it's the peroxide in the whitening mouthwash. I had the same problem, and it went away when I switched from Crest whitening toothpaste to Tom's of Maine natural. There could be other ingredients in the Crest as well, but I know the peroxide has that effect.
Avatar n tn You can call your dentist and ask for a prescription of Prevident toothpaste, which is a high content fluoride toothpaste that may help and go on a fluoride rinse as well. I haven't heard of clothing affected the sensitivity of teeth before. Is it possible that you've been conditioned to get a sensation of sensitivity when seeing or wearing that particular material?
Avatar f tn Sensitive.. Not sinusitis..
Avatar m tn I may have loosened a couple of teeth during that time. A toothpaste for sensitive teeth also helps, but not all are equal. The dental office next door gives me samples of Tom's natural kids toothpaste that I really like and is irritation free.. I carry a travel bottle of biotene in my purse just in case. Also if you haven't already try to stay away from the manual toothbrushes because they can really irritate the gum line on tx.
Avatar m tn The biotene products are helpful. The teeth seem to become very sensitive. But that can change as sx do on this triple therapy. Toward the end of my tx i ran out of my biotene toothpaste, and used regular; it burned the heck out of my mouth. Now I can use regular again, but I do like the gentle properties of the biotene. I have heard of thrush on this forum, so use advocates advice if you have those symptoms.
16702 tn?1234090645 I have Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 and have had 10 cycles of Carboplatin and Paciltaxel(Taxol) since Oct 2006. Have had no side effects except lose of hair, no nausea or mouth sores either. On July 31, 2007, I went for my 6 month dental check up and my dentist told me that my chemo treatments were causing" root resorption". I have been using a xtra soft/for sensitive teeth toothbrush for more than 20 years, brush and floss every day.
Avatar f tn make sure you switch to sensitive toothpaste too--like sensodyne. It makes a difference. You should get some dental insurance or look into a nearby dental school that gives a discount. After my first I had two cavities & had to have a root canal. Preg can really do a number on your teeth plus AAP recommends baby visit dentist no later than 12 mos.
Avatar f tn Try using sensitive toothpaste it is very normal to have sensitive teeth during pregnancy just make sure your taking really good care of your teeth while your pregnant because your baby is taking a lot of the calcium to help with that, so try the sensitive toothpaste if that doesn't seem to help contact your dentist they may have something stronger to help :)
Avatar f tn It is now 5 day later and I continue to have severe (10 out of 10) pain in my chin and in my front teeth. I am actually unable to touch my upper teeth to my lower teeth without almost fainting from the pain. I have been to two dentists. One prescribed a flouride toothpaste (no help) and the other charged me over $4,000 to seal the bottom of my teeth. I am unable to sleep or eat because of the pain. Last night I found a 24 hr pharmacy and started taking Augmentin, 500 mg/ TID.
10299247 tn?1409208876 Lol i normally gag while brushing my teeth but I'm more sensitive when I'm pregnant there's really no fixing it it'll go away once you have the baby
Avatar f tn Hi, I was just wondering if anyone can help me. I suffer with a lot of acid reflux due to a small hiatus hernia. The acid often enters my mouth, and as of late, my teeth have become extremely sensitive, and a slight yellowish colour. I'm only 18, and I have fairly healthy teeth otherwise, and do brush my teeth morning and night.
Avatar f tn Thanks :) I went to the dentist and he said that it's because of the various hormones. He specifically said that the baby wasn't taking calcium from me. I've been using toothpaste made for sensitive teeth and that's been helping. I have been craving milk like crazy this pregnancy so I've been getting plenty of calcium.
Avatar f tn Have any of you guys heard about the gum-healing properties of Green Tea? Drink Green Tea For Healthy Teeth And Gums Grapes have natural Flourine in them. Floride is the artificial version found in toothpaste and isn't as effective as the natural Flourine in grapes. Black Cherries are also loaded with Flourine. If a person drinks Green Tea and eats more grapes and black cherries... they will have healthier teeth and gums.
316002 tn?1246553137 You could ask your dentist about it, or switch to a toothpaste for sensitive teeth.
Avatar f tn My teeth have become increasingly more sensitive. I'm 30 weeks. Has that happened to anyone else?
Avatar f tn ve got the beginnings of decay between most of my back teeth even though I floss three times a day, brush with special toothpaste and I use special mouthwash. I've also had to have sealants put around my gums because my gums started receding pretty quickly. My dentist told me that it is very common for people that have had RAI to experience dental issues 5-6 years down the road but he's surprised that I'm having them so early.
Avatar n tn ( did anyone else have this problem when they were the week I'm in today
Avatar f tn Try a natural way of doing it! I've heard of people using activated charcoal pills (a natural substance) as teeth whitening. Look it up on the internet. I haven't tried it but have heard about it. I personally wouldn't want to risk harming my baby with teeth whitening/bleaching so this is an option you can consider!
250701 tn?1320974765 What kind of toothpaste can you use that doesn't burn ur mouth? I know that I have seen someone answer this question but I can't find it anywhere.
Avatar f tn Few months ago a lady posted...a helpful way to brush your teeth without all the nausea and actually helped a lot....use very little toothpaste. .don't lean over the sink..stand up straight...and smile while brushing your teeth....I did it and actually stopped puking while attempting to brushy teeth...